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The Problematic Posteriori Backseat Driving of President Trump

10 Nov 21

The posteriori backseat driving of President Trump is problematic for a myriad of irreconcilable reasons and anecdotal data points portending ominously for any notions about 2024. Before traveling a single inch further down this road, allow me to provide the requisite contextual backdrop to properly frame what is being argued here. We can start with this simple acknowledgement – I love the man. I love what President Trump did and attempted to do in order to restore this former Constitutional Republic back to its proper form. But that’s not why we’re here.

Where backseat driving intersects with this analysis centers on what the President did not do. This is where we as voters and deeply authentic supporters of the man and his platform reserve the right, which deserves to be exercised by our own volition, to shine the light on the factual truth where it deserves to be shone.

We can begin by defining the posteriori backseat driving to which I’m referring while understanding that this is merely a recent example from a broad and deep record of similar rhetorical items delivered by Mr. Trump since the 2020 election was permitted to be stolen.

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit [article linked]

In fact and from his spot right next to Miss Daisy, the President has weighed-in from the backseat with regularity and there’s no better source than his own platform. Well, except for perhaps his own social media network, but I digress.

Normally and most certainly as of late, the work at Moonshine has become excruciatingly detailed in a wide range of otherwise boring, difficult to read and complex but critically importantly matters like NVSS diagnostic memos, decades-long timelines, ICD-10 coding, intricate graphic illustrations, etc. – you know our brand of swill. Here we start and stay basic because it’s all that’s needed and the things beyond it only serve to detract.

It’s as simple as 2016 campaign promises where among a host of important others, Trump identified two critical targets and promised effective attacks to neutralize them: 1-‘The Enemy of the American People’/legacy media and 2-‘Drain the Swamp’/the corrupt D.C. geopolitical landscape and its elected/appointed officials and representatives.

The first is important because it’s the mechanism to program functional idiots with the official narrative and requisite marching orders and the second because it’s hellbent set on and about finished delivering this once proud nation of revolutionaries unwilling to fight in its modern form to the throes of Marxist communism via the Chinese.

Reflecting back we acknowledge our proud, distinct and uniquely American execution and celebration of the peaceful transition of power as determined by the ballot box. In 2016, we did that in historic proportions and placed President Trump at the tip of the spear with an overwhelming majority of the American people in alignment as its shaft.

With widespread crime and corruption widely and deeply known and evidenced in D.C.; and in accordance with the Constitution and the rule of law, the American people flexed its muscle and overwhelmingly elected Donald J. Trump. Therein, the people chose Mr. Trump to redress the collective set of grievances delivered by the results of an “unrigged” election that empowered Mr. Trump with Article II Executive authority and the full slate of his constitutional authority. Consequently, Mr. Trump became our chief diplomat, chief law enforcement officer and chief commander of the U.S. military.

Most importantly, his primary role was to enforce the law according to the evidence.

Across the board and specifically in those roles as President, chief law enforcement officer and Commander in Chief, Mr. Trump took an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, just as our nation’s law enforcement and military officers do; the ones he directs and commands.

There are two primary fact sets that intersect President Trump here in fundamental ways and Moonshine work along with that of others have irrefutably demonstrated and evidenced them: 1-COVID-19 is an enterprise fraud construct that facilitated as one objective the 2-theft of the 2020 election.

The COVID and election fact sets invoke legal considerations for enterprise fraud under RICO and treason and other related crimes as per those statutes.

These two fact sets bear down on President Trump with full might respective to his three identified roles and his duties and onus to protect and uphold the Constitution. The same applies to anyone sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, like my local sheriff whom I badger by routinely sending him revised copies of the 331-page, 66,989-word RICO report outlining a wide swath of this criminality and treason.

The following 15 seconds of video are critical to everything I’m outlining here and Mr. Trump should be listened to carefully, closely, in verbatim and at his word.

From the bedrock foundation of everything established and assembled together and up to this point, the argument is a basic one that I’ll pose as a question. I’ll then give you an answer and back it up with an old and specific article that can be corroborated by a third party email recipient and further proven by a social media post from Lin Wood yesterday. You won’t hear this information from anywhere else if you haven’t already heard it here.

