A Personal Comment On Comments

Howdy, everyone. I hope and trust that folks were able to make Thanksgiving an enjoyable one with friends and family and that this finds you and yours well. My purpose here is really just to say, thank you. Thank you for taking or making time to consider long-developed perspectives offered in light of the never ending unfolding of new information and as assembled imperfectly, but with much care, attention and time given to thoroughness, objectivity with concessions on personal bias, and accuracy.

For a very long time we’ve routinely discussed an exclusively converged political continuum devised to undo a legitimate election, unseat a legitimate president and steal a second election as designed by traitors at all levels government across this nation and in conjunction with China, the CCP, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and more; including some allies. That converged continuum is comprised of Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, COVID-19, riots/domestic terrorism, engineered race war and, now, a stolen election. This is old news for us, isn’t it?

Keeping in mind that the “pandemic” first broke 27 Dec 19 – a news story I just happened to catch in real time – the initial push for Political Moonshine began 01 Jan 20 and included opening our Twitter account and some others. The purpose was only to share with you our work and findings and specifically, that we believed COVID-19 to be fraudulent. That still remains our purpose.

The road to this point hasn’t been easy for myriad reasons; has taken a toll; has challenged personal, professional and familial relationships; and is mired in the frustration of complete suppression by social media platforms; those platforms being the only real way to reach people with our work. It’s a constant feeling of working your absolute hardest to have the best race car but never being allowed to leave the starting line. On the plus side, it makes all of you a small cohort of privileged folks who received good information that no one else had. Broken glass, half full, I suppose.

Here’s where things have gotten lately. I routinely reference sources and I do so with full fidelity and I will share with you that razor thin margins in just the right places has led to the confirmation of long-held suspicions. Those suspicions are that everything is being monitored and has been for a long time, as best I can tell; and presumably by both good and bad actors.

Recall, that as our positions developed in all of this, I routinely scoured the information landscape looking for similar or competing theories. There were none. There are none. I looked over and over and no one was asserting what we put down. Our work stood alone. Very alone. Then, on the back end of the Flynn/McInerney interview on Friday, it all largely proved true. That’s important for what follows and what follows is but one incident of several.

Just the other day while communicating with an individual in one electronic capacity, we agreed to move it to email. Over the next several minutes I would send three consecutive emails that resulted in this individual being locked out of the individual’s account at the same precise time I sent the emails. This was verified by me forwarding sent notifications with timestamps.

After getting assistance from the platform, the emails were retrieved from the trash and were being read. Then and in real time, those emails vanished – poof, gone, disappeared, Arkancided, whatever you care to call it. They were removed from the individual’s account in all ways and permanently. The content and genesis of the emails is both the likely cause and the likely explanation and I’ll just leave it at that.

But that’s where it is now. Remember, I’m just a regular dude. This is, or perhaps was, a hobby. I think that’s what makes this so difficult for friends and family to understand – regular dude’s don’t get caught-up like I’m stating and therefore, I become the “crazy” one. They fail to understand relationships and razor thin margins and I’ll just leave it at that.

All of that is shared just to give you a little bit of perspective on the view from this end. So, please know that I’m appreciative of folks stopping by to read. Therefore, when you take further time to comment, I always try to make time to read all of them and reply as best I can. That said, there is a bunch of them waiting for me and please know I’m not neglecting them. Rather, this has all been a long way of letting you know that once things settle down and the work slows, I’ll do my best to get back to all of you. So thank you and earnestly so.

Two things before I go. First, I’m AWFUL at proofing my own stuff so I apologize for typos and errors. Secondly, if you believe the work here to be credible and worthy of sharing, please considering doing just that – sharing it. We’ll take all the help we can get in disseminating our work and the truth.

Thank you and Godspeed.