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A Beholden and Bad Bill Barr Betrayed the Boss

A beholden and bad Bill Barr, the former two-term U.S. Attorney General and point man for the Department of Justice who was first appointed by George H.W. Bush and later served as the replacement for a beleaguered and recused Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States for President Donald J. Trump, betrayed his boss – President Trump. More recently, we have the capstone piece of evidence that galvanizes and finalizes our position on Barr, which had been controversial and hotly contested in the backdrop of Moonshine; and with some in our group having previously held faith in him. Barr led us to some infighting but I do all of the work, reading, researching, writing, etc. – literally all of what appears at Moonshine – so that work prevailed resulting in the earlier notions that Barr was somehow situated for good being dispatched forever and for cause.

I also wish those guys had been right because coming down on the right side of the Bill Barr line means coming down on the wrong side of what America needs and needed. Tragic falls short of appropriate, here.

Moving forward, we’re latching on to federalism, compromise, infiltration and prosecutorial discretion as you’ll see and come to understand. All of these will hammer beholden and bad Bill’s nail straight into the board and entirely so.

In a bedrock of long established and exclusive work, we have the evidence to this end and it presents in spades. Collectively, it leaves precisely zero room for alternative explanations on Barr. There’s no doubt about it and the picture is crystalline and presents with unmatched clarity. A beholden and bad Bill Barr betrayed the boss. It starts there and unfortunately, it ended there. At least for now.

As the foundation of Moonshine work puts forth and on a generational timeline, this nation was infiltrated and including by people compromised or subject to being compromised. This infiltration, which leverages federalism as a primary lever in the collection of fraudulent, reciprocal and mutually serving constructs that converge onto one political continuum and underpin the totality of treason that we’ve established and evidenced, draws us down on a timeline that reaches back to at least the Kennedy era in contemporary terms.

The leveraging of federalism back against Americans also delivered the color revolution and overthrow as unfolding in specific states, counties and municipalities within the contexts of and not limited to COVID guidelines enforcement; summer riots, mayhem and domestic terrorism and, most importantly, the stolen 2020 election. Federalism is responsible for it all as Moonshine first pointed out long ago.

The buried gold in it is such that you don’t have to overthrow the entire U.S. to overthrow the entire U.S. but rather install [infiltration] just enough of the right people [compromised] in the just right places and within the right locations [federalism.] See all of the numerous Moonshine map overlays that make this point redundantly and ad nauseam, like the composite one below.

On this generational timeline that transits multiple presidencies and represents an intentional disintegration of the culpability for it all; and across the administrations of George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Obama and, if things had gone according to plan, to Hillary Clinton, Donald John Trump presents as the complete and total non-politico outlier who somehow “un-rigged” a rigged election and won 2016 legitimately.

Since then, the previous chain of presidencies has linked back to one of its own with the Chinese proxy, Joe Biden. The accelerated pace we’ve been ushered through since Biden’s inauguration represents them working in catch-up mode to account for the 4-year Trump gap in that chain. It’s obvious like Mike Tyson punching you in the face.

The evidence for this is found in things like U.S. patent filings and executive orders that bridge two presidencies contiguous to the time around presidential transition and when an outgoing president hands an incoming one authority found in a freshly minted executive order that normally falls outside of or pushes Constitutional boundaries.

It’s emblematic of why “orange man bad” became a thing and it’s why feeble-minded Amerikans incapable of divorcing themselves from political dogma and partisan ways, which absolutely prevent any form of independent and critical thinking as fueled by objective and reliable evidence, swill the propagated and state-sponsored orange elixir and to the point of inebriation.

These incapable people are the only impediment that matters at this point. All of the treasonous and political hay is already in the barn or about ready to be and so those incapable of independent and critical thought present the last remaining barrier between enslavement and freedom. As this group goes so goes the rest of us at least until the rest of us decide to do something differently. I’m waiting and have been for a long time.

Digressing and four tumultuous years later, President Trump is on the outside looking in; perhaps wondering what happened and perhaps not, but most certainly out of office and with all of us hanging in the balance as the country criminally and under irrefutably and demonstrably fraudulent and treasonous circumstances slips into full-bore Marxist communism at the hands of a Chinese proxy in Joe Biden.

