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Fractured Leadership: Part III – The Full Slate of Claims by Wood Against Flynn, Powell and Byrne

28 Nov 21

Update 1: [59-62], 28 Nov 21

Update 2: [63-64], 29 Nov 21

Update 3: [65-78], 02 Dec 21: Posts containing duplicated and existing information are not included moving forward.

Update 4: [79-88], 05 Dec 21

Update 5: [89], 06 Dec 21: Updated after writing and posting Part IV

Update 6: [90], 07 Dec 21: Links Wood’s relevant interview on Stew Peters

Update 7: [91-93], 19 Dec 21

Much has unfolded during the Thanksgiving national holiday, the cover it provides and the hangover that lingers as we move into the start of the week with everyone fighting off the sedative effects of tryptophan as compounded by a full belly and a glass of wine or several. None of it was any good and it has President Trump’s stable of allies and leadership fractured. The claims are as heavy and difficult to accept as the coup d’etat itself.

The haymaker claims were leveled by defamation attorney Lin Wood against Lt. General Michael Flynn, attorney Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne. For context, I recommend consuming Parts One and Two. All of arises out of the Rittenhouse matters.

Let’s define “fractured leadership” for fidelity’s sake. Working into this third article in this sub-series, “fractured leadership” according to the evidence that has been presented by Lin Wood and ignored by Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell appears as a constructed effort to discredit Mr. Wood for his insistence on driving the truth and identifying all impediments to it.

Wood is off-reservation in his messaging, always has been and now it matters. We’re bearing witness to the backlash and controlled demolition of his credibility.

We can alter this position as needed if Powell and Flynn ever put receipts down on the table like Wood has.

In Part Two, I detailed the recorded telephone conversation that Mr. Wood made of his incoming call with Patrick Byrne, about which Byrne subsequently complained. Here’s my take on that.

You can access that post with this link, which includes images of posts by Wood and Byrne.

Here in Part Three of this sub-series, the focus will be on the claims Mr. Wood has put in writing. In some cases, Wood posted the words of others and then remarked on them and those items are indicated by an asterisk “*”.

Here, is the full slate of claims made by Mr. Wood summarized and presented in the order in which they were posted on his Telegram feed:

