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THE DEATH OF AMERICA: Understanding the Asymmetrical, Irregular and Undeclared War With China Relative to the Disaster That Is America Today, Every American Should Come to Understand This

08 Mar 20

Let’s begin with an acknowledgment and citation for the presentation of our primary source document that drives this article. It’s courtesy of Gogolizard on the Gab social media platform and sincere gratitude and thanks goes to her for reaching out to send it my way. The document should be read in full and standing at only nine pages, it’s not a tall order. I’ve linked it for you at the bottom. It holds our attention because it’s an excellent, concrete and detailed summation of precisely what I began exclusively delineating in copious detail with the first article on the topic being published 06 May 2020: Making the Case for Treason.

That article, concluded with the following, which sets the foundation for the factual descriptor that the United States is in the throes of an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China; recalling that according to Chinese war doctrine, its primary warfare vector is biowarfare:

What did the headlines look like after the virus arrived stateside? Why did all of those same people – AFTER IMPEACHMENT; AFTER THE OUTBREAK; AFTER THE COVID-19 US ARRIVAL – then change their tune and drag the President through the mud publicly criticizing every single measure he took or didn’t take? Everything he said or didn’t say… almost as if it were planned that way.

President Trump was placed into a trap by his political enemies and it ravaged the country and all because criminal infiltrators are trying to steal back their ‘stolen’ possession. You don’t need me to tell you the consequences – you’ve been living them and consider yourself fortunate because they killed others, but not as many as they want you to believe.

Had Mr. Trump resisted his compulsory experts initially, he would have been removed with the 25th Amendment and the world as you know it would have ended FOREVER. If he deferred and played it to the letter of the law, which he has, they would seek to wreck everything he accomplished, which they did, and it almost worked; right up until they got caught.

The adverse forces that Mr. Trump has been able to withstand at the same time he worked to rebuild a broken and corrupt country presents a remarkable scenario; truly remarkable and historically worthy.

What people don’t understand; however, is that in so doing, he keenly managed an act of war without firing a single shot; and he did that against our chief economic, military and political rival. Domestic enemy combatants conspiring with foreign nations to import highly virulent bio-weapons of mass destruction into America for the express purpose of removing a sitting President and overthrowing the US government is most certainly an act of war. Thinking otherwise is again naive. Beware of China recognizing this and attempting to flip the script by rattling the war sabres. It’s already happening.

Instead, Mr. Trump sagely decided to braid a rope from the strands of impeachment, treason and war, which he then cleverly handed to his political enemies for them to hang themselves.

The virus – bio-engineered and weaponized to achieve political objectives – is as real as the people whom sadly lost their lives in this travesty. The rest of it; however, is FRAUD.

The only thing remaining for you is determining whether the case has been made for treason.

Political Moonshine / 06 May 20

All of it led to the exact and precise destination that we anticipated and that includes President Trump himself: the stolen 2020 election. Subsequently and unfortunately for us, after rallying to draw all of us out of the woodwork to expose our necks in support of him; vowing to stand tall and fight alongside him for every step of the way, Mr. Trump conceded to his foreign and domestic enemies despite remaining the Commander in Chief and the nation’s chief law enforcement officer from the time period of post-election to inauguration day.

Remember when he warned Proxy Joe during the debates that “We’ve caught ’em all. We’ve got it all on tape,” in reference to all of the evidence proving these fact sets? What did Trump do with all of that evidence and the moral, legal and constitutional authority that he possessed at that specific and critical time? Nothing. Not one single thing. He abandoned us. Now look around you.

Trust me when I tell you that the above two paragraphs are more difficult to pen than read but make no mistake about it – it’s the absolute truth. For anyone caring bicker with these difficult details, I recently made a social media post claiming the exact same facts and whereby a former Trump White House Official messaged me almost immediately thereafter including the post and this line, “Everything you said here is true.”

How sad for America and Americans?

Digressing, the following extracts derive from Albert Santoli’s testimony to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on 21 Jul 05. Santoli was the President and Director of the Asia America Initiative.