Once replacing a Russian recused Sessions, Barr was riding shotgun for Trump as point man at the Department of Justice and as situated with the full might and authority; and the full spectrum and array of assets, tools and otherwise, of the DOJ, FBI, the full Judiciary and other vectors within the federal apparatus and under the DOJ’s jurisdiction. What did Barr do with his unmatched and unparalleled arsenal?

Not a damn thing. He offered plenty of hyperbolic bluster that equates to political masturbation in the sense it just feels good but doesn’t accomplish anything. The evidence says he did this just as he was tasked to do and for the primary reason outlined by Moonshine long ago – as a delay strategy and to obfuscate and veil the truth.

Barr is no different than all of the rest of these compromised and infiltrating miscreants who don’t just accidentally end up in particularly weighty positions like serving as a two-term AG transiting multiple presidencies. To someone with a modicum of understanding relative to actual statecraft, we brand this person a “fixer” and this becomes especially so after latching onto this notion as examined against the bedrock of exclusive and extensive proprietary work into Barr’s background and the appropriate analysis of it. It collectively demonstrates in irrefutable, undeniable and replicable fashion that not only are the finer points on Barr accurate, but they evidence the primary overarching constructs in the foundation of Moonshine work.

It’s all identifiable in the open sources I utilized and all of it underpins all that plagues us today. It’s as easy as saying that around every corner; in every crack; in every hole; in every shadow and sometimes even cast in full daylight, an infiltrator is to be found – just like beholden and bad Bill Barr.

We’re living through the end stages of a communist, Marxist overthrow at the hands of China and as subject to the tactics and propaganda of World War II Nazi Germany. If that sounds excessive or egregious, take in the roughly 220 articles I’ve penned so far and then get back to me with evidence to the contrary. Good luck because there’s no other way to identify and understand the evidence and it comes in spades. I’ve already provided it in spades and today is the capstone for Barr; until of course, we find more later and we will as time restraints bear down.

Below is one of my favorite images from the Trump presidency; if not the favorite, and it’s tainted by Barr’s presence like a port wine stain on the face of all that is good, decent, American and necessary to live freely as God intended. It’s a resolute President Trump making his way to St. John’s on the back end of it having been desecrated and burned by domestic terrorists serving as contemporary brown shirt functionaries and doing the bidding of their principals – the Deep State [Democrats] and their sugar daddy, George Soros.

Sans the logo bottom right, I had this printed on canvas and sent to everyone in the backdrop of Moonshine.

With a rich sense of irony and drawing back on our World War II timeline, Prescott Bush – George H. W. Bush’s father – funded the Nazis in World War II while George Soros betrayed his own Jewish people by looting their valuables for the Nazis and for the express purpose of his own self-preservation.

This is the epitome of being compromised and compromise is where infiltration begins.

Pause and take this in. Here, you’ll gather succinctly how George Soros escaped evil by becoming evil and in his own words – deliberately, explicitly and absolutely. It’s entirely emblematic of how Soros – by means of compromise, infiltration and federalism – landed at the doorstep of every American to render this nation into a Marxist, communist, hell hole banana republic that has all of the good banana republics laughing at us.

Here’s the map overlay image discussed above and it reinforces and evidences our positions on Soros. Here we fully latch on to our exclusive and longstanding position that federalism has been and is being leveraged back against Americans as an execution [ability to carry out] and enforcement mechanism in the broader coup construct.

How do you overthrow the U.S.? By leveraging it’s own Constitution back against it under fraudulent pretenses – federalism.

Look closely and pay particular attention to how each map represents a different context but where certain locations replicate consistently.

If I’m incorrect about federalism, compromise and infiltration, then why do the same locations repeat regardless of the anti-American context that can be interchanged to produce those same locales over and over and over? And you can tie multiple streams of money to those locations? Rhetorical questions. I’m not wrong and the map overlays tell the same damn story, in all of the same damn locations, every damn time.

If I’m incorrect, then why is it that every time we pull a string, it threads back to this cartel; this criminal enterprise; and this cadre of infiltrators like the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, Gates, Soros and, of course, beholden and bad Bill Barr? Why do all of the strings tie back to China – like Bill Barr’s? Or Russia – like Bill Barr’s?

