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The Placeholder Candidate and His Prodigious Corruption

15 OCT 20

There’s an extra burr under my saddle; it’s right next to the regular one that keeps me constantly agitated and writing about the demise of the republic and wondering why no good people with the authority and the wherewithal, gumption and intestinal fortitude to do anything about it, haven’t actually done anything about it. That said, it seems as if the winds of change are upon us but the degree of change remains unknown. I still know this – the number of indictments of folks who matter stands at zero while Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19 and the newly engineered race war collectively stand at 7; ergo we’re down 0-7 and the election is inside of three weeks.

The Mason Jar

  • Reflecting on Biden the placeholder candidate
  • Projecting Hillary Clinton as the eventual and predetermined candidate (old article linked)
  • Examining and extending Joe Biden’s corruption; especially in Ukraine
  • Examining the heavily censored NY Post article on the Bidens
  • Examining other recent related Biden developments

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

To start, please note this article is being updated with continual emerging evidence.

As we know, social media platforms are cracking down like Mussolini in terms of tyrannical First Amendment censorship violations for conservative content and especially any form of factual reporting on Joe Biden’s endeavors in Ukraine, China, Iran, Brazil and other places. Now you know the source of my second burr.

In this article, we’ll talk about Joe Biden – the placeholder candidate – and his prodigious amounts of corruption; especially in Ukraine and most certainly as it relates to the NY Post bombshell revelations.


I’ve been calling Joe Biden a placeholder for a long time and for good reason. I believe that he was never intended nor will he ever be the Democratic nominee; even though it appears as if he is. Assuming he makes it to election day it won’t be Joe Biden serving as candidate or perhaps even becoming the president-elect, rather, it will be Joe Biden an empty vessel filled with Deep State, Globalist, Chinese and other string pullers. So even if they managed to steal the election and Joe Biden were still there as the president-elect, he would not be the President and in his stead would be the aforementioned conglomerate and a bunch of Leftist, Marxist and communist others. Joe won’t make it to election day by design.

At a time he is instructed to do so, Biden, the placeholder candidate, will step aside for the real candidate and my nickel is on Hillary Clinton; with the door ajar for Michelle Obama or someone similar. Recall how Barack Obama manifested out of thin Chicago air to become the nominee in 2008? Same stuff – accelerated (or no) timeline.

This arrangement permits Hillary to enter at the very last second allowing her to avoid her worst two attributes: campaigning and debating. Like Obamacare, you’ll have to vote for the candidate to learn any of the details (must buy the car before you test drive it – it’s the Democratic way.) Well, this is Hillary Clinton and we’re all too familiar with her sordid and reprehensible details.

The only remaining questions at this point and as it relates to the Democratic candidate appear to be which ones escape the long arm of the law prior to election day and so as not to be disqualified. Which if any of the big names will be left?

I just hope that we’re in a position to ask that last question and ideally, before election day.


Joe Biden and the Ukraine are nothing new. We’ve spent much time tracking Joe and his endeavors all over the globe from China to Africa to Iran to Brazil and, to, of course, Ukraine. I’ve spent much time outlining his vast corruption such as in the natural gas sector in Ukraine and Hunter Biden’s jaw-dropping $1.5 billion and $6 million private equity deals with the Chinese [in October 2013 when Hunter Biden secured a $1.5 billion dollar private equity deal with BHR Partners and later in 2017 in a $6 million deal with Chairman Ye of the now defunct CEFC China Energy Company.]

Here’s a brief but incomplete run down of previous Biden work comprised of articles and Twitter posts if you care to go deeper for context before getting into the New York Post and other recent bombshell developments; all of which follow. The article picks back up after the last link so please scroll down.

UPDATE AS OF 11:20 am EST ON 16 OCT 20: Facing significant backlash, Twitter has restored all posts regarding Joe Biden.

*IMPORTANT ON THE FOLLOWING TWITTER POSTS – First, I’m heavily shadow banned and as a new arrival in January, what little audience I have gets rolled back daily and automatically; especially after I post original content links. So, if you feel the work product in our articles is worthy, you can help by helping us disseminate it to others looking for more cogent and coherent explanations for what they’re seeing and through which they are living. Everybody should drink a little moonshine!

Last night, I loaded-up on to my drafting document three significant threads to place here for deeper context on Joe Biden and his Ukrainian corruption. One of the threads, I believe, was 62 posts long. A lot of work. Perhaps one saving grace is that I did recently download my entire feed.

