The Biden Crime Family and The Real Candidate – An Update on Recent Developments

In the spirit of both brevity and efficiency and with full regard to the pace at which events are currently unfolding, I’m taking a storyboard approach to this quick article and mainly for the purpose of stitching together recent critical events that will move us forward on the political continuum we identify as Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19 and the newly engineered race war.

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  • 22 OCT 20
  • COVID-19 update and near-term projection
  • Naivety of many Americans
  • Seriously, more Russia?
  • The Biden crime family
  • Hillary Clinton, the real candidate

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Let’s start positively with a bit of a concession – there are likely more Americans out there who now see this fraudulent pandemic as just that. All said, though, there are more than sufficient numbers of the naive variety left so as to perpetuate this enslaving hoax for the foreseeable future and with no end in sight.

It all begs the question – Why aren’t we in open revolt?

It began with this. I’d encourage you to study the graphic closely – it’s about as near the truth as anything your going to find.

Take a quick peek in the sidebar at the flu countdown and note that although peak flu season is December-February, it actually begins in October. We’re actually in it right now.

If you live in an authoritarian, tyrannical blue state as do we, you understand why this is concerning. Do any of us really expect these traitors who have usurped President Trump’s emergency powers to relinquish what they have worked so hard to steal and maintain? Rhetorical question – obviously not.

The only way to make the fake pandemic go away is to completely blow the lid of the entire thing and expose all of it for what it is.

I’ve been trying to do that since January.

It doesn’t take a genius to predict what these miscreants are going to do. It just takes paying attention to the pretext they always place in the MSM before most events occur so as to serve for the circle-back when, in the aftermath, they can point back to their own constructed narrative insertions and state, “See! Told you so. We told you this was going to happen.”

Here’s a prime example of what I’m talking about (not to mention that Fauci promised a pandemic in January of 2017 while Biden promised one in October of 2019 (at the same time the FBI verified the outbreak in China courtesy of an FBI tactical intelligence report I’ve referred back to often (in Housekeeping below.))

Needless to say, we are status quo with the fake pandemic until someone with enough intestinal fortitude, gumption, courage and, most importantly, the proper authority, actually decides to bring it all to an end. I’m not holding my breath.


Here’s a quick update on our scoreboard for proper backdrop, here.

Must I mention that expecting anything significant and meaningful out of FBI Director Christopher Wray (not for long) or Attorney General William Barr is an exercise in futility? It’s clearer than ever that post-election, the President must replace CIA Director Gina Haspel and the former two mentioned above.

As for now, though, it seems the Department of Justice is perfectly content with churning-out more state-sponsored propaganda dressed up like a pig in lipstick and made to appear as more Russian criminality.

It should surprise no one that Russia poked it’s head up vis-a-vis 2016 as a narrative insertion to detract from other more meaningful DOJ matters like the Biden crime family.

It should surprise on one that Russia accompanied Iran to the podium as discussed by ODNI John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Wray during a live presser yesterday evening that outlined election interference by both for 2020.

Notably, the only thing meaningful that said by Wray was a referral to your state election official should you care for more details. Why is that important? Because this coup is routed in federalism, which cuts both ways, and we have an election in 12 days.


As we get into this, it’s important to note that a considerable amount of work has been done up to this point pertaining to Clinton, the Bidens and Harris. An abundance of information can be gotten from our latest article alone; especially as it relates to recent developments, and I dedicated to Harris an entire article not too long ago.

Kicking-off, it’s important to remember that the overarching political continuum serving as a coup d’etat to remove Mr. Trump’s administration is a function of the intelligence community and whereby elements of it’s leadership and aspects of rank and file have gone rogue and did so long ago. Ergo, their defense of Biden was not only expected but automatic. Key word below – “former.”

It’s also important to understand that you can’t judge a bushel of potatoes just because you found a few rotten ones. It’s always important to keep proper perspective and here’s sage advice from one of their own who serves our collective cause tremendously.