The extracts are presented with as little sidebar commentary as possible and whereby focus will be given to the connections and relevant aspects that bear down on the status quo and the full slate of Moonshine positions. The primary objective is to expand the existing body of these Moonshine positions and work; and thus our understanding of it all, by utilizing Santoli’s expert testimony to deepen our understanding.

To begin, Santoli establishes the same perspective we’ve kicked like a dead horse – Sun Tzu and war doctrine,

“Know the enemy as you know yourself and in a hundred battles you will never be
defeated. Strike where the enemy is not prepared, take him by surprise… avoid the solid
[strengths] and strike where [the enemy] is weak.” — Sun Tzu from “The Art of War.”

“In the 21st Century, the weak may defeat the powerful by employing supra-national methods of
warfare, which professional Western military people are unfamiliar with. These include
financial warfare, smuggling warfare, cultural warfare, drug warfare, [natural] resources warfare,
psychological warfare and international law warfare.

“The most basic form of ancient Chinese warfare is called “the side principle.” This means to
avoid clashing with the enemy’s powerful sword in a frontal collision, at his point of strength.
But rather using one’s sword to cut into the warrior’s exposed side.”
— from the strategic treatise, Unrestricted Warfare, published by the People’s Liberation Army
Literature and Arts Publishing House, 1999.

I’ve written much about Cloward-Piven strategy and note how China’s positioning in Latin America falls in line with it; especially given the recent history of caravans of illegals attempting to breach the southern border in combination with unmitigated illegal immigration and Biden’s current around-the-clock operation to distribute illegals across the U.S.

It’s critical to recall in all of this the angle of infiltration and by that, China’s infiltration of our institutions, departments, agencies and more. Their proxies – the leveraged and compromised Americans they installed, like the Biden Family as the head of the dragon – are the ones facilitating and executing China’s war strategy stateside. If left unchecked, it’s going to end us and you can write that down and date it.

Chinese geo-strategic practices of asymmetrical warfare, using both ancient techniques and
modern “war by other means” targeting the “weak exposed sides” of the United States have been
steadily and effectively growing during the past decade in Latin America. Chinese tactics are
being used to gain political and economic influence, as well as military alliances and bases for
cyber-electronic warfare. These developments are a critical challenge to the United States in a
vulnerable resource-rich area on our doorstep that we have too often taken for granted.

Beijing’s strategic plan to challenge – and eventually defeat the United States – is being utilized
in Latin America, along with an aggressive worldwide cyber-warfare capability, which add to a
massive blue water naval and intercontinental ballistic missile build-up. This build-up – funded2
in large part by its massive trade surplus with the United States — has been deceptively cloaked
by Beijing’s new economic strength, seen as non-threatening by most of the West. Russia, Israel
and certain Asian nations, have joined American weapons and military technology merchants to
supply Beijing for its unprecedented military modernization. This has enabled Chinese military
officials during a ten-year period to take a “great leap forward” in military capability and is
enabling their geo-strategists to applying ancient martial traditions to “modern conditions.”

China’s new military doctrine calls for a total war of politics, finance, electronic
communications, trade supremacy, manipulation of financial markets, and control of critical
natural resources, especially scarce resources such as oil, cobalt and nickel, which are found in
relatively few regions of the planet. At the same time, with no regard for matters of human
rights, Beijing continued to mold political, financial and military relationships with resource-
rich, non-democratic governments who deny those same scarce resources to Beijing’s rivals.
Cuba and Venezuela should be included at the top of this list.

In addition, Chinese military planners have also advocated the dirty business of utilizing
narcotics traffickers, international organized crime networks and terrorist organizations — such
as the shadowy al Qaeda network — that could sap a great Superpower of its financial strength,
military confidence and national morale. Latin America, and particularly Cuba’s proximity to the
United States and its radical leftist networks throughout the region, have provided Beijing the
opportunity to utilize its strategic plan of “unrestricted warfare,” where the weak can defeat the
powerful through unconventional means.

