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What Did AG William Barr Know About Dominion Acquisition?

We’re beginning this by getting right to it and starting with the final destination. In so doing, we’ll rely on an extract from a previous article I wrote on 01 Nov 20 called All Holds Barred. From the title alone you can gather that I’m poking tragic fun at the fact that for his entire tenure in his second go-round as the Attorney General, William Barr has prosecuted nothing. Rather, Mr. Barr has favored institutional preservation; all the while Trump supporters continue to be beaten in the streets in the aftermath of a stolen 2020 election.

Take a look at Mr. Barr’s resume and pay particular attention to his employment at the highlighted law firm Kirkland & Ellis; noting the convergence of my favorite dead horse, the mid-January 2017 timeline. Please hold on to these bits.

Now, have you heard of Dominion Diagnostics? I know you’ve heard of Dominion Voting Systems but I’m talking about Dominion Diagnostics. I hadn’t. Not until I received a post from one of our guys. It put me on a path that would bear fruit but still leave us on the outside and looking in for more meaningful connections; if there are any, germane to “Dominion.”

More on that shortly.

Clicking on that link takes you here.

Let’s pause and frame this up to understand why I’m so adamant about running it down.

Hypothetically, if there were a direct connection between Dominion Voting Systems and Dominion Diagnostics, whether it were by a mutual third party vendor or funder or other, it would suggest that one system – the umbrella of Dominion systems – would collectively work to not only know how you vote but to change it if need be and more importantly, the vote data could be used to drive other data and outcomes they control.

Consider that Dominion Diagnostics might test your toxicology samples (drug screenings for employment, for example) at the same time they could also be tasked test you for CV-19. Those CV testing systems are also being used in airports to determine flight eligibility, travel restrictions, etc.

All of this converged data and total control over it could literally change your vote, determine your +/- CV status, restrict your travel, result in broad refusal of service, serve to marginalize and control individuals, etc. It presents as a full spectrum system of enslavement with all of the pieces in place; assuming there are undiscovered others, which is likely.

Moreover, what does all of that look like once they take a way currency and mandate a chip vis-a-vis vaccine or other?

It’s sinister. Evil. Plausible.

People are currently tearing into Dominion Voting Systems. Here are some of my findings that all seem to funnel to Canada and with special focus on Toronto; taking note that Dominion Voting Systems is headquartered in Canada and run by Canadians.

Here’s VP and Product Line Management, James Hoover.

Here is President and CEO, John Poulos.

Here comes the circle back from the introduction of this article.

As detailed in this 16 Jul 18 news release, Dominion Voting System was partly acquired by Staple Street Capital. As you read this item, pay very special and close attention to the second highlighted portion.

Note that Kirkland & Ellis served as advisors in the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems by Staple Street Capital. I’ll say that again, Kirkland & Ellis served as advisors in the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems by Staple Street Capital.


Who is the Attorney General for the United States? William Barr.

Who had returned to working for Kirkland & Ellis in 2017? William Barr.

Who was present at Kirkland & Ellis at the time Kirkland & Ellis was advising Staple Street Capital in its acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems? William Barr.

Are we to believe that a once attorney general who was slated to serve as President Trump’s replacement for Jeff Sessions and fill the role of AG for a second time was somehow in the dark about the acquisition of a broadly and well-known deficient voting system in Dominion?

The job Kirkland & Ellis would be to know as much as possible about Dominion and Staple Street and marry the two on behalf of the latter. Not knowing details here isn’t an option.

Remember, Texas turned down Dominion systems and filed a report following the presentation of Dominion systems for consideration by the state, which occurred on 2-3 Oct 19. In all likelihood and given a state the size of Texas and the parameters of any potential deal between it and Dominion, it becomes awfully difficult to believe that such a dialogue wasn’t in the backdrop of the acquisition.

After all, Kirkland & Ellis was there to advise on the acquisition of the company which would certainly examine prospective deals between Dominion and potential clients like Texas. Their job was to know everything and Bill Barr worked there at the time.

So, what did William Barr know and when did he know it?

On which side of the stolen election line does Barr stand?

Did Barr come to the DOJ after leaving Kirkland & Ellis to serve interests beyond the Department, the President and the rule of law or did he come to the DOJ with a patriotic purpose underpinned by backdrop of important details germane to an overthrow of a sitting President and the handing over of the Republic to China and the CCP as delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray?

Why is Barr the AG? To drive institutional preservation or to play coy and wait before indicting and prosecuting everyone at once? The jury is still out but due-in any moment.

So, which is it, Mr. Barr?

You were there. You knew. I can’t imagine you didn’t know and in fact, I find it absurd to even consider that.

So, which is it?

Let’s release the Kraken and find out.



  1. Mike December 15, 2020

    How about Barrs involment in the suit against the FBI sniper at Ruby ridge. He was the pro bono lawyer even though the fbi was to represent the sniper. Why?

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