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Climate and COVID Delivered from the Same Technocratic Trojan Horse of Tyranny: Discerning the Globalist Truth from a Bill Gates Interview

13 Nov 21

We need a new way of doing the vaccines. Those blindsiding and dystopian words derive from an interview of Bill Gates following the administration to the world of 7.4 billion doses of experimental mRNA pseudo-vaccines. A new way to replace the new way, he said. The interview unfolds like a Globalist infomercial oozing and dripping the requisite narrative and talking points and it should be consumed fully but only after first consuming the discernment of truth provided here.

Through the application of a discerning lens, one can see the truth that Bill Gates proffers and it will present here as unvarnished and tethered back to existing work and positions so as to provide a comprehensive and fulsome explanation of what is being done to us and how they’re doing it.

Through the lens of a poker player or a psychologist – take your pick, whichever hat fits best – observing basic elements of human nature like facial expressions, hand gestures and body position undo Gates relative to the content he provides. In short, Bill must be a horrendous card player because he is incapable of lying without specific tells, such as his uncontrollable wry smile and his attempts to veil it when it gets away from him.

Between that smile and his hands of arthritic disfigurement, he’s a difficult if not unbearable person to tolerate and especially so against the backdrop of his wealth, power and nefarious designs for all of us. The type of miscreant to cower on his knees and perhaps shit his pants in the absence of all that and in the face of true adversity, like the scenario of standing alone and across from an unprivileged, informed and motivated grown man with the skill set and desire to redress his grievances in biblical fashion.

How I miss the good old days. Digressing.

A new way to replace the new way is what Gates told us in his interview sourced from Jordan Schachtel and featured at Zero Hedge. Schachtel excludes the bulk of the interview getting right to COVID meat and potatoes and I’m slowing it down and translating all of the important segments because they deliver abundant and meaningful details once discerned.

The interview [linked in the ZH item] featured by Dean Godson of the Policy Exchange between Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP and Gates centers on “the future of liberal democracies” and the ways technology and climate can “change the rules of the game.” Let’s be clear here. Despite the Policy Exchange being described as center-right to right, the first several minutes of this interview reveals naked Globalism and demonstrates that there is nothing right about this.

Gates is describing the elements of our Trojan Horse that he will expand on collectively.

In consideration of climate and technology changing the rules, Hunt quotes Gates’ book, “This is going to be hard. We need cooperation with China.”

China’s installed proxy, Joe Biden, factors into this equation further bearing down on the governance of the U.S. since the functional usurpation of Article II Executive authority on 13 Mar 20. Gates isn’t seeking to tie together a relationship as he’s suggesting here, rather he’s establishing useful pretext for the future and in reference to an existing relationship. Moreover, does anyone recall electing Gates or him having gone to medical school?

At this point, Gates and Hunt have built most of the horse with China, climate and technology and with COVID-19 on deck.

Pertaining to climate, Gates said, “In 2015, we didn’t have a focus on innovation” and “the cause was not talked about that much.”

Consider this contrary headline and quote from CBS News on 12 Dec 15, ‘Technology that could disrupt the course of climate change,’

When President Obama spoke at a news conference at the end of his two-day appearance at the COP21 climate conference in Paris, he stressed the need to seek innovative solutions to combat climate change.

“I actually think we’re going to solve this thing,” he said. “We have to push away fear and have confidence that human innovation, our values, our judgment, our solidarity, it will win out.”

Many experts believe seeking innovative solutions is key to making a dent in carbon emissions and ensuring that Earth doesn’t eventually warm to catastrophic levels, commonly considered anything beyond the threshold of 2 degrees Celsius above the average temperature from before the Industrial Revolution.

This from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology on 14 Dec 15,

Bertrand van Ee, CEO of Climate-KIC, the EU’s main climate innovation initiative, said last night: “President Obama ended his speech at the opening of the COP21 climate change summit with ‘Let’s get to work.’ I would now like to recall those words on the day of the historic Paris Agreement. Business faces the choice, either to shape the needs and impacts of a zero carbon future, or to be shaped by it.”

