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All Holds Barred

Attorney General William Barr and FBI Directory Christopher Wray have caused quite a bit of consternation and debate as it relates to their respective roles in all things judicial; especially relative to the established political continuum that persists in targeting the administration of President Trump in an effort to oust him and overthrow the U.S. government: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, riots and domestic terrorism, and an engineered race war. Moreover and in that same vein, the debate regarding Barr and Wray has even divided our small team at Political Moonshine into different and irreconcilable positions. Further examination of their backgrounds germane to the present shine more light for better understanding and it’s not good for Barr or Wray or any of us respective to the health of this constitutional republic. In fact, it’s reasonable to say that the standing policy at Barr’s beloved Department of Justice is a simple one – ALL HOLDS BARRED.

The Mason Jar

  • 01 NOV 20
  • Attorney General William Barr’s backdrop and entanglements
  • FBI Director Christopher Wray’s backdrop and entanglements
  • Projecting entanglements into the current geopolitical landscape
  • Summary analysis

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

For clarity, a lot of Americans had confidence in Wray and specifically, Barr, as President Trump began nominating his own people to important positions; including me.

For more clarity, I gave Barr and everyone under his scope of authority, which includes everyone at the Department of Justice and the FBI, nearly 4 years to accomplish the mission of gutting it all and restoring the republic.

Our hopes were extinguished when our target date of 04 Sep 20 hit. That was the deadline for the DOJ’s self-imposed 60-day non-interference policy with elections. As soon as that date hit with no traction place, all bets were off. At that time, we reevaluated and continue to do so up to this point.

For proper context, let’s recapitulate the developments from our last article, which state, “Wray’s former employer (King & Spalding LLP) stood to make a king’s ransom in negotiating this $4 billion deal (between the CCP’s CEFC, whose chairman Hunter Biden was representing as a “personal attorney”, and the state-owned global Russian oil conglomerate Rosneft) and the parties central to it all should have all been investigated by Wray’s FBI and the relevant individuals referred to AG Wiliam Barr’s DOJ for prosecution. None of that happened, though.”

More specific to Barr but in more general terms, we also reported, “During that time, he had associations with Russia-based Alfa Bank and The Vector Group, another Russian company. Some legal experts claim that Barr should recuse himself from the Mueller investigation because of these ties.”

Moving forward, we’ll examine the backdrop timelines for Wray and Barr; speculating on the nature of the relationships and drawing meaning where able. The backdrops are presented as a simple timeline with interjecting commentary inserted for meaning.


1989: graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Yale University.

1992: earned his law degree from Yale Law School; serving as Executive Director of the Yale Law Journal.

1992-1993: clerked for Judge J. Michael Luttig of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

1993-1997: joined the international law firm of King & Spalding LLP spending a total of almost 17 years practicing law in the area of government investigations and white-collar crime.

It’s critical to acknowledge the relevance of both King & Spalding LLP and the nature of the work in which Wray was engaged because it speaks to his competence and fit as FBI director, assuming he is the ‘sleeper’ we suspect him to be.

Notably here, former DOJ Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein, who is most certainly corrupt and compromised and who was signing blank checks on FISA warrant authorizations when Andrew Weissmann was serving as the de facto AG while then recused AG Jeff Sessions stood-down in recusal, had worked for the DOJ beginning in 1990 and under the direct supervision of Robert Mueller. Keeping it all in the Bush family, George W. Bush nominated him as US Attorney being confirmed unanimously on 12 July 2005.

1997: began his law enforcement career serving in the Department of Justice as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia prosecuting public corruption, gun trafficking, drug offenses, and financial fraud.

2001: named associate deputy attorney general, and then principal associate deputy attorney general, in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General in Washington, D.C.; duties there spanned the full Department of Justice (DOJ), including responsibility for sensitive investigations conducted by DOJ’s law enforcement agencies.

2003: nominated by President George W. Bush to be the assistant attorney general for DOJ’s Criminal Division, supervising major national and international criminal investigations and prosecutions. He also oversaw the Counterterrorism Section and the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, which were part of the Criminal Division throughout his tenure (DOJ later consolidated those sections into the National Security Division); a member of the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force, supervised the Enron Task Force, and served as a leader in DOJ’s post-9/11 efforts to combat terrorism, espionage, and cybercrime with domestic and foreign government partners.

It’s without saying that the events of 9/11 on 11 September 01 were the nation’s largest and most impactful false flag event until COVID-19 emerged 27 December 19 and whereby 9/11 served as a step toward COVID-19 and on a generational timeline. Wray was tasked in that cover-up as much as he’s tasked with covering-up designated matters within the FBI.