  1. Rittenhouse has handlers, is delivering prepared narrative and they tie to the Deep State.* The Tucker Carlson interview is the controversial context. Wood alludes to this in his recorded interview with the Daily Beast detailing #FightBack’s involvement and withdrawal; in addition to the scope of controversy resting with Rittenhouse’s criminal lawyers and David Hancock.
  2. Wood states directly that Rittenhouse is being handled, manipulated and used at the hands of David Hancock, whom he positions as a CIA asset and then backing it up to him being Deep State.
  3. The Flynn attacks appear to begin with this, “I know who is behind the recent barrage of false attacks being made against me. So does General Michael Flynn.”
  4. The Rittenhouse interview on Tucker Carlson gives the appearance of being arranged since the verdict was handed down around noon and Fox was promoting it that evening.
  5. Wood suggests that the Rittenhouse case in combination with the Carlson interview is an orchestrated and constructed discrediting of him.
  6. John Pierce and Mark Richards are identified as the primary criminal defense attorneys who should be under scrutiny; not Wood. Further that Pierce terminated his relationship immediately after #FightBack raised Rittenhouse’s bail money.
  7. Wood to Powell, 1-“Did you put my name on those fraud complaints you filed around the country in which I had no input but have been used to vicariously attack me?”, 2-“Is Defend the under investigation by federal authorities related to its finances?”, 3-“Are you in a multi-million dollar dispute with General Flynn?”.
  8. Wood is critical of both Powell and Flynn because they will not publicly come to his defense in the aftermath of Carlson. Where Flynn has done that in limited capacity, Wood cites the inadequacy.
  9. Wood to Flynn, 1-“Did you ever publicly withdraw your endorsement of Vernon Jones or are you still doing business with him?”, 2-What do you think about David “Fraudcock” Hancock?”, 3-Does anyone in The Flynn Family know Dave?”
  10. Flynn’s inadequate defense according to Wood, “Lin Wood in his own voice…listen to the very end. What I have learned is that the truth always comes out in the end. And prayer is the most powerful weapon system known to man…today is another good day to pray for our nation as we struggle on many levels to overcome the yoke of tyranny that we face. Get involved in your families, your communities, our country. God bless America.”
  11. Wood, “General Flynn has not called me to discuss what he and Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas were working so hard on in November of 2020 at my property in South Carolina. I should have asked then. I am asking now. I also wanted to follow up with Flynn on Pegasus and NSO. When we last spoke over a week ago, he told me that any articles about him receiving money from Pegasus were fake news. Was that the TRUTH?”
  12. Wood to Powell, “I turned around slowly over the past few months and I documented who was holding the knife, Sidney. You played me and you played the Patriots. I love you and as I said to you in a recent text, the TRUTH breaks my heart. But it had to be told for the long-term good of our nation.”
  13. Wood in reply to additional Rittehnouse comments, “I received an email about an hour ago telling me that Kyle Rittenhouse has done another interview now saying that I am insane and that I think I am God. I am sane and I am not God.”
  14. Wood on Flynn further paving the path to compromise, “Probably no need to waste my time inviting General Michael Flynn to carve the turkey at Cotton Hall this Thanksgiving. I heard the General was planning on carving the turkey with Vernon Jones this year.
  15. “Take a close look at the letters below that I sent to actor Rick Schroder last November after Kyle Rittenhouse’s criminal lawyer, John Pierce, asked #FightBack to help raise money specifically for Kyle’s $2M cash bail in Kenosha. #FightBack worked as hard and as fast as possible to raise the bail money in order to free Kyle as quickly as possible. Because I wanted Kyle to get out on bail as soon as possible, I even personally guaranteed the final $150,000 loan received from Schroder. I was informed that Rick wanted to help Kyle by General Flynn’s brother, Joe Flynn. General Flynn knows that I am an honest, God-fearing man who did his best to help Kyle Rittenhouse. Flynn needs to step up to the plate and publicly refute the false Mockingbird propaganda smear campaign against me. He needs to step up NOW. He is THE General. He should lead the fight in my defense because he knows the TRUTH.”
  16. Wood on Powell, “I have NEVER had any affiliation of any type with Sidney Powell’s non-profit foundation. I was recently informed that told name appears on corporate filings rated to her non-profit foundation. I have demanded today that Sidney immediately correct this error and remove my name ASAP. I have NEVER had any involvement whatsoever in her non-profit organization. I am told that Patrick Byrne, Joe Flynn, and General Flynn were involved with Sidney in that organization. I was NOT. This is…similar to when Sidney put my name on election fraud complaints in Michigan and Wisconsin without my knowledge or consent. I have also demanded that my name be removed from the KrackenWood website. After it was formed last December (with my consent), I have never had any active involvement with it. At my request, Sidney deleted the KrakenWood Telegram Channel. I never used that channel. I understand it was managed by Brannon Castleberry who months ago was helping #FightBack with marketing. #FightBack fired Castleberry many months ago for reasons I will not disclose at this time.”