Let’s now apply simple logical deduction relative to the above image to gain meaning and fully make our point. To do so, ask yourself this question. If it were imperative for George Soros to fund/purchase [compromise] prosecutors in all of the right locations [federalism] so as to install selected individuals [infiltration] to inherit the authority [prosecutorial discretion] that is inherent in those positions, would it make sense to also ensure that the NATION’S HIGHEST RANKING PROSECUTOR was also in pocket?

The answer is an obvious ‘yes.’ Enter beholden and bad Bill Barr.

To evidence the notion of prosecutorial discretion as I’m outlining it, we latch on to two contemporaneous news events we’ll discuss momentarily; one being the final nail in Barr’s pathetic and treasonous coffin. Underpinning both is prosecutorial discretion in and of itself and whereby the foundation for the execution of American jurisprudence gives the jurisdictional prosecutor the sole decision making power to prosecute or not.

Save those positions ascended to by appointment, generally speaking the position of prosecutor in an electable one and prosecutorial discretion permits the prosecutor to do important things: 1) manage the political career, 2) apply the law with fidelity, 3) enforce the law with prosecutions where the evidence reaches an appropriate threshold and 4) decline to prosecute cases that can’t be made to the same suitable threshold.

It’s the fourth point that bears down hardest and in the case of beholden and bad Bill Barr and with all of the prosecutors Soros has purchased. All Barr ever did was get pissed, hot and bothered anytime someone accused him one way or the other but where he declined to prosecute anything and everything put in front of him save Kevin Clinesmith. See Clinesmith’s slap on the wrist as scraps fed to the proletariat in the vein of “I did my job, see, Constitution.” Pathetic. Traitor. Scum. Infiltrator. Compromised. Discretely prosecutorial and by design.

Here our two recent news events bear down in the broader spectrum. First is Merrick Garland’s prosecutorial discretion whereby he, Nancy Pelosi and presumably Mike Pence relish in seeing Garland’s discretion to prosecute any and all MAGAites invited into the U.S. Capitol on 06 Jan 21 by a Capitol Police force that stood down, opened the doors and rolled-out the red carpet.

Meanwhile and thanks to Garland’s Barr-like prosecutorial discretion, BLM, Antifa and otherwise brown shirts remain free, at large and poised to pick back up with the burning, looting, rioting and murdering they levied last summer. Those headlines are copiously available for you to find independently and I’ve covered them in ink and imagery in no fewer than ONE TWO THREE items.

The other news event is our final one and it was the issuance of a letter delineating how beholden and bad Bill Barr’s direct orders, as underpinned by prosecutioral discretion, were handed down from the nation’s highest ranking prosecutoiral office thus ordering that there will be no investigation or prosecution for the stolen 2020 election.

From the letter penned by Former U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of PA William McSwain, which is produced in full below and as sourced at TGP, we net the following,

Now and in light of all that has preceded this; and considering that beholden and bad Bill Barr’s net worth is in the tens of millions of dollars [roughly estimated at $40mm-$70mm], consider this extract from one of the Moonshine article’s linked below, which I penned on 17 Nov 20,

We’re building on the previous two articles. In the first item, I established how AG William Barr had returned to Kirkland & Ellis in 2017 and was situated there at a time that Kirkland & Ellis was advising Staple Street Capital on it’s partial acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems, which has a clear tie to Smartmatic, which we’ve only examined at a cursory level thus far.

Herein, we’ll expand a bit more on Smartmatic’s role. Herein, we are also again compelled to ask, what did Bill Barr know, when did he know it and what were and are his intentions upon reentering the Department of Justice for a second stint as Attorney General and with that information?

Smartmatic systems were widely used in the 2020 election and in recent statements related to the company, counselor for both President Trump and Lt. General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, has indicated that the President had previously borne witness to previous stolen elections, which likely includes the stolen 2012 Venezuelan election whereby Smartmatic delivered the result.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, is the Vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds and his Open Society Institute and he serves as Vice‐President at the World Bank, which I directly tied to the COVID-19 construct and the issuance of pandemic bonds. In 2014, Brown joined with Smartmatic’s CEO to begin SGO and Brown served as Chairman of the board steering the company to handling the automation of the electoral process for a host of countries including the U.S. Notable is that in a September of 2015 interview, Brown admitted to a licensing agreement with Dominion.

For the relevance of Brown to bear down with full might, consider his aforementioned affiliation with George Soros in relation to the article linked below. It was article number one in what now nears 80 articles on this fake pandemic. NUMBER ONE. THE START. THE GENESIS OF IT ALL.

