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The Eleven Days That Could Have Altered History and Prevented the Present but No One Listened

A recent article sourced at Zero Hedge, entitled ‘COVID “Not Deadly Enough” To Justify Risk Of Fast-Track Vaccines, Chris Whitty Told UK Govt’ and authored by Will Jones via serves as a stark reminder on many fronts as to why it is that the American people should filter every granular thing the U.S. government and it’s propaganda arm mainstream media espouse.

That article is also a stark reminder of how Americans are reluctant to consider alternative explanations of reality from independent and critical thinkers.

A few of us were doing our due diligence ad nauseam; even putting it all into print and begging Americans to read, listen and heed well evidenced warnings. Whether it’s directly attributable to heavy censorship, shadow banning and outright banning; or to the hubris of “what’s your source, you’re a conspiracy theorist and that’s not what the media says,” matters not because the net effect is that few listened to the warnings.

Had America listened to what was arduously outlined, which essentially stood alone in its context at the time of print, the initial uptake of the experimental and dangerous mRNA injections that are injuring and killing wouldn’t be 82.5% and we wouldn’t be standing in economic ruins with tyranny camping out on our front doorstep.

Jones’ article begins,

COVID-19 was not dangerous enough to justify cutting short vaccine trials as the vaccine had to be “very safe”, Chris Whitty advised the Government in the early weeks of the outbreak, it has emerged.

Writing on WhatsApp on February 29th 2020, the Chief Medical Officer told Government figures:

“For a disease with a low (for the sake of argument 1%) mortality a vaccine has to be very safe so the safety studies can’t be shortcut. So important for the long run.”

U.K Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty

The estimate of 1% turned out to be an overestimate, as the infection fatality rate in Europe and the Americas was found to be 0.3-0.4%.

Chief Scientist Patrick Vallance agreed with this advice and wrote that existing drugs should be relied on instead:

Agree, existing drugs best things to try for this outbreak. Accelerate vaccine testing where we have good candidates for future, and prepare for manufacturing capacity for longer term.”

Will Jones via

The concluding paragraph of Jones’ article provides our framework.

It was in those 11 days, from March 6th to 16th, that the country was transformed from a stoic survivor facing with calm courage the approaching tide to a gibbering wreck cowering in homes and refusing to go to work. The slow recovery from those traumatic days of spring three years ago is still ongoing.

Will Jones via

Back in early March 2020, there was a distinct difference between what the mainstream media; as a functionary of and propaganda arm for the U.S. federal government, was disseminating compared to what discerning and independently and critically thinking others were putting forth and begging Americans to read and consider.

Perhaps if during the 11 days Jones cites, when America was still on the precipice of being transformed from a stoic survivor facing with calm courage the approaching tide to a gibbering wreck cowering in homes and refusing to go to work,” had Americans heeded the advice of the independently and critically thinking, history could have been positively altered to prevent the miserable, tragic and disastrous present. No one listened, though.

Let’s make side-by-side comparisons on Jone’s timeline. Before we do, know that this work was about three years and almost 400 articles ago meaning that much has changed from positions to evidence to writing style and more. Nonetheless, the mainstay of analysis remains entirely on the mark.

During these 11 days March of 2020 from the 6th-16th, America was reeling from a so-called “pandemic” and trying to determine the threat level they faced. What they did not realize was that the real and only threat was coming from the U.S. federal government, the U.S. Department of Defense, Globalists and an international cartel of communists who desire global governance and were intent on removing a sitting U.S. president to hijack the nation for themselves.

Here are the enumerated extracts from Jones’ article respective to the reporting and warnings from Moonshine:

1-“On March 5th a poll showed the public were still happy with the Government’s calm approach.”

Around this time on 07 Mar 20, I authored VIEWING CORONAVIRUS THROUGH THE LENS OF THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION REVEALS A MORE OMINOUS PICTURE. In that article and without clear evidence fully enmeshing China, the article said to “Ask yourself whether a highly fluid construct such as a viral pandemic might be a good mechanism to usher-in new draconian laws; to facilitate a one-world government; to justify the mobilization of assets, measures and resources otherwise illegal; to crash economies and stock markets; to undermine China’s economy; to instill fear and control the masses; and to replace the global monetary system with a global digital currency; and all the while the elite continue to enrich themselves at our expense?”

