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Permanency of Power: The Lockstep March of China and America Toward Global Technocratic Tyranny

11 Nov 21

Most people don’t see it. Many aren’t willing to look at it if they do. A few are willing to confront it falling far short of a requisite threshold to make a difference. Almost all of them won’t fight it and for inconsequential and flimsy reasons that supersede the ones they fail to observe and or acknowledge. Those; however, will eventually become the actual reasons for their own undoing at an unrecoverable time that will be far too late. You know the list – we all do: my job, my kids, my house, my benefits, my, my, my my. In this discourse, which is person to person in the context of asking them to actively engage in the fight, never do I hear my freedom, my liberty or my independence in the declination or the proffered excuse, which all and more exist to preserve their aforementioned list of flimsy reasons, which are all being eviscerated right in front of them as veiled by their own ignorance of the actual fact sets.

That is the direct product of something we call psychological warfare, which underpins Chinese doctrine.

As the products writ large of a failed public education system that functions to espouse state-sponsored doctrine and narrative through an indoctrination process, the people have been programmed to be conforming and herding creatures wholly responsive to irrational fears exacerbated by a dearth of civic knowledge, no understanding of accurate history, the inability to recall and incredibly short attention spans. I’ll kick the dead horse by applying the most accurate label – a herd of sheep in full view of a veiled wolf they may sense but can’t see.

You can’t reason with or expect logical deduction from the panicked; especially when the panicked are that way for something they don’t understand like virology and epidemiology as embedded in the complexity of legislation and statute respective to Constitutional law [that didn’t get taught in school.]

Now and in consideration of what I wrote back in mid-March 2020, shortly after America received the first legacy media report of a viral outbreak in China on New Year’s Eve on 31 Dec 19, understand how the concept of fluidity defined the “pandemic” accurately and in explanation of how the people could be so easily, broadly and effectively deceived and divided against themselves and to their own demise.

Evidence, suggests that what we are seeing is a highly lethal – literally and figuratively – incredibly precise and uncompromisingly effective global false flag construct similar to what we experienced on 11 Sep 01.

The myriad nefarious intrusions into our rights and liberties; not to mention the actual exponential loss of life, that can be ushered-in under the guise and fluidity of a global viral pandemic is essentially without limits. In other words, it’s PERFECT COVER (just like ‘terrorism’ is) to do whatever in the hell you want, rationalize it immediately and resolutely and scare folks into not only not challenging authority, but hysterically ascribing to it like fools in a cult. It’s the perfect context for a false flag construct and I’ve long believed that the next version of any form of false flag event (and there have been many since 9/11 – do your homework) would most certainly be exactly what we are seeing at this precise moment in time. The most important word in that last sentence was ‘time.’ It’s the timing of it all that allows us to arrange the puzzle pieces through lenses of pragmatism and logic.


Directly and succinctly, a global pandemic such as COVID-19 coronavirus is a perfect fit for a construct to implement a false flag operation.

Earlier we asked if the pandemic could serve as mechanism to achieve a pillar objective of the Trilateral Commission – replacing national sovereignty with rules-based Globalism. The answer to that question is an easy yes – a viral pandemic is a highly fluid construct that could be used to exact an entire menu of draconian measures just about anywhere and at just about anytime. In other words, it’s perfect cover.

COVID-19 coronavirus reasonably stands as an excellent construct to 1) achieve a pillar of the Trilateral Commission at the same time it 2) execute a false flag operation. It’s now relevant to ask if they are related?

To answer that question, we have to consider the ties that Soros and Gates have to the Trilateral Commission. Rest assured, it doesn’t take long to link Soros, Gates, one or the other to groups like Trilateral, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Brookings Institution, The Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, etc.

From the same,

There has been a long-sustained effort from the Globalist element to push the globe into a cashless society; one whereby digital currency would become the standard. As I posted the other day, since the coronavirus scenario began to unfold, I’ve been waiting for one particular HEADLINE centered on using coronavirus as the rationale for a remedy that will replace actual currency with digital currency so as to prevent the spread of the virus. Like with all else, it would begin to unfold incrementally, be billed as a temporary measure, be hailed as monumentally successful endeavor and then be implemented permanently and globally.

Any point in time that none of us can actually select to physically possess our currency and wealth is a point in time that none of us actually possess any currency or wealth. It would be wealth by proxy and it could be eliminated at the proverbial push of a button and by anyone having access to that button. Do you think a mechanized construct like that could serve to control the masses in a highly effective way? Rhetorical question – that’s precisely why they want it and the fluid construct of a viral outbreak and the resulting fear of the spread of contagions is the perfect cover to usher-in such a global currency reset. Is in-part this why the Commission revisited its own history?


With the Globalists facing a guaranteed loss in the nearing 2020 election, ask if it’s by coincidence that a bio-engineered virus stands to precisely target and possibly eliminate a significant portion of the older voting base, which would presumably tip it back in the direction of the younger voting base, which, by epidemiological design, this virus hardly impacts?