  17. “It has become increasingly clear to me that someone or group (led by someone) is ordering and coordinating the blatantly false attacks against me by using Kyle Rittenhouse to spread lies in the Mockingbird propaganda family. You can identify members of the Mockingbird propaganda family by the fruits on their vine. Look at who is on social media falsely attacking me by repeating the lies by Kyle. Sebastian Gorka, Dan Bongino, Dan Crenshaw, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, CNN, Fraudcock, Jack Posobiec, and many others.”
  18. “Joe Flynn, General F-Linn’s brother, connected me with actor Rick Schroder to inform me that Rick was willing to help with Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2M cash bail which #FightBack was trying to raise as fast as possible after Kyle was transferred from the Illinois juvenile facility to the Kenosha jail. Rick ended up generously loaning #FightBack $150,000 that reached the $2M cash bail requirement. I was asked to sign a personal guaranty on the note. I did so as I wanted Kyle out of the Kenosha jail as soon as possible. I have now learned thatJoe Flynn told Rick that I required that his cell phone and computer be “checked” before I would speak with him. I NEVER made such a request about or to Rick or any person. Where did Joe Flynn come up with that darnedest idea?”
  19. “Prior to speaking with me, Joe Flynn arranged for a man named Conan Hayes of RVCA to do a “sweep” of Rick’s cell phone and computer. I was shocked when I learned this information in the last couple of days. What is going on here?”
  20. “Who is this Conan Hayes that is apparently connected to Joe Flynn and The Flynn Family? I know you know about Patrick Byrne. Check this information out which I just learned: After #FightBack raised the $2M cash bail for Kyle Rittenhouse’s release, I have just leaned that Patrick Byrne and Joe Flynn were making efforts to contact Kyle to tell him that Patrick Byrne wanted to raise $5M for Kyle through Byrne’s The America Project organization. $5M? What in the world was going to be done with that much money for Kyle? Someone needs to research how much money The America Project has raised and how it was spent. A full audit needs to be undertaken as soon as possible. Errors may have been made or God forbid, something worse may be at play. #FightBack was told to stand down on its efforts for Kyle right after the $2M cash bail was obtained through donations and the Schroder loan. You need to demand the TRUTH from General Michael Flynn, Joe Flynn, and Patrick Byrne.”
  21. “Take a close look at Jarrin Jackson’s post below. Jarrin booked his own flight to Walterboro to visit with me last weekend. No one knew Jarrin and his two boys were coming to visit me. I booked Jarrin’s return flight to depart on Tuesday from Walterboro. Jarrin’s return flight was booked in MY name out of Walterboro through Sentient Jets. The jet arrived in Walterboro on Monday evening for Jarrin’s early morning Tuesday departure. The flight itinerary was accessible to knowledgeable people. After the pilot had to abort the take-off, he told Jarrin that if the plane had gotten in the air, it would have not sustained flight. Yep, it would have crashed. Jesus protected Jarrin and his 2 young sons Tuesday morning. We might of lost them in a tragic plane crash due to mysterious mechanical problems. Jarrin has always told me he would take a bullet for me. I never dreamed he might have to take a plane crash for me. There are no coincidences. The threats are real. The Deep State Cabal will stop at nothing to protect its control over our nation.”
  22. From Jackson, “Plane explanation: Lin’s security had massive issues this week. They left in the middle of the night. All at once. A man who received multiple credible threats found himself without the enduring security he has had for months. All gone. At once. This happened before Lin declined an in-person meeting in Atlanta – that meeting was slated for downtown Atlanta. On Friday 11/19. Security left. Then Lin declined his in-person meeting in downtown Atlanta. Atlanta + Friday 11/19. Hmm? So, Lin asked me to come. I said I couldn’t make it until December bc of my own stuff. Lin insisted. He paid – from his personal money – to fly me out there. I brought my boys. They love Lin Wood. They love Stuart Guthrie’s kids more. We did some things about his security (lots of details here that would just bore you). Today, the boys & I get to the airport. Get on plane. Wait. Pilot informed us that the engines weren’t running. After a lengthy conversation, I learned that THAT specific issue had never happened to THAT plane. Moreover, the veteran pilot explained that the problem was usually an “easy fix”. And that “I’ve always been able to (insert pilot lingo) really fast. No problem.” This was different. Folks coordinated for a new plane. The one pictured. As we were leaving, the left behind pilot was flabbergasted as the first plane – the one with the “easy fix” – actually had massive malfunctions. Malfunctions that were not caught in maintenance. My website was hacked Saturday. Just learned an hour ago that my ammo business integrations are all off. And now the plane I was to fly home in had major malfunctions that maintenance didn’t catch.”*
  23. “I removed the blindfold on The Flynn Family and their cronies today. It has been an extremely painful personal experience for me over the past few months as I began to see the TRUTH. I love General Flynn and Sidney Powell. But TRUTH is TRUTH even when painful. I had to face it. Then I had a duty to We The People to reveal it.”