Santoli identifies the first significant step.

The first step was achieved on December 31, 1999 when the United States gave away the
Panama Canal, its crown strategic jewel in Central America. An opportunity seized by China,
whose businessmen bribed the corrupt Panamanian Government to obtain control of the trade
lifeline between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This acquisition of a 50 year lease — through
one of Beijing’s “patriotic businessman,” Li Ka Shing of Hong Kong — enabled China to gain
enormous political and trade involvement in the region. In addition, U.S. military bases in
Panama, essential for regional training and conducting interdiction of narcotics in the
neighboring Andes region, were permanently closed. It was at this same time that many Latin
American governments began forging stronger economic, political and military ties with

Not only does the role of China in Panama expand Cuba’s access to its vital lifeline for
commercial acquisitions: the Free Trade Zone at Colon, but Li Ka Shing’s Hutchison Whampoa
company’s stevedores control the loading and off-loading of thousands of commercial ships that
pass through the Canal Zone. Add to this a massive influx of mainland Chinese businesses into
the Free Trade Zone — and the growing presence of Communist Chinese intelligence operators
and the “patriotic Triad” organized crime syndicates. This has escalated, not only the along the3
Panama Canal, but also in the region’s other major shipping hub at Freeport, Bahamas.

The control of stevedoring – the loading and offloading of ships gives China the ability to bring
weapons and countless illegal aliens into the hemisphere — including possible terrorists, who, in
partnership with Cuba and Venezuela, could prepare new terrorist cells to cross into the United
States through our porous southern border with Mexico. The stevedoring also permits China to
facilitate the transfers of sensitive dual-use military and hi-tech products and components back to
China, and the transfer of weapons to guerilla and narco-terror groups in the region without the
scrutiny of U.S. Customs or intelligence agents.

Barack Obama, who is currently serving his third term, is the point man and chief proxy for all of America’s contemporary woes. Do you recall Obama’s pro-Cuba position?

On a parallel dynamic track, the expanded Chinese role in Latin America gave Fidel Castronew
life, rescuing the Cuban communists from the death throes of abandonment by their collapsed
Soviet benefactors. Havana was maintained, in part, by the backing by new neighboring leftist
regimes such as Venezuela and massive corruption in surface pro-Western countries such as
Panama. The Castro regime, however, was especially resuscitated by Beijing’s political,
economic and military support.

In June 1999, the international press, such as Agence France Press, began reporting China was
using Cuba as a sensitive military listening post to monitor broadcasts and telecommunications
in the United States; and between August and September, high level military and trade
delegations from Brazil, Ecuador and Uruguay sought Chinese funding and state-to-state support
for their respective agencies. Almost all of the China-Latin military agreements called for some
forms of training support and official exchanges with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Dominion Voting Systems ties directly to Venezuela and Venezuela ties directly to oil, which is front and center in both domestic and foreign policy relative to the manufactured and engineered Russia/Ukraine matter. Not coincidentally, Russia/Ukraine is a continuation of Obama [Clinton and Kerry] policy circa 2014.

The most dramatic State visit to China during the 1999 pre-hand-over of the Canal was made by
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. In Beijing he emphasized to international reporters, “I have always
been a Maoist.” He proclaimed, “Venezuela is lifting itself up just as China lifted itself up 50
years ago by the hand of Mao Tse-Tung, the Great Navigator.” During this visit, Chavez began
signing a series of oil and political agreements that led to Venezuela purchasing Chinese military
equipment within the year and the arrival of PLA military trainers in Caracas.

In 2002, following the failed civic effort in Venezuela to overthrow Hugo Chavez, American
military trainers were withdrawn from Venezuela. Almost immediately, they were replaced by
Spanish-speaking Special Forces trainers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. And
during the same period, Chinese Air Force trainers arrived in Venezuela as instructors for a new
fleet of airplanes purchased from Beijing by Chavez. Venezuelan military officers, who opposed
Chavez swinging the country into the Cuba-China axis, told of al Qaeda terrorists being moved
into Venezuela – either through direct flights or transiting from Panama – and met at the airport
by Chavez regime operatives and given new identifications before “disappearing” into the
Venezuelan countryside.

