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RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: Incremental Escalation Continues, COVID-19 Is Never Going Away

15 Mar 22

Let’s begin with one of the oldest dead horses that gets routinely kicked at Moonshine and it’s this – “COVID-19 is never going away.” I began kicking that sucker way back early in 2020 and it is normally presented with another dead horse from the same stable – “These people will never stop until they are made to stop.” Those two always ride together and are always kicked together; deservedly so. COVID is the mechanism delivered by internal U.S. traitors and foreign hostile nations – primarily China along with supposed “allies” – that serves as a construct of enterprise fraud to usher all of us onto the global plantation. A critical component to the COVID enterprise fraud construct I first began outlining and evidencing long ago is that it’s one in perpetuity; meaning it’s designed cyclically to quite literally last forever.

For proper contextual backdrop to COVID, the Moonshine website should be referenced for the several hundred articles existing on it and relative to Russia/Ukraine, here is more recent work that draws back to 2019 and which is presented chronologically with the most recent at the bottom.

For anyone thinking our dead horses are off the mark, consider this other dead horse I like to kick around in updated fashion – “Today is day 73 of year 3 of flatten the curve for 2 weeks.” As I continue to say, only functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking believe in such math; especially when the “vaccine” is justified for something with a better than 99% survival rate. Basic math and functional idiots are as frightening in the results they deliver as they are effective in delivering them.

More recently and until the past few days, COVID has generally sunken away from the propagandized coverage courtesy of the Western Empire’s lap dog MSM. Fictitious “COVID-related” deaths and made-up “new cases” still lingered around, but Anthony Fauci was on an apparent hiatus until now.

Two developments hold our attention here: 1-Pfizer and Fauci claiming that a 4th Pfizer shot is needed in immediately conjunction with Fauci’s statement that, “It is likely that we’re not done with this when it comes to vaccines”; along with Moderna already requiring a fourth -and- 2-China has locked down 51 million people in the province of Jilin and the cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Of course we’re not done with COVID – the enterprise fraud construct, which serves as a societal control mechanism, is designed in perpetuity; to last forever and cyclically so.

Political Moonshine

Reading the tea leaves along with the copious handwriting all over about every wall, plausible justification for locking down portions of China fall on two primary reasons tied to military tactics: 1-COVID could be false pretense for lock downs designed to serve China militarily in the event it decides to go hot on Taiwan -and- 2-These lock downs would incrementally expand under the guise of “COVID” to other locations critical to military operations in preemptive fashion relative to a hot war. I suggested the following last night.

1-Jilin Province provides a locked-down barrier between mainland China and North Korea – a returning player to the global fold with recent missile firings and a nation enmeshed with the CIA and Western intelligence.

2-Shenzhen and Dongguan provide the same but for Hong Kong – a likely Western diplomatic and military target in a hot conflict with China.

China could progressively continue locking-down locations of military tactical importance under false pretenses until they were positioned to execute a first strike; presumably on Taiwan. There’s a big stack of evidence to support this position [see below.]

Political Moonshine

China’s use of “COVID” to begin securing the nation as a run-up to a hot war over Taiwan deserves close scrutiny and further monitoring. This is not to say that is precisely what is happening but rather it’s a viable and plausible angle that likely few are considering. We back it up with a stack of evidence to the moon demonstrating how the “pandemic” can be turned on and off like a light switch and as simply as by calibrating cycle thresholds relative to rt-PCR testing; which is a long-tenured and fundamental position and piece of evidence.

Political Moonshine

In recent work slated above, we’ve fully enmeshed China in the constructed and engineered Russia/Ukraine matter delivered by the Western Empire, CIA and Western intelligence community. That work paves a very clear path for China’s direct involvement as much as it sets the course for the multiple-front war scenario I began ominously warning about long ago [those articles also being listed above.]

On the heels of the intended hub of desired global governance – the United Nations – further warning that Russia/NATO could go nuclear; and at the same relative time that former President Trump proclaimed it stood to be the catalyst for the beginning of World War III, consider further developments that occur precisely how I indicated in previous work and whereby incrementalism is being utilized as the psyop tactic to usher it forward; one baby step at a time until it’s an accepted but forced reality for the masses. Consider this from a recent Zero Hedge item,

The Chinese Foreign Ministry warned on Tuesday that China would retaliate following a series of US statements which told Beijing not to assist Russia in either sanctions evasion or military equipment support for its Ukraine war. 

“We call on the US not to harm China’s legitimate rights and interests when handling its relations with Russia,” ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stressed – however at this point it’s still at the level of US warnings and accusations, also after reports said that Moscow has even requested drones. 

