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The Blood of Seal Team 6: Benghazi, Billions, Bin Laden and Bedlam, Whistleblower Says Seal Team 6 Executed by Clinton and Covered Up By Obama and Congress

13 OCT 20

As more and more information is declassified and becomes publicly available, or is made available by actual whistleblowers and not those the likes of Alexander Vindman, more and more of the geopolitical landscape gains clarity as we further understand and position elemental evidence for greater comprehension of the overarching political continuum being leveled against President Trump. That effort unpacks as an expansive slew of enmeshed, entangled, orchestrated, timed and synchronized political constructs that includes Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19 and the newly engineered race war and accompanying domestic terrorism courtesy of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and George Soros’ checkbook. What broke last night; however, stands to fundamentally alter and shift the geopolitical landscape indelibly and in a way severely detrimental; if not fatal, to previous administrations; especially Barack Obama’s. It will be for all of America to see and idols and icons will fall; perhaps to their deaths.

The Mason Jar

  • Context: bin Laden raid, Seal Team 6 Chinook crash & Benghazi attack
  • Anna Khait, The Next News Network, Nick Noe & Charles Woods
  • Whistleblower Alan Howell Parrot (terabytes of documents, images, audio, video, etc.)
  • Assertions: Clinton ordered bin Laden raid unilaterally, Iran compromised operation and blackmailed Obama for $152b ($2b coming back to pay-off Americans), Seal Team 6 was executed due to vast operational knowledge, verified by General Flynn (suspected)
  • Implicates Congress (HPSCI, SSCI, Gang of 8, ex officio members), CIA (intelligence apparatus), FBI, others
  • Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan, Panetta

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Before getting into this much further, let’s be clear about what we’re both doing and not doing. As for the doing, we’re considering the implications of a staggering news story that just broke very recently and where the full details are unknown. As for the not doing, what we’re not doing is saying that this is true or verified. Now, based on our research, there’s a clear lens to see this playing-out as true… so long as you’re willing to trust a Wizard. It’ll make sense when you see and hear it.

There are also plenty of other lenses where it plays-out differently. We’ll continue to chase it but the possible implications are tantalizing so let’s get to it.

We begin by placing the contents of this article into proper context with backdrop information that allows us to bridge gaps between events and connect them for meaning. Let’s also pause briefly to give a tip of the hat to our out-of-state team member for putting our horse on this trail. That said, here are the important events preceding the remarkable assertions that follow. This is a concise timeline with corresponding links if you care to go deeper or refresh.

Event 1: 02 May 11 – The Abbottabad, Pakistan raid to assassinate Osama bin Laden

Event 2: 06 Aug 11 – The downing of Seal Team 6’s Chinook in Afghanistan

Event 3: 11 Sep 12 – The attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya

Importantly, there is a common thread through each of the three events and it’s the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) also referred to as DEVGRU (DEVelopment GRoUp) or more commonly SEAL Team Six.

Another important contextual piece to the broader fact set overlaying these events is the understanding that the Obama/Clinton State Department was engaged in covert arms dealings and whereby they were shipping weapons and particularly stinger missiles from Libya to Syria and using the U.S. consulate in Benghazi as the front from which to operate.

Importantly and tragically, it’s necessary and appropriate to acknowledge the associated human losses that were incurred due to the Obama administration’s failed and apparently intentional and deliberate policies; and which will likely be proved as treasonous.

All Americans should keep the following souls in their hearts and minds as we move forward and they learn exactly why it was these men were lost; or shall we say executed?

On 06 Aug 11, these men were lost in a Chinook crash in Afghanistan.


On 11 Sep 12, these men were lost in the attack on the Benghazi consulate.

As a reminder, when Hillary Clinton was directly confronted asked about her contrived Benghazi cover story, here’s what she said and in my opinion, it’s one of the worst moments in U.S. history. I hope someone is tying her noose now and if that upsets you, keep reading.

At this point, we arrive at earth-shaking, world-changing revolutions that will most certainly amount to a formidable October surprise the likes of which this country (world) has never seen and which will undo many on both sides of the aisle. It will also touch past administrations. This is going to change everything.


It all begins with Anna Khait appearing on The Next News Network and describing her visit to Trump Doral in Florida to attend the American Priority Conference, which took place 08-11 October 20 and whereby the last presenters were Nick Noe (Benghazi investigator) and Charles Woods, the father of the late Tyrone Woods, as noted above. Noe and Woods were the last featured presenters at the conference and at the conclusion, Khait approached them casually and ended-up being recruited into the fold to aid in distributing the evidence. This also put her in a position to both see and hear some of the evidence.

Note that the reporting indicates the facts presented are verified top-down and legitimate but we can’t confirm that as of this writing. That said, I have little reason to question them because the information fits into the balance of our work.

The genesis of these remarkable assertions is an enigma by the name of Alan Howell Parrot and that’s where it all really gets going.


Coincidentally or not and in a world of ‘Wizards and Warlocks’, the single most impactful whistleblower to ever step forward with evidence seems to look, well, just like a wizard. Meet Alan Howell Parrott (see video in tweet.)