Political Moonshine

Add to it this from another Moonshine article also linked below and penned 02 Dec 20,

The 2020 election occurred with Dominion/Smartmatic systems in use and the genesis of Dominion/Smartmatic draws back to the Venezuelan government. Now we factor in that Dominion has been acquired by China (UBS) and whereby the patents to those same systems were previously acquired by China (HSBC Toronto) and whereby China deliberately launched a bio-weapon of mass destruction against the US so as to construct the landscape that was necessary to leverage those acquisitions.

All of that happened while AG Barr was situated at Kirkland & Ellis, the firm guiding the original sale of Dominion to Staple Street and whereby Barr now, as AG, either stated or misstated recently that he’s not “seen” election fraud rising to the level such that it could affect the 2020 vote result. This is the same Barr that recently and quietly appointed John Durham as special counsel to investigate Crossfire Hurricane, but 4 years too late and in a capacity that now stands to compromise President’ Trump’s ability to move forward with declassification.

That’s where we are. That’s the picture to be understood. Who in the hell is William Barr and whom does he represent? Dominion/Smartmatic/China or Trump and the American people.

Political Moonshine

If you care to consume all of our articles regarding Barr, I’ve linked them for you chronologically at the bottom. I’ve also left a few notes to help you identify the weightier ones. Therein and as a quick sidebar, you’ll note articles that encompass Q or the misnomer QAnon and so for the sake of fidelity to the cause, recall our position on – Q Disclaimer: No matter if you believe Q to be absolutely real or absolutely fake, Q has consistently remained in front of the news cycle; with great accuracy, over time and while legacy media has consistently gotten it wrong for that same time. Yes, you have to dig-out the information from the cryptic prompts but in so doing, the doorways are conveniently placed in front of you if you care to objectively enter.

We insist in hanging our hat on evidence at Moonshine and early in my career, I learned that if you’re willing to stand on and ride it out and no matter how peculiar the details become, evidence will deliver you to the truth and the truth is always stranger than fiction. In our case with Barr and with all of Moonshine work we allow Constitutional civics to frame it all and when we apply the concepts of federalism, compromise, infiltration and prosecutorial discretion against the backdrop of Barr’s history and resume, we arrive at concrete conclusions as already demonstrated.

I wish I could leave you with some promise for the immediate and short future but I can’t; not right now, at least. The reason for that is simple. If you believe that a full shot of beholden and bad Bill Barr left a foul taste in your mouth, wait until you get a full shot of Merrick Garland. Be ready to spit it out.

Maybe August will be different. They say it gets real hot in August. We’ll see.

Here is the McSwain letter in full and following it are the Moonshine articles on Barr.

A beholden and bad Bill Barr betrayed the boss and because of it and for the time being, America may have been lost forever.

Beholden. Bad. Betrayer. Infiltrator. Traitor. All the same. All Bill Barr. That is the Barr legacy.

[The full list of linked Moonshine articles featuring Barr is beneath the following letter.]

Moonshine on Barr:

The following represents a chronological list of Moonshine articles that include Bill Barr in some capacity.

01 Jan 20: GIULIANI CONFIRMS MULTIPLE ANGLES – Timeline, corruption, attribution, Ukraine

05 Jan 20: ARE WE BEARING WITNESS TO PRESIDENT TRUMP’S IRAQ EXIT STRATEGY? Examining moves and countermoves in the Iran/ Iraq event as a withdrawal strategy


Any article like the following one that references ‘institutional preservation’ is important and will bear down on prosecutorial discretion.





12 Feb 20: LEFT’S POST-IMPEACHMENT STRATEGY SHIFTS – Barr and DOJ now primary targets

The following article is notable as an early glimpse of Barr’s questionable status.





