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Making the Case for Treason Part V: The Backdrop of Freemasonry and the Islamic Brotherhood

20 MAY 20 (THIRTY-NINTH article in a series)

Yesterday, we took time to identify and remark on aspects of the government’s case against Lt. General Michael Flynn; in a capacity and from a perspective that appears absent in other reporting writ large. Perhaps this one line below best sums it up and if you’ve yet to read it or the previous articles in the treason sub-series, it’s important for contextual backdrop for what is to what follow. Here’s that line.

The Mason Jar
</> Brief recapitulation of the Flynn case and its bearing on the broader geopolitical landscape
</> The CIA’s development and insertion of Barack Obama vis-a-vis the Muslim Brotherhood
</> The establishment of a generational timeline from the colonial era through the present delineating 9/11 and COVID-19 as stages/steps in the broader continuum
</> The ascendance of George HW Bush to CIA, VPOTUS and POTUS and its thrust forward of the Clinton, Bush and Obama presidencies

With this series of articles now eclipsing thirty, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Here’s the buried gold – and it comes from Flynn’s perspective [my words, not his] “Oh, you framed me? You wrecked my career? You accused me of treason? You attacked and exposed my family? Okay, fine. DEFEND ME!” To understand the the unmitigated, unparalleled, unmatched and highest order brilliance of President Donald Trump and Lt. General Michael Flynn therein, please read the article.

Today, we will expand on our theories and positions by relying on our best method: overlaying timelines and reaching back for previously understood events and dynamics that now become clearer through a better informed lens.

It’s this timeline evidence which we assemble elementally for understanding and as we do, please note that we give full fidelity to investigating, analyzing, interpreting and projecting. If future developments impact the accuracy of our work, immediate retraction and revision will follow. Our mission is to get it right for full understanding; no more and no less.

As we move forward, we do so on the underlying positions identified below in Housekeeping Items and with a full understanding of the relevance of the Flynn case as previously outlined. If unfamiliar with either, a brush-up is required.

This extract from an NBC news item dated 18 Dec 18, which is one year to the day that Nancy Pelosi took a full House vote to impeach the President; recalling that she would have been privy to the initial October 2019 Wuhan outbreak via the FBI tactical surveillance report relative to her position as an ex officio member of Adam Schiff’s HPSCI; and remembering that the FBI’s intelligence report had an ancillary report attached to it marked ‘FISA’, is obviously telling.

Timing. They told Flynn he was a traitor and sold-out his country exactly one year before they impeached President Trump; with a second round of impeachment having just been promised by corrupt House Judiciary Charmian – the insufferable Jerry Nadler – only days ago. Uncanny.

Since that time, the Flynn case has been ensnared legal quagmire and rigamarole, but no longer. It’s why we continue to shout FLYNN FIRST! As the Sullivan amicus curiae maneuver continues to unpack, it will and in short order begin the undoing of them all; as previously covered in comprehensive detail.

Obama & The Muslim Brotherhood

With the treasonous effort now encompassing an independent and rogue nuclear arsenal being developed for the Deep State and Shadow Government by it’s proxy manufacturers, Iran and North Korea; and with that occurring in Syria and North Korea, respectively, we must consider the origins of those entanglements and focusing primarily on Iran for this article. Reason being – the tie back to the Muslim Brotherhood and the accompanying regional geography.

Enter the Muslim Brotherhood and that statement draws us immediately back to assertions that are long in standing but recently reviewed in the treason sub-series – Barack Hussein Obama’s demonstrably questionable personal history and backstory; including legitimate citizenship questions that tie him back to both Indonesia and Kenya and in myriad ways.

More recently from all-seeing @EntheosShines:

Moreover, there is plenty of open source information providing a justifiable basis to not only question Obama’s citizenship, but his religious affiliation, too. Others will rightfully extend this conversation directly to the nature of Obama’s relationship with his spouse but that point has no bearing here so we ignore it. Citizenship and religion have considerable bearing here and there is substantial open-source evidence supporting each, so we embrace them.

With that outlined and as established by our research, we are confident in stating that the infiltration of the US government – infiltration, not invasion! – which was devised to overthrow it on the back end of the false flag political construct you now see unfolding as COVID-19, was executed as aligned to its blueprint; that being Obama’s counterinsurgency doctrine that he mapped over the United States after its 2009 curation. Understand that what Obama did was deploy the United State’s own knowledge and expertise in Middle East counterinsurgency operations that were arguably against his ‘own people’, and so as to leverage it against all of us. We’re now watching it manifest and we do that knowing that the path forward is as expansive as the path already behind us.

Freemasonry and the Masonic Backdrop

How far back does that path go? Very far. As in before colonial times, far; such that in envelops the Freemasons.

With a hat tip to loyal reader and fellow Oregonian @upon_storm/Storm Upon Us, to whom I’m dedicating this article, I’m presenting you a video (linked at end of article) that he forwarded to me and it is for your independent consumption. It is highly recommended and revisits historical and contemporaneous underpinnings and elements that are so detailed and expansive that they require their own space.

Moving forward, references to this video are embedded in our dialogue and here is my best recommendation: finish-up reading this article now and then watch the video when you have time; referring back to the article for deeper understanding and as needed. Let’s continue.

Tying back to colonial times for a Masonic foundation to this broader timetable, the year 1999 was set as an event horizon relevant to Constitutional considerations and specifically the US Constitution of 1871, which is explained in the video. Given the year above, the relevance of 9/11 now gains clarity with the close proximity of the date (2001) and the events both preceding and coinciding with this window of time and as the video explains.

Like with other topics, the history of Freemasonry and the Masonic relevance as an interface for shaping things at local and state levels is deserving of its own appropriate space and the introduction here is rudimentary and incomplete.

Today, the Freemasons describe their organization as follows.