Santoli hits at the heart of the matter.

In a seminal strategic text published in 1999 by the People’s Liberation Army Literature and Arts
Publishing House, titled “Unrestricted Warfare,” the authors described Beijing’s new strategy for
defeating the United States and its allies. Senior Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, state
that the technological world is entering a new era of unprecedented peril – ripe for military
exploitation. They explain that the technological revolution has increasingly blurred the
boundaries between military and non-military, transcending all boundaries and limits of combat.
Adopting ancient martial arts theory and practice to the hi-tech era, they explain how the “strong
can be defeated by the weak” through merciless unconventional methods. As examples, the
authors make repeated references to enemies of Western society, such as Colombian drug lords,
the Italian Mafia or Chinese Triads who now permeate Latin and North America, and then-
considered “new terrorist” Osama bin Laden and his shadowy network. They also champion the
skill with which George Soros used “economic attacks” on monetary systems to infiltrate and
then take down the economies of entire countries.

The strategists intensely focused and unsentimental doctrine clearly demonstrated that the
People’s Republic of China is preparing to confront the United States and our democratic allies
by conducting “asymmetrical,” or multi-dimensional attacks on our most vulnerable soft-
targets. This new form of warfare, which borrows from ancient Chinese warfare doctrine of
surprise and deception, utilizes civilian technology as military weapons, “without morality” and
with “no limits” in order to break the will of democratic societies.

Santoli continues to the heart of the matter and further enmeshing it respective to Cloward-Piven; identifying and exposing America’s greatest vulnerability.

There is no place less adequately defended in the United States than our land, air and sea borders
with Mexico and Latin America. Cuba, Panama and Venezuela, combined with socialist drug
lords in Colombia and newly elected leftist leaders such as Lula de Silva in Brazil (who is
providing Beijing with aero-space assistance) have given Beijing a consortium of willing allies
who idolize Fidel Castro’s socialism. Their regimes can also be saved – as has Castro’s – by the
combination of energy assistance from Venezuela and financial, trade and military assistance
from Beijing. This will further enable China to sustain an anti-United States consortium across
the region.

In “Unrestricted Warfare,” the PLA author-Colonels describe the “most basic article” of ancient
Chinese warfare, the technique they call “the side-principle.” In ancient times, this referred to
avoiding clashing with an enemy’s powerful sword in a frontal collision, at his point of strength,
but rather using one’s sword to cut into the warrior’s exposed side. In other words, applying deft
skill “to cut things apart without one’s sword being damaged.” For America, which increasingly
embraces a “globalist” future, our vulnerabilities involve areas of global economics,5
communications, information and culture that we consider to be non-military in nature.

Respective to what follows, recall the Moonshine position that derives from Mr. Trump as the foundation for the corruption, crime and treason that has stolen this nation and shredded the U.S. Constitution on the way to ushering us all onto the global plantation: Big Money, Big Tech and Big Media.

Chinese strategists believe that the Western military has not yet fully understood the utilization
of private or multi-national corporations as instruments of warfare. This is borne out in recent
events, such as the relative ease at which Chinese companies owned or controlled by the
Communist government or their allies have entered American capital markets. It is also
exemplified by the lack of national security concern in Washington when Beijing cronies, such
as Li Ka-shing and his Hutchison Whanpoa Ltd. corporation gain control of strategic ports in the
Americas, such on both ends of the Panama Canal.

If American officials had taken Chinese military doctrine more seriously, even before 9/11, they
may have begun tracking the al Qaeda links to the Chinese military through their Pakistani
allies — who supported bin Laden’s jihad against India and the West.

