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The Designed Destruction of America Intensifies as the Midterms Near and the Multiple-Front War Escalates

-05 Nov 22-

The midterms are ever so close while the tragedies of fraudulent “pandemics” and manufactured war further escalate and intensify while crimes against humanity, overthrow and enterprise fraud continue unmitigated on their course to end this once great and proud constitutional republic as we have known it. Let’s get straight to the brass tacks of new developments that further expand our base of evidence and the numerous established Moonshine positions it underpins and informs.


New developments are taken categorically:


  1. Monkeypox isn’t an epidemic and it’s far from any “pandemic” outside of constructed scenarios amounting to rampant and egregious enterprise fraud. I’ve covered Monkeypox extensively in 44 articles drawing back to May and going all of the way back to its origins as a bioengineered pathogen. The most important articles are these: 1-Monkeypox Developments Tie Back to COVID-19, BlackRock and Vanguard, Gives Rise to Extreme Concern Indicating Medical Tyranny Reboot in Enterprise Fraud Scheme, 2-Monkeypox Pandemic Manifesting on the Eve of Biden’s Capitulation to Medical Tyranny and Global Governance, Evidence of Bioengineering Directly Ties to Fauci, 3-PATTERN RECOGNITION: Monkeypox, Midterms and More Enterprise Fraud, Tedros/WHO Declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern, 4-These People Play Inside of a Box: Biden Administration Maneuvering to Declare Public Health Emergency Over Monkeypox With 2022 Midterms as Likely Target, and 5-These People Play Inside of A Box – 7 Times the Monkeypox Public Health Emergency Declaration Was Projected and Why It’s Important: Biden Administration Declares Monkeypox A Public Health Emergency. The critical component is knowing that enterprise fraud predicates emergency declarations and authority that permit extraconstitutional rule in the form of medical tyranny. Monkeypox is no emergency yet the Biden Administration’s Human and Health Services Secretary Xavier Becerra just unilaterally renewed the Monkepox emergency declaration for the reasons evidenced and as authorized by Section 319 of the Public Health Service Act.
  2. Event 201, which was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Klaus Schwab and The World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins was the precursory table-top exercise for COVID-19. It occurred in October 2019 [note the date relative to Biden’s post above] and I’ve covered it in 52 articles. The Dossier recently uncovered audio introducing it and you can access it here. The remarks include: 1-“Now imagine that in this coming year, with 200 epidemic events already straining resources around the world, we have an event two hundred and one. Event 201. But this event is the severe pandemic that we’ve all been preparing for and working to avoid and mitigate.” 2-“So how would the WHO and national governments respond if this occurred in 2019? What would be the impact on global business?” 3-“And could global businesses help national governments and international NGOs, UN organizations, to dramatically diminish the impact of the pandemic.” 4-“We are excited to announce that our Center is working with WEF (World Economic Forum) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to hold a major pandemic exercise in October of 2019 which will draw together global business and the WHO and national government to consider these issues and shine a light on them and see if we can identify paths forward.” 5-“The exercise will be called Event 201 in honor of the, uh, potential pandemic. It will involve global business leaders, officials from national governments and international organizations.” 6-“Bill Gates has emphasized over and over again in his public announcements how important it is to have security aligned with national government and public health in a pandemic event like this. 7-“It has even led to the development of new vaccines and the stockpiling of vaccines, and major legislation has resulted.” and 8-“To get a scope of the kinds of challenges and intensity of the exercise we are planning for October of 2019, we have a very short movie trailer that came … to get you in the mood of what this exercise is going to be like.” Click the link above for more.
  3. Dr. Peter McCullough, with whom our team collaborates, recently remarked on the “sudden death” syndromes that have anomalously manifested out of thin air as comporting on an exact timeline with the introduction of the mRNA injections. Dr. McCullough termed the injection as a “bioweapon” in a private message to our team leader Dr. Henry Ealy. When that text came in back in late February, I was sitting in the room with Dr. Ealy, attorney Thomas Renz and another when Dr. Ealy read it aloud. Now consider Dr. McCullough’s frightening explanation accounting for people dying in their sleep as captured by The Epoch Times: “Though it may seem counterintuitive, Dr. McCullough said that sudden deaths that happen during sleep are biochemically similar to the sudden deaths during or just after vigorous exercise. The reason people die seemingly inexplicably in their sleep, Dr. McCullough explained, is sometimes because of a surge in catecholamines during the end of the sleep cycle. This natural biochemical change is the body’s signal to wake up. Catecholamines are hormones that are made by the adrenal glands. They are released into the body in response to physical exertion or emotional stress. But they are also released during sleep, just before waking, as a signal to the body and the brain that it is time to get up. These catecholamines can increase our heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate, among other things. In the body there are three catecholamines: dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. A surge in catecholamines, whether it happens during sleep or during exercise, can stress the heart and cause it to beat arrhythmically.”
  4. A recent publication from The Gateway Pundit discusses how China gained full access to the Biodefense center at Ft. Dietrick. In it, author Lawrence Sellin wrote, “In an appalling and historic act of national security malfeasance, U.S. government officials formulated policies, which allowed China to “colonize” every component of America’s research and development program, including the military. As most bad ideas have, it all began under the Clinton Administration. Starting In 1996, Clinton officials invited scientists from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into U.S. Army laboratories, the following being examples.” The balance is left for independent consumption noting that Moonshine has dedicated much time to covering Ft. Dietrick, the year 1996 and the Clintons that draws back to May of 2021 including a bombshell and exclusive article catching the attention of several prominent folks and going viral: Dangerously Changing Inconvenient Rules. Moonshine further detailed Ft. Dietrick days later in Fauci’s Free Fall, Fort Detrick Focus and Full Conspiracy to Commit Fraud. I gave additional attention to these matters in this June 2021 article Is COVID-19 Out of China’s Revenge?, this March 2022 item PROJECTION, PANIC and PROOF – Positions On Ukraine and Russia Are Narrowly Focused, Precisely On Point and Entirely Antithetical to the Propagandized Western Narrative and this September 2022 piece It’s All Enterprise Fraud and Now the Kids Are Taking the Brunt of It: More On mRNA Injections, Lipid Nanoparticle Envelopes, the Liver and the “Anomalous” Hepatitis Outbreak Targeting Our Youngest. These images derive from Sellin’s piece.


