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The Devil Went Down to Georgia: Trump’s Peculiar Endorsement of Perdue and Why

07 Dec 21

The Devil went down to Georgia. He was lookin’ for a soul to steal. He was in a bind ’cause he was way behind and he was willing to make a deal. Those are the familiar lyrics many of us know and love so well. They beg the question, was Mr. Daniels talking about fiddle playing or elections because the lyrics hold the line for both?

America hasn’t had legitimate elections in some time and decades may be the appropriate qualifier. It would seem that following the 2020 November election, the devil has become so emboldened as to emerge from the shadows to repeat the same thievery in the plain of day.

Just ask John Ossoff and David Perdue circa December into January.

We like to hang our hat on direct overlays; especially when they are comprised of lines generated by empirical data, like the Ossoff/Perdue lines above.

We do this remembering that lines taking the shape of a “hockey stick” bear the hallmarks of fraud.

In 2020, the devil went down to Georgia and he was lookin’ for an election to steal. He was in a bind ’cause he was way behind and he was willing to make a deal.

The devil’s deals in Georgia included Perdue and Trump; both of whom ended up on the short end of the trident.

For the President who promised to drain The Swamp but didn’t; and because of that is on the outside and looking in, he is engaged in problematic posteriori backseat driving that is fruitless aside from stoking the emotions of having ones country stolen in plain view. That is unless he kept an ace up his sleeve to be played at a later time; like now.

Our door remains slightly ajar with slim hopes for that scenario. We might open it a bit more knowing that despite having it all – meaning all of the evidence – Trump has yet to play a single card, much less an ace; and if he were astutely doing his job, his sleeve should be reasonably packed with aces; stacks of them.

Will we ever get to see the cards or will we still be waiting a year or years or decades from now? In the same vein, Pfizer has requested 55 years to tell us the truth about their deadly mRNA vaccinations that arose out of this broader matter. See how it works?

It bears the question that if Trump were committed to draining the swamp – a behemoth and untouched task – why is he endorsing and appearing to re-up with a political retread? Why is he throwing an old gator back in?

Let’s begin with the endorsement.

Here is Lin Wood’s disagreement.

Here’s the Moonshine to reconcile the two and perhaps make sense of the senseless; including draining the swamp by throwing an old gator back into it. I put it like this in private conversation last night before Mr. Wood’s post. It’s predicated on the thought that it would be difficult to imagine an election scenario where good actors were not a least lying in wait to surveil and collect evidence and at most, subsequently acting on that evidence.

Perhaps that was only a matter of planning and timing.

If no one was lying in wait, both Trump and Perdue are unfit and should go away forever; mouths shut for good.

Here’s the thinking I shared.

Perdue lost to John Ossoff in December 2020. It was the same election fraud tactics [Hammer/Scorecard/balloting] that previously victimized Trump and an historical number of Trump-voting Americans months earlier in November.

Trump’s angle in getting Perdue into the governorship could be that it positions Perdue to release the direct evidence of his own loss to Ossoff and to order the state’s AG to investigate the crime[s] and prosecute them if the evidence supports it, which it will and in spades.

That’s something neither Kemp nor any Democrat would ever do. It’s also something that Kandiss Taylor isn’t specifically and uniquely qualified to do as Perdue is.

It stands to reason that the evidence overlaps not just Trump’s theft but documents that Trump previously declassified but that have not yet been published.

This causes us to briefly sidebar – Does this explain why Devin Nunes is heading to Truth Social?

I believe it does.

We may see direct evidence disseminated on Truth Social; as directed by a uniquely informed Nunes, and it obviously it won’t be censored.

It seems that Perdue may reserve the right to evidence his own election loss from the position of the Georgia governorship. That evidence would directly tie back to Trump’s loss.

Georgia was at the heart of the 2020 election theft; the epicenter, if you will.

Is Trump positioning Perdue so that he can rip the heart out of all the corruption, crime and treason; and to get that ball rolling once and for all?

If ever starts rolling, it would be difficult to stop.

Aside from a utilitarian purpose for Perdue, there is little else to justify Trump’s decision to re-up on an old swamp gator while purporting to “drain the swamp.’

For my nickel, there is no other utilitarian purpose Perdue can serve aside from the one I just outlined.

If Trump isn’t leveraging Perdue accordingly, he should provide a detailed list of reasons to re-up with a political retread because political retreads and Americans remiss in their civic duties are why we find ourselves here in the first place.

Just like “he’s awesome” isn’t a viable defense for Michael Flynn’s recent unraveling in light of truthful fact sets, “David is great” and “he is a conservative fighter” doesn’t cut it for Perdue in this instance.

Respectfully, Mr. Trump, Americans deserve more; they deserve answers; they deserve remedies and the time for them is long past.

Fool me once….


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