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Did China Steal the Keys to the Castle? Do Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia & HSBC Tie Stolen Election to California PERS?

Let’s begin with a frank concession. The work in chasing all of this down is by design not intended to provide a full explanation. That’s not the purpose of the investigative reporting here and that approach would throttle us down to a severely slower pace and with less fruitful efforts.

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know that my background as an investigator conducting intensive investigations for law firms and insurance companies rests heavily on overlaps, timing, sequence, etc. The research is vectored rather than broader or general and the two different approaches can produce differing results. Effective search parameters here include pairing entities to deliver those overlaps in consideration of the surrounding circumstantial fact sets.

Our goal does not entail being an expert on every sub-component resting on this converged political continuum but instead, in being able to establish important nexuses needed to demonstrate how and why each sub-component may serve the others and toward a common objective.

The common objective in this case is the overthrow of the U.S. government beginning with the the removal of a duly and twice-elected president in Donald J. Trump.

Let’s move forward.

We’re building on the previous two articles. In the first item, I established how AG William Barr had returned to Kirkland & Ellis in 2017 and was situated there at a time that Kirkland & Ellis was advising Staple Street Capital on it’s partial acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems, which has a clear tie to Smartmatic, which we’ve only examined at a cursory level thus far.

Herein, we’ll expand a bit more on Smartmatic’s role. Herein, we are also again compelled to ask, what did Bill Barr know, when did he know it and what were and are his intentions upon reentering the Department of Justice for a second stint as Attorney General and with that information?

Smartmatic systems were widely used in the 2020 election and in recent statements related to the company, counselor for both President Trump and Lt. General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, has indicated that the President had previously borne witness to previous stolen elections, which likely includes the stolen 2012 Venezuelan election whereby Smartmatic delivered the result.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, is the Vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds and his Open Society Institute and he serves as Vice‐President at the World Bank, which I directly tied to the COVID-19 construct and the issuance of pandemic bonds. In 2014, Brown joined with Smartmatic’s CEO to begin SGO and Brown served as Chairman of the board steering the company to handling the automation of the electoral process for a host of countries including the U.S. Notable is that in a September of 2015 interview, Brown admitted to a licensing agreement with Dominion.

For the relevance of Brown to bear down with full might, consider his aforementioned affiliation with George Soros in relation to the article linked below. It was article number one in what now nears 80 articles on this fake pandemic. NUMBER ONE. THE START. THE GENESIS OF IT ALL.


In the second item, we built off the established information regarding Barr to further develop it into more backdrop centered on former FBI Director James Comey, his tenure at HSBC relative to his subsequent tenure at FBI; and all relative to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. Therein, we clearly delineate Comey as the Clinton’s fixer and that’s exactly what he is and has been.

Critically important in the second article and a foundational element to this article is the fact that Dominion Voting Systems entered into a “security agreement” with HSBC Toronto; and taking note that Canada and especially Toronto is an established and recurring pattern. By means of this agreement, HSBC received ownership of patents pertaining to intellectual property associated with elections, ballots, systems, cyber and internet capacities, etc.

Think of it as a Chinese bank purchasing the plans that show exactly how to steal a U.S presidential election by directly interfacing with U.S. voting systems and machines.

Did China steal the keys to the castle?

Like I said, the HSBC path warrants walking.

This HSBC connection vectors the research in this article and we’ll begin with the dead ends that it delivers. Don’t be dismayed by dead ends, though.

Often times, dead ends are revisited later on and for further development that bears fruit once more facts come to light and I’m hoping that’s the case here. In the interim, the dead ends serve as reminders of what to look for going forward, so they’re important.

Here’s the first HSBC consideration with the major important aspects highlighted.

Here, we take note that HSBC is closing all of its positions on a company that represents China’s largest online education platform; that it occurred in a direct overlap with the election as being reported on 12 Nov 20; and that it is accompanied by a similar closing by Sequoia Capital.

This puts HSBC into bed with Sequoia Capital germane to China Online Education Group.