During the interview, Khait describes Parrot as Parrot having worked in the Middle East for over 20 years and having very high level of connections (and clearance, apparently) there.

Here’s our approach moving forward. The next section will outline the critical details gleaned from the half-our video linked at the very bottom. I highly encourage you to view the video.


We move forward with the jaw-dropping Anna Khait interview by Gary Franchi of The Next News Network. Again, this video is linked for you at the bottom.

Let’s put our cart in front of our horse and put this information down in no uncertain terms. At the conclusion of this article, you will understand that the Obama administration entrusted Iran to be Osama bin Laden’s warden and whereby Iran compromised the unilaterally ordered Clinton raid to assassinate bin Laden, which subsequently resulted in Iran blackmailing Obama politically for a payout of $152 billion; and whereby Seal Team 6 was executed in the cover-up.

It should be noted here that against the backdrop of these assertions and relative to the Chinook attack that decimated Seal Team 6, that particular operation was by the U.S. military said to have been secure. From there, Occam’s Razor takes us to the next stop – that someone leaked the details of the operation in advance allowing for the positioning of assets so as to take down the Chinook and all 38 souls aboard. That is exactly what is referred to in the pull-out quote below and if true, I’m not sure I can muster the words to accurately describe such a thing.

Franchi opens the interview segment naming Biden, Obama, Hillary, Brennan saying directly that they, “executed Seal Team 6 and covered it up and there is audio, video and documentary proof.”

As noted, Khait reports that $152 billion was sent to Iran by then President Obama as hush money to cover-up the literal execution of Seal Team 6.

Profoundly stunning is the revelation that $2 billion of it was earmarked to flow back into the U.S. as a pot from which to pay U.S. politicians and complicit others to hush them up and compensate them for their secrecy; or in other words, cover it all up.

Moreover, Parrot’s evidence reportedly will uncover “numerous crime sprees” by the Clinton/Obama cartel and they are certainly to span the full spectrum of Obama’s eight disastrous years in office.

With all of this breaking on October 11th and today being the 13th, it is reported that Parrot’s evidence is in the hands of an unnamed member of Congress who has the means by which to take action and moreover, that lawmaker is stated to be close to the President. Moreover, the evidence, or at least some of it, also in the hands of the media.

Parrot characterizes all of this by saying, “A heavy price has been paid for what we are uncovering and millions of people want to see; the truth has to come out.”

Getting into the granular detail and picking-up with bin Laden’s reported burial at sea, Parrot states that it’s “nonsense;” a “big lie.”

More from Parrot,

“Biden, Hillary and Clinton (sic – “and Obama?”) worked this agreement with Iran. They trusted Iran to move Bin Laden to Pakistan; he did; he was there. But then, they trusted Iran to keep him there. They moved him out back to Iran. And then the communication from Iran to Obama was taped. Uh, we’ve got your neck in a noose…give us all this money – $152 billion dollars; $2 billion on an airplane pallet was paid out for the secrets I wish to reveal now and to the President under the terms of misprison of treason. That is to say, this is a secret; these are secrets worth $152 billion dollars paid by President Obama and Vice President Biden paid with the blood of Seal Team 6 when he had them killed. Blackmail and extortion.”

Alan Howell Parrot, Whistleblower

In case you’re wondering what misprison of treason is:


When questioned about his willingness to present all of the evidence to President Trump, he stated that he in no way fears for his own safety and that, “It would be my pleasure and my honor to bring this material to President Trump. There’s a massive amount – terabytes, documents, video, audio. It needs to go to the President.”

Khait described approaching Noe and Woods to honor the men and once recruited into the fold, they went to her room to review the evidence saying, “It is explosive. The biggest names in the Obama administration: Brennan, Clinton, there’s so much. It ties into Joe Biden. What this administration did is absolute treason.”

Franchi and Khait discuss how Obama penned a three-sentence letter to Mr. Woods explanatory of his sons death in the Benghazi attack and whereby those three sentences represented a lie. From there, people within intelligence community reached-out to Woods advising him that he had been lied to by President Obama.

Continuing, “They allowed all those men to be taken out because of what they knew.” This statement clearly reflects on the given the nature of Seal Team 6 and the level of granular operational information that each individual member possesses, hence the motive to have them executed out of self-preservation.

Clinton ran the Benghazi operation unilaterally, directly out of the State Department and did not advise President Obama of it until after the operation was already underway. The administration had entrusted Iran as bin Laden’s warden and were responsible for keeping him hidden in multiple locations including inside Pakistan and Iran. Bin Laden was in Iran and back in 2010, CBS “punted a story” documenting precisely this and because it would be harmful to Obama.

Relative to the planned raid on the Abbottabad compound, Iran transferred bin Laden to the site for the raid; however, Iran swapped-out bin Laden for a double at the very last minuted and that is who was actually executed in the raid; not the real bin Laden. This would become the fulcrum point for Iran’s blackmail of Obama thus resulting in what is presumed to be the order to execute Seal Team 6 to shore up what the Obama administration appears to have treated as a loose intelligence end. Shockingly and looking back at Parrot’s direct quote, for which he says there is direct evidence, “President Obama and Vice President Biden paid with the blood of Seal Team 6 when he had them killed. Blackmail and extortion.”