President Trump was in possession of “all” of the Durham evidence needed to legally and constitutionally redress those matters and, by the emergence of election theft evidence accumulated since, he possessed a collective body of evidence that could serve either as an avenue to or as a lane from eviscerating the enterprise fraud driving the constructed COVID pandemic of cooked-up data. Therefore, why then did he fail to uphold his constitutional onus as the President, chief law enforcement officer and Commander in Chief and why did he fail to redress the corrupt and criminal legacy media as complicit in both when he was still under the umbrella of the full scope of power and authority as the President of the United States of America?

Moreover, what does that portend for the future of what is now the United States of Venezuela.

To provide the promised answers, take in this post copied over from Lin Wood’s Telegram feed,

I will not speculate on Sidney Powell’s message about General Flynn. I will only respond with facts I know based on my firsthand, personal knowledge.

Sidney and I have both been subjected to a Deep State propaganda campaign to falsely link us to the events of January 6 in Washington, D. C.

Based on an article authored by Commie Lawyer Marc Elias, formerly of Perkins Coie, it is my opinion that the false accusations about Sidney and me were intentional, planned, and intended to impugn our legal and personal reputations because we supported President Trump and engaged in lawful efforts to seek redress from the judicial system to investigate the legality of the November 2020 election.

I had ZERO involvement in the events of January 6 or in any meetings or events leading up to, or related to, January 6, assuming any such meetings or events occurred. I have no personal knowledge that would dispute the TRUTH of Sidney’s statements that she too was in no way involved.

Sidney and I have laughed at some of the pathetic legal efforts by the enemy to falsely link us to January 6 which efforts have been disseminated by corrupt lawyers, corrupt courts, corrupt Bar Grievance Committees, and the Communist Mockingbird propaganda rags. These accusations are bold-faced lies supported by NO evidence as NO such evidence exists. The false accusations are errant nonsense and pure fiction.

While I laugh on occasion at the enemy’s desperate efforts to manufacture a false version of truth from lies, I do not laugh at the egregious damage these false accusations have inflicted on my personal and professional reputation and the lives of my family and my friends. Nor do I laugh at the extraordinary legal fees and expenses I and others have incurred to fight the frivolous and malicious accusations.

I trust that God fights my battles for me and on his time, I have faith that truth will prevail, justice will be done, and God will get an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth for the enemy’s wrongdoing.

I am aware of reports that General Flynn and others have been subpoenaed to testify before Congress about January 6. I have NO idea why those subpoenas were issued. I note this fact only as it might relate temporally to Sidney’s Telegram post.

I met General Flynn for the first time shortly after the November 3 “election,” when through Sidney, he asked to be a guest at my home in South Carolina along with certain of his colleagues who I assumed were working with him on finding evidence of election wrongdoing. They worked in S.C for a few weeks. In fact, General Flynn carved the turkey at my Thanksgiving dinner.

I was not involved in General Flynn’s work or that of his colleagues. I felt then and now that I was helping my country by allowing my home to be used by individuals who I believed were working for the good of our country to expose election fraud.

At her request, I also allowed Sidney to work at my home with a couple of her colleagues as she was doing her own work on election fraud. I did provide Sidney with some insight on occasion and offered to help her if she needed the assistance of a trial lawyer on her cases. I was only asked to help out briefly in one hearing held in her Georgia fraud case.

As far as my legal efforts during this time period, I was focused on my own lawsuit which contended that the 2020 Georgia election was illegal because the election procedures were changed by the Secretary of State without approval of the state legislature. To this day, I am convinced that my legal position is 100% accurate under established law.

I am still litigating one other case as the plaintiff on the same legal issue related to the January 2021 Senate runoff. In the next few weeks, I will be filing for certiorari review to the U.S. Supreme Court based on legal errors in the decision of the Eleventh Circuit holding that I, as a voter, did not have “standing” to sue for a violation of my right to vote which is protected by our Constitution.

