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08 Mar 20 (SEVENTH article in a series)

The CEPI, founded over three years ago, suggests that the COVID-19 coronavirus is a global pandemic that requires aggressive action. Who created and funds CEPI? Bill Gates. Who else contributed to its foundation? George Soros.

Let’s get right to it but before we do, I highly suggest that you refer back to THIS, which is the sixth article in this series, and which links back to all of the previous articles for context. Otherwise, the gravity of this revelation will be lost.

Here’s a brief recapitulation from the above-linked article,

Essentially, the fundamental components look like a global pandemic rope with two billionaires standing side-by-side and tugging on both ends of it and whereby one end is comprised of patents and patent-sharing strategies; while the other end is comprised of pandemic bonds controlled by the World Bank, as predicated by a pandemic declaration, as determined by the World Health Organization, as controlled by those same two billionaires, as entrenched by, of course, funding (follow the money!). On the former end of that rope, the billionaires stand to earn a king’s ransom while on the latter end of that rope, the billionaires are working to preserve a different king’s ransom; and all at the expense of how many people globally? You have to read the articles for the rest – it’s too complicated and deep for this space.


That brings us to the news event of the day courtesy of permanent Twitter outlaw Zero Hedge and THIS item. Therein we learn,

An infectious diseases expert at the forefront of the search for a coronavirus vaccine said on Friday that it was the most “frightening disease” he’s ever encountered, and that “war is an appropriate analogy” for what the country is facing, as “50 – 70 percent of the global population” may become infected.

Dr. Richard Hatchett, who sat on the White House Homeland Security Council in 2005 – 2006 and was a principal author of the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan, and currently heads the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, told the UK’s Channel 4:

This is the most frightening disease I’ve ever encountered in my career, and that includes Ebola, it includes MERS, it includes SARS. And it’s frightening because of the combination of infectiousness and a lethality that appears to be manyfold higher than flu.”

He feels this way “because of the combination of infectiousness, and a lethality that appears to be many-fold higher than the flu.


That sounds ominous and frightening, does it not? It’s also by design and the revelations below will demonstrate this but more importantly, they will demonstrate the motive (look up for a hint) for sending such a strong message.

That’s what it looks and sounds like when someone is herding the ‘sheeple’ into desirable positions and laying pretext for a JUSTIFIABLE GLOBAL GOVERNMENTAL MANDATE TO INTERVENE IN THE WAY OF PREVENTION AND TREATMENT. Looking through that lens, now ask yourself cui bono? Who benefits from such a construct?

Would the billionaires – Soros and Gates as previously and firmly established – stand to gain if, say, they owned and/or controlled the patents to the only known effective treatment for COVID-19 (Remdesivir via Gilead Sciences via Unitaid via Soros) and the most promising coronavirus strain for a vaccine (Gates)? One would certainly think so; especially given the nature of the presumed executed patent-sharing strategies as previously outlined.

Here’s what has been previously established about Gates in my previous work linked above: he owns the patent to the most promising coronavirus strain for a vaccine; he controls the World Health Organization through funding via his foundation; the World Bank relies solely on the WHO’s pandemic declaration to trigger pandemic bonds that would result in the loss of huge sums of money; and he created, controls and funds the CEPI circa 2016. The same CEPI that is now rolling out its Armageddon prognostication about COVID-19. Consider this from the CEPI’s own page sourced HERE (emphasis mine.)

CEPI was founded in Davos by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the World Economic Forum.

CEPI has secured $760 million toward its $1billion funding target, with multi-year funding from Norway, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, Ethiopia, Australia, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Wellcome. CEPI has also received single-year investments from the governments of Belgium. The European Commission provides substantial financial contributions to support relevant projects through its mechanisms.

Close collaboration with global partners is also crucial to the success of our work to develop vaccines against emerging infectious diseases. That’s why work with industry, regulators, and other bodies to ensure that any vaccines we develop get licensed and can reach the people who need them.


It should come as no surprise that Soros also has direct linkage to CEPI as sourced HERE and whereby he is indicated as an ‘agenda provider’ to the World Economic Forum. If you glance back at the first paragraph in the quote above, you’ll notice that the World Economic Forum was a founding body of CEPI.