Khait states that she personally heard audio files of a congressman she won’t yet name but “who is not a good guy; who is on these audio tapes with Alan (Parrot) talking about, well, let’s hold off on killing Osama bin Laden until the time is right so we can use him like a trophy.” I can only presume she’s referencing John McCain because his foundation is the only one that gets mentioned in this interview except for the obvious Clinton Foundation. They’re found in the same sentence, if that helps. Recall, in certain circles, it’s conventional thought that McCain has already been executed for his treasonous role.

Importantly and critically, Khait confirms that an audio file contains the discussion about the $2 billion that was earmarked to be returned to the U.S. in hush money to pay-off U.S. lawmakers for their secrecy. Are you starting to understand why the President’s enemies are ruthless, relentless and reckless? The seething and vitriolic resistance to the most American president in a generation can be explained away by this one presumed fact.

As referenced, the interview reveals that both the McCain Foundation and the Clinton Foundation were named as interfaces for Middle Eastern terrorism and with supporting documents as evidence. This is nothing new as McCain has long and deep roots to Middle Eastern terrorists and the Clinton Foundation needs no introduction (if it does, you have homework to do.)

Notably, other intelligence operatives have confirmed the bulk of Parrot’s evidence as being absolutely legitimate and authentic and they confirmed it directly to Woods.

Khait then segued into a narrative regarding the broader resistance to the President; especially in Congress, and the notion that Mr. Trump was not supposed to win in 2016. What followed was a panicked Obama exit and rush a to cover-up for wide swaths of criminality that I would characterize as not only including all eight years of the Obama administration, but also previous administrations.

Moreover, Khait deliberately boxed into this opposition to the President the impeachment effort, crashing the economy and the fraudulent and politically constructed COVID-19 pandemic, which she appropriately referred to as a “plandemic.” It’s notable that she’s hammering the exact same nails we’ve been hammering for months and months.

According to Khait, Parrot remarked that a double agent provided DNA evidence to a CIA station chief before the raid was ordered. Further, Parrot said that “it was bin Laden in Abbottabad (the bin Laden Pakistan compound) and then they sent in Seal Team 6 and they only told Obama about Seal Team 6; the kill mission after it was over and then the radar was put back-up so they could not go back. It was a one-way trip.”

Moreover there were witnesses to the operation who can verify that Clinton and Leon Panetta, “were threatening Obama and that if they did not go along with the kill mission, they would go to the press and he would not survive politically.” It was then that Obama was pulled off the golf course.

Parrot identifies the architects of the Benghazi operation as Clinton, Brennan and Panetta and whereby Brennan had instructed those involved to lie and cover it all up.


No article is complete without my favorite mantra, FLYNN FIRST! I extracted this aspect of the interview to give it its own section because it’s that important.

According to Khait, “A well respected general that you all know and love said everything that came-out is spot-on.” FLYNN FIRST! There is no other explanation for it – this must be Lt. General Michael Flynn and it’s fully explanatory of just why the Obama administration began it’s operation to target and subsequently overthrow President Trump by setting a vector for the Lt. General and making it FLYNN FIRST!

Flynn knew it all. Flynn knows it all. It’s why corrupt and compromised judge Emmet Sullivan is attempting to drag the case past the election; because it’s FLYNN FIRST! and DELAY IS THE PLAY!

From previous articles:

Importantly, note that Khait reports that Lt. General Michael Flynn, or some other “well respected general that you all know and love” spoke to and Mr. Woods directly confirmed all of it and as being precisely accurate.

For further reading on FLYNN FIRST!, you can go deeper with articles linked at the bottom


Obviously, the largest revelation in this development that is related to Congress is the $2 billion in Obama bribery cash that was earmarked and returned to the U.S. as hush money to pay-off complicit politicians in both the House and the Senate.

The single most important aspect to understand as it relates to all of this and Congress is two-fold: 1) this infiltration effort to overthrow the U.S. and President Trump is an intelligence operation; it goes directly from Obama to Brennan as the point man and 2) the congressional interface for the U.S. intelligence community are the aforementioned HPSCI, SSCI and the Gang of 8.

To understand that backdrop, these recent articles are here for your independent consumption.


We’ll begin with our conclusion. On the assumption that the assertions are true, we’ll be required to shift our understanding slightly to accommodate new details previously unknown. The evidence presented by Khait and Franchi is compelling and it comports with the balance of our work but it’s far from complete. So, our gut tells us it’s right while our brain tells us to wait for more information. So, we look forward to drawing stronger conclusions once that evidence comes to light. Until then, I suggest taking Khait’s and Franchi’s proffering as reasonably reliable but do so with caution and for all of the reasons already stated, but most importantly because it’s unverified.

Note that our work here is incomplete and I already have more research lined-up but for the sake of getting this out in a timely way, we’ll leave it at this. What follows is support material and other promised items.

Here are photographs representative of Parrot’s evidence and pulled from Khait’s Twitter page.


Here is the full nearly 30-minute interview that is the source for this article.

Here are the Flynn links referenced above.

Flynn Last?


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