What else does the fluidity of a global viral pandemic provide in terms of policy, law, regulation, rationale, justification, oversight and authority that is either extra-constitutional or unconstitutional? Once it reaches a certain threshold, it’s perfect cover to usher-in martial law, gun confiscation, quarantine and other avenues to ‘stifle panic’ and focus on everyone’s ‘safety,’ such as restricting movement, speech, association, etc.

Knowing how NGOs and government funding functions, ask yourself if the COVID-19 global pandemic can become the mother of all conduits to facilitate corruption and criminal theft moving ENORMOUS sums of money on a GLOBAL SCALE.

Ask yourself if otherwise intelligent people may succumb to the pervasive hysteria and therefore submit authority and the implementation and enforcement of draconian regulations and laws so as to preserve the ‘safety’ of themselves and their loved ones.

Ask if China’s economic and societal implosion would be of benefit to the Globalists.

Ask if instantly decimating President Trump’s historic economy with a proverbial flip of the switch is just coincidence and only happens to be to the Globalists’ benefit.

Ask if it is just coincidence that Barack Obama went globetrotting in preemptive fashion hitting all of the same stops President Trump did and that includes two critical nations under the COVID-19 umbrella – CHINA and ITALY; not to mention IRAN (by proxy in John Kerry, et al.)

Ask if a viral global pandemic is the perfect fluid construct to eliminate national borders and therefore national sovereignty as a broader global coalition or entity (United Nations?) ascends to a position of authority to assume global control. Ask such a construct whether that construct be of benefit to the Globalists?

Ask if the Globalists would benefit from the precautionary mandate to move the globe to a digital currency in the form of a global currency reset?

Ask that if the pandemic hit the US hard enough by November so as to compel the closing of open polling venues as a precautionary measure such that all voting would be relegated to online, does that make it easier for the Globalists to steal 2020 (how many voting machines does GEORGE SOROS OWN?).

I wrote that and much more in March of 2020. Consider it and then ask how accurate it is before then looking around you for confirmation. Now consider the evidence I’ve since stacked up in spades. It’s pure moonshine and Moonshiners have accurately been in front of the truth by almost two years and exclusively so.

Their approach is a simple and nefarious one. They use the institutions and federalism as bent back against the people as the enforcement mechanism for their construct. The construct infuses all of the granular COVID aspects into and throughout all of the interfaces between the people, the federal and state apparatuses and the mechanisms of society upon which the people rely, like goods, services, access, etc. They engage in enterprise fraud to affect and determine the federal emergency determinations process[es] allowing them to create a fraudulently predicated state of perpetual emergency that permits the usurpation of Article II Executive authority and the circumvention of regular constitutional governance that impacts the above interfaces and leads to absolute tyrannical rule.

Consider these three general examples: 1-healthcare, 2-education and 3-the general public/society. In each instance, the objective is to insert the state between the individual and the entity. In 1-healthcare, the state intercedes on the doctor-patient relationship with federal treatment protocols and experimental vaccines predicated on fraud ; in 2-education, the state intercedes on the parents’ rights to guide their child’s education with functional pillars to their plans like CRT and trans agendas; and in 3-the public/society, the people are kept divided and opposed for control purposes with “systemic racism” and other special interest agendas in service to their plans.

It is all permitted by social programming and psychological warfare.

For a single and easy exercise to demonstrate how the people could accept such evil and tyranny to the extent they’ve been programmed for it, simply watch several minutes of any mainstream television programming choosing several samples. Count the seconds in between the changing of frames or the perspective of the camera changing from one viewpoint to another. It’s rapid. Establish a rough average that’s normally between 1-3 seconds. Dial-up some old school stuff on Youtube as late as my childhood TV programming [early 1970s and forward] and earlier, and repeat the exercise. You’ll note that compared to contemporary samples, old TV is excruciatingly slow and stationary.

What are the net effects of exposure to that specific stimulus over the course of a lifetime and in a society where Americans are spending increasingly more and more time behind screens.

Now consider the impact of combining the same science that goes into the television flicker rate, gaming, gambling, casino design, etc. [lights, colors, tones, frequencies, and more and it’s great research so have at it] with our exercise and fact sets above.

Now make it pervasive all across society and veiled to the eyes of most.

The question is who determines all of this and why is China always in that picture?

That is a pragmatic demonstration in psychological warfare and social programming through an infiltrated and compromised legacy media and entertainment that is influenced and in-part controlled by China. That is but one tentacle of the behemoth communist Kraken attacking us and unseen to the feeble minded.

Following their programming and acquiescence to the programmers, the herd of American sheep are striding ardently in the footsteps of World War II era Germans in their blissful state of misinformed “orange man bad” virtue. In the end, they’ll be left wondering how this all unfolded on them failing to realize that is was permitted by exactly what I’m outlining here and have attempted to warn them all of ad nauesam and since the very start. No one listened then and few listen today. How sad.

Eventually, they’ll come to realize that it was all entirely attributable to their own failure in being fiercely independent and critical thinkers who are demanding of the truth and in search of it when it fails to appear. Those are the characteristics of the ones who have been standing-up and fighting since the beginning – when it matters and not after the shackles are in place; whether that be literally or figuratively.