25 Mar 20: COVID-19, IMPEACHMENT AND THE W.H.O. BRAID TOGETHER LIKE A ROPE: Overlaying 3 timelines to demonstrate COVID-19 as a political construct shielded by the diversion of impeachment

30 Mar 20: INCREDIBLE EMERGING STORY LINE IMPACTS COVID-19 THEORY: Links Wuhan, intelligence reports, bio-weapons, the WHO/Bill Gates, FBI and FISA all on the same timeline





06 May 20: Making the Case for Treason

13 May 20: Making the Case for Treason Part II: Crossfire Razor and the Rogue Nuclear Arsenal

18 May 20: Making the Case for Treason Part IV: The Fatal Flynn Fact Set and the Lethality it Delivers

10 Jun 20: Lawlessness, Anarchy and Riotous Murder

13 Jun 20: Making the Case for Treason Part VI: Judge Sullivan and His Unconstitutional Third Corner in a Two Corner Fight

06 Aug 20: Yates’ Testimony Telling, Timely and Troublesome

12 Aug 20: Fateful Flynn and the Full Court, ‘Was It a Bribe or Was It Brady?’

31 Aug 20: Treason in the U.S. Senate?

02 Sep 20: Did QAnon Just Directly Tie Compromised U.S. Lawmakers to China and in the Worst Way?

04 Sep 20: Amerika’s Gang Problem – John Brennan and the Gang of 8

13 Sep 20: Cauldron of Criminality Makes for Hell on Earth

19 Sep 20: Ginsburg Begins the Fiery Spiral to Absolute Bottom and That’s a Good Thing

20 Sep 20: Sinister Soros Set Amerika Ablaze!

25 Sep 20: Flynn First Through the Looking Glass

12 Oct 20: We Caught Them Cold, We Have Them Cold, What Now?

22 Oct 20: The Biden Crime Family and The Real Candidate – An Update on Recent Developments

30 Oct 20: The Promise of Dark Winter

Starting here, the bulk of the evidence against Barr relative to the stolen election, Dominion, China, patents, Kirkland & Ellis, etc. begins. It all forms the highly complex and nebulous landscape underpinning our position on Barr.

01 Nov 20: All Holds Barred

04 Nov 20: Post-Election Day Perspective

07 Nov 20: I Hope to God During An Excruciating Status Quo


11 Nov 20: Certifying the Election and Why It Matters

12 Nov 20: CISA Bears Down Amidst Stolen Election

16 Nov 20: What Did AG William Barr Know About Dominion Acquisition?

16 Nov 20: Dominion: From Barr, Kirkland and Ellis to Comey, HSBC

17 Nov 20: Did China Steal the Keys to the Castle? Do Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia & HSBC Tie Stolen Election to California PERS?

19 Nov 20: THE PLAN: Institutions, a Stolen Election and a War Footing With China

28 Nov 20: Biden Likely Enveloped by DOJ Press Release Linking Iran and Venezuela

29 Nov 20: Flynn/McInerney Interview: Critical Confirmations Across the Board

01 Dec 20: Baffling Barr Backs Down Again – Insufficient Voter Fraud Evidence to Affect Election Result

02 Dec 20: Staple Street Capital to UBS to China

02 Dec 20: Trump Card Barred – Declassification?

This marks the end of the sequence of articles that heavily outlines Barr’s placement as described in the previous note.

03 Dec 20: Pelosi Continuity of Government Plan Relative to Interesting Trump Comments Clouds Barr Picture

12 Dec 20: The Only Bridge Between Reality and Hope: The US Military

01 Jun 21: Follow the Money

08 Jun 21: Revisiting Obama’s Application of U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the COVID-19 Blueprint to Overthrow America

17 Jun 21: The Federal Bureau of Instigation

21 Jun 21: BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA, BIG MONEY: Full Circle to the D.C. Swamp

22 Jun 21: BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA, BIG MONEY: Full Circle to the D.C. Swamp Part II – Political Contributions by BlackRock and Vanguard

27 Jul 21: COVID-19: Public Crisis or Opportunistic Marketing Campaign Part II, Martin on Stew Peters with Confirmations and Relevant Data Points



  1. pcphage July 31, 2021

    Bill Barr is a Bush loyalist and Globalist.
    You can say that Trump’s personnel choices were poisonous to his administration [Sessions, Pence, Barr, and the beat goes on], but I would claim that there are so many rotten apples in DC that there are hardly any honest patriots left there.
    In that photo 📸 Trump is walking all alone.
    This was true physically and metaphorically throughout his administration.
    He was one man against the machine and it crushed him.
    The greatest things Trump did for America was get elected.
    That made the bureaucracy [the CABAL] show itself and the American people what is truly wrong in DC.
    Political Masturbation is Virtue Signaling?
    ‘Leveraging’–I can not ever figure out that word even when I look it up.

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