  24. Wood posts, “Pegasus” three times in reference to Flynn and providing a link:
  25. “I do not know whether the articles and videos linking Mike Flynn to Pegasus are true. I do know that they raise questions which Flynn should answer publicly and candidly. I asked Mike about Pegasus in a phone conversation several days ago. He did not seem to quickly recognize the name and then told me it was fake news.”
  26. “Rod Rosenstein too?” in relation to Pegasus.
  27. “Given his involvement with Pegasus and NSO prior to joining the Trump Administration and my firsthand experience with Richard Jewell, if asked, I would have counseled Mike Flynn to have a lawyer present when interviewed by the FBI at the White House during his 22 days in the Trump Administration. But I concede Mike may have had more experience with the FBI based on his decades of work with the intelligence community and his 2 years of service in the Obama administration as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Mike has had a long and seemingly stellar career in the military intelligence community. I respect his service.”
  28. “In a recent conversation with Mike Flynn, he disclosed to me that he was involved in teaching the CIA how to create and run psy-ops (psychological operations). I was not surprised given his long history in military intelligence. Mike could probably provide We The People in the Patriot movement with some insight and information on Q. Many in the Patriot movement want to know more about Q. As a leader, I am sure Mike would be willing to discuss whether Q is, in his opinion, a psychological operation.”
  29. “I received a telephone call from Patrick Byrne today. It was the first contact that I have had with Patrick since he stayed at my property for 2 nights in early November of 2020 when he flew Mike Flynn and others to my property in South Carolina. I thought they were working on finding evidence of illegality and/or fraud in the 2020 election. As a true Patriot, I was happy to extend them Southern hospitality. Plus. I was honored to have Mike and Sidney as my guests. Patrick and I had a long call. A couple of other people were in the room when the call took place and overheard it on the speaker phone. Patrick conveyed to me some detailed and extremely damaging information about Sidney Powell and DefendingThe Republic.Org. I do not believe it is my place at this time to disclose the details of the information Patrick conveyed to me. I told him I was flabbergasted and shocked by his information and felt that he had a duty to disclose it to the public. I will leave it to Patrick to answer your questions about what he told me. I would hope and expect that he will be as open and candid with you as he was with me and the others listening to the call. Maybe Sidney was referring to Patrick Byrne when she posted the knife in the back meme on her a Telegram Channel a couple of days ago? I do not know. I guess you would have to ask Sidney. We live in extraordinary times.”
  30. “Why did Michael Flynn post the Posobiec lie that Mike Lindell posted Kyle Rittenhouse’ bail? Flynn knew that #FightBack posted the bail. Joe Flynn was directly involved in connecting #FightBack with Rick Schroder regarding the bail. Why does Michael Flynn refuse to publicly renounce his public endorsement of Vernon Jones? What is wrong with Michael Flynn, a man I formerly greatly admired and respected. Note the use of “formerly.” It was intentional.”
  31. #FightBack has publicly disclosed ALL of its financials related to the foundation’s efforts to help Kyle Rittenhouse. #FightBack’s financials have been audited for 2020 by an independent audit by a licensed CPA. No issues were identified. I call on Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, and Sidney Powell to have ALL of their various foundations and money-raising organizations to likewise publicly disclose their financial information and have their organizations undergo an independent audit. #FightBack and its board members, including myself, have NOTHING to hide about the foundation’s finances.”
  32. “After doing the research and connecting the dots, I have reached the conclusion that the Stop The Steal organization is a Deep State organization to raise money for purposes other than to FIX 2020.
  33. “A man named Ali Alexander and Vernon “Jive Talk” Jones are closely aligned with Stop The Steal. You cannot escape the logic that birds of a feather flock together which means that Alexander and Jones are Deep State operatives. Michael Flynn endorses Vernon Jones. Connect the dots. I will no longer refer to Michael Flynn as General. F-Linn is only the General of the Deep State. Sad, but true. That is my opinion based of facts. You should draw your own conclusions based on FACTS, not emotions. WATCH OUT for anyone affiliated with Stop The Steal.”
  34. “Patrick Byrne conspires with others to ensnare me. Patrick is ensnaring himself. Patrick is a liar.”
  35. “Patrick Byrne is a liar and not a good one at all. This PR statement for Mike and Joe Flynn is a PR disaster. Instead of “clearing” their names, Patrick indicts them.”
  36. “The audio above is Part One of the telephone conversation I had last evening with Patrick Byrne. He called me. He did not call to seek legal advice.”
