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Projected Monkeypox Narrative Shift Arriving on Time for Midterms Plus Updates: COVID-19, Fauci, the Food Crisis, Rogue FBI/Trump, Biden Corruption, the Multiple-front War and Durham

25 Aug 22

A significant narrative change for monkeypox may have been issued by none other than CNN last night and it represents another potential deadly accurate projection falling on the exact predicted timeline for the analysis found here at Moonshine. As I continue to state, “these people play inside of a box and that makes them entirely predictable”. Such is the nature of enterprise fraud. It’s why the Moonshine work has a wall full of accurate projections come to fruition. This may be and likely is another.

COVID-19, Monkeypox & Medical Tyranny

To begin the dialogue the apparent and significant monkeypox narrative shift, which is being painted differently in the media because I believe the media has yet again missed the mark on the analysis, we must revisit an article I wrote months ago. The article, which serves as necessary contextual backdrop to this piece, was penned on 23 Jul 22 and it is entitled PATTERN RECOGNITION: Monkeypox, Midterms and More Enterprise Fraud, Tedros/WHO Declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

In the article, I stated the following and taking note of other accurate projections made here and already fulfilled. Understand that this article overlaid the monkeypox trajectory over the established COVID-19 timeline to make accurate projections about monkeypox relative to elections [emphasis and content added]:

It’s clear how the PHEIC always precedes the pandemic declaration and the U.S. declarations for public health emergencies and pandemics always follow and align with the same and preceding declarations made by the WHO. It is highly likely that the U.S. will issue its own monkeypox public health emergency relatively soon; all but certain, really. *[This occurred in early August and I covered it in this article: These People Play Inside of A Box – 7 Times the Monkeypox Public Health Emergency Declaration Was Projected and Why It’s Important: Biden Administration Declares Monkeypox A Public Health Emergency.]

What it really means is that this is how they began the first pandemic and this is how they are beginning the second pandemic. I promised and evidenced that a while back in a bunch of articles. Proxy Joe Biden did the exact same thing more recently and I wrote about Biden’s statement in several pieces including this one.

Even Democrats have recognized how disastrous things are as they look for a new nominee in 2024 while acknowledging that they’re in trouble for the 2022 midterms.

The last time the Democrats were in trouble and completely underwater for an election was 2020. The pattern recognition here could be made by a 5th grader. It’s why this WHO/Tedros PHEIC declaration is so critical and for the events that stand to follow it.

Granted the remarks below frame the outbreak in a minority population as Tedros describes it, but understand that all it takes is a change in the narrative for monkeypox to jump that population and become a threat to the general public. That would be the pretext and predication for a pandemic declaration. What would follow that you have already and recently lived through once.

Political Moonshine on 23 Jul 22

That extract is full of important information but none more so than this, “Granted the remarks below frame the outbreak in a minority population as Tedros describes it, but understand that all it takes is a change in the narrative for monkeypox to jump that population and become a threat to the general public.

Now consider this development from CNN last night featured in a Zero Hedge article: Watch: CNN Tells Viewers Monkeypox Is Not Sexually-Transmitted. From it,

The network’s national correspondent Dianne Gallagher lectured viewers Tuesday (albeit not that many of them) that “monkeypox is NOT a sexually-transmitted infection.”

Gallagher added that “If the Biden administration wants its outreach to be a success, celebrating [pride] while educating, without discriminating, is the only way to approach it.”

Zero Hedge

The linked article contains the video and from it,

“Any person can get it from prolonged, close, typically skin-to-skin contact with an infected person.”

Dianne Gallagher/CNN

Recall that back in July, the CDC confirmed the first cases of monkeypox transmission in children. Translated, this is pretext where any future CDC action can point back to the kids as the jump to the general population ergo any time it’s about the “women and children” take note, because there’s a robbery in progress.

