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Fractured Leadership Part V: Full Spectrum on Flynn with Marco Polo, Bearing Down on Byrne and Problems for President Trump and Truth Social

11 Dec 21

Getting straight to brass tacks, I’ll leave it to you to have parts I-IV under your belt before digging in here. They can be found on the homepage and it’s linked above. In this fifth article, we expand our considerations on Michael Flynn as informed by the crew at Marco Polo while also returning to one of the best and most accurate analytical brains in Sundance at Conservative Treehouse. He draws down on Byrne. In the end, it spells trouble for President Trump and Truth Social and the rat appears to be Patrick Byrne. Lin Wood is applauding.

Full Spectrum on Flynn

The Marco Polo crew brings counterbalance to the Flynn argument and it makes our spectrum of understanding on Flynn a fuller one.

The gap between the average age in the Marco Polo crew and my 50 years has me older and more jaded. It makes for a good intellectual balance. Consequently though, my jaded cynicism had me reversing course on Flynn to spend the first four parts of this sub-series painting Michael Flynn as Deep State functionary. I’m standing pat.

I would more specifically qualify that as Flynn not being someone who got into it for bad reasons but rather as someone who got into it for all of the right reasons, but stayed in it too long and rising too far to the top to avoid being enmeshed in it.

I suggest that Flynn ascended through certain lanes over a long enough timeline and to the right ends such that it caused him to become progressively caught-up beyond reconciliation. At a point, he simply walked around the final corner from which there would not be any return.

When and where that was, I don’t know. But it happened.

In that light, I suppose Flynn’s acquired knowledge base, which is fatal to a whole bunch of people who matter, could have served as the basis for him to present as a timely whistleblower through the appropriate channels for someone of his position and title. He never did that at any time in his career as far as research goes.

This leaves only one real plausible explanation for Flynn’s actions compared to his words, it’s the one I’ve outlined and it includes further exposure relative to Sidney Powell, her alleged financial improprieties that envelop Byrne, too, and a reported ongoing federal investigation into them.

Worthy of consideration and as an alternative explanation[s] are the perspectives of the Marco Polo crew to the extent that could plug right into the existing work. Here they are summarized.

One stance is that the roles of Byrne and Flynn as Deep State operatives is undermined by the elaborate nature that would be required for optics. It’s overlaid by questioning the capabilities of those positioned to accomplish it. Room is left for being near-sighted caused by fog-of-war that is evidenced by the attacks on Wood.

In another, agreement is found with the first position by attributing 1-the Steele dossier and 2-any such Byrne/Flynn operation to different entities and people; not the same cohort. Attribution is further given to the same criminal enterprise that is behind COVID-19.

Moonshine has it all converged on the same continuum and it’s been that way for a very long time.

A third take threw cards down onto the table including the Brennan ace by saying none of them were Deep State; meaning Flynn, Powell and Byrne. It further identified the Deep State as John Brennan. Moreover, Flynn is defined here as a “selfish ego hothead.”

Another take ventured down a swampier trail enveloping the impactful think tanks and other K-Street pressures as the Deep State; and further qualifying our group’s inclusion in it with an if/then statement centered on whether there is evidence of it. It’s left there; as a question.

Follow-up remarks cite Flynn’s speeches in places like Aspen; further noting his hubris and his inability to decline invitations to speak speak to power brokers.

My take on the Marco Polo takes is that they are emblematic of similar considerations and perspectives to be found in our ongoing dialogue about Tucker Carlson.

That’s good. That’s the intellectual balance I cite. It’s evidence of consistently cogent thought on one side that parallels and compliments; but draw distinctions between, the work on the other side. This is how progress is made and truth is found.

It’s how America used to work.

We thank and appreciate the MP Crew for their contributions and broader base of work altogether.

Bearing Down on Byrne

The focus on Byrne is borne out of the Flynn discussion and the Sundance/CTH article that serves as our source document was posted by a member in the MP Flynn dialogue.

It is based on my position here that is from a previous Moonshine article and is respective to Trump’s peculiar endorsement of David Perdue in Georgia while enveloping Devin Nunes and is transition to Truth Social,

It stands to reason that the evidence overlaps not just Trump’s theft but documents that Trump previously declassified but that have not yet been published.

This causes us to briefly sidebar – Does this explain why Devin Nunes is heading to Truth Social?

I believe it does.

We may see direct evidence disseminated on Truth Social; as directed by a uniquely informed Nunes, and it obviously it won’t be censored.

It seems that Perdue may reserve the right to evidence his own election loss from the position of the Georgia governorship. That evidence would directly tie back to Trump’s loss.

Georgia was at the heart of the 2020 election theft; the epicenter, if you will.

Is Trump positioning Perdue so that he can rip the heart out of all the corruption, crime and treason; and to get that ball rolling once and for all?