On 06 May 20 and only 107 days after the first U.S. COVID-19 case, I said something that no one else anywhere had said: That the U.S. was engaged in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China in alignment with China’s stated, preferred and doctrinal warfare vector of biowarfare.

In March 2021 I began exclusive coverage extending that arduously evidenced position into a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea in March of 2021.

My initial March/April 2021 remarks can be heard here:

That work underpins, informs and expands the following new developments on Russia and China.


  1. Russia’s foreign ministry said it fears that the world’s five declared nuclear powers are “on the brink of a direct armed conflict,” with Moscow warning of a catastrophic fallout and insisting that avoiding a clash is its top priority.Zero Hedge. This needs no further elaboration.
  2. NATO has been the Western Empire’s mechanism to encircle, antagonize and provoke Russia since the former USSR was broken apart. This is an old position that is well evidenced. Recently, I’ve covered the designed expansion of NATO to extend this provocative tactic relative to the inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO with Turkey as an objector. “During a press conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Cavusoglu said “both countries are expressing that they are committed to the memorandum, but what matters is the execution,” adding “right now we cannot say that all those commitments have been lived up [to] by those countries.” Stoltenberg disagreed with the foreign minister, insisting that “Sweden and Finland have delivered. It is time to welcome Finland and Sweden as full members of NATO.””Zero Hedge. As I continue to say – THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY ARE MADE TO STOP.


As the constructed scenario on the first war front with Russia and Ukraine further develops, so does the China, Taiwan and South China Sea war front. The news of the past few months indicates the drawing of sides and the forming of alliances.

Now we see evidence of this occurring on the China/Taiwan front: “Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called on other claimants to the South China Sea to “jointly resist” US pressure in the region, The South China Morning Post reported on Thursday. China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia all have overlapping claims to the South China Sea. The US has inserted itself into the maritime dispute and formally rejected most of Beijing’s claims in 2020, which has been reaffirmed by the Biden administration.”Zero Hedge.

“Some countries not only refuse to accede to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea but also concoct the Indo-Pacific strategy to compile exclusive small circles, engage in close provocations at sea, show off forces, endanger the peace and tranquility of the sea. This should be jointly resisted” referring to the US.]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi


The 2020 election was stolen with the help of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency [CISA.] I’ve covered CISA in nine articles with these November 2020 submissions being the two most important: CISA Bears Down Amidst Stolen Election and VotingWorks or Does It?.

