The sourced opinion and analysis writing at Political Moonshine works to distill the geopolitical landscape down to the truth by analyzing trusted and vetted sources. The work here is approached through the lens of traditional, Conservative America and often explores what mainstream folks would call ‘conspiratorial’ angles.

Funny thing, though – over time, those conspiracies normally result in a reflection of the truth. It’s peculiar how that works-out. What we’re doing here is working to burn off the narrative, misinformation and disinformation by distilling it all down to the truth as demonstrated by the evidence; no matter how conspiratorial or conventional that may be. The truth bears no labels.

Please understand that although this site is launching on January 1, 2020, the research and reading dates back to the late 1990s. Previously, opinion and thought was expressed similarly under the nom de plume Statecraft Discerned, established December 25, 2018.

So then, let’s make moonshine!



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  1. The ‘Introduction to Political Moonshine’ post has been backdated to appear at the bottom of the feed. It was written 01 Jan 20. Additionally, any other articles appearing before this date were brought over from the old SITE.
  2. Articles and expressions of thought take the form of news, politics and opinion.
  3. This website only tolerates for respectful dialogue (disagree all you want but please keep interactions considerate and respectful.)
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