  37. “Check out Mike Flynn’s Telegram channel. He has turned off his replies. He is trying to talk about issues confronting our nation while totally avoiding an honest discussion of the issues facing him – the occult prayer, the money he charges for speeches, Vernon Jones, Pegasus, and several other troubling issues raised by facts about him. I admit Mike and Sidney played me for a few months. I had no experience in military psychological operations. But I am a quick study and I got up to speed as quickly as Jesus intended for me to do so. I was deceived. Now I am not. I believe you have also been deceived by Mike and Sidney.”
  38. “What is up with Joe-Joe Flynn??? He comes across like an “enforcer” in a crime family. Of course that is just my opinion based on my interaction with Joe.”
  39. “What does Mike Flynn think of President Trump? Is he fighting for Trump or has he given up on Trump? Does Mike Flynn have aspirations to run for President himself in 2024? Does Mike Flynn really want to FIX 2020 or does he want us to remain captives to a rigged election system (that might benefit him in the future?”
  40. “In my opinion, only a “kooky fool” would attack President Trump for not financing audits or other effects to investigate the 2020 election. President Trump’s direct involvement would be used to taint the investigative results or weaken the credibility of the findings of cheating. Even a kooky fool would know that logical deduction is the TRUTH. Is intelligence expert Mike Flynn a kooky fool? Does Flynn think Trump is done? I sure don’t think he is. When I received the Signal text below from Mr. Life-Long Intelligence Expert Mike Flynn on September 25, my suspicions about him were confirmed. In my opinion, Mike is not a “kooky fool,” but rather Mike is a RINO Republican anti-Trumper. But I could be wrong. After all I am just an unfairly “disgraced” lawyer who has been falsely accused of being a conspiracy theorist – a term coined by the CIA. You can read Flynn’s text to me and decide for yourselves. Then closely examine Flynn’s record abs his comments.”
  41. “Do you think it a bit odd that Mike Flynn and Patrick “Can’t Spell Lin Right” Byrne allegedly paid $5M of donors’ money for the Arizona audit of the 2020 when they knew that Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas would be heading up the audit and Byrne admitted to me in his kooky call that Logan was unqualified? That comment about Logan by Patrick “Burn Sidney Powell Down” Byrne really bothered me. Why? Because Byrne knew that Doug Logan was at my South Carolina property for weeks with The Not So Honorable Mike Flynn. I wondered what Logan and Flynn were doing but it was not my place to ask. I assumed that they were looking for election wrongdoing. I now think they were plotting on how to tank the audits of the 2020 election as part of a Deep State plan for the audits to discourage Trump supporters from trying to FIX 2020. But I could be wrong. You do the research, connect the dots and draw your own conclusions. And speak with Dr. Shiva about Doug Logan’s actions with respect to the Arizona audit.”
  42. “FINALLY the Flynn Family PR Damage Control Team has been forced to respond to me!!! Perfect. Flynn is not very smart. He does not know my experience as a cross-examiner. As the day progresses, I will slowly but surely rip his PR statement into a thousand pieces and cast it to the wind.”
  43. “Keep a close eye on WHO disseminates and praises the Mike Flynn PR Damage Control Statement today. More Deep State players will be revealed to you.”
  44. “I am aware that my documented information relating to Mike Flynn, Joe, Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Patrick Burn has caused consternation among the ranks of the Patriots. I have reached out by documented texts to both Mike and Sidney several times to discuss this situation with them over the last few weeks. I have had no meaningful response to date. Without question, the division presents a challenging situation at a critical time period in our nation’s history. I hereby formally invite Mike, Joe, Sidney, and Patrick to Tomotley for a face-to-face meeting so that we can amicably discuss the “war” between us and search for a peaceful resolution. Please share this invitation far and wide. Let’s see who has the integrity and courage to accept my gracious hospitality one more time. And who does not.”
  45. “It is entirely fair to judge the character of a man by the company that he keeps. While it is not the only factor to consider, it speaks volumes. Mike Flynn embraces Vernon Jones and Patrick Byrne. What does that say about the character of Mike Flynn?”
  46. From Byrne to Wood, “Hi Lin Would, Ha. That’s funny. No, sorry, but guys like you don’t get to hang out with people like me. Can you even SEE me from the league you’re in? Patrickbut.”
  47. From Byrne to Wood, “Wow. So many people flamed out that I am not interested in meeting Lin. How crazy. What different people such are from me. People who come from my culture understand that if someone betrays you by secretly recording you (particular a lawyer of whom you are asking legal questions and seeing if you can hire for your legal issues), then it is beneath your dignity as a man to interact with such riff-raff again. I understand there are a lot of people raised these days not to know the basics of such matters as “honor”, but no, it is not in the realm of possibilities. Obviously. If you don’t understand, ask your grandad if he is still around. He will explain the rules. I’ll make you all a deal: When Kyle Rittenhouse tells me to meet Lin, I’ll meet Lin. Until then, UNTIL KYLE RITTENHOUSE’S ACCUSATIONS ARE DISPROVEN BY LIN WOOD, I STAND WITH KYLE RITTENHOUSE.”