Here’s Obama himself on 31 Aug 15 delivering a 34-minute speech described in the C-SPAN caption, “This was part of the Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience (GLACIER), sponsored by the U.S. Department of State at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage, Alaska.”

Claiming that somehow the climate agenda and innovative strategies were untouched or the cause “not talked about that much” is absurdly laughable and banks on the American short attention span for it to have any impact. Gates does not tell the truth directly except in this instance below which you should carefully note given the promise he makes. This will become further enmeshed in bad ways below.

The interview quickly enters the domain of enterprise fraud with governments, funding, private equity, the public-private relationship, NGOs and the other requisite interfaces when Gates claims the need “to orchestrate a lot of money” to combat the “many sources of emissions including innovation money” to do things in a “clean way” that also affects costs and pricing. This is nothing more than Obama-era exfiltration of U.S. dollars under the guise of climate and for ulterior purposes.

Gates offers the same brand of fear porn justification and rationale by saying, “Because we’re avoiding such dramatic harms in the future that it’s worth changing transportation, changing industry, changing agriculture.” These aren’t changes – these are the domains of societal control noting that Gates is buying up U.S. farmland at a rapid pace and he further touches on transportation below.

Gates, “It is one of the few problems you need the entire world to work together on and yet young people are very animated by the cause.” Translated, this is a Globalist construct that is infused into the indoctrination system of public education to build falsely predicated momentum and support for “climate” as a mechanism for enterprise fraud.

Gates continues,

It’s partly because of my history in my first career seeing software and digital innovation and then in my foundation career seeing new vaccines, new drugs, cutting childhood deaths from 10 million per year to 5 million per year that I bring a view that if you orchestrate the innovation in the right way, that we can get to zero [emissions.]

As I’m going out to rich individuals raising money for breakthrough energies; as I’m going to companies to raise money for breakthrough energy, I’ve actually found it easier than I expected.

Gates conveniently omits his or their collective ownership and control of the technology and innovations that drive or impact the vaccination and health objectives of the foundation; all of it falling under the umbrella of a Globalist technocratic system of enslavement and control that is authorized and enforced by a fraudulently predicated perpetual emergency delivering medical tyranny. It should come as no surprise that the same people, corporate entities, leadership [politicians] and ownership [private equity] would gladly contribute financially to their collective cause that is fully detrimental to us.

Farther down the line of galvanizing the private-public relationship, NGOs and government dynamic, Gates says that, “new breakthrough energies partnering with governments including the U.K. government to fund projects” is the viable course and that “we will have to see rapid innovation” but that “it’s all a matter of degrees.”

Rapid innovation equates to a “new way” and it’s a “new way” for vaccines that initially grabbed out attention and more specifically, a new way for a new way that has seen 7.4 billion vaccines given. The “matter of degrees” Gates references can be seen as incremental enforcement as we’ve long discussed at Moonshine. Gates is a master at word salad.

Understand what “rapid innovation” really is, though, which is nothing more than unnecessary forced change for the sake of change to align to their design, which produces a technocratic system under their control.

That control comes at a premium and it’s a “green premium” according to Gates. Referencing green steel, green cement and green aviation fuel, Gates describes how “we can’t afford to subsidize the green premium to the middle income countries – that would be trillions of dollars – for the low income countries, yeah.”

They should be called brown steel, brown cement and brown aviation fuel because it’s all 100% bullshit. Digressing.

This “green premium” is economically based Cloward-Piven strategy that combines the exfiltration of U.S. dollars to Third World nations while uniformly increasing the cost of production and price for infrastructure materials and items in the name of “green.” In other words, this now costs more because we said green.

The two middle income nations Gates references are India on the low end and China on the high end. Gates goes as ridiculously far as saying that due to its proximity to the equator, “In the south of India, you won’t be able to work outdoors in the summer; won’t be able to farm; do construction,” his wry smile surfacing again. With 100% accuracy, this will be another unfilled climate doom prognostication that only serves as the traditional and propagandized narrative of fear. Gates is a liar on his face and a dangerous one to all of humanity at that.

