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Fractured Leadership: Tumultuous Wood, Powell and Flynn Dynamic Causes Byrne and Obamagate to Resurface Leading to More Questions About Barr and Durham

25 Nov 21

Let’s get right to it and begin with the full text of a piece I wrote on 13 Aug 19 before Moonshine was even a thing. As we do, Thanksgiving and the cover that national holidays provide for otherwise impactful events was fruitful for 2021. For one, another super variant “boogeyman” was rolled-out to perpetuate the COVID “pandemic” that I keep reminding people is “never going away.”

For another, we got to bear witness to the fracturing of leadership in an aspect of President Trump’s opposition to the stolen election. It’s all unfolding on Lin Wood’s Telegram feed.

Here’s the Byrne piece from a couple of years ago.


Patrick Byrne has recently emerged as a central figure in the broader Russiagate/Spygate/Mueller affairs and he has presented information that deserves everyone’s attention.

Namely, Byrne has stated that the totality of what we’ve witnessed since (and apparently before) Donald Trump’s election is the cover-up of a broader politically-based espionage operation at the hands of the Obama administration. This is a wholesale different notion than what many believe, which more closely aligns with the idea that the effort began with the election of Trump and was devised to remove him from power. That’s partly true, but it’s not the entire story and it’s certainly not the beginning.

Obama’s espionage efforts existed well before the 2016 election and I’ve dated the operation to back to at least 2014 (linked below.) In all likelihood, it probably extends back even further and hopefully that timeline will gain further clarity as matters move forward.

Consequently, I’ve subscribed to the notion that no matter who became president in 2016, so long as it wasn’t Hillary Clinton or some other Deep State pawn, there was always going to be a need to sanitize Obama’s preexisting political espionage efforts. That Donald Trump won the election likely impacted the sanitation effort significantly and to the extent that he needed to be removed from office. Understand that this leaves room for a non-Deep State candidate antithetical to the Obama administration to hypothetically hold the office of the presidency without the need for removal assuming that individual could be controlled with other mechanisms. Trump’s election created the impetus for an entirely new and drastically different approach because of the depth and breadth of the threat he presented to upend it all. It also explains why those standing antithetical to Trump are so fervent about his removal from office. They know it’s the only option with any chance of succeeding otherwise they face exposure to legal jeopardy.

Byrne isn’t the only one to venture down this road as several have; the most trusted source being Sundance at Conservative Tree House (my best recommendation for technical analysis in the geopolitical landscape.)

Here are the relevant quotations from Byrne:

“I gave to the DOJ documents concerning both the origin of the Russian probe and the probe into Hillary Clinton, both of which I was involved in, and both of which turned out to be less about law enforcement than they were about political espionage…This is going to become the greatest political scandal in US history…If we survive it, and if Rule of Law returns to America, it will be due to one man: Bill Barr.”

If you haven’t read both articles, they’re both extremely worthy and they both speak truth to the matter at hand, which is that Obama’s political espionage operation is the biggest political scandal in this nation’s history and it preceded Donald Trump’s election.

Linked below are below are the relevant articles – one from ZH and the other from CTH – both of which are worthy. Also included is the item linking Obama’s efforts back to 2014.

Here’s why we’re focused on Bryne and it drags into it Lt. General Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell, who are both embroiled in a tumultuous dynamic with attorney Line Wood; and in the most disappointing and damaging ways to an aspect of the leadership of the Trump opposition to the stolen 2020 election.

This is just a taste and I’d encourage folks to scroll up through Mr. Wood’s feed to the start of the revelations and read to current. They will leave you slack-jawed.

I’d also encourage reading the Byrne source article linked within the item above as an archive link.

It distills down to this.

Case 1 – Mr. Wood is both truthful and accurate and Powell and Flynn are both compromised and deserve seriously close scrutiny.

Case 2 – Mr. Wood is inaccurate and/or untruthful and Powell and Flynn are the patriots and heroes they’re portrayed to be.

It has to be one or the other. It can’t be both.

It could also be a 3-way orchestrated distraction. I leave room for that because it’s plausible and deserves room. I believe the Wood, Powell and Flynn dispute to be a genuine one, though, and that is genuinely disappointing; especially since Mr. Wood has drawn them into conflict with a bunch of valid points and questions that remain unanswered.

Mr. Wood’s focus has been narrowed on redressing the 2020 election and the Deep State’s focus has been narrowed on Mr. Wood.

Having spent much time covering Lt. Gen. Flynn’s case in detail and holding him in such high regard as a person, American and military officer, Mr. Wood’s accusations are painful. I hold similar thoughts and feelings for Powell. None of it matters, though – only the truth and the evidence that supports it matter.

Wood’s post above is another confirmation of his evidenced status as a legitimate target and behind targets you will normally find the truth. The truth is what Wood claims to espouse with regularity and I agree with him. What follows is unnerving. It all evidences Case 1 as plausibly being accurate.

A longstanding Moonshine position is that we’d not see any overt action from Mr. Trump, which I believe to have been in jeopardy since before Biden’s inauguration, until all remedies to redress the stolen election were exhausted. We’re there.

On that timeline, the scope of Barr/Durham peculiarities rest where I’ve long and thoroughly evidenced former Attorney General William Barr as being entirely compromised in severe ways; ways that preclude him from being anything but a traitor.

Relative to Barr, John Durham is the clean-up operation left behind by Barr and therefore expecting anything from him would be against long and steep odds. At best it leads to a long list of unanswered questions about both Barr and Durham.

Here’s the most basic sniff test for Durham – Do you think a 2-time U.S. Attorney General in Bill Barr was dumb enough to appoint a special counsel that stood to undo himself? Not in a gazillion years, people, Durham is clean-up or I have it all wrong and Barr is a hero.

I don’t think I’m wrong; however, because I placed Barr at Kirkland and Ellis when the firm advised on China’s acquisition of Dominion Voting.

If Durham is not clean-up, I’ll gladly eat my boot.

Standing firm on not seeing Trump back in power out of cycle and holding the line on Trump’s annoying backseat driving because “I told you so” doesn’t fix anything just like leaving office without draining the swamp, fixing the MSM or acting on the stolen election didn’t fix anything [and actually it made things much, much, worse] we have this glint of hope.

The fractured leadership is real and so will be the ripple effect across the cause. Let’s hope it sends a ripple through the fabric of America that causes her people to unify and rise-up in the face of evil because it’s now our most viable option; if not our only one. And it’s been that way since the beginning no matter whether The People realized it or not. Perhaps they will now or at least a threshold of us.

The only question remaining would be will they realize it in time and if so, do they have the gumption to assume personal risk and do something about it?

Hoping each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.



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