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09 Mar 20

There’s a reason Hillary Rodham Clinton has fought to remain relevant over the past three-plus years. She appears intent on slipping through the backdoor to steal the nomination like she did in 2016.

Recall that during the 2016 election cycle, Hillary Rodham Clinton signed a contract with the DNC that gave her control over the committee and its finances and by doing so, she was able to thrust her way to the nomination as she discarded Bernie Sanders like a piece of junk in Fred Sanford’s back yard. In other words, she bucked the will of her own party’s constituents and stole the nomination from him. Of course she did – the Clintons have stolen, cheated, lied and killed their way to a number of significant “accomplishments” and out of a greater number of criminal indictments. Simply stated – it’s ‘The Clinton Way’ and they know better or different.

I think it’s now reasonable to believe that 2020 is lining-up as another manifestation of ‘The Clinton Way.’ If you’re like me, you’ve had this nauseating feeling that despite her getting decimated – and then too drunk to appear for a concession speech – on election night in 2016, she has lingered around like unrelenting heavy, dense and foul flatulence from a morbidly obese man on a poor diet.

Just look at what is currently going on as the Democrats head toward a contested and perhaps brokered convention in Milwaukee this summer. Sanders is being squeezed out once again because the Democrats accurately presume that Trump will crush him head-to-head as Americans patently reject his Socialist platform.

And what about Joe Biden? He’s the President’s best friend right now. POTUS has to do NOTHING to defeat Biden. Biden is currently imploding in fantastically enjoyable and self-destructive fashion as he fumbles, mumbles, stumbles and bumbles his way through one disastrous, dementia-filled, geriatric campaign event after another. He makes Hillary’s health and stamina from 2016 look “healthy.” It’s unreal – that such a sorry buffoon is actually running for POTUS while actuallybeing on track to win the nomination. This is the best the Dems have to offer the country? How pathetic, sorry, sad, inexcusable and moronic that is. It makes no sense at all right up until you remember that Biden is being compelled to run or even inserted for self- and institutional preservation purposes.

My bet and my chips are resting firmly on HRC bowing-in late and stealing the nomination again. It’s the only thing that makes sense right now. Joe Biden is clearly incapable of becoming President – hell, he isn’t even capable of campaigning to become President – and in one of his last appearances, he actually said that the only candidate his party was capable of was reelecting was Donald J. Trump. See for yourself.

Biden’s 2020 effort is crumbling at it’s foundation and at lightning fast speed. The man is simply too old and incapable of effectively serving; not to mention too corrupt and criminal (see all of my articles on Biden, corruption and the KEYSTONE.)

The DNC WILL NOT ALLOW Bernie Sanders to win the nomination as much as it recognizes that Joe Biden CAN NOT win the election. So where does that leave the Democrats heading into the most critical election in contemporary history; even more critical than 2016? It leaves them in need of a viable candidate with an actual, legitimate chance to compete; much less win. Right now, they don’t have ANYONE who fits that description.

Enter Hillary.

I anticipate her bowing-in in the late stages and most certainly by her design. Notice how she skipped all of the hard work in the precise areas where she failed so miserably in 2016, like actually campaigning? This time, it seems she planned to avoid having to campaign at all to become the nominee. No campaigning, no debating, no nothing – just hand her the nomination exactly how she expected to be handed the presidency in 2016. That’s how she rolls and she’s rolling that way right into 2020.

Consider THIS from Fox News via the New York Post,

Now that the once-sprawling field of Democrats seeking the presidency has become a two-man race, many in the party are breathing a sigh of relief. All the more so because Joe Biden is the clear front-runner and the dreaded Bernie Sanders looks to be fading.

So it’s all set. Biden will be the nominee and give the party a solid chance of scoring a November trifecta: beating President Trump, taking the Senate and holding the House.

Count me as skeptical. Instead of a smooth ride, it’s more likely that the Dems’ desperate search for a Trump slayer will hit more turbulence and an alternative to Biden still could be necessary.

Guess what — one just happens to be waiting in the wings, hoping for an invitation. Before you laugh at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton comeback, consider the too-weird twists and turns of Biden’s campaign.


More from Goodwin,

All of which leaves Clinton as the best backup plan. She’s hardly my cup of tea but for all her problems, including doubts about her physical stamina, she is a fundraising machine, has a true following and could hit the ground running.

And, in case you hadn’t noticed, she’s advertising her availability.

It’s surely no coincidence that “Hillary” was released Friday, during the height of the primary season. The sweetheart documentary, complete with broad promotion, stories, reviews and interviews with her, is a massive and slick selling job.

Once again and always, she is selling herself. The fact that she and Bill Clinton cooperated make it certain the streaming Hulu project will add nothing new that would damage her. The four-hour biopic seems to be just another of her airbrushed memoirs, albeit one you can watch.


I’ve had this feeling about Hillary for a long, long time. There’s a reason she’s continued to chide President Trump around every corner since he handed her her hat on election night. She’s selectively but consistently chimed-in on a multitude of political and talking points ever since her historic loss; always opposing the President and never missing a chance to throw a cheap shot.

As I said, there’s a reason she’s fought to remain relevant. She appears to be angling for the nomination and most likely in the spirit of self-preservation.


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