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Making the Case for Treason

06 May 20 (THIRTY-FIFTH article in a series)

In this Constitutional Republic, there are three scenarios requiring an absolute onus to either tread with full force and weight -or- not at all. Go or don’t go. Do or don’t do. Binary. Period. Today we make the case demonstrating that all three converged and coalesced around COVID-19: impeachment, treason and war.

The Mason Jar
</> Summary explanation for entire COVID-19 catalog to-date
</> The most comprehensive, thorough and exhaustive summary analysis of the ongoing effort to remove President Trump and overthrow the US government: Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, Impeachment and COVID-19.

With this series of articles now eclipsing thirty, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline.

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Everybody eventually figured it out and got it right with Russia, Mueller, Ukraine and impeachment and now being several months into it, folks are doing the same with COVID-19 as they awaken and begin to see it as another false flag political construct (FFPC) akin to 9/11. We nailed that in January and began writing 09 Feb to document and share.

The difference between Political Moonshine and literally everyone else is depicted in our underlying position and perspective, which is ELEMENTAL, FUNDAMENTAL and FOUNDATIONAL for full and accurate understanding. This position materialized early January and has been shaped over time with the emergence of new elemental evidence. It’s that evidence which we’ve assembled for meaning.

Political Moonshine has converged all of the major components onto the same timeline and determined them all to be functional instruments serving the same political continuum. Translated, everything you’ve seen since and even before Mr. Trump was elected has been a function of the same broader plan, thus supporting our contention that Obama’s criminality and political spying scheme began early in his first term. That evidence now appears to exist as addressed below.

Importantly, we also leave room for some very close parallels and incredible findings like those presented by the patriots at Bards of War. Aside from the their work though, our position doesn’t really exist elsewhere. Sidebar – If you’ve yet to hear the podcast ‘A Letter from Flynn’, it is absolutely worthy and highly informative and I cannot emphasize that enough; especially if you’re a person of religion (linked at bottom.)

So, we face as a seditious and treasonous cartel of infiltrators that is pushing even further down a warpath of high crimes devised to remove if not terminate a sitting US President and with further objectives far exceeding the understanding of most people. I place great emphasis on that last point. Understand this, though, it’s okay.

What the President’s enemies have now realized is that he has trapped them inside of their own construct and closed all of the exit-points. The only way out for these criminals is forward and at the end of that route, the gallows await.

To make our case for treason and other applicable crimes, we must define them loosely. Our purpose is to make the case for treason, not try it. Those two things are completely different endeavors; leaving the latter to AG William Barr and the DOJ. Here, we will demonstrate why a legal remedy is both appropriate and necessary.

For if treason is demonstrated and not remedied in accordance with the rule of law, what does that say about our institutions and our country, but more critically, what message is received by the rest of the world? How do nations like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and myriad others view a weak America that is literally afraid to confront and remove its own internal enemies whom have engaged in sedition, treason and fraud to usurp the President’s emergency powers in a cooked-up scenario?

Pro tip – if you can’t redress your own internal enemies, you extend an invitation to external ones. Re-read the last sentence. See the nuance for what it is. We’re already fighting domestic enemies co-opted and aligned with foreign enemies and that’s occurring in-part on US soil and within US institutions.

Incremental successes embolden and drive broader efforts. Internal enemies arose and aligned with external ones in an expansive timetable devised to overthrow the US government and it circumstantially enveloped President Trump. The question you should all be asking yourselves is what is the next step in their timetable? Moreover and knowing that virology and vaccine research also occurs on an expansive timetable; what can we circumstantially infer when we overlay the broader construct continuum dating back to 2009 onto Gates’ introduction to Obama’s administration? That, too, occurred in early 2009. That’s how close we are. If the hair on the back of your neck isn’t on end, it should be.

As we begin to process players, details and timelines, our discussion remains at a veneer level to wrestle with the sheer scope and complexity of it all. The sourced and detailed work is largely already in place and available on the website, which is the primary source for this article; especially the full COVID-19 catalog. I refer you to them for your independent consumption and a deeper understanding of the contextual backdrop.

Let’s pause for one second to review the driving force in this construct – the data that was and continues to be managed, manipulated, fraudulent and disseminated world wide to herd people out of fear and panic. As you do, recall that the CDC’s testing kits have been widely shown to render false positive results and that the National Vital Statistics System issued a 24 Mar bulletin shaping infection and mortality diagnoses that directly contributed to known fraudulent data sets. Consider these:


What follows is a summary explanation that ties together all of the strings for our whole body of work. The front-side bookend on the timeline is our established period generally 2016-2017. We have no bookend opposite because it’s ongoing and we’ll only reach back further to provide important context. We begin with the players.

The Players

The DOJ Cartel: Named and potential conspirators and co-conspirators inside Justice, Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security and Housing & Urban Development. DOJ is situated as the cog to the wheel because statecraft primarily vectors through it since the work is rooted in law, the rule of law, law enforcement, the courts, subpoena power, warrant authority, surveillance power and other aspects of the justice system. Their power and authority will controvert rights and liberties if corrupted, left unchecked or both.

It’s important to recognize that in many familiar cases, we are pointing fingers directly at departments and groups and individuals within them. In other cases, we have no evidence involving some departments but we speculate that Obama’s domestic counterinsurgency effort placed people in every department and that information will eventually be known. Currently, it’s informed speculation and we leave open a door open for expected future developments.

The Intelligence Cartel: Co-conspirators inside the intelligence apparatus including leadership and others at CIA (Brennan) and ODNI (Clapper); leaving room for others like NSA, etc. in the same fashion as previously stated. Recall that John Brennan was responsible for inserting the fraudulent Steele Dossier into the President’s Daily Brief so as to launder the information and assign it false veracity (that is a critical point.)

The Pharma Cartel: Co-conspirators inside Big Pharma (private and public) including Bill Gates (George Soros – see Bosses Cartel), Gates’ and Soros’ foundations and their armies of health sector and other nongovernmental organizations (NGO), Wuhan Institute of Virology (China), the World Health Organization (WHO – China, Gates), Center for Disease Control (CDC – Gates), National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease (NIAID- Fauci), Gilead Sciences (Soros via Unitaid), Unitaid (Soros) and others. Funding to agencies and labs from states and private benefactors coupled with virology/vaccine research & development, coronavirus strain bio-engineering and bio-weaponizing, global vaccination programs and vaccines coupled to RFID chipping and wireless surveillance technology (5G+.)

The MSM Cartel: Co-conspirators inside the MSM including the approximately 100 unnamed reporters, according to Devin Nunes, that were recently implicated and potentially face exposure to legal jeopardy. As we know, the near-complete MSM has been delivering narrative instead news for a long time – see Smith-Mundt Modernization Act 2012. When the President calls them the ‘enemy of the people’, it’s a legally and technically accurate term.

The Bosses Cartel: Primary players and conspirators are limited in scope for the purpose of this discussion. The focus is on the cohort of Clinton, Obama (Biden) and Soros (Gates – see Pharma Cartel.)

Important Sidebar on Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders: Understand this politically. Joe Biden was never intended to be the candidate rather he has functioned as a predetermined placeholder for an expected late arrival in Hillary Clinton. At the instructed time, he will step aside and she will enter so long as legal traction hasn’t preempted that, which would trigger a contingency candidate.

Moreover, understand Bernie Sanders’ role. Biden serves as the placeholder candidate while Bernie served to drive the party as far left as he could before he exited on command like an obedient dog. 2020 was a rinse/repeat of 2016 and the Bernie acolytes were marginalized and effectively disenfranchised again when Bernie boy came to heel 08 Apr 20, as instructed and whereby he endorsed the nominee, just like in 2016. Rinse/repeat. Like Biden, he was never a serious contender and somehow, his millions of supporters haven’t comprehended that nor will they, apparently. Perhaps in due time.

