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07 Mar 20 (SIXTH article in a series)

Let’s begin with an immediate concession and a hat tip to permanent Twitter outlaw Zero Hedge and THIS piece by Steven Guinness, which threw-down a welcome mat at the foot of a rabbit hole.

Before we get into it, I highly recommend reading my previous articles on this topic as those concepts will be woven into the fabric of this piece. Understanding them will be important and THIS article, the fifth in a series of six and linking back to the previous articles, reveals the latest developments.

Essentially, the fundamental components look like a global pandemic rope with two billionaires standing side-by-side and tugging on both ends of it and whereby one end is comprised of patents and patent-sharing strategies; while the other end is comprised of pandemic bonds controlled by the World Bank, as predicated by a pandemic declaration, as determined by the World Health Organization, as controlled by those same two billionaires, as entrenched by, of course, funding (follow the money!). On the former end of that rope, the billionaires stand to earn a king’s ransom while on the latter end of that rope, the billionaires are working to preserve a different king’s ransom; and all at the expense of how many people globally? You have to read the articles for the rest – it’s too complicated and deep for this space.

Back to it – after reading Guinness’ piece, I saw an opportunity to revisit the Trilateral Commission, something I haven’t read-up on in a while, and do so through the lens of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Guinness astutely grounds his work in a Trilateral Commission brochure circa summer 2019 and I want to begin there. For a quick review of the Trilateral Commission, review Guinness’ article HERE, entitled ‘Order Out of Chaos: A Look at the Trilateral Commission.’ Extracting some relevant quotes, Guinness elaborates on this basic premise,

(The Trilateral Commission has) three key parts: The Operators, The Propagandists and Technicians, and the Power Holders.

The Operators are shown as being a quartet of politicians, bureaucrats, establishment lawyers and trade unionists.

Propagandists are the media who seek to control the public news cycle, whereas Technicians are the academics and research controllers who devise the plans required to ‘promote and implement objectives.’ It is these plans which politicians and bureaucrats attempt to bring before the legislature for implementation. In short, Propagandists and Technicians are ‘the intellectual linkage between the Power Holders and The Operators.’ Without them, plans cannot be devised and disseminated down to government.

The Power Holders, (are) a concentrated mix of multinational corporate directors and international bankers. The Power Holders exist to, lay down guidelines for the propagandists and the research directors, and pass through objectives to the operators for implementation. The Power Holders are, in part, those who make-up the Trilateral Commission’s Executive Committee.

The suppression of national sovereignty in favour of a global form of centralised governance is a leading pillar of the Trilateral Commission.


Here’s the relevant question – Does the coronavirus pandemic fit as a mechanism to simultaneously suppress the national sovereignty of multiple nations in favor of centralized governance in rules-based form; also known as Globalization as underpinned by authoritarianism and tyranny?

Quick sidebar of significant importance – the construct of order out of chaos is a fundamental underpinning to how the world and world governments function today. It’s repeatedly used to achieve DSSG/MIC ulterior objectives by means of authentic events, influenced/managed events and fabricated/constructed events; the latter also being known as ‘false flag’ events. The broader mechanism of order out of chaos, no matter how or when it’s managed or constructed, is designed to usher in draconian laws, impose authority, act extra-constitutionally or unconstitutionally; supersede individual rights, affect significant but undesirable change, herd world and nation populations into predetermined and desired positions, etc.

The DSSG/MIC never lets a good authentic crisis go to waste; they take time to place pretext into the MSM to scaffold their objectives; they nuance and finesse actual events into a shaped narratives and actively manage them; and they create events out of thin air – all to accomplish specific objectives. There are copious examples of all types of such incidents and false flag events. A few false flag examples include the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, “weapons of mass destruction,” the events of 9/11 as defined outside of the government’s official narrative, many mass shootings and multitudes more.

Directly and succinctly, a global pandemic such as COVID-19 coronavirus is a perfect fit for a construct to implement a false flag operation.