My analysis at that time was entirely on the mark relative to the broader fact set of today.

2-“On March 8th France banned large gatherings as Italy locked down the entire north of the country, and Government figures began to feel the pressure to do more.”

On 08 Mar 20, I authored SUBSTANTIAL DIRECT EVIDENCE: CORONAVIRUS, GATES, SOROS, GLOBALISTS AND THE CEPI. In that article, I examined how “The CEPI, founded over three years ago, suggests that the COVID-19 coronavirus is a global pandemic that requires aggressive action. Who created and funds CEPI? Bill Gates. Who else contributed to its foundation? George Soros” to draw down on previous analysis indicating massive enterprise fraud and bioterrorism at the hands of Gates, Soros and others.

The article also indicated, “That’s what it looks and sounds like when someone is herding the ‘sheeple’ into desirable positions and laying pretext for a JUSTIFIABLE GLOBAL GOVERNMENTAL MANDATE TO INTERVENE IN THE WAY OF PREVENTION AND TREATMENT. Looking through that lens, now ask yourself cui bono? Who benefits from such a construct?”

The article goes on to implicate a whole host of other individuals and entities now prominent in the current COVID-19 dialogue.

My analysis at that time was entirely on the mark relative to the broader fact set of today.

3-“By March 11th Boris Johnson’s Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings was stressing how difficult it was to continue to hold the liberal line – and not very subtly implying he agreed with the critics.

4-“On March 12th and 13th Patrick Vallance and other Government figures did one last media round arguing for sticking with a calm, liberal response that would lead to herd immunity, but it was no longer well-received by the media or much of the public.”

On 13 Mar 20, I authored WHO DECLARES COVID-19 A PANDEMIC AND WHY THAT IS MONUMENTALLY CRITICAL indicating that “The WHO pandemic declaration is a significant trigger for the World Bank in the broader COVID-19 matter and it all links to Gates, Soros and the Globalists.”

Moreover, I asked, “Who gets the feeling that we’re being herded by fear with elements of culling the population and resetting global constructs?”

Then on 14 Mar 20, I authored IS COVID-19 A GLOBAL 9/11? EVIDENCE CAN BE ARRANGED TO SUGGEST A FALSE FLAG CONSTRUCT AND HERE’S HOW. The article was “An exercise in pragmatism, logic and timing that arranges elemental evidence like puzzle pieces so as to provide one possible and nefarious explanation for the COVID-19 global pandemic.”

In that substantial piece, I stated that “First, I’m outlining something more conspiratorial than 9/11 narratives outside of the official one. Leveling an assertion of such magnitude requires me to do two things: 1) be thorough in my support of the assertion with reliable evidence while at the same time 2) be efficient with time.

I also provided accurate contextual backdrop by providing “A sidebar to begin – If you are too young to have lived through the events of 9/11 or perhaps you have no personal understanding of the United States before 9/11, you must realize and accept that pre-9/11 America and post-9/11 America are two entirely different countries and with the former being a much better time and place than the latter. That’s critical to understand.”

The importance of 9/11 was important because “In order to present my arguments in proper context, we must take the time to wrestle with the very real concept of FALSE FLAG CONSTRUCTS, of which 9/11 was certainly one and of which there are many both before and after 9/11: sinking of the USS Maine, Gulf of Tonkin incident, JFK’s assassination, etc. – they are numerous.) It’s important to point this out – ‘false flags’ doesn’t imply that something didn’t happen. For example, by saying the 9/11 is a false flag doesn’t mean that 3,000 people actually died. Some people conflate what a false flag is and is not.”

Relative to false flags in the commission of enterprise fraud, I stated that “A ‘false flag’ more generally means that the explanation given doesn’t comport with the truth while the event is being leveraged and manipulated for ulterior gain. False flags can be real, authentic events leveraged in real time toward an ulterior agenda; can be staged events; can be drills taken live; and can include actual deaths – authentic and otherwise – or simulated ones. ‘False flags’ is a great rabbit hole to jump into if you haven’t already. So, by firmly establishing 9/11 as a false flag construct, which it most certainly was, we can lay the foundation for COVID-19 coronavirus functioning in the same capacity, but on a global scale. That is the entire crux of this article and the hypothesis we are exploring.