Realistically and historically through contemporary times; however, they have heavily shaped America’s development over time and for ways good, bad and not yet determined. Why is there always a Freemason in partial regalia being interviewed at the scene of seemingly every major event, shooting, attack, etc.? Good question, huh? As I write in this very space, diligent searches suggest that most of such evidence has been scrubbed.

Here is more brief backdrop on the Freemasons, which is a vector of research in and of itself.

Having proper scope on the broader timeline is really important to understand the magnitude of this all. Here’s an example to put it in perspective. What follows represents the duration or time between the last step in this broader timetable – 9/11 – and the current one – COVID-19 (first outbreak in Wuhan initially reported 27 Dec 19). The span is 6,681 days.

When is the last time you put 6,681 days between steps in something you were doing? Perspective and scope are important.

Look at that closely. That’s the time between major component steps of the same plan. Now do you see what I mean when I say that Obama could have been literally grown and developed into the point man he is today after manifesting from thin Chicago and effectively booting Hillary to the curb? It’s absurd right? That he actually did that? Not if you examine it through the lens I just put in front of you.

There is plenty of open-source information verifying this. It seems the recently revealed trust money was the nest egg. At a point that the plan was ready to become manifest – see 2008 and Obama’s election – the final stages were executed incrementally over 8 years of Obama’s distress two terms. He was literally the set-up man for the closer – Hillary’s two terms (maybe longer?)

All of that changed when Trump un-rigged the 2016 election and won and it dragged Obama back into the point man position. He scrambled during his last months in office to tie up all of the loose ends drawing us right back to the exact same dead horse I continue to kick – the late Dec to mid-Jan 2017 timeline. The pandemic construct was inserted at that point (13 Jan 17 presidential transition meetings) and here we are today.

The Generational Timeline

In between 9/11 and the colonial era, historically important things like Operation Paperclip gain greater relevance germane to the time period of pre-World War II and Nazi Germany. Operation Paperclip was a post-WWII era effort to import all of Germany’s brightest and most capable minds stateside; even those responsible for the Holocaust. If you’re looking for the origins of the treasonous infiltration, you now have them and you can start there.

As you do, focus on George H.W. Bush.


The tie-in to contemporary times is the eventual appointment of George H.W. Bush to director of CIA in 1976 (clandestinely already on board during Kennedy assassination and briefed thereafter), then to Vice President and then to President. This represents a dynamic and forceful continuum that has extended through the administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama. You understand that Hillary was the next placement in the extension until Trump interceded in 2016, right? Everything since has been reflexive to that as Obama panicked heading out of office mid-Jan 2017 (special moment in history.) All in the family, folks – the two-party system is a fallacy and is used to herd the sheeple.

All in the family, indeed, but unfortunately for them, there’s a new family and a new dad in town.

Note how the power brokers switch their mask (party) depending on what needs to be accomplished as comporting with the objectives on the longer, generational timetable. Note how identity politics and political positions are seeded and co-opted as the levers to divide and control the people. Note how Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Reagan all warned us of the behemoth entity of the Deep State/Shadow Government/Military Industrial Complex rising to implement a New World Order. Note how Kennedy was assassinated and they tried the same with Reagan. Note how President Trump has taken the same position and there are documented attempts against him. Note how many Americans have failed to learn their history and therefore don’t see all of this for what it is. Note how this timeline brings us right back to 9/11 as the continuum extended all of the way through Obama’s two terms. Note how Obama was the set-up for Hillary who is the closer. Note how the elemental pieces now begin to fit and assemble into that generational timeline as outlined and supported and including but no limited to Obama, Hillary, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Biden, etc., et al., all of it, all of the usual suspects. All noted.

On the generational timeline, we open a portal for the convergence of the Muslim Brotherhood and conceding that more work is still needed before a complete understanding is had; but knowing that the relevant details can be established with open sources.

Given that and at this point in time, our insertion here becomes an assumption. As we make it, know that we will revisit these assumptions later on to backfill the details and solidify them. We’ll do that at a more appropriate time and for now, our priority remains expanding our understanding to capture all of the important sub-components more generally. On we go.

As we come to better understand the role of the Muslim Brotherhood, it bears down geographically and immediately our attention goes to Saudi Arabia. Some pragmatism and logic provide the nexus.

The Convergence of Historic and Contemporary Geopolitical Forces

To begin, the CIA is the clear interface to merge forces and converge dynamics like infusing an existing timetable rooted in pre-World War II German Nazism with a timetable from the Muslim Brotherhood.

When you come to understand how the CIA compartmentalizes operations in a capacity to intentionally destruct and eliminate nexuses (operations exist within spheres that remain closed-off to other spheres) so as to eliminate the ability to gain any understanding as for why a compartmentalized operation may exist, what purpose it may serve, what other operations it may serve or have serving it, etc., it becomes easier to comprehend how these convergences can be made to happen. Think of operations independently as ingredients; the recipe as the formula to arrange them and the timeline as ingredient one into the bowl through pulling it out of the oven. The complexity is insane given that each ingredient or operation is packed with its own politics, sub-components, players, other operations, etc. But that gives you a sense as to how all of this can be brought to fruition.

Therefore, see the Muslim Brotherhood/Obama angle as a classic Manchurian candidate operation whereby an infiltrated CIA co-opted the Muslim Brotherhood to literally develop Obama for decades – from child through schooling and into adulthood and politics. See John Brennan’s widely known Muslim entanglements as significantly relevant here. This was all handled by CIA operatives and assets and it’s fully explanatory of the factual point that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a fraud thereby justifying our previous citizenship and religion concerns. As asserted – Manchurian candidate.

This operation likely existed independently until the CIA determined the convergence point whereby Obama was literally inserted into the equation. At that moment, we immediately pull that timetable and overlay it with all the others (our favorite analytical tool that delivers consistent results.) That justifies the scrutiny over citizenship, residency and religion. It also pushes the timetable much farther back than 2008 and back to the nature of Obama’s parents.