The CDC issued a report [site] updated 22 Aug 22 that presents further pretext in the same vein:

The current evidenced narrative shift stands to go in the direction of where the data is lacking. Why? It’s because it creates the element of the unknown and the unknown is what generates the greatest amount of fear [people are afraid of the dark because the dark represents the unknown – nothing can be seen and therefore accurately understood]. By tying the greatest fear to the most vulnerable population the greatest impetus and catalyst for an “emergency” is achieved.

Given the above, there’s a reasonable belief that a Clade II outbreak in children will spark widespread concern leading to more medical tyranny devised to intercede on the 2022 midterms.

Compounding transmissibility concerns are the immunocompromise and eczema considerations:

  1. We know that evidence indicates that the mRNA vaccinations cause immunocompromise in recipients meaning that one fraudulent pandemic’s supposed remedy stands to serve as a transmission vector in a potentially second fraudulent pandemic and 2-
  2. According to the National Eczema Organization, “Approximately 9.6 million U.S. children under the age of 18 have AD, and one-third have moderate to severe disease.5,8,9  The prevalence of childhood AD has increased from 8% to 15% since 1997.4,10 An estimated 16.5 million U.S. adults (7.3%) have AD, with nearly 40% affected with moderate to severe disease.11

The above two data points provide significant transmission vectors for any pandemic contagion.

There’s a bit of evil genius to the approach and the direct evidence is right in front of us. The genius goes well beyond the likely child/infant deflection component. It’s characterized by what the media sees in its reporting v. what it doesn’t. What it sees: the inherent contradiction in the statement that it’s not a sexually transmitted disease and the ensuing and distracting argument and debate over it. It serves as a deflection from what is most important and which they do not see. What it does NOT see: a lapdog media outlet providing a necessary and planned narrative change to accommodate and achieve political objectives for the 2022 midterms. The projected narrative change was the jump from a minority population to the general public but most importantly, the only thing required for the outbreak to make the jump was the change in the narrative.

If I’ve been wrong since the beginning, why do all of the projections continue to unpack exactly as projected? It’s the enterprise fraud lens and it is a critical one that few formulate and use like Moonshine does.

It’s critical to recall that Moonshine research and analysis indicates that monkeypox is a designed virus that emerged out of smallpox research in a bioweapons lab in Denmark. I previously evidenced the virus down to the exact lab and the exact two monkeys from which it supposedly emerged.

There is significant lag time between the arrival of the monkeys and the outbreak of monkeypox in the lab monkeys meaning that the lag time is unaccounted for. Without direct evidence of it, I contend that the lag time accounts for the final aspects of bioengineering the virus and deliberately infecting the monkeys with it. From there, and as is customary, the narrative was built around that. Further evidence also tied Fauci directly to monkeypox bioengineering.

With the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration already extended to envelop the 2022 midterms, monkeypox is right on track to arrive as fuel for the electoral dumpster fire of treason.

We continue with more in the way of COVID and Fauci.

Moonshine covered Fauci’s announced retirement providing the analysis for why it’s happening and on this particular timeline: Criminals on the Run and Eating Their Own! COVID-19 Narrative Collapsed, Fauci Set to Resign, HHS Secretary Becerra Under Attack.

Now we see Fauci further trying to disown the lockdown disasters. This headline is from Zero Hedge: Watch: Fauci Claims Lockdowns Have Not “Irreparably Damaged Anyone”. From it, Fauci said [emphasis theirs],

“I don’t think it’s forever irreparably damaged anyone. But I think, obviously, and you — if you go back — and people selectively, Neil, pull things out about me. I was also one of the people that said we have got to do everything we can to get the children back in school.”

Anthony Fauci

First, Moonshine evidenced the lockdowns as disastrous back in 2020.

More recently, Moonshine the captured Fauci’s flip-flops on the lock-down positions: Fauci Flip-flops on His Flip-flop Over Lockdowns: 10 Occasions When Fauci Advocated for or Recommended Lockdowns.