This is the exact meeting to which I first began referring when I first wrote this article back in late November 2020 and in it, I said this,

Just the other day while communicating with an individual in one electronic capacity, we agreed to move it to email. Over the next several minutes I would send three consecutive emails that resulted in this individual being locked out of the individual’s account at the same precise time I sent the emails. This was verified by me forwarding sent notifications with timestamps.

After getting assistance from the platform, the emails were retrieved from the trash and were being read. Then and in real time, those emails vanished – poof, gone, disappeared, Arkancided, whatever you care to call it. They were removed from the individual’s account in all ways and permanently. The content and genesis of the emails is both the likely cause and the likely explanation and I’ll just leave it at that.

One of those hacks came out of the Netherlands and the other out of Kansas.

Those two quotes are directly related – Lin’s and mine. Through my intermediary, who introduced me to Lin and accounts for why we are now in private conversation along with Garrett Ziegler and the Marco Polo cohort, I received specific information at that time that derived from that meeting. That is what I was trying to email. That is what was hacked twice in real time and within a handful of minutes.

Here are those particulars from a more recent article,

A previous hard line position in this investigative work was the Biden inauguration on 20 Jan 21. Once President Trump eclipsed that line and vacated office, fundamental positions had to be reassessed and remain incomplete and uncertain.

All evidence prior to that suggested the President would redress the stolen election and the fraudulent COVID pandemic prior to Biden being inaugurated. Explanations are hard to formulate outside of proprietary knowledge.

One explanation is offered by proprietary information obtained from defamation attorney Lin Wood. This information was obtained in the period after the stolen 2020 election and before the 20 Jan 21 inauguration.

Recall that Mr. Wood spent roughly a week with attorney Sydney Powell and Lt. General Michael Flynn and was privy to an abundance of evidence. In those meetings he learned of two retaliatory threats that were on the table should the Trump administration push back on the stolen election: 1) a viral compromise of the nation’s water supply and 2) the detonation of an EMP over the Midwest that would collapse supply chains and according to reliable research, would eventually result in 90% of the population perishing.

That was in November 2020. It causes us to now continue to ask if Mr. Trump “had it all,” why didn’t he exercise the full might and scope of his authority between the election and inauguration? There’s no good answer outside of the notion that he was trying to avoid the two retaliatory threats on the table and whereby I contend that leveraging the full might of a blended U.S. military and domestic law enforcement remedy to effectively and safely redress it all are better alternatives to the present.

Here’s another question that again has no good answer. Will we see President Trump again outside of the regular election cycle, before 2024 and in response to a redressed election?

My nickel is currently on no.

In my face to face conversation with Raheem Kassam this summer, he said the same. Reaching out to Lin, Garrett and the Marco Polo cohort today, I got this back and noting that a reply from Mr. Wood has yet to be received.

These are presented as received but cleaned up with capitalization and punctuation that doesn’t impact or change meaning.


I think there would be a way if state AGs and governors united with evidence to show this is a war and the presidency and executive branch are being controlled by treasonous enemies.


I don’t believe we will see Trump walk through the Rose Garden again until 2024. I believe decertification alone will be difficult enough. I also believe that the RNC knows they need Trump for down-ballots in 2022 and 2024 — even if they refuse to admit that fact. If Trump is smart he will use his base to his advantage and leverage it over seats which are up for grabs in 2024, such as Tester’s seat in now-Red Montana. The Democrats and RINOs will play the obstructionist role when the Republicans retake the majority. Count on it. Let it happen. Let them spend 2 years playing obstructionist and making themselves look even worse. In the end the result will be more cannon fodder for 2024, which will have a statistically higher voter turnout due to it being a presidential cycle. 2024 could equate to even more down-ballot victories and an even larger Majority in both chambers if we are patient and surgical. If it were me calling the shots, I would play the long game and wait until 2024.


I don’t think it matters unless we can wrestle back control of the voting infrastructure from the top down.

CISA (safest election in-history) is useless and is more than happy to partner with a non-profit co. like “CIS” who voluntarily equips cyber security measures into our voting system that have massively wide backdoors in them. This is a fact.