Here’s how it appears logically for Biden. Joe is a glorified errand boy with an airplane and a no-good, deadbeat dad, coke-head, lackey son for an assistant. I would suggest that Biden functioned as an expendable go-between with a script and a handler: Joe, go to China, meet _____, discuss _____ , say _____, get on plane, come home.

The handler enforces the script and keeps Joe on it. He’s an incompetent face man and was selected as Vice President because Obama could manage and leverage him; however, he would not have trusted him independently to handle anything of importance. For evidence, watch any recent Biden campaign event or interview or past video of him groping children and women in public – those videos exist and are widely available.

Know that Soros the oligarch works in the backdrop as clandestine a string puller and financier with unlimited NGOs and bought/owned politicians doing his bidding.

The Revelation and The Timeline

What does all of the aforementioned tell you? It demonstrates the drawback to a Clinton scheme devised to steal back the power, authority and ability to rule that was stolen from her (and the Globalists, Deep State/Shadow Government/Military Industrial Complex [DSSG/MIC] and relevant others) in 2016. That is the grand revelation – that COVID-19 does not stand or exist independently. It’s ironic, no? That the plan to steal 2020 is motivated by aims to steal back a stolen election that was “un-stolen” or rather, “un-rigged” in 2016? Deep, dark, dastardly.

Recall in all of this the tug-of-war between self-preservation and institutional preservation. Drawing back on the 2009 timeline, Hillary ran State until 2013 when she began working on her 2016 bid.

If Clinton were to assume power in 2016 (or 2020), she would gain access to all of the requisite levers to cover-up literally decades of the most blatant and nefarious criminality imaginable; and there is a wide swath of co-conspirators, and they’re all fighting for self-preservation. In myriad ways, that overlaps and conflicts with AG Barr’s directive of ensuring institutional preservation. That’s the rub or the crux – in order to preserve the institutions, the criminals must be smoked-out. In order to preserve the individuals, the institutions must be corrupted and leveraged. They are mutually exclusive. Understand? Statecraft is tedious and dangerous and rooted in law.

All of this impacted Clinton and the larger timeline and in ways difficult to accurately capture for full understanding. We know that the 2016 election had been rigged and that Soros and duplicitous others own most of the electronic voting machines. There was also most certainly voter fraud at state and local levels about which we are still in the dark.

Some had her stealing 5 states and losing by a more accurate number of 13 million votes. Note the recurring theme – most of the criminality is rooted in FRAUD by manipulating and selling cooked numbers. It matters not whether we’re talking votes, infection numbers or mortality rates – they live and wallow in fraud and they sell it with a corrupt and complicit MSM.

Clinton committed crimes to gain access to the ability to cover-up her (and Bill’s) extensive criminal history. She did that on her way to declaring her 2016 candidacy whereby she then took absurd sums of money from lobbyists and donors the world over; all of whom had invested in her presumed access to the worlds most cherished power levers replete with the authority of the President of the United States, and with an expectation of a return on the investment. The corrupt Clinton Foundation would be the interface to receive donations; explaining the ongoing investigation into it, which should wrap-up soon.

When 2016 imploded, the Clinton machine had to double-down. This forced timeline change is critical and again, Trump left them no exit except for the one found by moving forward and forward she went.

How it Worked

The evidence suggests that in exchange for national security information, state secrets and other sensitive information on her private server (and elsewhere), Hillary brokered yet another deal to steal yet another election. The plan was to release a bio-engineered and bio-weaponized strain of the coronavirus designed to have gain of function and then use that to drive a manufactured and fraudulent pandemic fueled by the misrepresentation of infection and mortality rates so as to trigger the usurpation of the President’s emergency powers as compelled by the declaration of a national emergency, which occurred on 11 Mar 20. The fluidity that a viral construct provides is limitless – you can literally justify almost any action filtered through that lens.

The legal minutia here is important. Within the context of a viral pandemic, presidential competence is drawn-in to question. Just ask yourself if a billionaire real estate mogul has the competence to fully and effectively respond to that scenario. The answer is patently no unless America elected a virologist as its President. So the context (virology) was a deliberate decision to make presidential competence the deciding factor. Again, note the fluidity. A viral pandemic does it all – like duct tape, like bondo.

Moreover, the emergency declaration triggers the Stafford Act, which delivers a legal compulsion for the President to defer to his experts out of, yes, presidential competence. Enter Fauci and Birx. At this point, their duplicity has been well-documented ad nauseam and in the full public spectrum. Critical here is that Fauci and Birx are Deep State holdovers from Obama’s administration (and earlier – Fauci entered under Reagan in 1984) and they are functionaries of the Pharma Cartel, too, which stands adversely to the President and his agenda in several monumental and impactful ways relative to our discussion here. Rest assured that Big Pharma has its own plans.

Fauci and Birx are the actual primary usurpers of power on Obama’s behalf. THEY have misrepresented all of the data. THEY have us locked-down in quarantine. THEY eviscerated the economy. THEY eviscerated employment. And THEY must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Reaching back to inauguration day on 20 Jan 09 and in hindsight, historians will struggle with it since the inauguration of America’s first elected African-American president is something that should be and was celebrated worldwide and for all of the obvious reasons.

It was no accident, though, that a chosen African-American with an unproven and highly questionable background and citizenship manifested out of thin Chicago air to become president. Not when the Left’s favorite defense is ‘RACISM!’ and not with Obama having been dispatched to the Oval Office by a dark cabal of shadow government operators and string pullers; outfitting him with an ulterior agenda to put America on a fundamentally different course. Thinking otherwise is naive. Look around you right at this very moment.

All of Obama’s presidency will require revision from the historians as a new fact set has emerged that will rewrite it all. I project that it will be written relative to the unprecedented and historical resurgence in Federalism.

20 Jan 09 is a critical date for another very important reason. This date ties directly to a foundational element in our underlying position. Evidence suggests that Obama reformulated US knowledge gained from counterinsurgency operations in the Middle East into his own 2009 counterinsurgency doctrine and then unleashed it on the United States of America. It was the blueprint for what Obama instituted during his two nefarious terms and at all three levels of government. Again, look around you now and compare it to other places relative to the party occupying the governor’s office. Federalism cuts both ways as these co-conspirators are being exposed day-by-day. Moreover, you can’t cage Americans. Eventually, they’ll find a way out and when they do, they will devour their captors. Mark my words.

Related, 2009 was the same year that Obama brought Bill Gates into the fold; later presenting him a Presidential Medal of Freedom on 16 Nov 16; taking note of the timeline correlation.

Obama mapped his doctrine over the US and used it to infiltrate all levels of government: federal, state and local. That Gates was brought in early in 2009 now stands tall and reflects on both intent and planning. It also ties directly to the widely reported 16-year plan to overthrow the US. Our work lends toward this position and for those reasons, Federalism is now magnificently resurgent; and thanks to President Trump. As stated, this new era of Trump’s Federalism will be fodder for historians and authors for decades to come.

When Americans elect a new president, we celebrate with a customary and peaceful transfer of power. Subsequently and in accordance with tradition, the outgoing leader retreats into private life and enjoys it quietly from afar. Not President Obama. Rather he moved about a mile away from the White House and opened-up shop in a small conference center in the basement of his walled estate. There, the Lawfare Group-inspired former community organizer organizes his co-conspirators and the resistance effort in what appears to be HQ. This also accurately depicts Obama as the point man in all of this – Obama running point and interfaced with Clinton and Soros.