When Hunt asked Gates about China and its human rights abuses relative to cooperation on climate, Gates mostly avoided the question saying, “We may have to make trade-offs in terms of our relationships with China and decide what are our priorities and what is realistic.”

Gates’ reply is emblematic of the hegemonic, immoral, unethical, soulless and authoritarian nature of the U.S. government and its policies drawing back decades and clearly so from Geroge H.W. Bush to present. Human rights violations are important unless we are committing them or the actions of others become problematic, impede and or appear inconvenient to which we turn a blind eye and engage in make-believe, which is at the core of everything right now. Enterprise fraud is highly profitable make believe for grown-ups and social programming and psychological warfare are very real in creating widely believed make-believe. January 6th and fraudulently authorized genetic experimentation are good and evidenced examples of this.

Gates is also telling is what we already know – that just because China commits human rights abuses within its own borders, that won’t preclude it from continuing to do so or even doing the same here in its newly minted dominion over us via its proxy, Joe Biden, and the collective effort to install its own brand of Marxist communism in the U.S. It’ll cost us a premium, of course, but worry not because it’ll be “green communism” and that feels way better than the other kind. Sarcasm bears down mightily.

Hunt, “What do you say to the idea that it’s easier for wealthier people to preach that we need to change our lifestyles but it’s actually much more challenging for people on limited budgets?”

Gates, “Absolutely! I mean, that’s sadly almost true of everything like dealing with the pandemic and so many of the challenges.” Those challenges equate to the domains we referenced: transportation, industry and agriculture [and others not discussed in this article] and that includes things like the supply chain, costs and ownership of production, pricing, etc. In other words, Gates and the elite maintain strict control over the “challenges” that we face and they are manipulated at their will.

Gates was enthusiastic about implicitly acknowledging our enslavement system, its effectiveness and our difficulties with it.

His face told us so.

Continuing, Gates says that “calibrating how we shift these markets and, either in terms of taxes or somewhat higher prices; how we move to most of the heating to be done with electricity and that electricity is green.” Green premium applies again and this is nothing more than their mandatory version of electricity that they decided would cost more to produce while producing less of it and to be sold at a premium price. Enterprise fraud considerations apply.

Gates returns to transportation and think of it as transportation that they can turn on and off with the availability of the electricity they produce, own and sell at a green premium. It’s analog is virtual currency that they can also turn on and off remotely with the availability of electricity, the internet and account access.

Respectively, the alternatives are contemporary gasoline powered vehicles and physical currency that is tangible. What’s most important about both is that you can actually and physically possess gas and cash independently. Going to electric vehicles and virtual money eliminates your physical possession and renders them control where it would not otherwise be.

Gates lies with a wry smile while telling you the truth and the future and withholding the reasons, “When should we make it so that you can’t buy a new gasoline or petro car and you have to buy an electric car?

Gates says that, “these are judgements.”

That bears asking if they are judgements like finding a new way to replace the new way that delivered 7.4 billion doses of experimental mRNA vaccinations now proven by evidence to be ineffective and dangerous but that were judged to be the only solution to a problem that irrefutable evidence demonstrates they engineered and set loose on us? Care to answer that, Bill?

“Sadly today, we have this natural gas price peak that will, uh, somebody is going to pay more for electricity and you know the policies around that will be very complex,” Gates says. It’s not by accident that I followed Joe Biden all over the globe tracking his energy endeavors and deals; especially in natural gas.

What Gates is describing is a function of the people being forced onto their green premium platform, having basic economics reset according to desired ends and then burying it all in layered and highly complex legislation and regulations that are difficult to sometimes locate and often even more difficult to read, parse-out and comprehend. For one small example of this, just consider the nature of Moonshine work into COVID data and ICD-10 coding [1] [2]. All by design, folks.

Knowing that Gates views innovation as the impetus for forced change and the ability to own and control the change mechanisms, the following ought to frighten most,

My answer to everything whether saving lives or eradicating malaria or climate is that innovation is the only kind of way that you get to have modest sacrifices be made and yet achieve the super important goal which for climate is zero emissions.

