13 Mar 20 (EIGHTH article in a series)

The WHO pandemic declaration is a significant trigger for the World Bank in the broader COVID-19 matter and it all links to Gates, Soros and the Globalists.

As confirmed by the WHO in THIS press release, COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic and that is a monumentally critical declaration in the broader coronavirus matter. The result of this declaration having occurred prior to July of this year is significant through the lens of something called pandemic bonds germane to Bill Gates, George Soros and the Globalists.

For greater understanding, you can link back to the previous article HERE, which will link back to the other six.

Stay tuned for the next article – it will be a highly conspiratorial angle fitting together many pieces of objective, verifiable evidence to paint an ominous picture rooted in our current reality.

Teaser – Who gets the feeling that we’re being herded by fear with elements of culling the population and resetting global constructs?

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