Referring back to the same above quote, notice that Gates is also entangled with Wellcome as established in THIS item and in other capacities (see below.)

Connections between Soros and Wellcome are thin because they are competing entities; however, the contemporary coalescence of swampy NGOs in Berlin serves to reflect the appropriate implications. It’s reasonable to think that if Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Gates’ Foundation and Wellcome Trust cared to intermingle, it would be easy as pie to make happen. Take Berlin as one example and as sourced HERE (EMPHASIS MINE),

Wellcome’s arrival means that three of the world’s largest international foundations have now opened offices in Berlin in the past year. That includes the world’s largest foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which now has ten staff in Berlin, and the Open Society Foundation (OSF) which plans to have around 100. Both foundations also have long-established offices in London.

Any change at Wellcome, as the UK’s largest foundation by a huge distance, could have significant implications for the British foundation sector and the charities they support.

The presence of Wellcome, Gates and OSF in Berlin underscores Germany’s status at the heart of European philanthropy and OSF in particular – with its un-ashamedly political orientation – could shake up the large but relatively sleepy German foundation sector. OSF arrived in Berlin last year after its exile from Hungary, the country of birth of its founder George Soros. According to OSF’s head of Institutional Relations, Selmin Çalışkan, the Berlin office will become the largest office outside its New York HQ with planned spending in excess of 100 million Euros per year.


Now consider Wellcome’s emergence and partnership with Gates germane to drug-resistant illnesses and as it converges on the same 2017 timeline underpinning fact sets demonstrated in the previous articles; and as sourced HERE (EMPHASIS MINE).

Under provisional leadership from Germany, the Global Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Collaboration Hub will co-ordinate efforts to invigorate antimicrobial research and encourage global involvement and investment. The scope of work will cover all stages of the antimicrobial development pipeline, as well as vaccines, alternative therapies and new diagnostic tools.

The Global Collaboration Hub will be open to all G20 countries, G20 guest countries and to non-government donors. Members will be expected to release additional investment in national and/or international research, but there will not be a set minimum for entry.

UK charity Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are among the first to pledge support.


If we dig back to May of 2014 and as soured HERE, we can find a merging of Gates and Wellcome as each invested $20 billion in a British pharmaceutical company called Kymab. What did Kymab do; recalling that COVID-19 contains four artificial HIV insertions? This (EMPHASIS MINE),

Kymab, a British biopharmaceutical company, has announced Series B investments of $20 million each from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust.

The funds will enable Kymab to maximize the potential of its Kymouse platform and advance its proprietary pipeline of first-in-class therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies in areas of significant unmet need. In addition, Kymab will collaborate with the Gates Foundation and its partners on vaccine antigen discovery research and development, with an initial focus on malaria and HIV.

The company is using its Kymouse platform to discover and develop fully human monoclonal antibody drugs — the best-selling classes of drugs, due in large part to their superior safety profiles. To complement the growth of its pipeline, Kymab will seek a limited number of strategic collaborations to identify and develop therapeutic antibodies for a range of diseases.

“We are excited to work with Kymab in pursuit of research and development of drugs and vaccines to address diseases that have a disproportionate impact on the world’s poorest,” said Trevor Mundel, president of global health at the Gates Foundation. “We believe Kymab has one of the most comprehensive transgenic technologies to date…and are pleased to support the company as it enters its next stage of growth.”


Here’s what Kymab’s page says today as sourced HERE (EMPHASIS MINE),

Our Series B financing commenced in 2014 when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust invested $40 million in Kymab and closed in 2015, when Schroder UK Public Private Trust plc (formerly Woodford Patient Capital Trust plc), the Woodford Equity Income Fund and Malin Corporation plc invested US$50 million. We secured $100 million in November 2016, with investment from ORI Fund and Hepalink as well as follow-on investments from existing shareholders.

Two of our long-term investors, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, are the World’s largest healthcare charities, which hold combined funds of over $68 billion.

We completed our Series C financing in November 2016, securing $100 million investment from ORI Fund and Hepalink, as well as follow-on investments from existing shareholders.

These investments in turn enabled us to develop our platform, establish a pipeline of therapeutic antibodies and advance our pipeline into the clinic. 