This ‘Lawfare Goup’ referenced above is critical and credit goes to Conservative Treehouse. We will wrap back to it when we consider the Flynn implications near the end. Hold on to the name Eric Holder – Obama’s former Attorney General – as a Lawfare Group asset relevant to the Flynn piece.

President Trump’s clever wielding of Federalism as responsive to COVID-19 is effectively undoing much of what Obama structured at all three levels during his two terms. This state/federal tug-of-war allows Trump to expose the complicity and criminality of the players Obama inserted at all three levels while they simultaneously use it to attack him. It’s all in plain view right now – open the papers, turn-on the news and look with a keen eye – evidence is everywhere. Federalism cuts both ways.

Observe how the hold-out states are all Democratically controlled as mass protests mount and grow everywhere. Meanwhile, Americans are catching-on in growing numbers as the fraud unravels on these criminals.

We know that impeachment was never the the primary objective, rather it was the cover mechanism for the insertion of the COVID-19 construct. That’s imperative to understand. Look here > IMPEACHMENT! Don’t look here> fake pandemic coming. Look here> RUSSIA! Don’t look here> China. The examination of our tedious timeline work has galvanized this into a loose fact set – that impeachment was the cover for COVID-19 – as supported by substantial other evidence.

Please don’t mistake what’s outlined above. Certainly if Russia, Mueller, Ukraine and/or impeachment were successful, the COVID-19 construct could have been avoided. It would NOT have, though, and people must reconcile that. Our timeline work, other research and the evidence presented by Bards of War demonstrate this. Much of the Big Pharma open-source information that is widely available for you to independently consume demonstrates the same. The argument here is that Gates and vectors within Big Pharma had long devised a plan to facilitate a global vaccination program as coupled with mass global surveillance capability (another rabbit hole worthy of a volume of books) facilitated by a vaccine coupled to a nano-RFID chip. I’d suggest that your neck hair should be on end because this pandemic was always going to happen with Trump or sans him. Beware, there is plenty of talk about the second round of this virus as much as there is chatter about ‘pandemic 2.0.’

Back to Hillary Clinton and the 2009 timeline. She immediately drags all of the cartels into the fold early as they all had at least one spoon in the pot designated to cover-up her criminality during her tenure at State and moving forward into 2016 as the Democrat nominee.

We have to omit the entire long and sordid history of Hillary’s previous criminality because it’s too broad and is more suitable for a volume of books; not a spot in one article. Relevant criminal matters here include but aren’t necessarily limited to her private server with access afforded to hostile foreign enemies (China, others), the transmission of highly classified and protected US national security information, the destruction of evidence ordered to be preserved and otherwise (smashed Blackberry devices, deleted emails, evidence directly related to the arms-running operation in Benghazi that killed American personnel as the US military was ordered to stand-down, off-system communication with President Obama and others and with pseudonyms, the Awan IT scandal, etc.)

Why does a Secretary of State engage in all of those activities if she’s doing everything above the table and legally? She wouldn’t. That tells us that a quid pro quo deal must be in play and we’ve already outlined its parameters.

Here are my concerns related to the server and COVID-19 implying that it could contain information that would be undeniable proof of the nexus needed in a court of law:

When the ‘chosen one’ was identified by the Globalist power structure to become the next CEO of the Corporation of the United States and she announced her bid for 2016, all of the cartels began cover-up operations to facilitate this; especially the DOJ and MSM cartels.

The President’s enemies capitalized on a fortuitous sarcastic comment from Trump during campaign season. The remarks were germane to Hillary, the Russians and missing emails, whereby strategies were adapted to them.

This resulted in a fraudulent predication to open a wide swath of investigations into the Trump umbrella and look where it went: Flynn parlaying into Russia parlaying into Mueller and parlaying into Ukraine before parlaying into a failed impeachment, which created the necessity to follow-through with the pandemic construct and hence, COVID-19.

Understand that according to research, the pandemic was always going to happen. Our premise suggests that Trump’s unexpected win of the un-rigged election threw a wrench into all things and forced a timeline change causing them to hastily expedite it. THAT was the mechanism driving Pelosi’s fumbling impeachment management; not incompetence. Say what you will about Nancy, she’s not stupid.

Further complicating and compounding all of this as supported by our counterinsurgency assertions, is that the Obama administration’s broader spying operation dated back to early 2009. This means Obama’s entire two terms were corrupt and that he, too, has a long list of criminality to veil: spying on the press (Brennan), spying on Congress (Brennan), spying on allies (Brennan), Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Vlad’s promised post-election flexibility, targeting US citizens and political opponents with the IRS, ravaging healthcare (important if you plan to unleash a pandemic at some point in addition to everything else it accomplished for his agenda) and creating, training, equipping and funding ISIS – if you want to wage war, you must have a boogeyman (bin Laden knew this intimately and so did Saddam Hussein.)

Against the backdrop of political activity, the structural components were being developed: bio-engineering and weaponizing the virus and coordinating with China for its eventual release. Germane to that we have evidence of US/Harvard/China bio-weapons smuggling dating back to a general 2018 timeline. We also know that Fauci’s history includes long-standing research on coronavirus strains and that he funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the tune of $3.7M via NIAID.

Moreover, there were multiple incidents of Chinese nationals smuggling bio-weapons that were interrupted and one relates to an FBI tactical intelligence report on WMDDs (weapons of mass destruction) that gave the FBI notice of the China viral outbreak circa October 2019; two months before the World Health Organization (WHO) was made aware. More troublesome is that the attached ancillary intelligence report was marked FISA. Even more troubling is the FBI’s failure to meet its onus of reporting the outbreak – a national security concern – to the DOD as they are compelled to do. Why was the DOD kept in the dark? Was it that pesky intelligence report marked FISA coupled with WMDD and tying back to folks interested in winning 2020? In short, likely.

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi is an ex officio member of Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and they would have been privy to the aforementioned intelligence reports; especially given the national security implications.

If the FBI knew in October 2019, so did Pelosi, presumably. What did Nancy do between October 2019 and 18 Dec 19? She apparently ignored the viral outbreak and instead drove a fraudulent impeachment scheme. Does that reflect intent, motivation, means, access, opportunity and dereliction of duty? What about other high crimes and misdemeanors? Note that when we say Pelosi, it extends to her Chairmen and complicit others.

Pelosi knew they couldn’t win an impeachment conviction with the case they had fabricated and this helps to explain how impeachment was never the primary objective. Further clarity is gained by overlaying the COVID-19 and impeachment timelines. When we do, we get a fuller explanation for something no one else has even begun to explain – Pelosi’s bizarre and incompetent management of impeachment. No one EXCEPT US has been able to cogently explain this but we nailed to a granular level months ago.

Pelosi rushed to impeach the President before Christmas calling for a full House vote on 18 Dec 19. Inexplicably, she then refused to transmit the articles to the Senate for over a month. When she did, Pelosi transmitted intentionally weak articles that were designed to obfuscate the Senate trial by forcing it to function outside of its Constitutional mandate. This was accomplished by the House intentionally failing to complete its investigation and subsequently transferring that duty to the Senate, which bears only the sole Constitutional onus to serve as the trial court for the impeachment. Do you remember all of the rhetoric and demand for additional witnesses (Bolton and others)? That was by political design. Courts (Senate) don’t call witnesses, examine them or make cases – prosecutors do (House impeachment managers.)