We diverge from Santoli’s positioning on 9/11 in distinct fashion given the more accurate fact sets demonstrating a foundational Moonshine tenet: George H.W. Bush is an origin [leaving plenty of room for preceding ones] on a generational timeline in the broader treason that has and continues to occur. We more accurately hold that 9/11 derives from his presidency as delivered by George W. Bush’s ergo it was an internal treasonous event.

Santoli; however, focuses on the same Dynastic Bush by enmeshing Condoleeza Rice relative to the expansion of Chinese communism, influence and asymmetrical war tactics in Latin America. Furthermore and respective to oil; and further relative to Russia/Ukraine, the Bush family’s history in oil and exploding and unprecedented U.S. oil and gas prices, it’s not by coincidence that all of these pieces fit together so tightly and neatly. The Dynastic Bush link just above is included in a three-part series I wrote on it back in mid-December 2021 entitled War, Oil and Omicron – Then, Now and Trump.

We should also take seriously the developing shift in allegiances in Latin America. On April 30,
2005, during the international Labor Day weekend Castro and Chavez appeared together in
Havana’s Karl Marx Theater in a meeting with free trade opponents from throughout Latin
America. The two caballeros hammed it up for international reporters and ridiculed the United
States failures throughout Latin America, and vowed to build effective leftist alternatives to US
policy in the region. Appealing to massive poverty-stricken Latin Americans disillusioned with
the promise of American style free markets, Chavez, backed by Castro, countered with his own
plan in 2004 – the Bolivian Alternative for the America [ALBA]. “We must congratulate
Condoleeza Rice for the failure of the FTAA [Free Trade Agreement of the Americas]”, Castro
roared, calling it a plan for US multinational corporations to exploit the poverty of its southern
neighbors. “The FTAA is dead, ALBA is coming,” Castro exclaimed. Thus far, however, the
only country to join ALBA is Cuba, which relies heavily on Venezuela for cash assistance and
oil, while China provides military and technical assistance in place of Castro’s former
benefactors – the cash-strapped Russians.

In a recent article, American expert on Cuba, Otto Reich, wrote, “With the combination of
Castro’s evil genius, experience in political warfare and economic desperation, combined with
Chavez’ unlimited [oil] money and recklessness, the peace of this region is in peril.”
Chavez, emboldened by support from Cuba and China, is being accused in the Latin American
media of coordinating the removal of Ecuadorean President Lucio Gutierrez in Spring
2005. Guiterrez had tried to model US policies on trade and hosted US military bases for
counter narcotics operations in Colombia, whose government has also sought economic, political
and military assistance from Beijing. U.S. intelligence has said that Chavez has financed violent
insurgent groups in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Not coincidentally, Peru and Bolivia are also oil
producing nations, whose resources are vital to US stability.

Chinese military ties to Cuba, while not offering an immediate conventional military threat to the
United States do in fact enable Beijing to open an assymetrical cyber warfare base near
America’s shores. US military Southern Command’s top General, Bantz Craddock, told the US
Congress that in 2005, Chinese military officials have made 20 visits to Latin America and the
Caribbean region, and military delegations from nine Latin countries made official visits to6

Santoli further elaborates on China’s hegemonic and militaristic expansion in Latin America causing a more substantial and direct asymmetrical threat to the U.S. Notably, the U.S. was privy to it all and no more so than because compromised and leveraged proxies were at least permitting it and possibly [all but certainly] facilitating it.

A high level US security official recently told the Miami Herald newspaper that Cuba is already
a direct threat and potentially other Latin American countries, such as Brazil, could host Chinese
cyber warfare and satellite stations that could seriously harm the United States. “We know that
China has made a top priority of this knowledge based warfare,” the official said.”As other Latin
countries tighten defense and economic links with China, some may be tempted to think that ‘We
can get away with letting China do these things here.’”

Both Venezuela and Cuba are receiving overt and subtle military assistance from
China. Beginning in the year 2000, China and Cuba began publicly signing wide-reaching
economic, political and military assistance agreements. Equally important, to enhance its
offensive asymmetrical military options against the United States — especially if war should
break out in the Western Pacific, the Sea of Japan, the South China Sea or in the Taiwan Strait —
China was able to obtain major listening posts and communications jamming stations in Cuba.
These stations could also be used for sophisticated cyber war and electronic jamming capability
that could paralyze parts of U.S. command and control of coordinating its Atlantic and Pacific
based forces during wartime.

