Making the Case for Treason Part VI: Judge Sullivan and His Unconstitutional Third Corner in a Two Corner Fight

13 JUN 20 (FORTY-FIRST article in a series) Friday’s hearing in the government’s case against Lt. General Michael Flynn in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit was an absolute travesty that exemplifies the hyper-partisan and corrupt nature of the case against Flynn and since it’s fraudulent inception. The fraud and usurpation of power should surprise no one, though, as both are mechanisms being leveraged by the Left redundantly throughout the four-year effort to unseat this President. The hearing devolved as soon as Judge Robert Leon Wilkins, an Obama appointee, opened his mouth.


Revisiting past work with Virginia unfolding in real time. This is a catalog of select Second Amendment items in chronological order (2019 - present) that offers rational and cogent talking points on the critical importance of the Second Amendment. All of this as Virginia weighs heavily the Americans' minds.

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