Earlier we asked if the pandemic could serve as mechanism to achieve a pillar objective of the Trilateral Commission – replacing national sovereignty with rules-based Globalism. The answer to that question is an easy yes – a viral pandemic is a highly fluid construct that could be used to exact an entire menu of draconian measures just about anywhere and at just about anytime. In other words, it’s perfect cover.

COVID-19 coronavirus reasonably stands as an excellent construct to 1) achieve a pillar of the Trilateral Commission at the same time it 2) execute a false flag operation. It’s now relevant to ask if they are related?

To answer that question, we have to consider the ties that Soros and Gates have to the Trilateral Commission. Rest assured, it doesn’t take long to link Soros, Gates, one or the other to groups like Trilateral, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Brookings Institution, The Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, etc. Consider this sourced work from Fred Donaldson,

Bill Clinton was a member in 2005. So was George Soros, George H. W. Bush, Madeleine Albright, Tom Foley, Charles Rangel, Dick Gephardt, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dianne Feinstein, Fareed Zakaria, David Gergen, Mort Zuckerman,  Robert McNamara and Lynne Cheney. Plus money experts like David Rockefeller of Chase Bank, Jaimie Dimon of J P Morgan, Martin Feldstein,  Larry Summers, John Thain and Paul Volcker.


As I continue to harp on the importance of NGOs (non-governmental organizations funded by the elite to interface with geopolitics at the ground level), note that Soros’ interface with the Trilateral Commission was via two of his NGOs. This is how it works. Here’s the Trilateral Commission 2005 membership citation, “George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management LLC, New York, NY; Chairman, The Open Society Institute.”

Donaldson’s work also establishes this per the AP, “Besides Brookings, other think tanks funded by the Soros’ Ploughshares Fund include the Arms Control Association, and the Atlantic Council, according to the AP.”

Additionally, Gates and Soros were members of Club of Rome SOURCE (page 106.), while Soros was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations SOURCE (page 98.)

This excerpt from a Global Research book review penned by Stephen Lendman provides a glimpse at how representation in one group can parlay into representation or influence in another, by proxy or directly,

His (Daniel Estulin) book, “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” was published in 2005 and is now updated in a new 2009 edition. He states that in 1954, “the most powerful men in the world met for the first time” in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, “debated the future of the world,” and decided to meet annually in secret. They called themselves the Bilderberg Group with a membership representing a who’s who of world power elites, mostly from America, Canada, and Western Europe with familiar names like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch, other heads of state, influential senators, congressmen and parliamentarians, Pentagon and NATO brass, members of European royalty, selected media figures, and invited others – some quietly by some accounts like Barack Obama and many of his top officials.

Always well represented are top figures from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, EU, and powerful central bankers from the Federal Reserve, the ECB’s Jean-Claude Trichet, and Bank of England’s Mervyn King.


At a TED conference sourced HERE (page 78), Bill Gates presented a formula to track CO2 emissions the impact of a single individual on the construct of ‘global warming’/’climate change,’ and wittingly strolled down a path of global depopulation. Gates’ entanglements also include being a supporter of the Brookings Institution as sourced HERE (page 109.)

Again, it’s Donaldson’s work HERE that ties Gates to the Trilateral Commission circa 2009 by proxy in “Catherine Bertini, Professor of Public Administration, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY; Senior Fellow, Agricultural Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; former Under Secretary-General for Management, United Nations; former Executive Director, UN World Food Program.” Bertini was still a member circa 2019 as sourced HERE; however, her direct affiliation with Gates ended in 2009. THIS Donaldson item also connects Gates to Bilderberg 2010 as an attendee.

In short summary, Gates and Soros are entangled and entangled deeply and broadly and the surface level research above reflects that. Please understand that time is limited and there is certainly more information to be found regarding Soros, Gates and others as it relates to their direct ability to influence policy, regulation, law, etc. at national and global levels. The facts above serve to reflect this for context.