We have, in parallel and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted vaccine R&D in numerous partnerships focused on infectious diseases, which inflict suffering on people in resource poor countries.


How does Kymab relate to the coronavirus given the obvious implications from the descriptions above? Here’s how as sourced HERE (EMPHASIS MINE),

Commenting on the appointments, newly appointed CEO Dr David Chiswell said, “I am delighted that we have attracted such experienced scientists to head up our key therapeutic areas. Their appointments elevate our intellectual firepower in key areas of biology and medicine as well as providing a statement of the value of our expanding pipeline.”

Professor Paul Kellam, Vice-President of Vaccines & Infectious Disease has a distinguished career in virology and published over 175 articles, having worked at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, where his team uncovered a crucial human genetic variant that affects the outcome of influenza infection. He is an internationally recognised expert in examining the genomes of emerging infectious disease, such as Ebola and the MERS coronavirus as well as HIV and other virus infections. In addition to his role with Kymab, Professor Kellam serves as part-time Professor of Virus Genomics at Imperial College London.

KYMAB NEWS – Three appointments to lead key therapeutic areas

What a convenient convergence of overlapping items of interest for Mr. Gates, his foundation, his interests and his holdings; and all of the intermingling with other NGOs; especially in GERMANY (recall the Berlin context provided above) of all places! It all seems to frame the 2017 course for pursuing the stated goal of all stages of antimicrobial development including vaccines. The coincidences in all of this are profound given what Gates owns and controls relative to the current timeline and the nexuses and entanglements that draw him back to the origin and genesis of it all.

It seems Gates’ head start goes back even further to at least 2014 from a practical standpoint; but what else happened in 2017?

For one, Gilead Sciences was in trouble as shown HERE in the third article,

By 2017, Gilead’s strong history of growth, performance and acquisitions had lost some of its luster and they needed new products to maintain profitability. Consider, “As of 2017, Gilead’s challenge is to develop or acquire new blockbuster drugs before its current revenue-producers wane or their patent protection expires.”


Guess what else happened in 2017 as reported HERE in the fifth article and quoted from The Mint Press,

In June 2017, the World Bank announced the creation of “specialized bonds” that would be used to fund the previously created Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) in the event of an officially-recognized (i.e. WHO-recognized) pandemic.


As you tie that information to the 2017 timeline, recall that the World Bank is 100% dependent upon a pandemic declaration from the World Health Organization to trigger the pandemic bonds and it’s none other than Bill Gates who controls the WHO via funding. I’m sure that’s just another coincidence, though.

And look at what the aforementioned World Economic Forum was working on in 2017 and as reported HERE in the fifth article,

The World Bank is now working with NewRe to develop a pandemic risk-transfer facility triggered by the early stages of an infectious disease outbreak. In the view of NewRe, all these schemes add value if they can make an impact on mitigating crises.


When considering what Gates and Soros owned, controlled and funded dating back to the foundational time of 2016-2017, when the backdrop to all of this began to manifest, relative to where we are today germane to the prospective treatment options and apparaent global need for treatment, again, I ask, “Cui bono?”

Soros, Gates and the Globalists – that’s who. It doesn’t matter where the looking begins, it always seems to draw back to Soros and Gates (to the tune of 7 articles thus far.)

Cui bono? Bill Gates, George Soros and the Globalists benefit and in a multitude of ways; not to mention depopulation as referenced in the last article HERE and in a direct quote from Bill Gates. I’ll close this article as I did the last one,

To close, ask yourself whether a highly fluid construct such as a viral pandemic might be a good mechanism to usher-in new draconian laws; to facilitate a one-world government; to justify the mobilization of assets, measures and resources otherwise illegal; to crash economies and stock markets; to undermine China’s economy; to instill fear and control the masses; and to replace the global monetary system with a global digital currency; and all the while the elite continue to enrich themselves at our expense?



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  2. […] It’s clear that many of us following the COVID-19 pandemic from the outbreak through today immediately began addressing relevant matters such as cui bono? That research almost immediately takes us to Gates; but only after a layover at George Soros as covered previously in the first several articles. The convergence of Gates and Soros on the 2016-2017 timeline (and before and after) can’t be empha…. […]

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