2003-2005: served as Assistant Attorney General working under Deputy Attorney General James Comey.

It’s a small world is it not? All of these players are being yanked and positioned from the same swampy waters and with a direct here nexus between Wray and corrupt and compromised former FBI Director James Comey – the man he would replace.

2013: on 30 May, Wray, then FBI Director Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General James Comey nearly resigned due to illegal surveillance techniques vis-a-vis the Terrorist Surveillance Program.

Note here that the 3-headed Mueller team monster – Wray, Mueller and Comey – all threatened to resign due to illegal surveillance activity that hailed from the post-9/11 landscape where US laws were being leveraged to accomplished ulterior and often political purposes. How in the world did anyone believe fidelity to due process and rule of law could be accomplished with the appointment of any of these individuals? Rhetorical question.

2005: in March, announced his DOJ resignation; his last day being 17 May.

2005-2017: rejoins King & Spalding LLP as a litigation partner in the firm’s Washington, D.C., and Atlanta offices. At the time of his nomination to be FBI Director, Mr. Wray was chair of the firm’s Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group.

Does anyone find it surprising that immediately before Wray would be nominated for FBI and tasked with investigating severe government corruption, crime and treason, that he was specializing in “special matters” and “government corruption?” It was clearly his expertise so the question begs, was his purpose to investigate or cover-up?

2017: 30 May, President Trump interviews Wray for FBI directorship.

2017: on 07 Jun, President Trump announced Wray’s nomination to be FBI Director replacing James Comey, who was fired 09 May; being confirmed 01 Aug 17 92-5; being sworn-in privately by then AG Jeff Sessions 02 Aug and formally on 28 Sep; marking the first time an FBI director has been sworn in without the President who nominated him present at the ceremony.

Given the significance of Director Comey’s firing and the wake it caused relative to Russia and Mr. Trump’s presidency, appointing Wray as FBI director to clean-up the mess was significant; perhaps most significant at that time. Yet, Mr. Trump did not attend the ceremony? Do you find that odd? Rhetorical question. Mr. Trump knew.

Now take note of Mr. Wray’s income and estimated net worth circa 2017.

Wray earned $9.2 million working as an attorney for the law firm King & Spalding, significantly more than his salary as FBI Director. According to a calculation from the Wall Street Journal, Wray’s net worth in 2017 was estimated to be $23 million to $42 million.

Interesting figures.

FBI Director Wray is ultimately accountable to AG William Barr.


1971: received his A.B. in government from Columbia University.

1974: received his M.A. in government and Chinese studies.

Did Mr. Barr’s expertise in Chinese studies stand-out when Mr. Trump appointed him AG? No, not necessarily.

In the wake of a mountain of evidence implicating US lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, the FBI, the CIA and the DOJ, relative to an act of war by the Chinese government, the CCP and conspiring US lawmakers that targeted the US with a bioweapon of mass destruction in the COVID-19 construct, Barr’s expertise in Chinese studies is now viewed differently. What a perfect choice Barr was.

1973 to 1977, he served in the Central Intelligence Agency

Although speculation on my part, it’s been long understood that once a part of the CIA, always a part of the CIA. Does Barr’s previous position within the CIA impact his position here? Yes and in plausibly profound ways given that this political continuum serving as a coup d’etat is an intelligence community operation through and through. Mr. Barr’s allegiances deserve severe scrutiny as does his failure to uphold his oath and execute his sworn duties.

1977: received his J.D. with highest honors from George Washington University Law School

1978: served as a law clerk under Judge Malcolm Wilkey of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

1978-1982: joined the Washington, D.C. office of the law firm of Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge

1982-1983: served in the Reagan White House on the domestic policy staff

1983: returned to Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge

1985: became partner at Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge

1989-1990: Assistant Attorney General of the Office of Legal Counsel

1990-1991: served as Deputy Attorney General President George H.W. Bush.

1991-1993: 77th Attorney General of the United States from 1991 to 1993.

Guess who else is former CIA as previously reported? Former President George H.W. Bush. The net result is the former CIA director now serving as President appointing another CIA asset as his AG. Again, the political continuum here is through and through an operation of the intelligence community.

This is an extract from a May article, which contains accompanying documentation, to expand on the significance of Bush’s transition from CIA to VPOTUS to POTUS, “The tie-in to contemporary times is the eventual appointment of George H.W. Bush to director of CIA in 1976 (clandestinely already on board during Kennedy assassination and briefed thereafter), then to Vice President and then to President. This represents a dynamic and forceful continuum that has extended through the administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama. You understand that Hillary was the next placement in the extension until Trump interceded in 2016, right? Everything since has been reflexive to that as Obama panicked heading out of office mid-Jan 2017 (special moment in history.) All in the family, folks – the two-party system is a fallacy and is used to herd the sheeple.”

