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09 Feb 20 (FIRST article in a series)

A breaking story today from The Gateway Pundit spurred some additional research that produced interesting findings.

First, according to TGP, “Dr. George Diaz, a section chief for infectious diseases at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett joined Arthel Neville on FOX News on Sunday morning to discuss the successful treatment of the center’s coronavirus patient.” (SOURCE)

Important in this story is the drug that was provided in the successful treatment – Remdesivir. The antiviral drug Remdesivir was developed by GILEAD SCIENCES, which is headquartered in Foster City, CA.

Interestingly, Gilead Sciences goes back to a previous battle with Hillary Clinton over pharmaceutical company regulation. It was a fight that impacted Gilead and other big pharma corporations financially. See HERE and HERE for example.

Also relevant in all of this are questions about the origins of coronavirus and whether it’s a natural occurrence or perhaps a manufactured one. See HERE and HERE for example. At least one Canadian scientist working on the origins of Coronavirus in the capacity of biological warfare and other applications is already dead under suspicious circumstances. See HERE.

Now consider how virus outbreaks impact countries and corporations in opposite fashions. They can bankrupt nations given the magnitude of the outbreak and the requisite level of response. See HERE, HERE, and HERE.

But what about corporations? Well, that all depends on the corporation. Here are some interesting facts about Gilead Sciences – the corporation that developed Remdesivir:

  1. Gilead supported a blend of candidates in 2016, whom were likely situated so as to act favorably toward Gilead legislatively. SOURCE
  2. Gilead curiously supported Clinton despite her public war against pharmaceutical companies. SOURCE
  3. Gilead was intricately involved in a drug purchasing group called UNITAID and its stated purpose was to create a patent pool for pharmaceutical companies to share their drug patents with other companies to produce generic versions for widespread distribution in selected African nations. Sales of the generic meds then generate royalties payable to the patent holders. SOURCE
  4. Who is the billionaire investor behind Unitaid? It’s none other than George Soros.
  5. Unitaid was supported by Democrat lawmaker Henry Waxman as demonstrated in his letter to Hillary Clinton whereby he solicited support from the Obama administration. SOURCE
  6. Interestingly and standing counter to known Unitaid objectives, Unitaid’s board voted in 2009 to EXCLUDE CHINA among other nations; including Brazil, when considering targeted nations outside of Africa. It could be that the board caved toward industry pressure as China and Brazil are seen as preferred marketplaces. SOURCE
  7. Unitaid’s current information on China is HERE.
  8. THIS is more information on the Unitaid patent pool.

Now consider this quote that is derived from THIS Unitaid report dated 05-06 Dec 18 (emphasis mine.)

THE REPRESENTATIVE OF WHO informed the Board of a recent meeting coordinated by WHO with several global health partners (GPEI, GFF, Gavi, Unitaid, Global Fund) to support the development of a common health narrative. With regard to parliamentary engagement, he informed of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between WHO and the Inter-parliamentary Union and encouraged Unitaid to build on this commitment in its country work. He underlined the important role of Board members in supporting the Unitaid Secretariat by opening new doors and leveraging existing political and other connections. He also gave positive feedback on the recent Unitaid-WHO visit to China, which explored opportunities for engagement.

Unitaid – Minutes of the 30th Executive Board (EB30) (5-6 December 2018) Marrakesh, Morocco

Given the out-of-nowhere outbreak of the coronavirus and its highly suspicious genesis, it’s important to ask, “Cui bono?”

This then becomes the relevant question. If Unitaid couldn’t go to China as they wished, might they be permitted to do so if a legitimate cause presented itself and if so, who would benefit?

Now ask yourself if the outbreak of Cornoavirus in China and its global implications just might be sufficient enough to justify patent pools globally and especially in China? Is coronavirus the vehicle for George Soros to get into China with Unitaid and Gilead and clean-up?

Sure looks like it.


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