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Posts published in “White Nationalism”

Trump Indictment Marks Darkest Day In American History

In the darkest day of contemporary US history, President Trump has been indicted in an entrapment operation. A report detailing the indictment and projecting forward to understand the ominous outcomes indicating that Trump is the bridge to eliminate Biden's political opposition - THE HUNT IS ON.

Tucker Carlson Publishes Surveillance Video Confirming Entrapment Position on the U.S. Capitol “Insurrection” Operation

The 20th article in the series THE HUNT IS ON presents confirming video evidence published by Tucker Carlson that validates two-year old positions asserting how the Capitol "insurrection" was an entrapment operation.

THE HUNT IS ON: Every Man’s Line and Every Nation’s Moment, Will the Line Be Crossed?

The 17th article in the series THE HUNT IS ON focused on new developments: further targeting of Trump and ordinary Americans; Charles McGonigal; Hunter Biden, CEFC & Chairman Ye; entrapment and planted evidence [Proud Boys]; conservative censorship & the GEC; "systemic racism;" mass shootings; the 1st & 2nd Amendments; and Civil War.