Let’s examine the summer 2019 brochure from the Trilateral Commission entitled ‘Recreating the Trilateral Commission to Revitalize Our Democracies to Uphold the Rules-Based International Order,’ which you can view in a PDF link HERE, in line-by-line fashion. We’ll start with the executive summary (EMPHASIS MINE),

The global order that seemed so invincible at the end of the Cold War is now in doubt. Challenges to it come from within the very societies that honed and championed this order, as well from more traditional geopolitical opponents of it. Whether the world proves able to tackle the most urgent problems facing mankind today will in part depend on the ability of advanced democracies to overcome their current malaise and work together as they have in past decades.

A forty-five year old organization, the Trilateral Commission is recreating itself to be a leader and an indispensable resource in this effort. The Commission has unique advantages in galvanizing those in developed democracies to move from lamenting democratic decline to taking action to remedy it. It is the only organization with an explicit trilateral structure (North America, Europe, and Asia) and a legacy of catalyzing cooperation on global issues across the very geographies now suffering from democratic discontent. Rediscovering its roots, the Commission is sharpening its mission, rejuvenating its membership, and committing itself to a work program that will generate thought and action to strengthen the advanced democracies, enabling them to work together more effectively to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Focusing on the emphasized text in the Executive Summary, let’s interpret what the Trilateral Commission is stating as viewed and interpreted through the lens of national sovereignty. Note the overarching framework that makes the Trilateral Commission a formidable one – it bridges the three most formidable continents – North America, Europe and Asia. Moreover, it’s a ‘global order,’ and thus a functionary body of the concept of Globalism ergo it stands counter to traditional principles such as national sovereignty, national citizenship, individual rights and liberties, etc.

Notice how specific mention is given to the decline of the post-Cold War construct, or in other words, a construct that was created whereby the balance between mutual annihilation and detente served to usher in decades of draconian policy, military build-up and social control leverage.

Here’s a perfect exemplar of how the Cold War era construct served as social control leverage. Much of this type of social control is accomplished by means of a co-opted public education system, which functions more in an indoctrination capacity than and educational one. As you watch this video, understand that similar agendas are in play today: the transgender agenda for one and the school shooter agenda for another. Today’s “nuclear bomb” drills now take the form of “active shooter” drills. Note one constant and it’s this simple recipe: fear serving as a mechanism for control. I’m actually old enough that I remember seeing such things replayed as a child.

When the Trilateral Commission indicates that ‘global order’ is ‘in doubt’ due to new ‘challenges,’ we need to interpret for clarity. The interpretation reads as summarized – the control mechanism (construct) that was previously used to exact Globalism and maintain social control across the continents of North America, Europe and Asia, is in significant jeopardy. The ‘challenges’ identified can be viewed as impediments to their objectives and the impediments are simply us – the people – ergo said challenges now clearly stand as a renewed sense of national sovereignty, individual rights and liberties and political populism. Essentially, it’s the revolutionary, historical and global shift that was set upon us with the results of the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump. Since that time, Globalism and the institutions that perpetuate it have begun to be dismantled and in significant fashion. The Trilateral Commission is essentially OWNING EVERY BIT OF THAT (significantly important) by making the statements I outlined above.

Why is that critically important? The Trilateral Commission answered that for us – they are working to “generate thought and action to strengthen the advanced democracies, enabling them to work together more effectively to meet the challenges.” What does that mean? It means they are re-calibrating their efforts to further perpetuate Globalism, which is the manifestation of their ‘thoughts’ by means of co-opting the power and authority of the world’s most advanced and leading national governments, described as ‘democracies’ (North America/USA, Europe/European Union and Asia/China, to take ‘action.’ By taking ‘action’ the Trilateral Commission therefore imposes its Globalist will unto targeted populations and that includes you, me, everyone we know, and a whole bunch of others. Once modernized, advanced democracies fall under that umbrella, pulling in the remaining less developed nations is child’s play – see imperialism and colonization.