If ever starts rolling, it would be difficult to stop.

So, let’s now latch onto two things: 1-the broader Moonshine position on Byrne as I’ve outlined up to now and 2-the Nunes thoughts about his utilitarian purpose as quoted and noted above.

From here, it’s all Sundance so overlay what has been outlined altogether with what follows,

This announcement follows an interesting sequence of events (citation links in the dates):

October 20 – Donald Trump announces the basic outline of Truth Social, an upstart social media system for MAGA supporters.  The financing would come through Digital World Acquisition Group (DWAC).  Shares of DWAC skyrocket after the announcement.

October 24 – CTH receives a tip that Patrick Byrne is investing $1 million in Locals (launched by Dave Rubin Dec 2019)

October 26 – Rumble and Locals announce they are merging into one company. Rumble purchases Locals.

November 02 – Rumble announces they are relocating the company HQ to Florida.

December 01 – Rumble announces an IPO through Cantor Fitzgerald.

December 04 – Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) announce $1+ billion raised in private equity, through Digital World Acquisition Group (DWAC).

December 06 – Axios writes article about rise of “right-wing” social media infrastructure. Focuses on financial aspects.

December 06 – SEC opens an investigation of the equity fundraising through DWAC.  “Trading of Digital World’s shares has driven TMTG’s valuation from $875 million in October to close to $4 billion.”

December 06 – Devin Nunes is announced as CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group.

December 06 – Rumble announces a deal with TMTG through Cantor Fitzgerald.  “Howard Lutnick, the CEO of Rumble’s parent company Cantor Fitzgerald, stated on Monday that they have worked out a distribution deal with Donald Trump’s planned “Truth” social media platform.” … “Truth and the 45th president are going to use Rumble’s infrastructure, their technology, their cloud distribution capability, so they are going to be a service provider, a tech provider to the president’s Truth Social,” Lutnick told interviewer John Bachman on his “John Bachman Now” show.

Great. So in essence, Trump Media will use the tech architecture of Rumble.  There will be a partnership.

That’s the sequence of events as to how these two networks (Rumble & TMTG) came into the position they are now.  Let me say with clarity and emphasis, I want to see these platforms succeed.  I will support, as we do already, each and every platform against the interests of Big Tech, and I will encourage all Treepers to support each platform.  That said, there’s something in this timeline that looks disconcerting to me: 1-Patrick Byrne invests in Locals. 2-Locals merges with Rumble. 3-Rumble goes into an IPO with Cantor Fitzgerald 4-Trump forms TMTG. 5-TMTG Raises funds from private equity ($1 billion+ DWAC.) 6-SEC investigates TMTG equity funds from DWAC. 7-TMTG announces Devin Nunes CEO. 9-Cantor Fitzgerald announces Rumble will partner with the newly formed TMTG.

This is the sequence of events.

The Axios article and SEC moves on same day point to someone on the inside of the organizational network (TMTG/Rumble) tipping off someone outside.  And the people they are tipping off are not good characters.  This is someone deep enough inside this newly forming media/tech operation to walk media and government insiders through the plans and funding sources, and trigger those simultaneous responses.

If you see that pattern, stay with me.

The next logical question is to ask who and how?

From my perspective, there is one big glowing worm in this new social media operation.

Byrne engages with NRA, NRA comes under federal investigation….

Byrne engages with Donald Trump Jr, DJT Jr. comes under federal investigation…

Byrne engages with Sidney Powell, Powell comes under federal investigation…

Byrne engages with audit groups, audit groups come under federal investigation…

Byrne engages with TMTG, TMTG comes under federal investigation…

Oddly enough, Byrne never comes under federal investigation; only the people he touches….

Stop me if you see a pattern.

And let’s not forget the Friday night meeting at the White House (Powell, Flynn, Byrne, Cipollone, Meadows, Guiliani) which surfaced in the New York Times via leaks the next morning (Saturday), and then Byrne using Twitter the following day (Sunday) to post pictures of himself at the White House and frame a story of the meeting.

Byrne is the rat or so it would seem. Those were our inclinations before Sundance and they are confirmed accordingly and after.

Problems for President Trump and Truth Social

With Byrne as the rat and with the rat’s relationship to Powell, Flynn and the rest, it becomes problematic for President Trump and Truth Social. Just consider the full Moonshine/Sundance picture.

It’s not a good one but it can be remedied; whatever that may look like.

Lin Wood is applauding.



  1. Ronald Land December 12, 2021

    I’m new to this site. What or who is the Marco Polo crew?

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      An anti-corruption group founded and headed by former White House official under Peter Navarro, Garrett Zeigler.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      I’ve been in private conversation with Garrett and the Marco Polo crew for a long time and in fact, expect to be working with them soom. Those are my tribe and I love them. Great suggestion on your part!!!

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