This, complimenting the absence of the commission of any actual crimes, fully explains the shoddy, inexplicable and more importantly, incomplete nature of Pelosi’s weak Articles of Impeachment (AOI.) Moreover, it explains her grossly inadequate management of it. This represents the exclusive underlying position that Political Moonshine took months ago. Taking the impeachment timeline and overlaying it with the COVID-19 timeline (outbreak, transmission to US, etc.) and the CDC/WHO timeline (recommendations, guidelines, travel restrictions, etc.) makes for a very tight weave. Very tight. Intentionally and deliberately tight.

With this pandemic always going to happen, it means that those plans were already in place and well before Trump’s election, which when coupled with their loss of power and access to control, caused a forced timeline change to expedite the plan, which projected to be farther out. That is critical for understanding because it dictated to Pelosi how she would have to respond. Since impeachment was the cover, Pelosi was forced to manage that window of time during late Dec into early Jan by using impeachment as the mechanism. Re-read this entire paragraph if needed – the importance of it can’t be overstated – Pelosi intentionally slowed down impeachment to align its timeline with the COVID-19 timeline.

Consider how the lines braid tightly together like a rope.

The full House vote to impeach was 18 Dec 19 and nine days later on 27 Dec – some two months after the FBI, DOJ and presumably House leadership knew of the October 2019 initial China outbreak vis-a-vis the FBI tactical intelligence report on bio-WMDDS (weapons of mass destruction), the first Wuhan case was recorded; only to be later backdated to 17 Nov 19. On 15 Jan 20, Pelosi then held her pen laden engrossment ceremony as the articles were accepted by the Senate on the 16th.

On 21 Jan, Fauci told the world to stand down as COVID-19 was not a major concern. He did that predicated on decades of intense virology work and specifically germane to this particular viral strain. That being the case, at what point are we compelled to analyze medical competence over presidential?

Take a moment to examine the slides in Housekeeping Items below from an 02 Oct 17 presentation that Fauci gave on pandemic preparedness and ask yourself how and why the body of ‘experts’ comprised by Fauci, Birx, the CDC and the WHO got it all SO WRONG. Note that they are all entities/individuals that were thrust forward by Obama’s executive order changing presidential transition law and whereby the pandemic scenario was inserted during transition meetings. Were the egregious errors that caused the virus to transmit to the US functions of incompetence or allegiance? Was Fauci establishing pretext for the construct or outlining the parameters for a future case against his own criminality and fraud?

By 31 Jan and in the face of rampant opposition from the Left (xenophobe!), Trump had restricted air travel from China and on 05 Feb, he was acquitted by the US Senate. On 11 Mar, Trump was forced to declare a national emergency thus triggering the provisions in the Stafford Act relative to presidential competence and thus compelling him to defer to his experts – Fauci and Birx. Coup complete. Usurpation of power achieved. Results to be determined.

Everybody else thought the coup was Russia, Mueller, Ukraine and impeachment, didn’t they? Parts, my friends, only components.

The Money

The scale of the pandemic response has been globally enormous. The combination of the presumed expense in bio-engineering and bio-weaponizing a viral strain for a deliberate release, gain of function and to achieve other desirable attributes (just look at infection and mortality rates v. demographics, etc.), front-end expenses would have been considerable and unavoidable. So how did they move the money?

One possible scenario centers on the enormous sums of money being exchanged between Harvard University and multiple Chinese benefactors. This financial backdrop is so convoluted, entangled and enmeshed, that we can only brush over it at this point because it’s not fully understood. In one example, a $350M Chinese grant slated to be fully funded by 2019 was designated for “technology” applications and could overlap Harvard Professor Charles Lieber’s involvement in smuggling bioweapons with Chinese nationals. Notably, virology should extend beyond Lieber’s competence (chemistry and nanoscience) as he was said to have been working on battery and wiring nanotechnology the Chinese found desirable for weapons and other applications.

The Bidens’, in their role as errand boys and global corruption artists, have sordid ties to a multitude of Chinese corporations and institutions. Theoretically, with Gates’ proposed world vaccination plan to remedy COVID-19 with a vaccine coupled with a RFID chip to facilitate global surveillance, the Bidens’ enmeshment with China and Megvii, Alibaba Holding Group, Bohai Harvest RST (Rosemont Seneca, Thornton Group), Didi Chuxing Technology, Bank of China and possibly others creates conduits to move the money. Much more work is needed there.

The Kill Shot Through the Small Window

For Obama’s kill shot, we examine three dark days of devastation in 2017 that all centered around the monumentally important presidential transition meetings representing the scene of the crime and as discussed earlier. Examine how this timeline unfolds.

In the last year of his presidency on 18 Mar 16, Obama enacted Executive Order/Public Law 113-146 to change a Kennedy-era law framing the presidential transition process. Why would Obama do that? He wouldn’t and you wouldn’t know unless you took the time to find and read it. I did. That unilateral executive order functioned to augment the preexisting process by adding to it a pandemic preparedness scenario. Do you grasp how damning and critical that is? THAT IS THE PRETEXT OR SET-UP FOR THE TAKE-DOWN.

Moving forward, in January 2017, Obama increased funding by $171m to the WHO as funded and controlled by Bill Gates and China. That was at the same time Obama sought but did not receive massive funding cuts to the CDC, which would have logically and effectively interfered with pandemic preparedness and response. In 2015, he sought a cut of $414 million year-over-year and for fiscal year 2017, he looked to eliminate $251 million in CDC funding. Those are very peculiar steps for “preparedness” and “response” considerations; especially for the lot being critical of Trump now after having assigned it to him on 13 Jan 17.

Moreover, January 2017 also saw Christopher Steele delete all of his Russian dossier files and contents. On the 10th of the month, Buzzfeed then published the fraudulent Steele dossier thus tying it all back to John Brennan and his decision to launder the phony intelligence report by including it in the President’s Daily Brief, thus giving the known fraudulent dossier false but instant credibility and veracity in the MSM. Do you remember how it became the talking point to drive impeachment?

To the day, this comports with a public statement made by Fauci where he said in a forum presentation on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University that the Trump administration will be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV and a surprise disease outbreak. It seems Fauci can predict viral outbreaks with his ‘expertise’ but he just can’t prevent them from arriving domestically with foreknowledge and that same ‘expertise’. Again, incompetence v. allegiance.

Incredibly, all of this aligns exactly with FISA implications tying back to Carter Page. So, as Obama considered exiting office with a slew of corruption and criminality to cover-up, he also had to seek a renewal on the Carter Page FISA warrant that was set to expire. That occurred 12 Jan.

Now consider this. On 12 Jan, the FBI verified via its sub-source that the Steele dossier was entirely fraudulent and was comprised of Russian disinformation. The ramifications here are profound and staggering. This eliminated the legal predicate presumably for all FISA warrants and most definitely for the entirety of the initial impeachment effort; as well as the entire Mueller affair. The weight of the dossier as the predicate can’t be overstated and demonstrating that it’s false is a fundamental game changer of the highest order.

It gets worse. Earlier on 13 Jan, the MSM coordinated to follow-up on a leak from the previous day and the early headlines were all about the cooked-up Flynn/Russia affair. See, acknowledge and understand the nuance here and why this is so important. This leak preempted the presidential transition meetings in which Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was a participant. This is enormous.

Later on 13 Jan, the outgoing and incoming administrations of Obama and Trump, respectively, would engage in said customary transition meetings. This is the precise insertion point for the entire false flag viral pandemic political construct and it draws back on the previous unilateral executive order inserting a pandemic scenario into the meetings. We also call that treason.