Again, there is substantial open-source evidence both that both obfuscates and outlines the truth about whom Obama’s parents really were and what their purpose really was. Again, it’s for independent consumption and moves forward as an assumption.

It was no accident that an out-of-nowhere Obama manifested out thin Chicago air to literally and completely displace Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee in 2008. Only certain people have the power to sit her down, tell her no and tell her to shut up, wait and do as told. They did and so did she.

Knowing that these people work in decades and not years, how do you think Hillary felt on the evening of 08 Nov 16, when she got super liquored-up and refused to address the American people in a concession speech that she knew would be a victory speech?

Looking at the present, do you now understand why the COVID-19 construct being led by Obama as the point man, actually thrusts Hillary, China, the CDC, the WHO, Gates, Fauci, Birx and others as married to the deliberate release of COVID-19, to front and center in all of this? Wouldn’t you be a fool deserving of the outcome if you were to not examine it? I think so. Rather, I know so.

Remember that Biden is the designated placeholder candidate. Hillary is the selected nominee and so long as legal traction doesn’t impede her progress, she’ll step in as planned and become the nominee and so as to completely forego the responsibility she’s shittiest at – campaigning. At least it saved us from having to watch her stumble, fall and hack up egg-sized phlegm globules. Don’t forget, though, we’re roughly 5 months away and she’s hastily en route… just as planned.

Moreover and most importantly as it relates to Hillary, it’s time to shine full sunlight on a host of Muslim entanglements including but not limited to Benghazi, Huma Abedin and the Awan IT scandal and Pakistan. That’s a good starting point. Reenter the Muslim Brotherhood. Reenter infiltration and not invasion! In time, I believe that we’ll learn Huma was Hillary’s handler for the Muslim Brotherhood as underlying the infiltration effort and with Obama as the stated point man. As timing would have it, Qanon posted this reminder during final edits. Thank Q – very helpful to our cause.

Here’s where it gets more precarious for all involved. We know the verified contents of Anthony Wiener’s lap top and the verified “life insurance file” not take on an entirely different meaning and gravity. The file contents are widely reported to contain verified evidence of horrific crimes against children up to and including murder. Grown men – the most hardened and seasoned professionals at NYPD – were said to have walked out on it.

Why is that important? It represents the the leverage that Huma had on Hillary on behalf of her handlers, the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s more than just evidence of horrific crimes. Much more.

Moreover, let’s reach back and now suggest that we have grounds to reasonably further extend our scrutiny and therefore our theory to the President’s early diplomacy in Saudi Arabia and the Las Vegas shooting. Here’s a very rudimentary presentation of how it could be relevant.

The Draw-down on the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia

Our generational timetable, which is now overlaid by the Muslim Brotherhood, was long enough to account for deliberately and literally growing and developing Obama into the point man he is today. Framed by the generational timeline, not only does fit, it has to fit because that’s what happened.

Circling back to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of extending out theory on the broader continuum, the President’s decision to prioritize that trip early now gains greater clarity. Recall that during this general time frame, the Trump administration was managing a dynamic whereby essentially every trip that had the President calling on foreign leaders was essentially preceded or followed by a similar visit from former President Obama or one of his previous cabinet members, like John Kerry. Ergo, overlaying John Kerry’s embracing of Saudi Arabia as coupled with his travel in the same relative period to connect with Saudi leadership is highly suspicious; or perhaps highly treasonous.


Where we go, they go, Where they go, we go. It’s not so much peculiar as it is blatantly duplicitous and treasonous. NEVER has an outgoing administration stood firmly and risen in opposition to the incoming one. NEVER.

What they didn’t bank on; however, is that where we go one, we go all. And there is a lot more of us than them.

In the early Trump-Saudi diplomacy, we reasonably assume that a de facto gutting of the Muslim Brotherhood’s stranglehold on the Kingdom and the US government was redressed. It had to be. Otherwise, nukes are on the table and we’re now chatting war. There’s no other viable option realistically and it seems the Saudi’s smartly played ball aligned with Trump’s administration. They have likely brokered themselves some form of “favorable status” moving forward and acknowledging how the world works, it’s deserved if our suspicions are correct.

All of that said, I believe we now have further clarity on the Las Vegas shooting. Even at the time it was widely thought to be organized and black-ops involved; or at least that was the conventional thought in all of the stuff I was reading.

Given the backdrop of what we now know, Las Vegas now looks more like a Muslim Brotherhood retaliatory effort that was interceded by US forces in a reactive mode. Recalling that President Trump’s visit to the Kingdom was 20-22 May 17, the Las Vegas shooting occurred on 01 Oct 17 and we know that a member of the Kingdom of Saud had reserved floors of the Mandalay as owned by Four Seasons. The still unknown details require their own space but our assertion is that the shooting is directly related. Timelines are revealing.


Moreover and given our understanding of Obama’s domestic counterinsurgency effort, is it not appropriate to begin looking at locations like The Twin Cities (MN) and persons like Congresswomen Omar and Talib. The breadth of the assertions warrant it and it would certainly explain their un-American ideology as coupled with their vitriolic and hateful stance toward the President or anything traditionally American.

Importantly and again, this is not an accusation towards these elected officials rather it’s a demonstrable and legitimate basis from which to scrutinize their potential roles; understanding that the difference between consideration and accusation is akin to day and night.

Coming back full circle, the concept of the Deep State/Shadow Government working to develop a rogue nuclear arsenal becomes much like the other supported assertions – less of a leap of faith and more of an informed position.

If the Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA were in bed together as functionaries in this broader Deep State Shadow Government Military Industrial Complex timetable to overthrow the US government, don’t you think they’d have a reason or a purpose to go through generations of planning and execution? Wouldn’t they need a hammer to drive their nails? How long has Iran been trying to develop nuclear weapons capability? North Korea the same? How much money did Obama send Iran? How bad was that Iran deal? Do you think the Muslim Brotherhood thread runs entirely through both Iran and Saudi Arabia (acknowledging all of the relevant others) and Obama or that all just coincidence (again)?