Translated, we didn’t elect Gates so his answer is irrelevant as he leverages his endeavors in experimenting on mostly Third World populations and knowing that Africa and malaria research vectors heavily into the COVID criminal conspiracy, the development of SARS-CoV-2, vaccinations, HIV, etc. Note that Gates’ quiver has but one arrow – “innovation” – and it’s for “everything.”

That’s a costume for tyranny once you understand what “innovation” means to Gates and his ilk. Unsurprisingly, the sacrifices will again be made by the same people who always make the sacrifices – us. Those sacrifices are always made for a thing and the thing is always a fraudulent thing and starting with the word I most detest: safety, climate, COVID, systemic racism, etc. It’s a long list.

Referring to the U.K.’s COP26 conference and climate generally, Gates dropped some Moonshine on us by saying the cooperative fight in climate initiatives is a cooperative “construct.” That makes me wryly smile at him with an inclination to ad-lib “enterprise fraud construct.”

In further comment on the U.K., Gates referenced his foundation’s U.K. relationships on climate with the former DFID and now FCDO and the Wellcome Trust, which is a functionary of The World Economic Forum. As has been done in the U.S., their efforts penetrated U.K. academic centers with over $1 billion pounds [and the ideological demands that come with it.] These entities are significantly important because they tie back to the origins of Moonshine work [hundreds of articles and thousands of pages ago] exploring pharma patents, patent sharing agreements, etc. that launched the COVID full body of work. These are filtered for Wellcome Trust: 08 Mar 20, 14 Mar 20, 19 Aug 20, 06 Jun 21 and 03 Sep 21.


Our proudest achievement was the creation of GAVI, the vaccine fund, which alone has saved million of lives. Our second proudest achievement is The Global Fund where the U.K, after the U.S., is the biggest funder and that has made huge progress on malaria, TB and HIV. We have a lot of new tools coming into that including a malaria vaccine that was largely done here in the U.K.

The entities referenced are again significant – GAVI and The Global Fund. GAVI ties back to the very first Moonshine COVID article entangling George Soros written on 09 Feb 20 and several others: 29 Feb 20, 12 Apr 20 and 14 Mar 20. The Global Fund is found in the many of the same GAVI articles and others on the website.

Staying the dystopian course, Hunt steers the interview to asking Gates about Henry Kissinger [a Globalist Godfather] and his assessment of first World War risk as applied to China and the U.S. falling into a military conflict now “almost by accident” as if “sucked into it” and “without actually seeing a way out.”

This is the same type of one-arrow quiver for everything that Gates has. This is pretext for the coming armed conflict that I’ve been warning about in very specific terms for a very long time and whereby I expect Biden to take a prearranged dive after a short exchange over Taiwan that will see China victorious and the U.S. being handed over during the treaty process, which will be a product of the same United Nations that had it’s WHO director begin all of this with his declaration of a public health emergency international crisis that caused the U.S. to follow in alignment. It eventually triggered the 13 Mar 20 pandemic declaration and the functional usurpation of President Trump’s Article II Executive and emergency authority according to the doctrine of “presidential competence” [Stafford Act] that was drawn into conflict.

Even though we’re in conflict, I don’t like to use that,” Gates said in stating the importance of not using the Russian World War I analog as a comparison for China and the U.S. today claiming that China’s intentions today are largely domestic while Russia’s at that time were devised to change the global economic system funding activities to attack capitalism. Let’s remember that Gates is a liar and the exact opposite is true with evidence in spades to prove it respective to China.

Further, Gates stated, “A few things have to do with North Korea, South Korea, the South China Sea and Taiwan where you could trigger a physical conflict.” He saved the best for last and that bit isn’t a lie but a prognostication and an accurate one.

Continuing, “But overall, the Chinese are not trying to change the U.S. economic system; they’re not trying to control North America as part of some conquered territory or anything like that.”

That’s exactly what China is doing and they’re doing it internally; inside-out as permitted by decades of infiltration and compromise of U.S. officials and others.