Recalling that this testimony occurred in 2005, the following should cause concern at frightening if not catastrophic levels. As you read it, hold on to the aforementioned Obama pro-Cuba policies as your lens for understanding.

In July 2005, the threat of a Chinese nuclear first-strike against US major cities was stated
publicly by the Dean of China’s National War College. Before or after such a cataclysmic
attack, electronic warfare out of Cuba to jam US emergency broadcast communications would
debilitate US emergency response systems causing further widespread chaos and casualties.
It has been confirmed by international media that China is operating a sophisticated electronic
spy system in Cuba against the United States. Castro is also taking pride in what he calls
“electronic warfare against the Yankee imperialism” according to intelligence sources and
government agencies.

“For China the utilization of Cuba as an electronic spy base is of great importance because of its
strategic location in the United States’ backyard”, commented a former U.S. intelligence officer.
The Chinese electronic spy bases have been camouflaged under a pretext of collaboration
between China and Cuba in the field of electronic and radio communications, who signed
expanded agreements in February, 2004 during a visit to Havana by the Chinese foreign minister,
Chi Haotian.

The main Chinese electronic spy bases in Cuba are located to the northeast of Santiago de Cuba
in the far east of the country and in the Bejucal area in the province of Havana, according to
intelligence sources. The base of antennas in Santiago de Cuba is mainly dedicated to the capture
of U.S. military satellite communications, meanwhile in Bejucal the Chinese have created a
complex interception system of telephone communications.

To disguise these activities, the official Chinese station, Radio China International is transmitting
its programs from Havana to the United States and Latin America.

“The transmissions of Radio China International are originating from Havana on the station7
9570.0 KHZ”, an international FCC report confirmed. The FCC situated the transmitter of Radio
China International at 22.56.00 North and 82.23.00 West near the city of Bejucal, to the
Southwest of Havana.

“Cuba is now interfering low and high band frequencies, with a strong transmitter, like never
done before”, the FCC report indicated. “On some occasions the interference is so strong that it
sounds like Star Wars”, the report added. According to U.S. official sources, during the past few
years Cuba has been conducting electronic interference up the U.S. East Coast by using strong
equipment of high band frequencies, including disruption of radio communication traffic in New

“The Cubans are interfering with air traffic communications and have even made false
transmissions to the air traffic control tower in New York,” a memo from the FCC confirmed,
which was obtained by the Miami El Neuvo Herald.

These interferences, captured by U.S. electronic monitoring services, have located the sources
southeast of Havana and in the province of Pinar del Rio. On May 13, 2001 at 4:48 pm a false
transmission made to the control tower in New York was produced from Pinar del Rio and its
origin was located at 22.12 North and 83.34 West. “On this occasion the conversation on a high
band frequency falsely identifying itself as ‘OPEC21’, a U.S. military flight (C130 plane)”,
underlined the report.

Even more frightening and potentially catastrophic respective to today’s Russia/Ukraine matter, consider this.

“This is such a delicate topic that it is practically being treated in a secret manner due to its
political implications”, the source commented. The Chinese bases are in addition to the
electronic spy stations that Russia operates in Lourdes province of Havana, for which Cuba
receives $200 million annually.

Santoli places the capstone on China’s encircling of the U.S. as permitted by its militaristic and hegemonic expansion in Latin America and again, it’s catastrophically frightening. Our lens is still Obama, his current third term vis-a-vis Proxy Joe and Obama’s pro-Cuba positioning.

The growing political, economic and military relationships aggressively pursued by China on
America’s doorstep, are centered around its relationship with Fidel Castro, the region’s still-
vibrant anti-America political warfare practitioner and his oil-rich protégé Hugo Chavez in
Venezuela. This presence, coupled with China’s growing political and economic influence, with
its submarines now ready to be equipped with nuclear multiple-warhead missiles, pose an
encircling military threat to the United States, never before seen in our nation’s history.