All legitimate questions, no? Now go back and ask yourself exactly far off we are in suggesting that Obama is a Manchurian candidate with a Kenyan and Indonesian background who was developed and inserted by an infiltrated and rogue CIA that was developing its own rogue an independent nuclear arsenal that it would use to overthrow the US government and install a One World Government designed to enslave you? Ask if COVID-19 is the most recent step in that direction. Sound crazy. Look around friends – they’ve already got you warmed-up with a fake pandemic caused by their real virus and they’ve already told you about vaccinating the entire world with nanotechnology to support tracking and surveillance.

Time to wake-up, ya’ll. The TRUTH ain’t going nowhere.

Featured Video: Sergeant Robert Horton (US Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command, US Army Special Forces Green Berets (trainer)

Thank you @upon_storm/Storm Upon Us



Contents: Underlying Positions, Hypothesis, Team Update, Disclaimer, QAnon disclaimer, Timeline, Graphics

*Please find related graphics and images and the timeline at the bottom.

*If you are brand new, there are two recommendations as to where to begin catching-up and they are posted at the very bottom – one shorter than the other.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ROOTED IN APPRECIATED READER FEEDBACK: Please consider that the Making the Case for Treason sub-series is deliberately much more granular and comprehensive and therefore more burdensome to consume. It is NOT presented for fast uptake like a Twitter thread. That would be grossly irresponsible and entirely inappropriate and inadequate given the implications, consequences and ramifications of what we are asserting herein. That said and for full understanding, these articles are recommended to be consumed old-school style: sitting down, uninterrupted, start to finish and repeated until understood.

By design, this isn’t causal reading. My prior experience as an investigator and history teacher drive the approach and it is one rooted in preparing summary findings reports detailing investigations used to prosecute, arbitrate, settle, dispute, litigate, etc. The work is comprehensive and the details are granular and that’s exactly how it should be – we’re MAKING the case, which rests between talking about it and prosecuting it. Generally, it’s a demonstration of why it should be prosecuted.

All said, if you care to understand HOW and WHY the entire nation was sold-out in the worst way, those details must be fully examined to be fully understood.

Underlying Positions

  1. The ENTIRETY of the COVID-19 pandemic functions on a broader timetable dating back years and converges contemporaneously with Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine and impeachment, whereby all of the latter are sub-components serving the former, which it itself is a sub-component to a broader plan by decades.
  2. The criminality and corruption we’re seeing isn’t new – it’s decades-old planning that’s coming to manifest now and extends from the same power bases as the 9/11 false flag political construct and other events.
  3. Obama’s criminality dates back to the beginning of his first term when he entered office assigned with an agenda to map his counterinsurgency doctrine over the US to infiltrate all three levels of government: local, state and federal.
  4. Obama has been and continues to run point for a broader Globalist operation deeply entangled with the Clintons, Soros, Gates and a host of others.
  5. Everything unfolding from the President’s administration is the execution of a contingency plan that is calibrated to the 2020 election cycle. That election cycle becomes the immediate primary timeline over which all others are laid. We establish this because everything before and after it rests on the crux of 03 Nov 20 – election day. The other drivers here are the timeline underpinning Obama’s exit from office and its deserved severe scrutiny specific the events occurring late Dec to mid-Jan 2017.
  6. Everything we are seeing play-out as responsive from the Trump administration to COVID-19 is not a reaction by any means. Rather it’s reflective of steps within a pre-constructed contingency plan that was based and devised from intelligence indicating that this unavoidable (POTUS has little control over what bad actors do within the borders of it chief military, economic and diplomatic rival in China) false flag political construct was imminent. With adaptations for real world and real time considerations, President Trump is currently executing that plan, not responding to a fake pandemic. Understand that these two things exist in different universes.
  7. Observe the messaging and social programming (a very real thing!) – who wears masks and when do they wear them? Fauci and Birx, the true usurpers of the President’s emergency powers, wear them while the President’s people do not. Pay attention to other subtle cues – the messaging is evident. Observes the sights and sounds emanating from TV. Notice how the formula is all the same – pulling on emotional heart strings to elicit a dopamine drop to trigger brain chemistry and set to the same jingly, emotion-invoking music that parallels the sights and sounds of casino brain science. The same brain science that is being leveraged against the American people to literally brainwash them into believing that the only way to stay safe is to hunker down at home; out of fear and unable to humanely connect with other humans. In other words, it’s social programming to accept your digitally (and legally) enforced slavery. Wake-up and resist.
  8. President Trump wagging Fauci in front of the cameras weeks ago to force him to correct the record and own that every time he and Birx asked for anything, the President gave it to them the first time every time. HARDLY ANYONE TALKS ABOUT THIS. He’s making them own their usurpation of emergency powers on live TV. Now you know why Fauci and Birx often appear so uncomfortable and agitate when exposed to the right information. There will come a day people point specifically to that moment in time and for good cause.
  9. FLYNN FIRST! as covered comprehensively in the previous articles and manifesting currently with the constructive Lawfare Group/Judge Sullivan amicus curiae brief maneuver. Importantly, we content per work at CTH that was not unmasked but rather the subject of a FISA warrant before his attachment to the Trump administration. Flynn was the first prioritized target and as of this article, he remains not only that, but he’s locked, loaded and ready to fully reengage. The amicus stunt is the coup d’etat Hail Mary with likely other contingencies waiting when this fails as it ultimately will. Flynn’s deep and broad knowledge of the vast criminality at hand remains the most critical aspect and division point between the past and current administrations and Flynn as a man represents the entirety of their own undoing. FLYNN FIRST!


