Lawlessness, Anarchy and Riotous Murder

10 JUN 20 (FORTIETH article in a series) Mr. Trump’s only option is to ensure that the last cut federalism makes is a fatal one targeting the appropriate entities where resistant states and locales are intentionally standing down. Mr. Trump must therefore carefully navigate forward before selecting a politically and strategically perfect time to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 and deploy requisite military assets on an as-needed basis. Military jurisdiction and its gravity and precision are the only way to return the Republic to the people.

American Overthrow

23 May 20 Video examining the religious implications from Barack Obama's 2009 mapping of his counterinsurgency doctrine over America to facilitate its overthrow from within. Specifically, the positioning of nuclear Israel between nuclear America and nuclear Iran is discussed. (00:06:42)


Yesterday, I wrote a piece suggesting that the President would have to give due diligence to filtering further Iranian aggression by examining such instances through the lens of the 'false flag.' Today, we have the DOD and Secretary Esper demarcating a clear line for Iran by stating that the US would not tolerate ANY further aggression from Iran or its proxy forces. I wrote about the dynamics of such a scenario in yesterday's piece.


This is by no means a deep dig on the foreign policy and military scenarios facing the President with Iran, Iraq and the Middle East in general. In fact, I've been holding off on writing something like this despite my immediate reaction and speculation. Rather, this is an acknowledgement of the actual forces and opportunities this construct creates for others (DSSG/MIC/President's enemies) to either manipulate the administration towards ulterior objectives and/or to goad the President into taking action for the same express purpose - achieving ulterior objectives that are assuredly unknown to him.

DOES TRUMP HAVE A NEW DEAL? CONFIRMATIONS, BIG REVELATIONS – Trump Iran strategy was precisely outlined last night

As the developments with Iran unfolded last night, I paused to comment on political strategy that could serve President Trump very well; especially as it relates to his adversaries. I suggested that the strategy might allow the President to emerge in a position of significant leverage over the DSSG/MIC and whereby he could reasonably shut down several fronts on which the DSSG/MIC are waging political warfare.

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Iraq Exit Strategy Predicted Yesterday Directly Cited in Suspected Leaked Military Document Today: DIRECT CONFIRMATION

Yesterday, I outlined a painstakingly thorough but incomplete body of evidence suggesting that the President may have been in the middle of a calculated Iraq exit strategy that would allow him to keep the DSSG/MIC in check by honoring the sovereignty of Iraq on the world's stage. Moreover, he'd be doing that while again making good on another campaign promise.

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