Now consider this, which includes the usual suspects: China, Iran and Russia:

China, Iran, and Russia may all seek to influence or otherwise interfere with U.S. democratic processes, according to Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Jen Easterly.

“We are concerned about Russia and Iran and China trying to influence our elections,” Easterly said during a Nov. 1 talk at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think tank.

It’s a significant concern when you think about these adversaries who are trying to sow discord, that are trying to break us apart as Americans and are trying to undermine integrity in our elections.”

Zero Hedge

Consider this as additional pretext preempting the forthcoming steal of the 2020 elections. CISA is operating in duplicitous form once again. The maneuver here is easy to see: When they shut down vote tabulation to reconcile the algorithms for fractional voting found in voting machines with the requisite paper ballots as the back-fill, CISA can blame entities outside of the U.S.: China, Iran and Russia. In other words, “It’s not our fault,” they’ll say.

Yesterday’s article provides the three plausible scenarios for the outcome of midterms [article continues below it]:


The impending theft of the 2022 midterms is, of course, being merged with the ongoing, fraudulent and fabricated political construct framing the Biden Administration’s political enemies – Trump voters, MAGA, conservatives and anyone off-reservation in their messaging and political ideology. I’ve branded this tragedy as The Hunt Is On [and you are the prey.] The full slate of articles dedicated to or reporting on this topic is provided at the very bottom of this article.

It’s a simple and old play from an older and tattered playbook: project ones own crimes onto ones opposition including the establishment of pretext to preempt the opponent and to reflect back to once the crime is committed.

The barometer here is President Trump and it’s elementary: the more they target President Trump, the more we will be targeted.

In the same vein, consider that a judge recently granted New York Attorney General Leticia James’ request that former President Donald Trump’s business empire be overseen by an independent monitor. That’s right. On the technocratic global plantation, off-reservation individuals can’t even practice business without state monitoring and approval.

Understand that political allegiance to Mr. Trump is the bridge to extend the attack [THE HUNT] to his supporters numbering somewhere between 74-100 million Americans. By branding him, they brand us. The brand is the bridge and as we learned as children in the story Three Billy-Goats Gruff, the trolls control the bridge.

Dan Crenshaw is one such troll.

It only takes a modicum of observational skills to detect the trolls, infiltrators and imposters pretending to be in service to Americans as “conservatives” or “Republicans” while functioning in service to the corrupt and treasonous political class.

Dan Crenshaw is a perfect example of such a troll, of this ilk; this garbage; this duplicity; this treason; this __________ – you know the list.

I could care less about Crenshaw or his “service” to America as a Navy Seal. Flush his resume down the toliet including any claims to military “valor.” That’s his shield. He hides behind it out of cowardice.

Just because someone served in the military; as a Navy Seal or otherwise, doesn’t make that person immune from scrutiny nor does it command them respect. It also doesn’t make that person immune from prosecution.

Whatever valor he had has been eviscerated by his actions and inaction as a Congressman. In impish and visceral terms; and I’d poke out his only good eye if I could. Why do I say that?

It’s because Crenshaw is one of “them” and “they” are committing the worst crimes imaginable crimes against humanity to enslave the rest of is. So screw him and his one good eye – Crenshaw can go to hell with the rest of “them” as they continue to hunt the rest of us.

In a recent podcast, Crenshaw said that candidates questioning the results,

“To grab people’s attention” [is a] threat…I actually don’t think it’s the biggest threat to democracy…simply because it can’t be done. But on the other hand, I think the bigger — the more generic threat is this extreme willingness to say the most extreme things just to grab people’s attention and then people’s willingness to believe some of it.”

Dan Crenshaw

Danny boy is telling you that when you contest the elections they have told us they will steal, it makes you a threat. To understand the significance of that branding, read the full series of articles on it because his words carry great meaning and it means that THE HUNT IS ON AND YOU ARE THE PREY.


For closing remarks, we consider two extracts that frame my thoughts perfectly:

The first pertains to the continual and absolutely detestable and destructive tactics of manufacturing horror and chaos to rule by fear. In warfare, this is termed perception management otherwise known as ‘psychological operations.

On MSNBC, presidential historian Michael Beschloss suggested that, “We could be just days away from an authoritarian hellscape if the GOP prevails in midterm elections — raising the specter of our children being taken away and killed.” 