In effect, the Chinese are engaged in building a multi-dimensional strategic and tactical
surrounding of the United States: on the Latin American land mass and islands, beneath the
Pacific Ocean waves and in aero and cyber space. A new generation of well-schooled and
determined Chinese strategists, have become grand masters of the age old Chinese game of
strategy called “Wei Chi” or “Goh.” In a Wei Chi contest, a player makes the decisive winning
move when his opponent is completely surrounded and unable to maneuver, as in the clutches of
a python. In effect, we could label China’s growing strategic ties with Havana and other Latin
American nations, as well as the ability to attack from the sea and in cyber space makes the
ancient Wei Chi technique far more effective today.

Santoli outlines nine countermeasures that can be gleaned from the primary source document linked below.

In work to be found nowhere else and in exclusive fashion, I’ve spent thousands of hours exclusively identifying and copiously evidencing the enterprise fraud construct that people mistakenly call the “COVID-19 pandemic.” That work and evidence delivered China to the main stage in irrefutable and concrete ways. Santoli delivers the lion’s share of technical and tactical particulars that evidence and underpin all of that Moonshine work. That he offered this testimony in 2005 lends a tremendous amount of credence, veracity and reliability to all of it; and for the primary reason that it preceded COVID and the subsequent work on China by 14 years. You can’t change evidenced history no matter how hard China and Progressive Liberals try. What matters now is that you know precisely why they seek to change it. It evidences the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that will be the death of America if continues to progress unmitigated.

Again, special thanks to Gogolizard.

Here is Mr. Santoli’s biograpy:

ALBERT SANTOLI is President and founder of the non-profit Asia America Initiative. He is
the former Senior Vice-President of the American Foreign Policy Council and Director of the
Asia-Pacific Initiative. He is the Editor of the weekly e-publications China in Focus and Asia in
Focus. In addition, he has worked as a foreign policy and national security advisor in the United
State House of Representatives. In 2003, his AAI grassroots Development for Peace in Sulu
project in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines received a Presidential Citation from President Gloria
Macapagal Arroyo for helping to hold the peace and deter terrorism in one of the most conflict-
plagued regions of Southeast Asia.

Mr. Santoli is the author of numerous books and monographs, including the New York Times
best-selling EVERYTHING WE HAD, An Oral History of the Vietnam War. He is also the
author of TO BEAR ANY BURDEN: The Vietnam War and Its Aftermath; NEW
AMERICANS: Immigrants and Refugees in the U.S. Today; LEADING THE WAY; and
EMPIRES OF THE STEPPE: Russia and China, From Antiquity to 1912.

He has been a Contributing Editor at PARADE Magazine. Mr. Santoli’s writings have appeared
in a variety of publications including The Wall Street Journal; Atlantic Monthly; The New
Republic; The Washington Post; The New York Times; The Washington Times; Insight; USA
Today; and Readers Digest. He has been a guest lecturer or panelist at Harvard University;
Columbia University; the U.S. Naval Academy; the University of California; George Mason
University; Nebraska University; the State University of New York; the Institute of World
Politics, Washington, D.C.; the National University of Singapore; Chulalongkorn University,
Thailand; and the National Defense University of the Philippines.

He has been a Senior Fellow at Freedom House, a consultant on refugee protection at the
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, on the Asia Advisory Board of the International
Republican Institute, and an Advisory Board member at the White House Commission on
Remembrance. He is a member of the Disabled American Veterans for wounds received while
serving in the US Army in Vietnam.


“China’s Strategic Reach into Latin America” / Testimony of Albert Santoli, President and Director, Asia America Initiative [] before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission: “China’s Growing Global Influence: Objectives and Strategies” /124 Dirksen Senate Office Building / July 21, 2005


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    Thank you for sharing the confirmation from an inside source. It’s greatly appreciated.

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