Hypothesis (developed over time with emerging research):
Our hypothesis asserts that this political construct was inserted into President Trump’s administration during compulsory Obama/Trump transition meetings on 13 Jan 17. That’s the same day the MSM decided to release the cooked-up Flynn/Russia story preemptively and with Flynn taking part in those meetings. Unsurprisingly, the immediate talking points from Obama administration officials and others in-the-know were about the disrupted, off-kilter, reluctant and awkward nature of the meeting. How convenient for them to build their future MSM talking points into the meeting by designing and timing those dynamics. Since the insertion point, a mountain of correlated and interconnected evidence further propels this hypothesis as represented in this growing catalog of article.

28 Mar 20 Update/Team: What used to be a looser conversational group has grown and, over the course of this pandemic, has become a small team of folks working together most of the day every day. Much of what I’m writing recently is a product of that collective work and/or my own opinion as influenced by that group. This team receives quite a bit of valuable information from the folks who read our articles and accordingly, we (I) give a special heartfelt hat tip to @Shazlandia, whom keeps me on my toes at all times; often inconveniencing herself to do it.

DisclaimerThis has now grown into a sizable series of articles on the COVID-19 coronavirus. Understand that all of this began simply with some curiosity about whom may stand to gain or benefit with the discovery of a promising treatment identified as Remesdivir – no more and no less; it’s that simple.

QAnon Disclaimer: I give much time to QAnon and for this simple reason – no matter if you believe QAnon to be absolutely real or absolutely fake, QAnon has consistently remained in front of the news cycle; with great accuracy, over time and while the MSM and other “news” outlets have consistently gotten it wrong for that same time. Yes, you have to dig to get the information but the doormats are conveniently placed in front of you if you care to enter. I care to enter.

A Word on Intent: There was never an intent to write a single article; much less a series of them. The rabbit hole into which I placed myself diverged many times over transitioning into a mess of global entanglements that converted this work from an exploratory exercise to one hunting for evidence to scaffold an hypothesis. The content, therefore, is affected and takes a different tone and direction. For deeper understanding, here is the CATALOG of all articles in this series.

Where to Start Catching-up: I have two shortcuts for new readers looking to catch-up and avoid reading from article one. The ninth article – IS COVID-19 A GLOBAL 9/11? EVIDENCE CAN BE ARRANGED TO SUGGEST A FALSE FLAG CONSTRUCT AND HERE’S HOW – served as a recapitulation as of 14 Mar 20. Alternatively, you could take a bigger shortcut and pick-up with CAUSE OF DEATH FOR SALE posted 12 Apr 20.







FIGURE 1: Underlying premise/manipulating infection data to drive false narrative
FIGURE 2: Elaboration on underlying premise in Fig. 1
FIGURE 3: Excerpts from relevant headlines in support of hypothesis and underlying premise
FIGURE 4: Analysis of article authored by Bill Gates on 28 Feb 20
FIGURE 5: “Fraud” begins to emerge in the subtext of the MSM relative to COVID-19
FIGURE 6: Graphic outlining suspicious deaths related to COVID-19
FIGURE 7: Curious word choice and messaging one month before presidential transition meetings on 13 Jan 17
FIGURE 8: Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program) position posted with open dates of 15 Nov 19 – 05 May 20 (Note: 1st US: 20 Jan 20, initial/original Wuhan outbreak: 27 Dec 19 [revised back to 17 Nov 19], FBI knowledge of outbreak: October 2019)
FIGURE 9: Early NYC fatalities reflecting underlying conditions component
FIGURE 10: ‘Event 201’ information
FIGURE 11: Historically anomalous drop-off in pneumonia deaths 2019-2020
FIGURE 12: $171 million increase in funding form US to WHO on the established 2016-2017 timeline
FIGURE 13: Bill Gates purchased the CDC like he did the WHO – with funding
FIGURE 14: Image grab of the 13 Nov 19 FBI Tactical Intelligence Report/Bio-weapons & WMDD
FIGURE 15: Historic employment number eviscerated
FIGURE 16: Mortality and infection rates dependent upon age and underlying conditions
FIGURE 17: NYT’s reporting representative of false narrative propagating a fear message; data is mitigated exponentially by updated statistics and numbers
FIGURE 18: Dr. Stephen Smith’s data regarding underlying conditions
FIGURE 19: COVID-19 image presented by QAnon
FIGURE 20: NVSS memo shaping nationwide “liberal approach” (Birx) to diagnosis and cause of death declarations


Figures 21-26: Leaked slides from the pandemic scenario insertion on 13 Jan 17 during compulsory Obama/Trump transition meetings:

FIGURE 21: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 22: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 23: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 24: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 25: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 26: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 27: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 28: “This is Bill Gates”
FIGURE 29: Image Catherine Herridge/Techno Fog Steele dossier FBI sub-source verified dossier as disinformation 12 Jan 17 (SOURCE)
FIGURE 32: Q confirmation validating entire position on impeachment/COVID-19
FIGURE 33: Data confirmation and validation that COVID-19 is a FFPC being driven by manipulated and fraudulent data.
FIGURE 34: Just some baseless self-promotion to bolster the spirit…..
FIGURE 35: This now has a tinge of basis but remains shameless self-promotion.



The Flynn Timeline Insert

*Embedded images sourced from Conservative Treehouse, NBC News, Fox News and QAnon and open federal sources.

Conservative Tree House presents 5 distinct phases for context to the broader construct and they bear significant relevance here:

1. 12/2015 – 4/2016: “The first phase leading into ‘Spygate’ is the period of time where opposition research of the republican candidate field was taking place.  It is in this period where Fusion-GPS hired CIA Open Source researcher Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ-NSD official Bruce Ohr, to do research.”

2. 4/18/2016 – 7/31/2016: “At the same time as NSA Director Mike Rogers discovered a significant and unauthorized uptick in FISA-702(16)(17) database queries, and subsequently blocked access (April 18th, 2016), candidate Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee for the presidential race.”