That article goes on to cover myriad lanes of analysis providing a through framework for COVID-19 as a political construct of enterprise fraud manifesting as a false flag attack executed by internal and hostile foreign actors.

My analysis at that time was entirely on the mark relative to the broader fact set of today.

5-“Around March 15th as the country moved from containment (where contact tracing makes sense) to mitigation (where it doesn’t), but behind the scenes this change was opposed and the idea that we should be ramping up testing and contact tracing for indefinite use became a new orthodoxy.

6-“On the evening of March 16th – the day Neil Ferguson’s Report 9, projecting over 500,000 deaths without severe suppression measures, was published – Boris Johnson told the nation that, without drastic action, the virus would spiral out of control.”

On 16 Mar 20, I authored IT’S NOT THE PANDEMIC THAT IT’S IMPORTANT – IT’S THE COVER IT PROVIDES: 24 AREAS FOR CONCERN MAY OUTLINE THE NEXT VERSION OF THE ‘NEW NORMAL’ indicating that “Once we get enough people asking the same questions, we’ll find ourselves in a position to know [whether COVID-19 was a false flag construct.] Until then, EVERYONE OUGHT TO GIVE FULL FIDELITY TO THE ENCROACHMENT OF DRACONIAN LAWS, PRACTICES, REGULATIONS AND POLICIES because once they settle in, they’ll be branded as the ‘NEW NORMAL,’ just as they were following 9/11.”

On 17 Mar 20, I authored DID OBAMA PASS A LAW AND SET-UP PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR A GLOBAL VIRAL PANDEMIC CONSTRUCT? SMOKING GUN?. In that article, I examined how “The newly emerging evidence in this article outlines how the Obama administration may have inserted into the transition period of President Trump’s administration the exact global viral pandemic construct that we see now; one whereby Trump would be compelled to address it on the eve of the 2020 election – a 2020 election whereby Obama and everyone else knew they (Globalists) were dead in the water (TIMING!)”

I recently revisited Obama’s unilateral executive order and his insertion of the viral pandemic construct into the incoming Trump Administration on 13 Jan 17 in this article: The Real Joe Biden, the Fake Pandemic and the Devastating Consequences.

By 25 Mar 20 and with several articles in between it and the 17 Mar 20 piece, I wrote A PRAGMATIC AND GRANULAR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW AND WHY COVID-19 FUNCTIONS AS A POLITICAL CONSTRUCT – Examining how the enemy operates by comparing COVID-19 to failed impeachment. The title is self-explanatory of how COVID-19 was examined, evidenced and positioned as a political construct of enterprise fraud.

This was all very early analysis that was begun in early February 2020 and continued into the time frame that Jones provides. It was within two months of the 20 Jan 20 first reported case of COVID-19 in the U.S.

It was also a time that America permitted itself to be manipulated and subjugated to abject tyranny out of designed and orchestrated chaos and fear.

It was all derived from an old false flag recipe and hardly anyone listened to the evidenced warnings of this. The consequences have been devastating and deadly.

It was in those 11 days, from March 6th to 16th, that the country was transformed from a stoic survivor facing with calm courage the approaching tide to a gibbering wreck cowering in homes and refusing to go to work. The slow recovery from those traumatic days of spring three years ago is still ongoing.”

Will Jones via

There were 11 days in 2020 from March 6th to 16th that the country was converted into a Marxist, totalitarian hellhole that leveraged perception management [psychological operations], propaganda and biowarfare to divide and conquer the American people. Consequently, their nation was hijacked and stolen and it was largely preventable. Had Americans heeded the warnings, they could have risen to collectively act differently in ways to positively alter the future and avoid the present, but they didn’t because no one listened.

You didn’t listen then or in the years that followed, America, so please listen now. It’s not too late. Draw your clear line in the sand, drop any dogmatic political partisanship and extend your hand to your neighbors and community members to stand as a single thing – Americans. Then and only then do we have a chance. I hope you hear me loudly and clearly.

Fool me once, they say.


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