Flynn was the distraction to the pandemic insert and immediately following the meetings, Obama’s people ran to the press to criticize the President and his team for their reluctance to fully engage and for the odd, peculiar and off-kilter mood during the meetings. Nefarious!

Shortly thereafter, in March of 2017 and as demonstrated in documents recently released from Lt. Gen. Michael Flynns’s attorney Sidney Powell, FBI #2 Andrew McCabe, told 16 FBI agents and officials and other personnel in a closed door meeting tabbed ‘The Secret Society,’ “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump.” On that same timeline, there are reported allegations that FBI officials used burner phones and other means to communicate and this includes discussing plans for physical harm up to possible assassination as directed toward the President.

Remember how I asked you to hold onto the Lawfare Group reference as it relates to Flynn and Obama’s former AG Eric Holder? Well, consider this as astutely pointed out by my source. Flynn’s initial representation in this matter was handled by the law firm of Covington & Burling LLC. Eric Holder worked at Covington & Burling as a partner before he joined Obama’s administration and after he left and Loretta Lynch ascended to AG, Holder returned to none other than Covington & Burling LLC.

Obama’s previous AG was a partner at the same firm hired to defend Lt. Gen. Flynn. If you want to understand Flynn’s anemic defense, start looking there.

Do you now understand how Flynn could be set-up so effectively? Do you now see how and why Flynn decided to switch counsel and hire an absolute apex predator shark like Sidney Powell? The ramifications here are staggering. Eric Holder will need excellent representation and maybe he can find it at Covington & Burling LLC. They’ll likely do a better job for him than they did for Flynn.

Today and Moving Forward

The beginning of the end all starts with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. As he moves towards full exoneration and a possible invitation to rejoin the Trump Administration, he knows where the bodies are buried and we’re going to find them.

Three days ago, Pelosi blocked an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Why did she do that?

Today we awoke to news that in addition to the three dead Canadians and the dead US/CDC employee, a researcher on the verge of a breakthrough, Bing Liu, 37, of University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was found dead Saturday inside a home in Ross Township under highly suspicious circumstances. Of course, it was ruled a suicide.

So at what point do the coincidences stop and we replace them with logic, pragmatism and Americanism? When did we turn into a bunch of tattling, sniveling, snitches afraid to leave our homes or question authority figures handing down draconian measures that are wholesale disproportionate to the actual matter at hand; especially when all of the data used to justify them has been demonstrated as fraudulent?

Why have some states have been dropping cases for no legal standing? Why have the test kits from the CDC been widely shown to render false positives? Was that also by design considering it’s Bill Gates whom literally owns Fauci and the CDC? Why did all of the models predict doom and gloom scenarios about death and devastation at the same relative time the “experts” stood down on travel and immigration? Pelosi encouraged travel to Chinatown. Warren Wilhelm, Jr. – you know him as Bill de Blasio – encouraged travel to New York. Cuomo soft-played it. They all did. Why? Why did they call Trump a racist and a xenophobe as they did it?

What did the headlines look like after the virus arrived stateside? Why did all of those same people – AFTER IMPEACHMENT; AFTER THE OUTBREAK; AFTER THE COVID-19 US ARRIVAL – then change their tune and drag the President through the mud publicly criticizing every single measure he took or didn’t take? Everything he said or didn’t say… almost as if it were planned that way.

President Trump was placed into a trap by his political enemies and it ravaged the country and all because criminal infiltrators are trying to steal back their ‘stolen’ possession. You don’t need me to tell you the consequences – you’ve been living them and consider yourself fortunate because they killed others, but not as many as they want you to believe.

Had Mr. Trump resisted his compulsory experts initially, he would have been removed with the 25th Amendment and the world as you know it would have ended FOREVER. If he deferred and played it to the letter of the law, which he has, they would seek to wreck everything he accomplished, which they did, and it almost worked; right up until they got caught.

The adverse forces that Mr. Trump has been able to withstand at the same time he worked to rebuild a broken and corrupt country presents a remarkable scenario; truly remarkable and historically worthy.

What people don’t understand; however, is that in so doing, he keenly managed an act of war without firing a single shot; and he did that against our chief economic, military and political rival. Domestic enemy combatants conspiring with foreign nations to import highly virulent bio-weapons of mass destruction into America for the express purpose of removing a sitting President and overthrowing the US government is most certainly an act of war. Thinking otherwise is again naive. Beware of China recognizing this and attempting to flip the script by rattling the war sabres. It’s already happening.

Instead, Mr. Trump sagely decided to braid a rope from the strands of impeachment, treason and war, which he then cleverly handed to his political enemies for them to hang themselves.

The virus – bio-engineered and weaponized to achieve political objectives – is as real as the people whom sadly lost their lives in this travesty. The rest of it; however, is FRAUD.

The only thing remaining for you is determining whether the case has been made for treason.

Yes it has.




Bards of War – ‘A Letter from Flynn’


Contents: Underlying Positions, Hypothesis, Team Update, Disclaimer, QAnon disclaimer, Timeline, Graphics

*Please find related graphics and images and the timeline at the bottom.

*If you are brand new, there are two recommendations as to where to begin catching-up and they are posted at the very bottom – one shorter than the other.

Underlying Positions

  1. The ENTIRETY of the COVID-19 pandemic functions on a broader timetable dating back years and converges contemporaneously with Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine and impeachment, whereby all of the latter are subcomponents serving the former, which it itself is a sub-component to a broader plan by decades.
  2. The criminality and corruption we’re seeing isn’t new – it’s decades-old planning that’s coming to manifest now and extends from the same power bases as the 9/11 false flag political construct and other events.
  3. Obama’s criminality dates back to the beginning of his first term when he entered office assigned with an agenda to map his counterinsurgency doctrine over the US to infiltrate all three levels of government: local, state and federal.
  4. Obama has been and continues to run point for a broader Globalist operation deeply entangled with the Clintons, Soros, Gates and a host of others.
  5. Everything unfolding from the President’s administration is the execution of a contingency plan that is calibrated to the 2020 election cycle. That election cycle becomes the immediate primary timeline over which all others are laid. We establish this because everything before and after it rests on the crux of 03 Nov 20 – election day. The other drivers here are the timeline underpinning Obama’s exit from office and its deserved severe scrutiny specific the events occurring late Dec to mid-Jan 2017.
  6. Everything we are seeing play-out as responsive from the Trump administration to COVID-19 is not a reaction by any means. Rather it’s reflective of steps within a pre-constructed contingency plan that was based and devised from intelligence indicating that this unavoidable (POTUS has little control over what bad actors do within the borders of it chief military, economic and diplomatic rival in China) false flag political construct was imminent. With adaptations for real world and real time considerations, President Trump is currently executing that plan, not responding to a fake pandemic. Understand that these two things exist in different universes.
  7. Observe the messaging and social programming (a very real thing!) – who wears masks and when do they wear them? Fauci and Birx, the true usurpers of the President’s emergency powers, wear them while the President’s people do not. Pay attention to other subtle cues – the messaging is evident. Observes the sights and sounds emanating from TV. Notice how the formula is all the same – pulling on emotional heart strings to elicit a dopamine drop to trigger brain chemistry and set to the same jingly, emotion-invoking music that parallels the sights and sounds of casino brain science. The same brain science that is being leveraged against the American people to literally brainwash them into believing that the only way to stay safe is to hunker down at home; out of fear and unable to humanely connect with other humans. In other words, it’s social programming to accept your digitally (and legally) enforced slavery. Wake-up and resist.
  8. President Trump wagging Fauci in front of the cameras weeks ago to force him to correct the record and own that every time he and Birx asked for anything, the President gave it to them the first time every time. HARDLY ANYONE TALKS ABOUT THIS. He’s making them own their usurpation of emergency powers on live TV. Now you know why Fauci and Birx often appear so uncomfortable and agitate when exposed to the right information. There will come a day people point specifically to that moment in time and for good cause.
  9. FLYNN FIRST! as covered comprehensively in the previous articles and manifesting currently with the constructive Lawfare Group/Judge Sullivan amicus curiae brief maneuver. Flynn was the first prioritized target and he as of this article, he remains not only the first prioritized target, but locked, loaded and ready to fully reengage. The amicus stunt is the coup d’erat Hail Mary with likely other contingencies waiting when this fails as it ultimately will. Flynn’s deep and broad knowledge of the vast criminality at hand remains the most critical aspect and division point between the past and current administrations and Flynn as a man represents the entirety of their own undoing. FLYNN FIRST!