Consider that and this absurdity that reverts right back to THE HUNT and the constructed false justification for it:

“[S]ix nights from now, we could all be discussing violence all over this country. There’s signs that may happen, may God forbid, that losers will be declared winners by fraudulent election officers, or secretary of state candidates, or governors, or state legislatures…

We could be six days away from losing our rule of law, and losing a situation where we have elections that we all can rely on. You know, those are the foundation stones of a democracy…

Joe Biden is saying the same thing tonight, and a historian 50 years from now – if historians are allowed to write in this country and if they are still free publishing houses and a free press – which I’m not certain of – but if that is true, a historian will say what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed.”

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss on MSNBC

The second is a reminder as to why inauguration day in January 2021 may serve as the final nail in the coffin. On that day, then President Trump relinquished full control as the Executive, the Commander in Chief and the nation’s chief law enforcement officer over top of all of the requisite agencies and departments:

“Many believe we are approaching a tipping point, that we are on the verge of a ‘revelatory storm,’ that the truth is finally coming out… What if we never reach it? What if the guilty are never held to account? What if we forget only to transgress again and again?”

 -Julie Ponese, The Epoch Times, October 7, 2022

Zero Hedge

It’s clear to see.

It’s all arduously and copiously evidenced.

Crimes against humanity, overthrow and enterprise fraud continue to fuel and foment a tragic and visceral state of affairs in America while fraudulent “pandemics,” fabricated states of emergency, extraconstitutional tyranny and manufactured war further escalate and intensify to our own future demise and the burgeoning technocratic global plantation on which the survivors will be relegated.


All previous articles in this series are posted below the following broader fact set.


Established Moonshine Broader Fact Set

This fact set reads antithetically to the propagated mainstream narrative in about every conceivable way, which sadly is a strong indicator of the truth these days. This fact set is backed by an entire catalog of sourced and cited work and analysis.

The broader established and evidenced contemporary Moonshine fact set:

  1. The U.S. has been in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China since at least October 2019 and I lined this out in exclusive fashion on 06 May 20 relative to COVID-19 – Making the Case for Treason [the first in a sub-series of articles]
  2. COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud prosecutable under RICO statute and I exclusively lined this out beginning in January of 2020 [now with hundreds articles and videos available on the home page; the first article was complied on 09 Feb 20]
  3. Biowarfare is China’s primary warfare vector and the enterprise fraud construct COVID-19 was executed along those lines and in conjunction with internal U.S. traitors embedded in the federal apparatus
  4. China’s hegemonic aspirations derive from its primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine – One Belt, One Road
  5. Illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden was installed by China and the Globalists after COVID-19 was leveraged to steal the 2020 election and the regime functions as Barack Obama’s third term [1] [2] [3].
  6. Ultimately, the Globalists and the string-pullers behind them are shifting the hub of global operations from the U.S. to China and in order for that to happen, the U.S. must be deliberately softened and weakened for defeat and the American people must be made to feel and experience it for it to be accepted
  7. The U.S. is being positioned for a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan where it will lose by design and where I exclusively lined-out those positions with deadly accurate predictions of that precise scenario that draws back on a long timeline
  8. Biowarfare and dual-use pathogens overlay the entirety of COVID-19, war with China and war with Russia [Ukraine] whereas the evidence indicates that Vladimir Putin is targeting NATO and U.S. biolab targets in Ukraine
  9. The totality of what is occurring in Ukraine draws back to at least 2013 into 2014 and is a direct product of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland foreign policy and diplomacy whereby the CIA and Western intelligence writ large fomented social unrest in the nation by leveraging Nazi and neonazi groups in an effort to engage in regime change so as to eventually install “their guy” Volodymyr Zelensky
  10. The two epicenters of illegitimate President Joe Biden’s long history of corruption and treason that have us sold-out to the CCP and its brand of communism draw back on a long timeline and they are China and Ukraine; thus directly overlaying the accurately predicted multiple-front war scenario that the U.S. has been positioned to lose by design
  11. The two epicenters of Biden corruption are a direct overlay for the first failed vector and the second successful vector for the first unsuccessful impeachment of then President Donald Trump; Russia and Ukraine, respectively
  12. The military action in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and Russia does not tactically comport with a conventional invasion and there is copious evidence that Putin is targeting U.S./DoD dual-use pathogen biolabs and NATO targets in Ukraine
  13. The U.S. biolabs tie directly to the U.S. Department of Defense and to The Biden Crime Family through Metabiota vis-a-vis is problematic private equity venture Rosemont Seneca
  14. Cloward-Piven strategy is being leveraged to reduce the U.S. to Third World status as the pre-hot war softening and weakening phase in the predicted multiple-front war scenario and thus facilitating the transfer of Globalist operations from the U.S. to China
  15. Enmeshed in Cloward-Piven are both the manufactured supply chain crisis as impacted by the fuel/energy crisis and the engineered global food crisis; the latter receiving a rehearsal planning event analogous to Event 201 and COVID-19.
  16. The evidence indicates that the broader objective is “One World” global governance with the United Nations as the authoritative enforcement body
  17. With China’s other proxy Tedros installed at the World Health Organization and with medical tyranny as the established context for it, the UN is the mechanism delivering “One World” government and accordingly, the U.S. was aligned to follow-suit in every instance with Tedros and the WHO delivered the beginning of the end – the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud.
  18. Relative to the designed loss in the evidenced multiple-front war scenario, the United Nations will steward the post-war treat process that will deliver the subjugation of United States to global governance as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism
  19. In the end, what will remain is life on the technocratic global plantation modeled after the system deployed in China