Notice how the political aspects of this are labeled as “geographies now suffering from democratic discontent.” The relevant question becomes, “What is the source for that discontent?” Easy – it’s the current global push back to the decades-long forced implementation of Globalism and social control. Here are examples – Great Britain leaving the EU; the ongoing ‘yellow vest’ protests in France, Trump’s election, etc. Those are exact examples of the precise ‘democratic discontent’ that institutions like the Trilateral Commission and others seek to squash and replace with their own vision of what nations and the globe should be. They call it Globalism but in reality, it’s a border-less world with an autocratic, authoritarian, tyrannical one-world government that will shred the US Constitution on its way to eliminating all of our individual rights, liberties and freedoms.

Before you chalk that up to conspiracy theory – no such thing, by the way – consider the Commission’s own words (EMPHASIS MINE),

The drive toward deeper integration and greater globalization seemed irreversible until just a few years ago. Yet in recent times, the unintended consequences of these trends—from inequality to cultural alienation—have fueled new forms of discontent, spurring a rise in populism and nationalism in the most advanced economies and democracies in the world. Today’s institutions—both global and domestic—seem ill-equipped to face these trends down and ensure the maintenance of the rules-based international order.


The commission is saying the exact same thing but in words designed to obscure real meaning and throw cover to an ulterior agenda. The Commission continues (EMPHASIS MINE),

Although the headlines differ, there is a remarkable commonality in the stresses bearing down on the democracies of North America, Asia, and Europe. Social, economic, and technological pressures—be they rising inequality, shifting demographics, or the changing nature of work—are leading many to question whether democracy is still working for them. Social media is transforming and degrading politics by reinforcing bias, spreading falsehoods, and segmenting people into more insulated groups.


The ‘rising inequality’ results from the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES (I continually hammer this theme with the Left in most everything I write – they are the masters of it) created by the autocratic implementation of Globalism against the will of the majority and now that folks apparently have decided to take part in a ‘GREAT AWAKENING’ so as to defend their collective and individual rights and liberties, the Commission, Globalists and others are re-calibrating to ensure that never comes to fruition and that Globalism eventually manifests. They leave no stone unturned as they drill down on social media in classic censorship fashion akin to co-opted partners in Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The Commission continues (EMPHASIS MINE),

The fate of these advanced democracies has major consequences for the ability of the world to tackle pressing global problems in the security, economic, and political realms. These countries have the greatest capacity to address problems outside their own borders and in tandem with others. Prospects for maintaining the open global trading system, stemming nuclear proliferation, and adequately addressing climate change are slim as long as advanced democracies are compromised by internal divisions and governed by institutions that are no longer well-suited to the realities of the day.


The two underlined and emboldened sentences above outline the Commission’s justification for it’s “thought” and “action” whereby their designs are rooted in preserving the institutions they cherish and leverage to control and manipulate the masses – global trading, nuclear proliferation, climate change (largest conduit for corruption and theft ever devised), etc. Note how the impediments to their objectives are characterized as, “internal divisions and governed by institutions that are no longer well-suited to the realities of the day.” Make no mistake about it – that’s a direct shot at the Trump Administration and any national government aligned with it.

Now consider how the Commission seeks to remedy the challenges it faces (EMPHASIS MINE),

The democracies of North America, Europe, and Asia must be revitalized in order to ensure that they—not the authoritarian regimes gaining confidence and establishing themselves more firmly on the global stage—are the ones that offer workable solutions to the dilemmas of our rapidly changing world. This democratic renewal will require new voices and thinking from all segments of these societies.


Let’s now translate what it means to “revitalize” democracies; especially the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, in light of the 2019 time frame. In short, just examine what has happened to President Trump since his 2016 election up to now (Russia> Mueller> Ukraine> impeachment> COVID-19 coronavirus???????); especially given his STRONG PUBLIC OPPOSITION to Globalism and that a pillar of his political platform is literally undoing it. What they call “revitalizing” has taken the appearance of impeachment and a multifaceted and ongoing coup d’etat as led by the Lawfare Group.