With the COVID-19 narrative in shambles, Fauci is being preemptively ushered-out as the exit plan and cover-up operations continue. Read yesterday’s article for those important details.

Food Crisis

Respective to the food crisis, yet another processing plant has been compromised. Consider this headline from a reemerging topic, bird flu: Commercial Poultry Operation In California Detects First Bird Flu Case.

This 13 Jun 22 article contains a substantial list of other food processing plants to meet compromise or destruction: Further Evidence and Validation for Old Positions On Current Matters: Capitol “Insurrection,” Food Crisis, Psychological Warfare, COVID-19/Monkeypox, China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine, Coeur d’Alene.

A different headline reminds us of of the Hunger Games trajectory upon which we’ve been placed: “End Of Abundance”: Macron Warns Of “Major Tipping Point” And “Great Upheaval” As Difficult Winter Approaches.

Rogue FBI & Trump Raid

New developments stack on top of old as to further evidence the raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate as a Bolshevik and CCP styled operation emblematic of the United States of Venezuela as we celebrate our new Third World banana republic status.

Consider these headlines leaving the articles for independent consumption:

  1. FBI Leadership Ordered Agents Not To Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop: Whistleblowers
  2. FBI Mar-a-Lago Warrant Had ‘No Legal Basis’: Constitutional Lawyers
  3. The FBI’s Gestapo Tactics: Hallmarks Of An Authoritarian Regime
  4. Biden White House Directly Facilitated FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid

Recall, I’ve already projected Trump’s arrest [or indictment] as the October surprise.

Biden Crime Family & Corruption

Moonshine has dedicated much time to investigating Biden’s two epicenters of corruption, crime and treason – Ukraine and China – and overlaying it with the same two fronts in the multiple-front war scenario, which is further discussed below.

Now consider this headline: More Billions To Ukraine As America Falls Apart.

The point is a glaring one once illustrated:

There are specific reasons the U.S. faces a multiple-front war against China and Russia [in Ukraine] and it intercedes NATO on its direct path to Proxy Joe Biden’s corruption in China and Ukraine [Russia].

Multiple-Front War

The Moonshine work into the multiple-front war [China/Taiwan, South China Sea and Russia/Ukraine] is as extensive as anything you’ll find anywhere. We leave these obvious developments for independent consumption to further evidence established positions and timelines:

  1. THE VIDEO POSTED at the bottom of this segment before Durham is a 01 Apr 21 podcast extract never before published. The video discusses in detail the basis of the multiple front war on two and three fronts dating back almost 1.5 years ago. The foundational work presents as if it were written today.
  2. Pentagon Confirms US Troops Were Wounded In Syria Rocket Attacks: Recall that Syria is the longstanding flashpoint for the outbreak of WWIII. It’s featured as the third front in the video referenced above and stands as a plausible flashpoint to begin hostilities between the U.S. and Russia and whereby Xi Jinping and China would immediately move on Taiwan opening a second or third front, depending on how Ukraine Manifests relative to the Syria flashpoint.
  3. 2nd Round Of US Airstrikes Over Syria As Militias Fire Rockets On Occupied Gas Fields: This is important for the reasons above.
  4. JUST IN – Another U.S. delegation is en route to #Taiwan in a military plane, TVBS reports:

We’re still on schedule for the projected August flashpoint in Taiwan. The only remaining questions are: 1-Will it happen?, 2-In August? and 3-Or perhaps later in September or August?

The video from point 1 above:


Recalling that I began positioning and evidencing Special Counsel John Durham as the cover-up/clean-up operation about immediately and referencing then AG William Barr’s biography as the reason, Durham has had one of his top prosecutors resign moving into the Danchenko case, which is slated to begin in early October.

Durham is said to be taking on a greater and more direct role to account for the loss. How this affects the Special Counsel Office’s trajectory for further investigations, indictments, arrests and prosecutions remains to be seen.

In the interim, Moonshine confidently stands-pat on the Durham cards already in hand.


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