At this juncture, we are latching on to Sequoia Capital and for good cause. It should be noted here and importantly so, that Sequoia Capital and Sequoia Voting systems are only similar in name. They are not the same entity.

I also recommend taking a quick spin through Sequoia’s website by clicking on the above image.

Recall here that Sequoia Capital seeded or funded Dominion Voting Systems and HSBC Toronto acquired from Dominion Voting Systems 18 patents representing the intellectual property of Dominion. Those patents all pertain to direct interfaces with the U.S. election process by means of ballots, systems and machines. Again, see the last article for details here because they are imperative to have.

This is from GNEWS.

Moreover and from my source with an unparalleled background in finance, consider that, “Along with Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital is the most consequential and one of the oldest venture capital firms in the world. Their batting average and slugging percentage is 2nd to none.”

This is Sequoia Capital – Neil Shen Nan Peng.

This is also Sequoia Capital: Apple, Cisco and Google. What did the President say? Big money, big media and big tech? Exactly.

What entity has proclaimed Joe Biden president-elect and positioned him as such outside of due process and a legitimate election result? Big media. We can’t consider big media without the other two players, big money and big tech.

Here’s a quick sidebar to demonstrate just how nebulous all of this can be and how you could spend days running down one spoke on a hub full of spokes. Consider this.

You likely noted the highlighted portion detailing Sequoia Capital’s investment in Capitolis. What makes Capitolis important is this – it’s owned by Thomas H. Glocer.

Conveniently, Glocer coalesces with Shen et al in contexts such as the World Economic Forum and the Council on Foreign Relations and with Shen and Sequoia Capital being obvious funders or Capitolis. Take note of Glocer’s former employer and whereby he was CEO (made all of the decisions, no?)

It’s Reuters and as the Washington Times reminds us, 95% of Mr. Trump’s MSM coverage was negative and Reuters is definitely MSM.

I don’t have evidence of anything criminal or corrupt with Glocer but I can ask questions.

For example, would it be possible for Shen to agree to later fund Glocer’s future brand new company in exchange for his agreement to ensure that Reuters’ reporting aligns with the anti-Trump/pro-Biden narrative as it relates to Shen’s positions as outlined? Is that possible?

Is it plausible that this is how Glocer was paid “by the book”? And speaking of books, this scenario could be – perhaps should be – viewed as nothing more than the typical “DC book deal” on steroids, no? Quid pro quo or rather quid pro Joe?


You could also just take Tom’s own words as evidence of his positioning on Mr. Trump.


Again, I don’t have evidence beyond what I’ve shown here but I have a lot of legitimate questions.

You could run these spokes down from hub to rim forever and still not get to the bottom of it sans the investigative authority and capabilities of the FBI and DOJ.

Barr, Wray, hello? Anyone home? It’s been ringing for about 4 years, now.

Let’s depart this sidebar and return to our main purpose.

Do you have an issue with a Singapore businessman who owns one of the most powerful Chinese venture capital firms in the world seeding a Canadian-based company that is now centered dead squarely in the middle of a stolen election that China appears to have directed and whereby Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic are central to all of it? I do.

Shen’s entanglements are widely scoped and as just one example, consider the potential avenues created by his “Cyberbank” entity located in the British Virgin Islands in regards to the ability to shelter or distribute money.


Paying homage to brevity, we’ll refrain from running down each spoke of the Cyberbank hub for now.

Returning to the entity that has Sequoia Capital and HSBC in bed together, what do we know about China Online Education Group and why would it even warrant examining?

I’ll remind you of this. The fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic that is entirely a false flag political construct being driven by manipulated and cooked-up infection and mortality data involved an early conspiracy between a Harvard University professor, Charles Lieber, who was smuggling coronavirus strains to China, and Chinese nationals.

Also recall that Dr. Anthony Fauci and his NIH are enmeshed in funding the Wuhan laboratory associated with the outbreak. Moreover and according to my research, this is bolstered by FBI reports that Lieber and his co-conspirators were involved in three separate incidents tied to two different international airports – Boston and Detroit. I’ve covered all of that in detail and dating back months.