Hat tip to @SpookdBlog – sage advice from a deeply knowledgeable standpoint.

No matter the majority; however, a thin sliver of a minority in this intelligence cohort engaged in outright sedition, treason and worse; and former CIA Director John Brennan being the epicenter to it all.

All of the criminality and treason ties back to a very specific point in time that I refer to as our favorite dead horse to kick and it’s the mid-January 2017 timeline. A lot happened then including pretext for a pandemic that Fauci himself said would occur; the insertion of the pandemic construct into the Trump administration during compulsory presidential transition meetings; Obama previously altering existing law compelling presidential transition meetings and so as to change the law to insert pandemic preparedness; and Obama et al targeted Lt. General Michael Flynn and whereby that was coordinated with the MSM to leak into the MSM narrative essentially on the day of the presidential transition meeting – 13 Jan 17 – and whereby it served as the distraction from the constructed pandemic insertion.

And that is how you begin to overthrow a President. It becomes really serious as soon as the insertion is triggered – 11 Mar 20 – and a pandemic is declared thus triggering national emergency protocols and whereby President is legally compelled to defer out of ‘presidential competence’ to his established expert advisors. Enter Fauci, Birx, CDC, WHO, China, Gates, Soros and a bunch of others.

Mr. Trump’s emergency powers were effectively usurped at that time and here we are. All of that is a review. Actually history. See old articles in the COIVD-19 catalog.

Back to the dead horse. When China and the CCP were being inserted into the incoming Trump administration by the outgoing Obama administration and vis-a-vis the pandemic construct, this included known smuggling of coronavirus strands back and forth from China and as funded by elements of the U.S. government. Again, see the catalog.

Importantly though, it was also a time when everyone was panicked and scrambling on the heels of an unexpected loss to Mr. Trump. Carelessness can be found everywhere within the full spectrum of it all.

Also remember this – people don’t assume tremendous risk without tremendous compensation as the other bookend. Think quid pro Joe.

Regarding that dead horse, look at quid pro Joe’s relative pay raise. Nothing to see here, folks, kindly move along, now.

Again, Patrick Ho is digging back into catalog work. Here’s a brief catch-up below and understand this – if Patrick Ho is bro-hugging Rudy, figuratively, the Biden’s are SCREWED! Go deeper below.

The pairing of Biden Harris has always struck me as funny, odd, peculiar. Seeing this development helps to close the gap of understanding and, of course, it’s money bridging the gap.

There has been much disinformation and misinformation in the MSM regarding the veracity behind the Biden laptop. Ignore all of it. It’s Hunter’s and they’re screwed. That it now ties to money laundering in a separate FBI investigation spells even more trouble.

The nature of the allegations won’t be for everyone. Others upon whom a shadow is cast by all of this are likely facing similar and that’s been widely covered in the Epstein matters.

No matter, it doesn’t look good for Hunter. Keep in mind that this is unverified at the moment but it’s not much of a stretch to thing the CCP has compromising information on Hunter. China gave him an unprecedented $1.5 billion deal in a coveted Chinese market. Of course the CCP has stuff on him.

The Biden demise is both timely, as designed, and enormously impactful. I’ve contended since March and earlier that Hillary Clinton was going to be the candidate. My bucket is holding water.

We’ll bring this brief updating article to a close getting back to Hunter. There’s just too much irrefutable evidence here and the further the MSM goes down the road of his defense – and anyone else, for that matter – the further eroded their credibility is; what little remains of it as is.

Lastly and today, Tony Bobulinski, the recent whistleblower, if that’s the right application of the term, or witness to foundational elements of the Biden family criminality with the Chinese, held his own press conference to set the record straight. Again, the Bidens are screwed.

As we move into some “unverifieds” below, we are reminded that ulterior agendas are a popular thing.

We still have big “unverifieds” hanging out there that we’re continuing to follow-up on:

I have to go – my thread with “our guys” is blowing-up with “MOABS.” Back to real time. Godspeed.