3. 8/1/2016 – 10/21/2016: “With the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence operation in full swing, the Obama intelligence community, the CIA, was conducting facilitating operations throughout.  In August 2016 CIA Director John Brennan brought the covert intelligence congressional oversight team known as the Gang-of-Eight into the picture.”

4. 10/21/2016 – 1/20/2017: “The FBI received their FISC surveillance authority two weeks before the November 8th presidential election.”

5. 1/20/2017 – present: this portion is too extensive to summarize fully and include – please click the original link. In general, “Here’s where the current background of multiple issues and questions begins to make sense.” Congress is unaware of “what is taking place within the ongoing counterintelligence operation against President Trump and all those around him.  Crossfire Hurricane, aka ‘Spygate’, is mostly invisible in the background. The need to put factual teeth behind a fraudulently created investigative predicate means the FBI needs to start getting serious about the investigative targets. “

Important: Pay attention for commentary in the image captions and elsewhere to give meaning as you progress.


Nov ’14: Mifsud’s first association with London Centre of International Law and Practice Limited (LCILP)


-Obama makes an apparent exception to existing policy by allowing Fauci to fund at $3.7m coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab expected of leaking the virus (SOURCE.)
October/November 2015 – Mifsud joins LCILP
22 May: Obama signs into law the new (JCPOA) Iran deal
Dec ’15: Flynn visits Russia participating in a diplomatic-styled event in Moscow celebrating the 10th anniversary of RT.

Customary, regular and in no way anomalous for traditional US diplomacy.


Feb ’16: Papadopoulos’ Linked-In account states he joined LCILP
Mar ’16: Papadopoulos joins LCILP (conflicts with previous entry above) as head of the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security; create nexus between him and Mifsud; Papadopoulos emails Trump campaign offer to arrange a meeting – “Meeting with Russian Leadership – Including Putin”
06 Mar: Senior Trump campaign official advises Papadopoulos that improving Russian relations will be a priority
14 Mar: Papadopoulos-Mifsud meet for first time
18 Mar: Obama enacted Executive Order/Public Law 113-146 changing Kennedy-era law so as to augment the process and include pandemic preparedness into transitional meetings.
21 Mar: Via the Washington Post, Papadopoulos introduced publicly by Trump campaign as one of 5 foreign advisersMarch 24, 2016 – Papadopoulos meets female Russian national for first time (‘Putin’s niece’) via Mifsud
31 Mar: Papadopoulos attends national security meeting in DC with Trump and other advisors resulting in an effort to broker a meeting with Putin and the Russians
Apr ’16: Papadopoulos emails multiple progress reports regarding Russian meeting efforts
10-11 Apr: Papadapoulos and female Russian national email to arrange foreign policy trip
11 Apr: Mifsud emails confirming the arrangement in the previous entry
18 Apr: Via email, Mifsud introduces Papadopoulos to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs contact
22 Apr: Russian MFA emails Papadopoulos; thanks him for extensive talks and proposes London meeting
25 Apr: Papadopoulos emails Trump campaign advising of open invitation for Trump to meet with Russians in London
26 Apr: Mifsud meets Papadopoulos in London hotel and claims to have damaging information on Clinton
27 Apr: Papadopoulos emails Trump campaign about “interesting messages” and a meeting where Russia would host Trump
30 Apr: Papadopoulos thanks Mifsud for his “critical help”
May ’16: Papadopoulos-Alexander Downer (AUS) meet to discuss damaging information on Clinton
04 May: Russian MFA emails Papadopoulos about open cooperation Trump meeting
05 May: Papadopoulos has phone call with Trump campaign and forwards Russian MFA email
13 May: Mifsud emails Papadopoulos about continuing to liaise between the Russians and Trump to schedule high-level meeting
21 May: Papadopoulos emails Trump campaign about Russians being eager to meet
01 Jun: Papadopoulos emails Trump campaign; referred to Campaign Supervisor about high-level Russian meeting
09 Jun: Trump Tower Meeting with Russians
Jul ’16: Bruce Ohr advises FBI/DOJ of potentially fraudulent nature of Steele dossier; Downer provides a tip about “Trump” to Australian intelligence (Five Eyes accord); Australia (Five Eyes accord) provides Downer “Trump” tip to US intelligence
18 Jul and before: Trump under surveillance
19 Jul: Papadopoulos, after ongoing communications with the Russian MFA contact, emails Trump campaign about surrogates attending the meeting if Trump is unable; Trump wins Republican nomination
Aug ’16: Bruce Ohr advises FBI/DOJ of potentially fraudulent nature of Steele dossier
15 Aug: Trump campaign advises Papadopoulos to make the Russian meeting trip if feasible (meeting did not take place)
September 2016 – Stefan Halper pressures George Papadopoulos on Russia in accusatory form
Oct ’16: FISA warrant application on Carter Page filedOct ’16: Mary McCord becomes AAG/DOJ/NSD replacing John Carlin
Dec ’16: Kushner facilitates meeting with Russians and Flynn, Sally Yates learns of Flynn investigation

Relative to the above – be prepared to hear revelations that Jared Kushner is somehow compromised.

Notable: Relative to the above – be prepared to hear revelations that Jared Kushner is somehow compromised. That is the emerging evidence and it suggests how the President’s enemies could have put the both him and Flynn at ease regarding interfacing with the Russians. Perhaps the President knew Kushner was compromised and played him, who knows? No matter he was assigned the Russia reset project by Trump. It seems that Kushner may have to answer some difficult questions soon. We’ll stay tuned to see if the dog will hunt.

31 Dec: Kislyak calls Flynn, conversation held

Notable: The previous Kushner meeting now takes on new meaning given that it facilitates a phone call between Russian Ambassador Kislyak and Flynn. We call that a set-up or pretext.

Move forward with tremendous and careful discernment as we encroach on the most important period of US history.