*This is the 82nd article in this series.

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  72. Criminals on the Run and Eating Their Own! COVID-19 Narrative Collapsed, Fauci Set to Resign, HHS Secretary Becerra Under Attack
  73. Projected Monkeypox Narrative Shift Arriving on Time for Midterms Plus Updates: COVID-19, Fauci, the Food Crisis, Rogue FBI/Trump, Biden Corruption, the Multiple-front War and Durham
  74. VIDEO: The Multiple-Front War Analysis Began in March 2021, Never Before Published Podcast Segment Provides the Detailed Basis of It All
  75. The Multiple-Front War Scenario Maintains Intensity
  76. Are We on the Precipice of Joe Biden’s Promised ‘Dark Winter’?
  77. Will Biden’s Promised ‘Dark Winter’ Follow His ‘Nuclear Armageddon’?
  78. The Pandemic Is Enterprise Fraud, the mRNA Shot Is a Bioweapon and the Children Are in the Cross Hairs
  79. A Timeline Reduced to Mere Weeks Positions Cerebus to Deliver Biden’s “Dark Winter”
  80. The Reality of Peak Insanity and Life on the Technocratic Global Plantation: War, Famine and Disease
  81. WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE: Biden Hunts Americans Indicating 2022 Midterms Will Be Stolen as the Nearing Choke Point Moves to a Flashpoint


The full slate of articles in the sub-series ‘The Hunt Is On’:

  1. Pelosi’s Unconstitutional Expansion of Capitol Police to CA and FL Emblematic of Unfettered Attack on Americans
  2. How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think
  3. If It Isn’t the UN, It May Be NATO, Components of Our Own Military, Some of Them or All of Them
  4. There’s A Tale Being Woven for Telling Once They’ve Rewritten History From the Ashes. Do You Know What It Is?
  5. Noticed All the Recent Talk About the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Our Democracy’?
  6. Has Pelosi Unilaterally Expanded the House Speaker’s Authority and Is She Traveling to Taiwan as the Russia/China War Drums Intensify to Stamp Her Authority on It? Prewar Maneuvering for an August Flashpoint?
  7. October Surprise Pretext? Biden, Garland, DOJ Open Investigation into President Trump for Pelosi’s Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Scheme
  8. Seven Reasons A Rogue FBI Raided the Private Residence of A U.S. President
  9. COVID-19 Narrative in Shambles as CDC Revises History in Cover-up Operations, Multiple-front War Scenario Turns Gravely Dark, New Developments: Trump and FBI, Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Operation
  10. The Hunt Is On
  11. 18 Reasons to Heed the Evidenced Warnings: The Hunt Is On
  12. The Hunt Is On and You Are the Prey
  13. WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE: Biden Hunts Americans Indicating 2022 Midterms Will Be Stolen as the Nearing Choke Point Moves to a Flashpoint

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  1. Daisy November 5, 2022

    Your detailed reports are incredible. I still don’t think many comprehend the depth of evil surrounding us. Example…many friends are totally convinced of a Red Wave on Tuesday. I think the left will not give up their power. Period. Thank you for your valuable, thorough writings. May God be with you.

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