Gates expands on opportunities for the U.S. and China to cooperate, which are the mechanisms for international geopolitical crime and corruption, by naming more system domains for tyrannical societal control that are driven by propagandized fear and they should sound familiar: terrorism, climate and medical innovation. These are primary mechanisms to enslave us and Gates is partnering [already partnered] with the Chinese to achieve them.

It’s all truly dystopian and became more so when Hunt asked Gates about the role of technology in “fixing democracy at home” as a “force for good” in censoring “extreme beliefs” in social media.

Gates immediately went to the “pandemic” and the proliferation of “false information” that he says caused “vaccine hesitancy, crazy theories and conspiracy theories” as he cited the difficulty of the burden of placing censorship on third parties.

“Eventually, governments will decide,” Gates said. That is precise the moment where if you’re paying attention through the proper lenses, Gates placed the United States of America on the same exact geopolitical plane as communist China and he did so as a prognosticator. Heed the warning because we’re actually already there except for the closing act and final details; all to be very unpleasant; even to the orange man bad crowd.

Hunt shifted to pandemic preparedness referencing Gates’ concocted 2015 warnings following the Ebola outbreak and Gates cited his 2015 Ted Talk in reply that expanded on how “we’re not ready for the next pandemic.” Eerily, Gates states, “Sadly, that was a better forecast of what would happen…the economic damage, the deaths; it’s been completely horrific.”

Recalling the importance of innovation to Gates and what it represents, he stated,

We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health but they only slightly reduce the transmissions.

We didn’t get the diagnostics up and running in order to achieve at least what Australia and New Zealand showed; that competent management can keep the death rate down pretty dramatically.

It’ll take tens of billions in research and development that the U.S. and U.K. will be part of that. It’ll take probably a billion a year for a pandemic task force at the WHO level, which is doing the surveillance and actually doing what I call germ games.”

There’s the new way to replace the new way. How shocking and dystopian and moreover, that he equates Australia’s brute force tyranny and New Zealand’s outright dictatorship; both of which are akin to World War II era Nazi Germany, as exemplars for what America should be under medical tyranny predicated on enterprise fraud. Heed the liar’s prognostication of the truth here because that’s the course upon which we are set. Australia is the litmus test as I continue to say.

Further down the dystopian and fraud-based lane, Gates hypothesized about a bio-WMD release of smallpox at 10 airports saying it would be “way worse than what we experience today.” That reverberates as the impetus to push us over the final crest before terminal velocity is reached on the way to full Marxist communism.

Gates questioned how we would respond embracing innovation as the path to doing dramatically better in the name of medical tyranny. He cites “making vaccines cheap,” “getting rid of the common cold” and vaccines as a “little patch” for your arm as solutions; EVEN IN THE YEARS WE DON’T HAVE PANDEMICS.

Bill isn’t lying here. He’s outlining the future unless people decide not to tolerate it anymore, assume personal risk and actually fight back. We’re waiting for reinforcements.

Packaging climate and pandemics together for the Trojan Horse of tyranny, Gates says we lost trillions of dollars and millions of lives failing to heed his warnings. That is why, Gates says,

Citizens expect their governments not to let that happen again.

And Bill Gates just sold you on your own enslavement and once again it’s out of fraudulently predicated fear.

Bill Gates is a liar who tells the truth but only if you apply the right lens for discernment.


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  1. Silver Sunday November 17, 2021

    Bill Gates is a failure.. he walked into Africa uninvited saying “I’m here to help” all he did was harm, with vaccines, with his GMO chickens, with his GMO
    Seeds and crops. Ruination follows in his wake. The girls in India that suffered from the (not) pelvic cancer drug. The polio vaccine that crippled children.
    He claims he saved millions of lives! Where is the data on that sir? Liar.
    Now in his role in the Global Health Mafia Protection Racket Schemes that run circular rings around philanthropic (my ass) foundations and bla bla bla, each
    Greedy POS serves on the others board of directors. They blackmail governments using the Mafia Protection Tactics – “we may see a smallpox bioweapon… ether stock up on our vaccine. They all need to be hung out to dry in public. Bill Gates is a monster like Fauci.
    Marlene aka Sanity 2016

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