Hypothesis (developed over time with emerging research):
Our hypothesis asserts that this political construct was inserted into President Trump’s administration during compulsory Obama/Trump transition meetings on 13 Jan 17. That’s the same day the MSM decided to release the cooked-up Flynn/Russia story preemptively and with Flynn taking part in those meetings. Unsurprisingly, the immediate talking points from Obama administration officials and others in-the-know were about the disrupted, off-kilter, reluctant and awkward nature of the meeting. How convenient for them to build their future MSM talking points into the meeting by designing and timing those dynamics. Since the insertion point, a mountain of correlated and interconnected evidence further propels this hypothesis as represented in this growing catalog of article.

28 Mar 20 Update/Team: What used to be a looser conversational group has grown and, over the course of this pandemic, has become a small team of folks working together most of the day every day. Much of what I’m writing recently is a product of that collective work and/or my own opinion as influenced by that group. This team receives quite a bit of valuable information from the folks who read our articles and accordingly, we (I) give a special heartfelt hat tip to @Shazlandia, whom keeps me on my toes at all times; often inconveniencing herself to do it.

DisclaimerThis has now grown into a sizable series of articles on the COVID-19 coronavirus. Understand that all of this began simply with some curiosity about whom may stand to gain or benefit with the discovery of a promising treatment identified as Remesdivir – no more and no less; it’s that simple.

QAnon Disclaimer: I give much time to QAnon and for this simple reason – no matter if you believe QAnon to be absolutely real or absolutely fake, QAnon has consistently remained in front of the news cycle; with great accuracy, over time and while the MSM and other “news” outlets have consistently gotten it wrong for that same time. Yes, you have to dig to get the information but the doormats are conveniently placed in front of you if you care to enter. I care to enter.

A Word on Intent: There was never an intent to write a single article; much less a series of them. The rabbit hole into which I placed myself diverged many times over transitioning into a mess of global entanglements that converted this work from an exploratory exercise to one hunting for evidence to scaffold an hypothesis. The content, therefore, is affected and takes a different tone and direction. For deeper understanding, here is the CATALOG of all articles in this series.

Where to Start Catching-up: I have two shortcuts for new readers looking to catch-up and avoid reading from article one. The ninth article – IS COVID-19 A GLOBAL 9/11? EVIDENCE CAN BE ARRANGED TO SUGGEST A FALSE FLAG CONSTRUCT AND HERE’S HOW – served as a recapitulation as of 14 Mar 20. Alternatively, you could take a bigger shortcut and pick-up with CAUSE OF DEATH FOR SALE posted 12 Apr 20.







FIGURE 1: Underlying premise/manipulating infection data to drive false narrative
FIGURE 2: Elaboration on underlying premise in Fig. 1
FIGURE 3: Excerpts from relevant headlines in support of hypothesis and underlying premise
FIGURE 4: Analysis of article authored by Bill Gates on 28 Feb 20
FIGURE 5: “Fraud” begins to emerge in the subtext of the MSM relative to COVID-19
FIGURE 6: Graphic outlining suspicious deaths related to COVID-19
FIGURE 7: Curious word choice and messaging one month before presidential transition meetings on 13 Jan 17
FIGURE 8: Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program) position posted with open dates of 15 Nov 19 – 05 May 20 (Note: 1st US: 20 Jan 20, initial/original Wuhan outbreak: 27 Dec 19 [revised back to 17 Nov 19], FBI knowledge of outbreak: October 2019)
FIGURE 9: Early NYC fatalities reflecting underlying conditions component
FIGURE 10: ‘Event 201’ information
FIGURE 11: Historically anomalous drop-off in pneumonia deaths 2019-2020
FIGURE 12: $171 million increase in funding form US to WHO on the established 2016-2017 timeline
FIGURE 13: Bill Gates purchased the CDC like he did the WHO – with funding
FIGURE 14: Image grab of the 13 Nov 19 FBI Tactical Intelligence Report/Bio-weapons & WMDD
FIGURE 15: Historic employment number eviscerated
FIGURE 16: Mortality and infection rates dependent upon age and underlying conditions
FIGURE 17: NYT’s reporting representative of false narrative propagating a fear message; data is mitigated exponentially by updated statistics and numbers
FIGURE 18: Dr. Stephen Smith’s data regarding underlying conditions
FIGURE 19: COVID-19 image presented by QAnon
FIGURE 20: NVSS memo shaping nationwide “liberal approach” (Birx) to diagnosis and cause of death declarations


Figures 21-26: Leaked slides from the pandemic scenario insertion on 13 Jan 17 during compulsory Obama/Trump transition meetings:

FIGURE 21: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 22: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 23: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 24: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 25: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 26: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 27: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 28: “This is Bill Gates”
FIGURE 29: Image Catherine Herridge/Techno Fog Steele dossier FBI sub-source verified dossier as disinformation 12 Jan 17 (SOURCE)
FIGURE 32: Q confirmation validating entire position on impeachment/COVID-19
FIGURE 33: Data confirmation and validation that COVID-19 is a FFPC being driven by manipulated and fraudulent data.
FIGURE 34: Just some baseless self-promotion to bolster the spirit…..
FIGURE 35: This now has a tinge of basis but remains shameless self-promotion.



Obama makes an apparent exception to existing policy by allowing Fauci to fund at $3.7m coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab expected of leaking the virus (SOURCE.)

18 Mar: Obama enacted Executive Order/Public Law 113-146 changing Kennedy-era law so as to augment the process and include pandemic preparedness into transitional meetings.
Oct ’16: Mary McCord becomes AAG/DOJ/NSD replacing John Carlin
31 Dec: Kislyak calls Flynn