By the time I got to dumping the article onto the site this evening, Twitter had censored most of the sourced and cited work. Two of the posts are linked below and the third link won’t even post to the site. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

I’m not sure what’s even left of these posts. Jack is a Marxist, communist asshole in my book and he can go straight to hell. This is all so egregious. Let’s hope karma catches him soon. I digress – let’s pick back up below. (Updating to advise that the posts have been restored as of 16 Oct 20.)

So, as you can see, the Deep State is in full effect with heavy draconian and tyrannical censorship of anything and everything detrimental to Joe Biden and germane to his corruption, criminality and treason – all demonstrable by exactly what’s being censored. See how that works? Bastards. (Note extra burr under saddle.)


As we move into the Biden scandals, we’re working from a big-picture perspective for the sake of succinct discussion. Again, the granular work has already largely been done. (All images from the linked NYP article.)

Here’s the basic premise to place the developments found in the NY Post article into proper context: Joe Biden was exploiting natural gas sectors in the energy market as a vehicle to move money and he was using a grossly inexperienced and unqualified Hunter Biden as his front man and bag man and to the tune of relatively absurd sums of “compensation.”

The compensation comes from a Ukrainian company called Burisma, with which most folks are familiar by now. A critical point of emphasis is Joe Biden’s leveraging Ukraine related to a Burisma investigation and whereas Biden threatened to withhold U.S. funds if the prosecutor general for the case were not terminated.

The Biden crime and corruption spree even spans to China, where after an AF2 ride with Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden emerged from a meeting in China with the Chinese and with a brand new shiny $1.5 billion dollar and $6 million deals in a closed and coveted Chinese market.

Ukraine’s overarching significance (please note the keystone double entendre, there) is its history of legendary oligarchical and governmental corruption that makes it a perfect conduit to do all sorts of bad stuff; including move money in Bidens’s corrupt and criminal schemes. And that’s with everything up to this point representing merely the introduction to it all. The full story is staggering.

The other and most relevant and consequential aspect in all of this is Joe Biden’s position that he’s somehow ignorant of all of Hunter’s business escapades; especially since Joe was deliberately making Hunter the front man to avoid IRS scrutiny relative to cash flow. Remember, he was Vice President.

Remember this, too; we just learned it.


Everyone should read the NY Post article and I’m hopeful you will, so I’m sticking to big-picture analysis here and relying on visuals and extract to convey the message, which in short, throws them all directly under the bus in all of the corruption asserted.

From the article we see that Hunter the front man made the introduction to his dad.

Every story has a beginning, right?

And beginnings lead to places, do they not? Just ask Joe.

The origins of all of this information is interesting – real interesting.

A brief sidebar – an article from TGP from today further complicates the timing of the Biden laptop revelations.


It’s the timing of all of this that has my attention with us being inside of the three-week election window. Awfully peculiar, in deed. Back to the NYP article.

Now why do you think they put an unqualified Hunter in charge of the legal department?

Remember, Hunter is just a front man. This opens a portal for Joe and direct U.S. involvement.

Confirming what was asserted above is this from the Gateway pundit.

If you care to take in the Senator Johnson interview, here it is.

More from a second NY Post article demonstrating payment amounts being negotiated and whereby half of Hunter Biden’s take was earmarked for what is presumed to be Joe Biden.

Noting here that the name Patrick Ho should look familiar. If you search his name on this site you’ll see previous work tying him to the Bidens.

Of course, Hunter Biden’s own text is explanatory of the broader Joe Biden system of corruption and crime relative to “compensation” and IRS avoidance.

This article, which now reads more like a linear collage, has been updated significantly since I first published it. I’ve never spoken of @Johnheretohelp in an article to my recollection; however, don’t let the pink pig fool you. John is a consistently reliable source of timely and important information and often engages with Techno Fog, another reputable source.

Here John and Techno Fog help us bridge the gap to another keystone issue, the Flynn case; one of two keystone issues touched on in an article from yesterday, The Wizard and the General.


Here are the images from Techno Fog’s post and immediately, you notice our favorite dead horse to kick – the mid-January 2017 timeline.

Suffice it to say that Joe Biden’s days, just like John Brennan’s (I think he’s just about ripe and ready for the plucking), are numbered in terms of his candidacy and perhaps in terms of where he spends the remainder of his days.

Returning again for another update, this Tucker Carlson segment expands on the details and should be required viewing.

Returning to edit-in this letter sourced at TGP and stated to be from Hunter Biden’s attorney, which would give veracity to the claims about the laptop and its contents.

We’ll continue to report on this. Until then, here’s more Hunter for your viewing entertainment.


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