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17 Feb 20

About a week ago, I wrote THIS article that basically outlines how and why the Dems/Left/DSSG had shifted their focus away from President Trump and re-sighted the cross-hairs on Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice. Why did they do that? It’s pretty simple. President Trump is wearing some hefty post-impeachment armor right now and Barr and the DOJ represent the greatest and most immediate threat to these miscreants since their efforts to behead the snake (Trump, in their view) failed so miserably and so many times: Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment and now, Barr/DOJ.

Worry not. This won’t work either. In fact, it might be their own demise because they are foolishly leaning historically hard on the one man whom has THE AUTHORITY AND POWER TO DECLASSIFY. Even QAnon revisited declassification tonight, which happens to be President’s Day 2020 – February 17th, of course.

Just look now – thousands of former DOJ attorneys are banding together (as if they mean something or have any real power than orchestrated and falsely predicated unification) demanding that AG William Barr resign as a result of his rightful and lawful decision to intercede in the Roger Stone sentencing construct.

Understand this – these former Mueller prosecutors deliberately handed down a harshly disproportionate sentence to compel Barr to take action, which, as I said, he rightfully and lawfully did. That’s what you call a political construct folks. A trap. This is all organized. Every single bit of it. Simply, that’s how these folks roll and if you’re read my stuff you already know that.

The unrelenting attacks on Barr, the unrelenting attacks on his credibility and impartiality, etc. are all predetermined talking points prepared for the moment Barr acted on Stone because that’s precisely what they set him up to do. It wasn’t so much a trap as it was an invitation. Barr’s no dummy – he knew what he was doing and he knew what their response would be. Hmmm. Does that imply that he also had formulated what his retaliatory move would be and what that timeline would look like?

What the left did in shifting to Barr and the DOJ is called a contingency plan relative to impeachment. We didn’t know exactly what that plan would be but we knew they’d have one. It appeared about a week ago when I wrote this article. Now we know for sure. We know definitely.

Sidebar – These people don’t do anything half-ass which is why their unintended consequences are so often devastating.

Here’s the thing, tough. At a point and if these attacks continue to mount and the pressure for Barr to resign ultimately reaches a critical point whereby the administration simply cannot continue to stand idle by, he is going to have to do something.

He’ll have to act to right the ship or it will list and sink. He’ll have to call-off the dogs or they’re going to eat him alive. He’ll have to shift the landscape or it’s going to fracture and envelop him.

There’s only one way to really do that in this instance – fully draw them out with the net cast deep and wide and for a long soak – a soak that will end on the doorstep of 2020, apparently – and then haul them in to be strewn across the deck and fully exposed to sunlight of their own creation.

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