Jan. ’17: Obama increases funding by $171m to the WHO as funded and controlled by Bill Gates and China (soured in housekeeping.)
Jan ’17: Obama sought funding cuts at the CDC, which would effectively interfere with pandemic preparedness and response (SOURCE): fiscal year 2015, $414 million cut year-over-year; fiscal year 2017 budget, looked to eliminate $251 million in CDC funding.
Jan ’17: The period of time Christopher Steele states that he deleted all of his Russian dossier files and contents
03 Jan: Loretta Lynch signs Obama’s new regulations for signals intelligence dissemination (SOURCE)
05 Jan: Obama, Biden, Rice meeting, Rice’s self-memorialized email (intent, forethought, conspiracy)
03 Jan: Trump and Flynn meet and discuss Russia
04 Jan: FBI doc 189-1 indicates that CROSSFIRE HURRICANE surveillance (on Trump meeting with Flynn) resulted in no subject interview and closed the investigation.
05: Barack Obama, Susan Rice & Joe Biden extend a meeting privately to discuss doing investigations “by the book,” Susan Rice issued self-memorialized document meeting.
10 Jan: Buzzfeed publishes fraudulent Steel dossier tying back to John Brennan and his decision to launder the phone intelligence report by including it in the President’s Daily Brief, thus giving the suspected fraudulent dossier false instant credibility in the MSM.
11 Jan: Dr. Fauci publicly stated, “During a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, Fauci said the Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease outbreak.” (SOURCE)
12 Jan: The Carter Page FISA warrant was set to expire and required renewal
12 Jan: FBI verified via its sub-source that Steele dossier was fraudulent and was comprised of Russian disinformation (SOURCE), thus eliminating their primary predication for initial impeachment and any warrants to which the dossier may have been attached.
13 Jan: Earlier: MSM coordinated the leak of fraudulent Flynn/Russia so as to preempt the presidential transition meetings in which Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was a participant
13 Jan: Later: Insertion point for the false flag viral pandemic political construct as occurring during compulsory and legally augmented Obama/Trump presidential transition meetings; thrust Fauci, Birx & WHO into roles.
15 Jan: Phase I China deal signed
24 Jan: FBI/Flynn interview, 302 drafted
14 Feb: McCabe approves Flynn 302, Page and Strzok texts cite “Also, is Andy good with F 302?” and “Launch on f 302.”
15 Feb: Flynn 302 accepted, indicating Flynn’s invitation to the Russian GRU in 2013, which would have been authorized by Obama’s administration (set-up.)
08 May: Strzok and Page texts stating “F*CK! Clapper and Yates…playing into the ‘there should be an unmasking request/record’ for incidental collection, incorrect narrative.”
17 May: Mueller appointed special counsel
31 May: Flynn 302 re-entered at FBI
30 Nov: Flynn signs guilty plea as accepted by Judge Ruy Contreras
07 Dec: Judge Contreras recuses without explanation
12 Dec: New Flynn Judge Emmet Sullivan orders Mueller to surrender exculpatory (to Flynn’s benefit) to Flynn’s defense team

31 Jan: Mueller orders delay in Flynn sentencing
14 Feb: Mueller requests that exculpatory evidence to be sealed
26 May: Chinese national with bio-materials and a centrifuge at airport in Detroit (DTW)
17 Jul: Mary McCord/James Comey meet re: 11/15/17 302
28 Nov: U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) stopped a Chinese biologist with three vials labeled “Antibodies” in his luggage
17 Dec: Judge Sullivan receives 2 filed redacted versions of Flynn’s original 302, as ordered, which was “inadvertently” marked “draft” (or intentionally marked draft to facilitate future filing, undersigned by Mueller and Brandon L. Van Grack.)

11 Sep: Chinese national with 8 vials at airport in Detroit (DTW)
13 Nov: DOJ/FBI Tactical Intelligence Report> China<>WMDD<>US (*ancillary intelligence report marked ‘FISA’)
15 Nov: Opening of ‘Public Health Advisor/Quarantine Program’ position post (closes 15 May 20)
17 Nov: Revised (backwards) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China
05 Dec: Pelosi authorizes drafting of Articles of Impeachment
09 Dec: 21 vials stolen> Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard
10 Dec: Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard/China arrest, Nadler> AOIs
13 Dec: Nadler’s Judiciary Committee votes to impeach
18 Dec: Full House vote to impeach Trump
27 Dec: Initial (original) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China> 17 Nov

15 Jan: House: AOIs>Senate, impeachment managers announced, engrossment ceremony, Trump/Xi sign Phase 1 trade deal
16 Jan: Senate formally receives AOIs
20 Jan: 1st COVID-19 case: US, Senate receives AOIs
21 Jan: Senate votes on trial rules, FAUCI> COVID NOT MAJOR THREAT
22 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
23 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
24 Jan: Senate trial> pros. ends opening arg., Loeffler begins dumping stock
25 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
26 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
27 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
28 Jan: Senate trial> defense ends opening arguments
31 Jan: Bolton witness debate, Feinstein begins dumping stock, TRUMP RESTRICTS CHINA AIR TRAVEL
05 Feb: Senate acquits Trump


13 Feb: Burr dumps stock
11 Mar: Pandemic/emergency declaration, (DONE IN 30) > to 12 Apr.
12 Mar: Trump orders and takes-out Iranian commander
15 Mar: Saudi Arabia> mass arrests (SA –> US –> Asia –> EU), Fed rate cut, FAUCI> ABC> 21 million coronavirus hospitalizations, up to 1.7 million dead
19 Mar: Lock-downs begin
24 Mar: DHS essential personnel moved to NORAD
25 Mar: HHS OIG announces it will investigate Trump over COVID-19
27 Mar: National Guard called-up, Trump nationalizes GM, stimulus passed
28 Mar: Projected beginning date for virus peak
29 Mar: FAUCI> REVISION> 100s of 1000s dead, millions infected, Pelosi/attack>DJT
30 Mar: Projected that banks would close> did not happen
31 Mar: Trump tweets “30 Days to Slow the Spread” > 4/30 > 5/1
01 Apr: Schiff> 9/11 style COVID-19 commission, Military> cartels
02 Apr: Pelosi> oversight investigation> Trump ongoing pandemic response, FAUCI> CALLS FOR NATIONWIDE LOCK-DOWN
03 Apr: Projected that markets would close through 13 Apr
10 Apr: Projected worst day 1
11 Apr: Projected worst day 2
12 Apr: Easter Sunday – POTUS’ initial objective end date
13 Apr: INITIAL PROJECTED END-DATE (now revised farther ahead)
30 Apr: Extended ended date for federal guidelines – 30 to slow/done in 30
01 May: Projected end date for virus peak
23 May: Lock-downs begin to relax
06 Jun: Lock-downs end
11 Jun: Identified date / significance unknown

Drink your Moonshine…

It’s good for the TRUTH.


  1. Jim @upon_storm May 6, 2020

    Thank you, its refreshing to get a perspective on all of this, written eloquently and factually. You call out your own speculation when appropriate. It is refreshing to be informed on this subject rather than being “preached” to.

  2. Political Moonshine May 8, 2020

    More appreciation for those remarks from you Jim @upon_storm that you may realize. Many thanks…

  3. EJS May 8, 2020

    One thing that has really been bothering me in all of this. Where has the US military been in this whole virus fiasco? I would think The US Army would be on top of this, especially if this a potential act of war. Is the military being intentionally kept behind the scenes? Not a peep as far as i know. What are your thoughts?

    BTW- probably your best work to date!! You are a leader, a true General in the information war!

    • Political Moonshine May 11, 2020

      Many thanks, EJS. I’m not sure I can answer your questions beyond speculation and theory and our team has wrestled with the same points. I default to what can and can’t be controlled. Can POTUS and military exert enough control to intercept and prevent bad actors engaged well inside a sovereign nation that is our chief military, economic and political rival and can they do that effectively and such that they themselves aren’t responsible for committing an act of war?

      I say no. Now, what POTUS/MIL/Etal. can do is this. Control what they can control. They can devise a comprehensive contingency plan for an anticipated scenario that includes components to defer and let the ‘experts’ do their thing for the purpose of exposing them. If you watch how POTUS has managed all of this he’s done the following and it’s GENIUS:

      1. Let F/B do their thing. If he doesn’t, enemies will seek to remove POTUS with the 25th. He’s legally compelled to do so thus affording him legal safeguards from exposure. So he did. No other option. The buried gold, as referenced above, is making them OWN ALL OF THEIR OWN TREASONOUS DECISIONS ON LIVE TV. POTUS marched Fauci out weeks ago during a presser… said POTUS honored their every request the first time. CRITICAL.