So, with whom was Lieber conspiring to smuggle coronavirus strains to China? Easy answer. It was Chinese nationals who were Harvard students.

It’s also important to remember here that Lieber was being paid by China vis-a-vis it’s Thousand Talents Plan. As I outlined in a previous article by means of a sourced quote,

Under the terms of Lieber’s three-year Thousand Talents contract, WUT paid Lieber $50,000 USD per month, living expenses of up to 1,000,000 Chinese Yuan (approximately $158,000 USD at the time) and awarded him more than $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT.  In return, Lieber was obligated to work for WUT “not less than nine months a year” by “declaring international cooperation projects, cultivating young teachers and Ph.D. students, organizing international conference[s], applying for patents and publishing articles in the name of” WUT.

You should also also know that Lieber did NOT report his Chinese earnings to the U.S. government. Geez, I wonder why?

Now do you see why I’m interested in Sequoia and HSBC being in bed with a China’s largest online education provider?

Wait, though. Look at the capabilities it provides and as you do, recall that Lieber, as an American educator, was interfacing directly with Chinese students.

So, yes, the China Online Education Group has my attention.

Let’s look closer at the details.

Why did both Sequoia and HSBC close out their positions on China Online Education Group, which has the access to match American educators directly with Chinese students taking an interest in English and why did they do so quickly after the 2020 election?

There’s more. Let’s look closer.

Why is the China Education Group tied to California’s Public Employees Retirement System? Do you know how badly corrupt California PERS is?

Again, from my source in finance,

Cal Pers is run by a China management company and is already controversial. Definitely crooked but crowded. How the decision was made to select what are apparently Chinese nationals that got the contract to manage what is the largest public pension fund in the country? How did that fund end up with so many Chinese defense companies in their portfolio? Trump’s anti-China investment EO yesterday is shining a light on the space; I think 31 companies. California PERS owns many of them.

We’ve revisited previous articles and gone several places in this one; even including a sidebar. Now, let’s recapitulate to close and set the path for further development.

A Toronto-based Chinese bank (HSBC) secures the intellectual patents pertaining to direct access to the U.S. election systems and equipment from Dominion Voting Systems. DVS is seeded by Sequoia Capital, which is affiliated with Cyberbank in the British Virgin Islands. Both Sequoia and HSBC are found in bed together with the China Online Education Group, which follows an established pattern (modus operandi) of directly linking American educators to Chinese foreign nationals for ulterior and nefarious purposes. Immediately pursuant to the stolen 2020 election, HSBC and Sequoia close out their positions on the group and whereby it ties directly to California PERS. California is an immensely corrupt state, its finances are atrocious, Gavin Newsome is the governor and his aunt and fellow resident is Nancy Pelosi. And all of that ties back to the very first article in all of this as it relates to George Soros. And we didn’t talk about a mountain’s worth of details in between.

At this point, I would refer you to the bank accounts and investment portfolios of Gavin Newsome and Nancy Pelosi. I wonder if either has a trust at Portcullis. I wonder if either has inroads to Cyberbank. I wonder if they hang-out with Shen? What about their connections to HSBC? How do politicians get so filthy rich on their public salaries?

So, yes, we arrived at a few dead ends for now but those dead ends also deliver questions the answers to which may be fruitful as more evidence is uncovered. Even so, we still gain a clearer picture into just how complex, intricate, rotten and evil all of this is and exactly whom may have a spoon in the pot.



  1. Ferret Files November 18, 2020

    I’m still not seeing the connections between Smartmatic and Dominion at an ownership level. Smartmatic licenses software from Dominion (almost certainly GEMS), Lord Malloch-Brown said so. Smartmatic have a very small footprint in the US but are big worldwide. So they are not a big player. Dominion certainly are, and they’re looking after all the swing states.
    Rudy mentions that Smartmatic own Dominion. He may have access to documents that the rest of us don’t…

  2. Jeffrey Coley November 19, 2020

    Paperless electronic voting is so highly suspect that it should be presumed fraudulent.

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