CISA / MS-ISAC / CIS / EI-ISAC are a joke… their Albert sensors, designed to detect intruders in our voting systems (and used in every state) are crap. Also, the guy who runs the show over at the CIS is a Rockefeller grad. Shocking.

Don’t get me started on Scytl. The fact that seemingly everyone in government is ok with our digitized votes being sent to servers somewhere in Europe before being reported is laughable. Children can literally hack our voting machines and do so at conventions all the time… they are bad on purpose.

Unless the system is overhauled I don’t think it matters what Trump does next.

Locking up the criminals who took part in Russiagate is a good first step to getting this done. We need to have these people held accountable or they will just continue getting away with whatever they want. Like spying on opposing political campaigns, murdering 27-year-old DNC staff members, and stealing elections.

Unless tectonics prevail and a substantial shift of the landscape occurs, it leaves with us with Proxy Joe Biden’s Chinese version of the United State of Venezuela up until 2024 when it is likely that Mr. Trump will be the Republican nominee.

In this case, I have another question followed by another answer.

Why should we vote for a candidate in 2024 who didn’t bother to fix the stolen elections that put him on the outside looking in; whose only swamp draining entailed himself being drained; and with an unfettered legacy media still resolutely in control, when he had “all” of the evidence to leverage the authority he possessed to keep the promises he made eight years earlier? And in so doing, causing four years of real loss, real death, real misery and real tragedy; the kind from which people never recover?

Study Cloward-Piven and the application of Chinese doctrine to America. Augment it with the evidenced election fraud of the 2021 elections and realize that on the current timeline of destruction onto which we’ve been placed, by the time 2024 gets here you won’t recognize this nation as America and the notion of any meaningful “elections” will be as absurd as it is tragic. Does that not foil and invalidate any planned reliance upon elections as a viable remedy?

Here’s that answer. Who else are you going to vote for and what other options do you have?

In an unfathomable way and during a time that has seen so much engineered and forced change, the biggest lessons to be learned are that nothing has changed at all; except for the worse, and problematic posteriori backseat driving rings hollow in the moment.

Every time Trump nudges Miss Daisy and affords a new, different or same complaint and no matter the nature of it, there is but one reply and it is the trump card to this argument – if this problem is so significant for you to complain about it now, why didn’t you fix it when you could have and save us all of this destruction, pain and tragedy?”

Despite all the change nothing has changed and attempts to fix it from the backseat aren’t what this nation needs or deserves.

Ultimately, it distills down to this. Either Mr. Trump left a viable legal remedy in his wake to rightfully return to office out of cycle and before 2024 or he was inadequately prepared to make good on his 2016 promises and he didn’t; instead to aiming for a 2024 fix.

Regardless, I still love the man only wishing things were different and better; like what I envisioned when I voted for him in 2016.



  1. Jhigh68 November 12, 2021

    I’m genuinely curious. What role do you believe The People play in these consequential times? It’s been called an awakening, and I have no better way of describing it. When Lin Wood became aware of certain information regarding high profile individuals, which he felt compelled to act on and share, the predominant reaction and response by most was to recoil and turn away. It was too unbelievable, too crazy! But look at things now. People don’t recoil at such things anymore. People believe. People see. This awakening will culminate into something significant; I don’t see how it can’t. There is no going back to “normal.” So yes, while Trump bears the lion share of responsibility here, I do think there’s another angle that involves the people that has not yet played out. And I’m curious to know what you might think that is.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      The PEOPLE play the most important role of all. Our “elected” leaders have sold us all out and therefore the fight is all ours. It all begins with people first coming to understand what is “being done to them.” From there, proper motivation to actually fight back should be easy to find. The only fight that will occur will be at the hands of the PEOPLE. No one else is coming to save us. It’s up to us.

  2. Antonia November 18, 2021

    Promises made promises kept. When president Trump said “we have it all” he meant it. Problem is enough people have to be woken from their comatose slumber. I do believe we’ll get there. The media will never report anything positive for Trump. They are deep state puppets who practice mockingbird media propaganda and regurgitate it daily. The lions are awake. Parents are fighting for their children like never before since discovering the indoctrination going on. We truly are in THE GREAT AWAKENING 🙏🏻

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