1994-2000: served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel for GTE Corporation.

1997-2000, Barr served on the Board of Visitors of the College of William & Mary.

2000-2008: served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Verizon.

2009: briefly served as Of Counsel at Kirkland & Ellis LLP.

2009-2018: Barr served on the board of directors for Time Warner.

2010-2017: advised corporations on government enforcement matters and regulatory litigation.

2017: Rejoined Kirkland & Ellis

2018: on December 7, 2018, and he was nominated as the 85th Attorney General of the United States.

2019: confirmed as the 85th Attorney General of the United States by the U.S. Senate on 14 February 19; U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office.

So, in 2019 and hamstrung by the Senate confirmation process, which is the same dynamic for Wray – you can nominate the Lone Ranger to be your FBI Director and Superman to be your AG, but not if the Senate won’t confirm them – William Barr and his Chinese expertise assumes the AG’s spot again and just in time to deal with a Chinese virus. It’s critical to remember here that cohorts within the US Senate (HPSCI, SSCI & Gang of 8) are just as corrupt as Barr and Wray.

According to Forbes, “Today Barr, who did not comment for this story, has an estimated net worth of $40 million, after accounting for taxes, personal spending and modest investment returns. That figure is more precise than what’s on Barr’s public financial disclosure report, a document that deals only in broad ranges and shows assets worth somewhere between $24 million and $74 million.”

Barr is also noted as being part of a small group of financial elite who mingle at Manhattan society events, contribute to the same charities and gather at the exclusive World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland. It should be noted that according to our extensive research, the World Economic Forum is central to the COVID-19 pandemic.


According to the NYT with emphasis added,

More than a decade later, the hedge fund, Och-Ziff Capital Management, and its founder, Daniel Och, are paying the price for what the United States government has charged were more than $100 million in bribes paid to government officials in Libya, Chad, Niger, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo to secure natural resources deals and other investments.

OZ Africa Management, a unit of Och-Ziff, pleaded guilty in Federal District Court in Brooklyn on Thursday to one count of conspiracy — an unusual violation for a hedge fund of a federal law aimed at preventing bribery of foreign officials.
The court filings by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn and securities regulators lay out a complex and elaborate tale of clandestine meetings and dealings with high-level officials in the regimes of Muammar el-Qaddafi in Libya and President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. In one instance, Och-Ziff knowingly invested in a Libyan development project in which some members of the Qaddafi family had a financial interest.
Between 2007 and 2011, Och-Ziff pushed ahead with deals even though some within the firm raised questions about whom it was dealing with in Africa, according to the government.
The S.E.C., for instance, said in its administrative order that Mr. Och and Mr. Frank “were aware of corruption accusations” against one partner it was working with in Congo.
In another instance, an unidentified employee at Och-Ziff emailed Mr. Och to describe an important meeting with Libyan officials, including one of Qaddafi’s sons, in Vienna in 2007.
In August, federal investigators arrested Samuel Mebiame, a Gabonese consultant and son of a former prime minister, on charges that he routinely paid bribes to officials to secure mineral concessions in Niger, Guinea and Chad on behalf of Och-Ziff and its partners in a joint venture called Africa Management Ltd.

New York Times

Further and from the DOJ circa 31 May 17,

According to admissions made at his plea hearing, Mebiame formed a conspiracy to provide improper benefits to government officials in multiple countries in Africa. Mebiame admitted that the improper benefits he provided were intended to influence the performance of official governmental duties, and that he took steps to further the conspiracy while physically in New York. Based on court documents, Mebiame worked as a “fixer” on behalf of a joint venture company owned by New-York-based hedge fund Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC (Och-Ziff) and its business partner, a Turks and Caicos Islands-registered corporate entity controlled by a co-conspirator. In that role, Mebiame traveled extensively across Africa, Europe and the U.S. and routinely made bribe payments to senior government officials in Africa. Mebaime’s plea documents indicated that at least five senior officials in three countries, Niger, Chad and Guinea, received corrupt payments and various illicit benefits from Mebiame.
In return, Mebiame obtained licenses for uranium concessions for the joint venture from the government of Niger. Similarly, in Chad, Mebiame bribed a high-ranking government official with cash payments and luxury foreign travel for the official and the official’s wife. In return, Mebiame obtained uranium concessions for the joint venture, including rights to an asset which had been stripped by the Chadian government, at Mebiame’s urging, from a French-owned company.