Jan. ’17: Obama increases funding by $171m to the WHO as funded and controlled by Bill Gates and China (soured in housekeeping.)
Jan ’17: Obama sought funding cuts at the CDC, which would effectively interfere with pandemic preparedness and response (SOURCE): fiscal year 2015, $414 million cut year-over-year; fiscal year 2017 budget, looked to eliminate $251 million in CDC funding.
Jan ’17: The period of time Christopher Steele states that he deleted all of his Russian dossier files and contents
03 Jan: Trump and Flynn meet and discuss Russian matters, Mary McCord’s first knowledge of the case against Flynn, Loretta Lynch signs Obama’s new regulations for signals intelligence dissemination (SOURCE)

04 Jan: FBI doc 189-1 indicates that CROSSFIRE RAZOR surveillance (on Trump meeting with Flynn) resulted in no subject interview and closed the CROSSFIRE HURRICANE investigation.

05: Barack Obama, Susan Rice & Joe Biden extend a meeting privately to discuss doing investigations “by the book,” Susan Rice issued self-memorialized document meeting, Sally Yates first receives notice of the Flynn case.

Notable: The day-by-day is remarkable here. To begin, Flynn and Trump meet on the 3rd and obviously the meeting was under surveillance because Flynn got to school sick and the 04 Jan report verifies it. Now, he’s sitting in class with Trump and ‘incidental collection’ is in play: A> B> C = A-C. It seems Barry and the boys were in on this conversation since Flynn’s warrant was active upon arrival; heard nothing but still moved forward. Consider where this went.

Two days following the meeting and the day after the dead-end report and Crossfire Hurricane closing, Obama, Biden and Rice extend a meeting privately. Immediately thereafter, Susan Rice issues a self-memorialization email to specifically frame “Russia” contextually relevant to Flynn, Trump and everything else. They did this AFTER knowing Flynn, Trump and Russia was a dead end. Again, see definition for treason.

Most critical to all things, this very moment in time is when Barack Hussein Obama galvanizes his foreknowledge to the entire false flag political construct into the permanent historical record. Thank you Susan.

At this point the ball game is on and everything else that follows is toward the eventual COVID-19 destination.

10 Jan: Buzzfeed publishes fraudulent Steel dossier tying back to John Brennan and his decision to launder the phone intelligence report by including it in the President’s Daily Brief, thus giving the suspected fraudulent dossier false instant credibility in the MSM.
11 Jan: Dr. Fauci publicly stated, “During a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, Fauci said the Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease outbreak.” (SOURCE)
12 Jan: The Carter Page FISA warrant was set to expire and required renewal
12 Jan: FBI verified via its sub-source that Steele dossier was fraudulent and was comprised of Russian disinformation (SOURCE), thus eliminating their primary predication for initial impeachment and any warrants to which the dossier may have been attached.
13 Jan: Earlier: MSM coordinated the leak of fraudulent Flynn/Russia so as to preempt the presidential transition meetings in which Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was a participant
13 Jan: Later: Insertion point for the false flag viral pandemic political construct as occurring during compulsory and legally augmented Obama/Trump presidential transition meetings; thrust Fauci, Birx & WHO into roles.

15 Jan: Phase I China deal signed
24 Jan: FBI/Flynn interview, 302 drafted
January 27, 2017 – FBI interviews Papadapoulos for first time
31 Jan: (08 Nov – 31 Jan Flynn “unmasking requests” and parties making inquiries.

14 Feb: McCabe approves Flynn 302, Page and Strzok texts cite “Also, is Andy good with F 302?” and “Launch on f 302.”

Significantly Notable: TAKE NOTE OF THE FACT THAT THE 302 WAS WITTINGLY ACCEPTED AND APPROVED BY MCCABE WITH THE WORD ‘DRAFT’ ATTACHED TO IT. This is deliberate for it creates a legal portal to file revised 302s later, meaning it also creates an avenue to literally change the story after the fact. Also significantly notable is the record of unmasking requests referenced against the varied list of requesting parties. Again, the timeline reveals the meaning – the purpose of the unmasking around the late Dec to mid-Jan timeline is to support the fraudulent case for Flynn being compromised by the Russians. This would be accomplished by leaking the findings publicly as a panicked Obama prepared to leave office with more loose ends than an splayed and frayed anchor rope.

15 Feb: Flynn 302 accepted, indicating Flynn’s invitation to the Russian GRU in 2013, which would have been authorized by Obama’s administration (set-up.)

Notable: Here we have the notorious Page and Strzok texts in support of the questionable 302; remembering that Strzok was the lead interviewing agent on the Flynn interview. Take note of the ‘draft’ marker below.

16 Feb: FBI-Papadapoulos interview #2
17 Feb: Papadopoulos deactivates his Facebook account circa 2005
February 23, 2017 – Papadopoulos ceases using his cell number and establishes a new one
May ’17: Zainab Ahmad attends Global Center on Cooperative Security event
08 May: Strzok and Page texts stating “F*CK! Clapper and Yates…playing into the ‘there should be an unmasking request/record’ for incidental collection, incorrect narrative.”

Significantly Notable: Here Strzok and Page discuss specifically CTH’s contention regarding Flynn as a subject relative to incidental collection. They identify incidental collection as the incorrect narrative meaning that Flynn was an subject for an active FISA warrant.

17 May: Robert Mueller named Special Counsel, Zainab Ahmad member of initial legal team

Notable: “Zainab Ahmad, a member of Mueller’s legal team, is the former Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York. As pointed out by Blackburn, Ahmad attended a Global Center on Cooperative Security event in 2017. In recent days, Blackburn wrote via Twitter: “Zainab Ahmad is a major player in the Russiagate scandal at the DOJ. Does she work for SC Mueller? She was at a GCCS event in May 2017. Arvinder Sambei, a co-director of the [London Centre of International Law Practice], worked with Joseph Mifsud, [George Papadopoulos] and [Simona Mangiante]. She’s a GCCS consultant.”