The Commission even taps its past to possibly prognosticate its future. Consider,

Founded in 1973, the Commission’s original goal—to bring Japan into the umbrella of democratic societies when others would not—was controversial. But its purpose was also to buttress a beleaguered global trading order in the wake of President Nixon’s withdrawal from the Gold Standard and the Bretton Woods Agreement. Following Vietnam, the Arab oil embargo, and the diminishing share of global GDP generated by the United States, doubts had surfaced about America’s role in the world.


There has been a long-sustained effort from the Globalist element to push the globe into a cashless society; one whereby digital currency would become the standard. As I posted the other day, since the coronavirus scenario began to unfold, I’ve been waiting for one particular HEADLINE centered on using coronavirus as the rationale for a remedy that will replace actual currency with digital currency so as to prevent the spread of the virus. Like with all else, it would begin to unfold incrementally, be billed as a temporary measure, be hailed as monumentally successful endeavor and then be implemented permanently and globally.

Any point in time that none of us can actually select to physically possess our currency and wealth is a point in time that none of us actually possess any currency or wealth. It would be wealth by proxy and it could be eliminated at the proverbial push of a button and by anyone having access to that button. Do you think a mechanized construct like that could serve to control the masses in a highly effective way? Rhetorical question – that’s precisely why they want it and the fluid construct of a viral outbreak and the resulting fear of the spread of contagions is the perfect cover to usher-in such a global currency reset. Is in-part this why the Commission revisited its own history?

The Commission then begins to dial in on specifics. Consider (EMPHASIS MINE),

Moreover, the trilateral structure is essential to catalyze cooperation to meet pressing global problems—from nuclear proliferation to climate change to pandemics to growing protectionism.

“Pandemics.’ Now that’s an interesting word. So interesting in fact, that the World Bank, as predicated by a non-declaration decision by the World Health Organization, which is funded by Bill Gates, whereby it refuses to declare the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic a pandemic; despite it meeting the WHO’s own criteria for a pandemic classification, because such a declaration would result in enormous sums of money being eliminated by means of the ‘pandemic bonds’ on which I previously reported HERE, in the last article, and described above.

So then, whose hands are in this proverbial ‘cookie jar?’ Consider,

In each group of the Commission, the membership includes senior people from business, government, academia, and the media—including former prime ministers and cabinet officials from around the world, top CEOs and chairmen, and the most recognized thought leaders.


Now ask yourself exactly which groups and individuals would be required to be enlisted in any such epidemic or pandemic outside of an authentic or genuine outbreak; recalling that 4 artificial HIV insertions were discovered within COVID-19. Must that group include, “senior people from business, government, academia, and the media—including former prime ministers and cabinet officials from around the world, top CEOs and chairmen, and the most recognized thought leaders?” Rhetorical question – that’s the precise list.

The entire summer brochure (LINK) is short and worthy if you care to read it in its entirety.

There has been much reported about the genesis and manifestation of the COVID-19 coronavirus. I’ve tied it to two billionaires tugging on both ends of a global pandemic rope whereby they stand to make a king’s ransom by holding patents and engaging in patent-sharing strategies at the same time they stand to lose a king’s ransom if pandemic bonds are cashed-in as predicated by a WHO pandemic declaration and whereby one of those billionaires – Bill Gates – essentially controls the WHO. We can now fold into that mix the nexuses and memberships to the Trilateral Commission and it’s stated objectives; not to mention other similar institutions: Brookings Institution, The Club of Rome, Bilderberg, The Council on Foreign Relations, and a host of others.

So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with more work to do and research to complete but at the same time, it gives us demonstrable, verifiable and open sourced body of evidence demonstrating that the MSM narrative is far from the truth and this pandemic is anything but an ordinary, authentic and organic even. To gain more insight, we must continue to ask, ‘cui bono’? The answer to that question and the last question below will shine light on the truth.

To close, ask yourself whether a highly fluid construct such as a viral pandemic might be a good mechanism to usher-in new draconian laws; to facilitate a one-world government; to justify the mobilization of assets, measures and resources otherwise illegal; to crash economies and stock markets; to undermine China’s economy; to instill fear and control the masses; and to replace the global monetary system with a global digital currency; and all the while the elite continue to enrich themselves at our expense?


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