Department of Justice

Does the Uranium One scandal stick-out here like a sore thumb? It should.

Then FBI director Robert Mueller delivered uranium samples to a Russian tarmac on behalf of Hillary Clinton and it was a scandal that saw uranium move from the US, through Canada and then presumably and demonstrably off to Russia and then North Korea and Iran.

Recall that we’ve further delineated how Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s handler for the Muslim Brotherhood, which played a significant role in the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency and whereby a rogue nuclear arsenal was being developed in Iran and Syria as well as in North Korea. This arsenal would serve as a lever for the Deep State to pull so as to leverage Western States into desired policy positions.

It’s important here to recall the billions and billions that Obama sent to Iran; much of it in the form of a basket of international currencies and delivered on pallets by planes. More importantly is recalling how Obama baked-into the JCPOA the framework for Iran to evade appropriate sanctions and restrictions for the purpose of being able to continue the development of the arsenal.

If Clinton would have assumed office as planned in 2016, the COVID-19 pandemic would be underpinned by the threat of this arsenal. This is how you enslave the population of an entire planet.


It is markedly obvious that all of these boats sail through the same waters and all of the sailors are of the same traitorous ilk: Rosenstein, Comey, Wray, Barr, etc.

While America thought Mr. Trump was cleaning house, replacing the bad with the good and beginning to do the peoples’ business, Mr. Trump was actually re-upping on more of the same swamp miscreants and traitors. Mr. Trump did this wittingly – make no mistake about that. Ergo, it speaks to the enormity of the risks he assumed, the complete dearth of any form of appropriate enforcement of the rule of law or due process.

It all makes our position now clearer than ever in that following Tuesday’s election of what will be historic proportions, Mr. Trump must quickly dispatch Gina Haspel at CIA (Vaughn Bishop #2), Christopher Wray at FBI (David Bowdich #2) and William Barr at DOJ (Jeffrey Rosen #2.)

Reflecting back on the nature of the aforementioned Senate confirmation process, Mr. Trump will leverage housecleaning vis-a-vis Tuesday’s election to fortify both the House and the Senate with new lawmakers subscribing to law and order and the rule of law. From there and understanding that Wray is already effectively out, Mr. Trump will begin remaking the CIA, FBI and DOJ and beginning with the resolution of Lt. General Michael Flynn’s case.

So, not until that time will we see a return to a DOJ functioning as it should. I’m sure Lt. General Flynn and his counselor Sidney Powell couldn’t agree more because we all know it has been and remains FLYNN FIRST! Given the scope of his collective knowledge base respective to what has been outlined above and previously, he stands to destroy countless criminals and traitors and by all appearances, Wray and Barr have functioned to permit corrupt and compromised Judge Emmet Sullivan to continue to drag the case past what is expected to be inauguration day.

Moreover, what have we been saying for a long while now? That Joe Biden was exploiting the energy sector and notably, the natural gas sector?

The Biden Crime Family was exploiting global energy markets and specifically in natural gas. We tracked the Bidens’ global enterprising efforts from Ukraine – my best bet for QAnon’s KEYSTONE – which I characterized spanning from the US to Ukraine, Iran, Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Argentina and back to the US. The Biden family also found themselves caught-up in questionable business dealings in the countries of Ukraine, Uganda, Chad and Nigeria.

A common nexus here that draws back on very early work is Unitaid, which overlaps the energy deals in Africa with vaccination programs. Notably, Unitad is the interface for George Soros and the Clinton Health Initiative to become involved. It’s important to recall the bio-engineering the CV19 strain included vaccination research programs in Africa. Our exclusive position and one that needs concrete confirmation is that bio-engineering CV19 required experimenting with an artificial HIV insertion which ties back to HIV research in Africa and such that Biden was moving the CV19 funds through the energy markets so as to distribute payment for the global pandemic construct. Also notable here is the entanglement of Bill Gates.

This article back-fills much granular detail not found here.

What’s the common connection? It’s the CEFC, Patrick Ho, Chairman Ye, the CCP, China, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden; then extending to Gates, Soros, et al.

And you thought Director Wray and AG Barr were going to deliver justice?

Lots of folks did but, nope. It’s ALL HOLDS BARRED, literally and figuratively. By all appearances, Barr and Wray were inserted as nothing more than Lynch Lite and Comey Lite and with prerogatives for apparent self- and institutional preservation.

All similar gators all in the same swampy waters.






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