Zhao in a daily briefing was asked if China fears US sanctions amid charges that it’s quietly supporting Russia’s war effort in Ukraine: “The Chinese side has repeatedly expressed its position regarding sanctions. Beijing discourages the use of sanctions to settle problems and even more opposes unilateral sanctions that lack international legal grounds,” Zhao said.

And separately Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi China in a phone call to his Spanish counterpart stressed that “China is not a party to the crisis, nor does it want sanctions to affect China.” Wang said in the Monday statements discussing the Ukraine crisis.. “China has the right to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.”

Calling the Ukraine war part of “European security conflicts” which have built up over the years, the top diplomat said China stands for negotiations and dialogue and rejects sanctions. He said in what can be seen as a likely indirect defense of Moscow:

China always opposes the use of sanctions to solve problems, and even more opposes unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law, which will undermine international rules and bring harm to the people’s livelihood of all countries.

“Some forces have kept smearing China on the Ukraine issue… and fabricated all sorts of disinformation,” he said additionally, in a direct lashing out at Washington and some media reports in the West. Wang said this is especially because China is “not a party” to this war.

Following a reported 8-hours worth of talks in Rome with national security adviser Jake Sullivan – after which a senior admin official was cited as saying “We do have deep concerns about China’s alignment with Russia at this time” – top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi in an official readout summarizing the meeting said the US side was informed that the Ukraine war “is not what China wants to see” and that Beijing is “committed to promoting peace talks, and the international community should jointly support the Russia-Ukraine peace talks to achieve substantive results as soon as possible.”

And more from the statement:

“All parties should exercise maximum restraint and protect civilians,” Yang added, according to the readout. He also implicitly called for an understanding of Russia’s position and echoed an argument about supporting “the principle of indivisible security,” which the Kremlin has used to justify its brutal invasion of Ukraine. “The history and development of the Ukraine issue should be straightened out … The legitimate concerns of all parties should be responded to,” Yang said.

Zero Hedge

Respective to Vladimir Putin’s and Russia’s factually accurate objectives in Ukraine, the truth about the Department of Defense’s U.S. biolabs in Ukraine still stands tall in light of the Western Empire’s propagandized effort to alter the fact set as aligned to its own objectives and misinformation/disinformation. Emblematic of this exact dynamic is the recent spat over Ukraine between Tulsi Gabbard and the Empire’s Mitt Romney. From that exchange, we stack even more evidence relative to the angle of U.S. biolabs in Ukraine are generally Putin’s target[s] and as we first began reporting at the early onset of this constructed and engineered dynamic. Now, consider the following sourced from the DOD:

From the Gabbard/Romney spat, we also latch onto this further evidence from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and from it, we see the Western Empire’s propagated cover story, which in no way passes the basic sniff test. Consider recalling that relative to the above, we’ve already covered the BTRP/DTRA angles and pertaining to the quotes below, that the Russians used to function inside of these programs so their preexisting knowledge and evidence bases ought to be substantial,

The Russian invasion of Ukraine may put at risk a network of US-linked labs in Ukraine that work with dangerous pathogens, said Robert Pope, the director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, a 30-year-old Defense Department program that has helped secure the former Soviet Union’s weapons of mass destruction and redirect former bioweapons facilities and scientists toward peaceful endeavors.

The labs in Ukraine are not bioweapons facilities. The US government maintains that they are public and animal health labs operated by host countries. Although a long-running Russian disinformation campaign has painted a picture of a network of US military labs in Ukraine, Georgia, and other former Soviet republics involved in bioweapons or risky research, Pope said the labs conduct peaceful scientific research and disease surveillance. Outside experts have also said Pope’s program is not a covert bioweapons operation.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

From the same,

Although Russian officials and media have misrepresented the US-supported labs in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries in disinformation campaigns, Pope doesn’t believe the Russians will deliberately aim weapons at the labs during the invasion.

“I think the Russians know enough about the kinds of pathogens that are stored in biological research laboratories that I don’t think they would deliberately target a laboratory,” Pope said. “But what I do have concerns about is that they would … be accidentally damaged during this Russian invasion.”

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

If you care to fully consume the Western Empire’s propagandized cover story relative to the U.N. Security Council meeting convened by the Russians and which I covered the other day, read the entire article from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

COVID-19 is never going away. These people will never stop until they are made to stop. As Cloward-Piven strategy renders us to Third World status, by design, we are being positioned to lose a constructed and engineered multiple-front war scenario that I began delineating and evidencing long ago. The only thing that has really changed relative to all of this is that now, we have more evidence to stack up behind it.



  1. Michele Ralston March 15, 2022

    So are Russia and Ukraine aware of their positions in the multifront war against USA? Are they playing a role, or have they been maneuvered like puppets by China, the Western Globalists, and the CIA? I understand the big picture, but often get bogged down in the tangled detalls.

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