“Blackburn told this author: “Zainab Ahmad was one of the first DOJ prosecutors to have seen the Steele dossier. In May 2017, she attended a counter-terrorism conference in New York with the Global Center on Cooperative Security (GCCS), an organization which Joseph Mifsud, the alleged Russian spy, had been working within London and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.”

31 May: Flynn 302 re-entered at FBI

Notable: The reentered Flynn 302 on 31 May (as noted in the image above) removed the ‘draft’ marker thus allowing for a retro-fitted change to the fact set. It was a deliberate maneuver or a set-up.

27 Jul: Papadopoulos is arrested
30 Oct: Papadopoulos pleads guilty
30 Nov: Flynn signs guilty plea as accepted by Judge Ruy Contreras

Notable: This juncture is important. Notice how Flynn’s signed confession occurs AFTER the ‘DRAFT’ 302 was accepted accepted and then refiled thus establishing a revised fact set. Further down, you’ll note were two revised 302s were inserted again after the fact. The word ‘draft’ was never ‘inadvertently’ anything rather deliberate the entire way. Nefarious and tedious!

Look where it goes. Look whom happened to sit on the FISA court, oversee the Flynn case and then recuse unexpectedly and without explanation. This is entirely reflective of two things: the jig was up and Contreras was in on defrauding of the FISA court upon which he sat. They removed him quietly so as not to rock the boat. Never interfere with an enemy in the midst of self-destruction. Rudy in hot water with the rest of them.

07 Dec: Judge Contreras recuses without explanation to be replaced by as corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan.

12 Dec: New Flynn Judge Emmet Sullivan orders Mueller to surrender exculpatory (to Flynn’s benefit) to Flynn’s defense team


31 Jan: Mueller orders delay in Flynn sentencing
14 Feb: Mueller requests that Flynn exculpatory evidence (of benefit to Flynn) to be sealed

Notable: Here Mueller is taking a deliberate step with Flynn’s due process by seeking to seal away known exculpatory evidence. That’s how traitors work.

08 May: President Trump abandons Obama’s (JCPOA) Iran deal
26 May: Chinese national with bio-materials and a centrifuge at airport in Detroit (DTW)
17 Jul: Mary McCord/James Comey meet re: 11/15/17 302 (?)

Notable: Come enters the picture with McCord and despite research, we’re unable to identify the subject for 15 Nov 17 302.

28 Nov: U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) stopped a Chinese biologist with three vials labeled “Antibodies” in his luggage
17 Dec: Judge Sullivan receives 2 filed redacted versions of Flynn’s original 302, as ordered and received from the undersigned Mueller and Brandon L. Van Grack.)

Sources: VOX/ODNI highlight yellow quote

-End/Flynn Timeline Insert-

11 Sep: Chinese national with 8 vials at airport in Detroit (DTW)
13 Nov: DOJ/FBI Tactical Intelligence Report> China<>WMDD<>US (*ancillary intelligence report marked ‘FISA’)
15 Nov: Opening of ‘Public Health Advisor/Quarantine Program’ position post (closes 15 May 20)
17 Nov: Revised (backwards) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China
05 Dec: Pelosi authorizes drafting of Articles of Impeachment
09 Dec: 21 vials stolen> Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard
10 Dec: Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard/China arrest, Nadler> AOIs
13 Dec: Nadler’s Judiciary Committee votes to impeach
18 Dec: Full House vote to impeach Trump
27 Dec: Initial (original) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China> 17 Nov

15 Jan: House: AOIs>Senate, impeachment managers announced, engrossment ceremony, Trump/Xi sign Phase 1 trade deal
16 Jan: Senate formally receives AOIs
20 Jan: 1st COVID-19 case: US, Senate receives AOIs
21 Jan: Senate votes on trial rules, FAUCI> COVID NOT MAJOR THREAT
22 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
23 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
24 Jan: Senate trial> pros. ends opening arg., Loeffler begins dumping stock
25 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
26 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
27 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
28 Jan: Senate trial> defense ends opening arguments
31 Jan: Bolton witness debate, Feinstein begins dumping stock, TRUMP RESTRICTS CHINA AIR TRAVEL
05 Feb: Senate acquits Trump


13 Feb: Burr dumps stock
11 Mar: Pandemic/emergency declaration, (DONE IN 30) > to 12 Apr.
12 Mar: Trump orders and takes-out Iranian commander
15 Mar: Saudi Arabia> mass arrests (SA –> US –> Asia –> EU), Fed rate cut, FAUCI> ABC> 21 million coronavirus hospitalizations, up to 1.7 million dead
19 Mar: Lock-downs begin
24 Mar: DHS essential personnel moved to NORAD
25 Mar: HHS OIG announces it will investigate Trump over COVID-19
27 Mar: National Guard called-up, Trump nationalizes GM, stimulus passed
28 Mar: Projected beginning date for virus peak
29 Mar: FAUCI> REVISION> 100s of 1000s dead, millions infected, Pelosi/attack>DJT
30 Mar: Projected that banks would close> did not happen
31 Mar: Trump tweets “30 Days to Slow the Spread” > 4/30 > 5/1
01 Apr: Schiff> 9/11 style COVID-19 commission, Military> cartels
02 Apr: Pelosi> oversight investigation> Trump ongoing pandemic response, FAUCI> CALLS FOR NATIONWIDE LOCK-DOWN
03 Apr: Projected that markets would close through 13 Apr
10 Apr: Projected worst day 1
11 Apr: Projected worst day 2
12 Apr: Easter Sunday – POTUS’ initial objective end date
13 Apr: INITIAL PROJECTED END-DATE (now revised farther ahead)
30 Apr: Extended ended date for federal guidelines – 30 to slow/done in 30
01 May: Projected end date for virus peak
23 May: Lock-downs begin to relax
06 Jun: Lock-downs end
11 Jun: Identified date / significance unknown

Drink your Moonshine…

It’s good for the TRUTH.

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