Fortunately, there is still a sliver of time left on the clock for these people to learn factual information and most importantly, that the nation has been mired in a third world war commenced with China’s release of a bio-WMD [actual or proverbial with distinction’s drawn by Martin/MCAM.] It’s the global and technocratic march toward absolute global tyranny and rule and it’s being led by China and her proxy, America, and to a state of absolute permanence that projects to be irrecoverable.

The “techno” aspect of this technocratic tyrannical rule is what’s terrifying because technologies, capabilities and systems known and unknown stand as a substantial impediments in the face of a virtuously ignorant threshold segment of the population that is unwilling to assume personal risk to redress its grievances. Rather and for them, it’s much easier to continue feeding the lie that protects the ego than it is to admit to having been deceived into false illusions that underpin their own conventions; much less to challenge or change those conventions after errant hollering about them on social media for their entire lives [looking at you Millennials.] A shift in that exact dynamic must occur to begin mitigating technocratic control.

As this sliver of time continues to expire from the clock, Americans are faced with an illegitimate Biden administration serving as an installed proxy for China. This occurs as China is conducting the internal and controlled demolition of the United States through that proxy, his policies and subsequent legislation, like the infrastructure bill, to deliver us to Third World status.

Americans should view China as the mirror for it’s own future and it should be viewed through the lens of Australia, a former penal colony subjected to the same Rothschild influence as Rome, Buckingham Palace, China and others, as its litmus test. This realization now includes a dynastic CCP intent on establishing the permanence of power and tyranny with Xi Jinping.

It will drag America along with it and in the same vein towards global governance.

Consider this from Zero Hedge,

China’s Communist Party Central Committee concluded its closed-door 6th Plenum in Beijing on Thursday to ensure an unprecedented third term for President Xi Jinping that would extend his rule until 2027. 

The official summary of the closed-door meeting read: “Establishing comrade Xi Jinping’s position as the core of the central committee as well as of the whole party … was of decisive significance in advancing toward the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

The summary continued, “many major tasks that weren’t finished before and promoted historic achievements and historic changes in the cause of the party and the country.”

Over 400 party bosses, military leaders, and top policy advisers attended the meeting, which gathered at a heavily guarded hotel in Beijing, lauded Xi for having made “historic achievements” and leading a “historical transformation” of the economy shows he’s an uncontested leader of the world’s second-largest economy. 

“The plenum is about past achievements but it’s really about the future,” Tony Saich, director of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University, told WaPo

“By tracing the continuity of the party over 100 years, it is used to show that it was inevitable for Xi to emerge at this time to be the ‘core’ of the party,” Tony said.

Xi’s political will to remain in power began as early as 2017 when he announced China had entered a “new era” of its development. He set a new national plan through 2035. One year later, in 2018, a constitutional amendment removed the two-term limit for the President. Xi is widely expected to stay in office for another five-year term. We speculate for life.

The only difference between China and Proxy Joe Biden’s America as it relates to establishing permanency of power to rule each nation’s subjugated individuals is this.

China goes above the board while America lies, cheats and steals elections to deceive Americans to the same end. It’s not the route that matters rather it’s the destination.

The destination is full blown Marxist communism, global technocratic tyrannical rule and a timid and feeble minded America that is both too ignorant to see it and too afraid to fight it if it does.

Americans have forgotten that in order to fight, one has to assume personal risk and that’s just not an option for cowards, the feeble minded, their McMansions, their devices, their misplaced priorities, their likes and re-posts, their comforts, their fragile ego and their personal conventions. More are awakening to this but as it stands, we appear writ large as afraid to fight and for all of the wrong reasons.

In light of new evidence pushing us farther down the road I’ve paved and evidenced, I offer no apologies in continuing to kick my favorite dead horses in unabated fashion. Perhaps and with some luck, they’ll in turn revive, buck up and kick the American people right where they need it.

Until then, China rules with an iron fist and shoehorns its installed leaders in place while Americans are distracted, derailed and consumed with still broken and long compromised elections that deliver the same shoehorned and installed leaders by a similar iron fist.

The revolutionaries that founded this nation would be sick to their stomachs over the cowards and functional idiots now occupying it and driving it through controlled demolition to Third World status. Words fall short of describing it all in light of the volume of American blood spilled to establish and preserve this Constitutional Republic up to 20 Jan 21.

Our only objective for now ought to changing this threshold ratio to our favor by fighting a virus like a virus and that entails first learning the right information followed by disseminating it to others.

You’ll know the job is done when the pandemic is brought to an immediate halt, the class action portals open and President Trump is back in the Oval Office. Until then, bear down like your life depends on it because it does.

Learning about Cloward-Piven and the application of Chinese doctrine to America is a great place to begin.

After all, how can anyone expect to defeat something they don’t understand?

As goes China so goes America and as goes America so goes the world. It’s why the world is watching with a vested interest and we are currently failing.

I’ll leave you with this, “It’s the fear of the unknown, which causes the panic.” – Anthony Fauci.



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