      2. Allow the sates (FEDERALISM! – IT CUTS BOTH WAYS!) to respond according to the rule of law. Look now – who is exposed? All blue state governors and local authorities. Accident? Not likely. Plan? Guaranteed. What does the class-action lawsuit look like for the millions of business that were forced to shutter as caused by a fake quarantine driven by fraudulent data?

      RICO. FRAUD. It’s coming.

      This is the only answer I have because it’s the only way I can see it and fit it all together.

      • EJS May 12, 2020

        To my knowledge no one has been discussing any involvement in this by the military other than what was done to set up hospitals and treatment facilities. From my experience I would think the US Army would really be the true experts in the area of virus’s and bio weapons. Go back to the Anthrax scares. Based on how the military operates, what the military knows is years ahead of what’s in the public sphere. I was curious if you had wrestled with the idea that maybe the military is all over this and they are the ones who are REALLY directing the President behind the scene. Is the President allowing Fauci, Birx and the rest, enough rope to hang themselves. Q-Why stop them when they are in the process of destroying themselves? I have a suspicion we are watching another swamp draining operation in progress. Here is another possible angle, could those military “training” missions in LA and Long Beach awhile back been real missions and related to this current episode? The Chicoms have been pushing hard on the narrative that it came from us first!

  4. Political Moonshine May 9, 2020

    Think of it this way. President Trump has cleverly and sagely constrained the US and its military in the face of an absolute act of war: domestic enemies conspiring with foreign ones to unleash a bio-weapon of mass destruction on the US. Instead, he has chosen to allow his enemies to self-destruct as trapped inside their own construct and in the full public spectrum.

    He should win every award conceivable beginning with a Nobel Peace Prize.

    It’s the most impressive and effective political maneuvering perhaps ever. True, genius level stuff.

  5. jst1 May 9, 2020

    I do not believe that the Stafford Act reduces the power of the Presidency. Please flesh out your assertion that it does.
    Thank you.

    • Political Moonshine May 11, 2020

      Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (Stafford Act) is a 1988 United States federal law designed to bring an orderly and systematic means of federal natural disaster assistance for state and local governments in carrying out their responsibilities to aid citizens. This applies at the time the emergency declaration is made. It brings presidential competence into question and when it’s outside the scope of the President’s expertise, he is compelled to default to his experts for guidance> Fauci/Birx. Why did POTUS march Fauci onto the world’s stage in a live presser weeks ago and make him say THAT EVERY SINGLE TIME we approached POTUS and ask for measures, HE SUPPORTED THEM EVERY SINGLE TIME, THE FIRST TIME. There was a reason for that. It’s VERY IMPORTANT. Happy to consider alternative theories and receive anything you care to send for review. Thanks for your thoughts – they are appreciated.

      • jst1 May 13, 2020

        My apologies but I cannot find any language that demands the President yield to the guidance of experts. The Act provides a roadmap for the transfer of money but makes clear that the President plays a role in how those funds are distributed. In fact, it is only through Presidential declaration that the Act is set in motion. Why would a President declare an emergency that reduces his power? The powers of the Executive Branch (the President) cannot be reduced by statute.
        Maybe you can find it. I couldn’t.

  6. lara haley May 10, 2020

    I’m an in awe of your dedication. Your words I’ve spent 3.5 hrs reading it all…I’ve been woke on a baby level I think I can now say high school to college. Thank you 1000x for doing this! God bless you! And God bless the Patriots of this world.

  7. Kathy Roberts May 10, 2020

    I’ve read, heard a lot of researchers, but yours is the most exhaustive, wide-ranging, and chilling account I’ve come across so far. Kudos, especially, for your scoops re. Obama’s transition trickery, his Middle East insurgency tactics imported into the coup, Trump’s table-turning with federalism, and the impeachment/COVID interdependence (Q asks in # 4196: “Why did [Pelosi] rush impeachment investigation? Why did [Pelosi] then hold impeachment article(s) until Jan 15?” Is he alluding to COVID?). I think only a similar interdependence between Trump/QTeam and God can account for being able to repeatedly slip the snares created by these evil conspirators. You do an excellent job of mapping how Trump has hoisted them on a succession of their own petards.

    My only frustration is that many will not have the acuity or patience to take in your masterpiece, which is why I once excerpted and highlighted some of your more explosive arguments and posted them to Gab for easier digestion.

    I’m subscribed to Bards of War, but hadn’t yet heard the one you embedded and I thank you for doing so. Very powerful stuff about China and it looks like he’s right: we must fight locally. He mentioned aligning with our sheriffs; that’s why I joined the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association after hearing that they consider their constitutional loyalty to be to the people and not government officials. I also appreciated his remarks about Trump’s support of the 2A being proof he’s not part of the cabal, as my blackpilled friends insist. Of course, the overall takeaway that our nation had already tumbled off the cliff and was in free-fall before being arrested by a miraculous net is quietly horrifying.

    Incidentals: I knew Obama had tried to cut CDC funds, but not the depth of the cuts, in counter-argument to leftist arguments that Trump gutted the CDC. The attempt to leave us without medical resources pre-pandemic, and military resources post-China/cabal invasion, doesn’t get any more wicked. I had heard, from X22Report, that Trump was smart to keep Fauci and Birx for exposure purposes, but your explanation was more detailed and satisfying. I had not known about the 100 traitorous journalists, may they meet with justice. It’s critical that the public understand their part in the plot, for they’re the ones who mind-controlled this country.

    I pray we’re spared Pandemic 2.0. The rats are cornered now and likely drawing up a list of false flags.

    You speak of the many volumes it would take to cover a myriad of topics you mention and I assume and hope all this will be a book.

    • Political Moonshine May 11, 2020

      The best part of everything that you were so kind and thoughtful to share above is that it comes from you. Thank you, Kathleen – sincerely and deeply. One of these days we’ll talk in person. If (when?) a book comes out, there will be special places for a few special people who have been supportive of me and our team’s efforts in all of this. Your spot was reserved long ago. Godspeed.

  8. Rodney Short May 10, 2020

    100 reporters should be charged with treason, I love it…
    I go to a few blogs Sundance @CTH is brilliant but hard headed towards the Q movement there are alot of anons who have been banned there.
    Wolfm00n1776 @TheQtree that’s where I hang out as well as Maricas blog.
    Hope ya dont my if I lurk here for a spell. Your site has a ton of info and I cant consume it all in a few hours.
    Gonna add your site to my homescreen. WWG1WGA

  9. Valerie Curren May 11, 2020

    “we speculate that Obama’s domestic counterinsurgency effort placed people in every department and that information will eventually be known.”

    Possibly the significant expansion of the SES (Senior Executive Service) under aka BHO’s usurpation, & the inability to get rid of them (easily), may be part of what you suggest here. This is discussed periodically at aka Wolfmoon’s Q-Tree House.

  10. zorrorides May 11, 2020

    It’s an honor to comment here. I’ve very grateful for your concise and global illustration of … what? The Attack of Evil? Fauxigate? Obamagate? Cabalgate? Worstgate?

    The destruction of the US medical system would’ve been much worse under full Obamacare. The US would be depopulating and a in new depression, and that’s just their starting place.

    Our prayers matter. Thank YOU for yours.

  11. Dilbert Firestorm May 13, 2020

    i saw the cdc data for pneumonia drop off. thats interesting. I tried looking for the data. cdc, they do not make it easy to get the data. it seems i have to make a chart of previous years flu for comparison with the most recent cdc data.

  12. Sharon May 17, 2020

    Thank you for publishing this. The more info out there the better. Do you watch Glenn Beck, he has most of this on his show.

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