  48. “Please consider asking the following individuals how much they donated to #FightBack’s efforts to help Kyle Rittenhouse with his attorneys’ fees, expenses, and cash bail: Michael Flynn, Joe Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell, Tucker Carlson ,David Fraudcock, Dan Bongino, Sebastian Gorka, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Will Sommers, Sean Hannity. Remember, #FightBack keeps meticulous financial records. And ask David Fraudcock how much money he illegally raised at his charities, FreeKyleUSA and The Milo Fund AFTER he committed a felony by stealing and using the #FightBack donor list.”
  49. “Has anyone really researched the background on Michael Flynn? I urge you to do so in a search for the TRUTH.”
  50. “I am informed that in the past 12 months that Michael Flynn has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to “inspire” Patriots. Did you get your money’s worth? Demand that Michael Flynn start telling you the TRUTH. You have the right to know. Ask Flynn or other members of The Flynn Family for the TRUTH.”
  51. “I am now told that the article about Michael Flynn and the CIA/Five Eyes Plot has been removed from the link I posted.”
  52. “While asking Michael Flynn about his money grab activities from Patriots over the past year, ask him what he really thinks of Q. You have been played by Michael Flynn. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A life long Democrat who is anti-Trump and wants to fool you into supporting him for President in 2024.”
  53. “Can it be true that Michael Flynn is on a power of attorney with George Soros??? Or is this a CIA/Deep State escape trick to discredit Patriot leaders who are seeking TRUTH? This power of attorney was sent to Jarrin Jackson and me on our reply channels tonight. There are no coincidences. We need answers from Michael Flynn. He knows the TRUTH. Remember, Flynn is a master of deceit.”
  54. “This photo is circulating almost simultaneously with the Flynn-Soros power of attorney. See how the Deep State operates? They are very good but not good enough. Nice try, Michael T. Flynn. Your texts and your conversations reveal to We The People who you really are.”
  55. “As I review my reply channel before I rest, I am being swamped with an extraordinary number of messages attacking me for posting the TRUTH about the document circulating on several Patriots’ reply channels. There are no coincidences. In real time, I posted the power of attorney and the photos of Michael J. Flynn. This was a coordinated effort to discredit me and others AND distract from the texts and phone calls which revealed the TRUTH about Michael Flynn. The games the Deep State plays. Don’t let Flynn and the Deep State play you. Demand answers from Flynn. He is the one who refuses to address the issues directly. Not me.”
  56. “My journey with Michael T. Flynn is now over. I loved Mike and still do. But when the TRUTH was revealed to me about him, I could not deny it. I felt that I had to share it with you. I try my imperfect best to speak TRUTH. Mike was disloyal to me and betrayed me. I believe he had others try to harm me. But it is not about me. It is about you. I do not want Mike to be disloyal to you and betray you. I do not want Mike to harm you or our nation. i want you to do your own research, connect the dots, and draw your own conclusions. I forgive Mike. I still love him. I will keep praying for him. My personal battle with Michael T. Flynn is now over.”
  57. “I do think Joe Flynn needs to answer some questions about his efforts to reach the Rittenhouse Family almost immediately after the verdict in Kyle’s favor on Friday, November 19, 2021. It appears from the text below that Joe’s efforts may have been related to a fund to raise money for the Rittenhouse Family. You will recall that it was Joe Flynn who connected me with actor Rick Schroder who loaned #FightBack the final $150,000 to reach the $2M cash bail necessary to free Kyle. That promissory note to Rick was the one I personally guaranteed as I wanted Kyle out of the Kenosha jail where his criminal lawyers felt he was not safe. Maybe Joe Flynn also needs to answer some questions about the false smear campaign launched against me by Kyle and his handlers within a short few hours after he had been innocent of 2 murder charges.”
  58. “Sorry, I cannot resist pointing out that this We The Media (who is the person behind that name?) Telegram message was reposted this morning on Mike Flynn’s Telegram Channel. To me, this proves that Mike Flynn was part of the plant of the Soros/Flynn document intended to discredit Jarrin, Stew, The Professor, and me. We ALL saw right through it. The Deep State plan against us backfired against those involved in this Deep State operation. I think We The Media’s analysis of Christianity is misguided and flawed in this instance but it sure beats an analysis based on an occult/satanist belief system.”

    UPDATE 1
  59. “While I did not attend any “Patriot” planning meetings, I am aware that several such meetings have taken place. I know of one such meeting where attendees were required to “check” their phones during the 2-day conference. In that one instance, I informed Mike Flynn that I would not be attending. Knowing what I know now, I thank God that I was moved to not attend. The Deep State plays many games. They are sophisticated. They wipe your phones and can plant items in your phones. Computers too.”
  60. “Anyone interested in learning how your phone is basically converted into a surveillance device should research NSO, Pegasus, and Phantom. Any legitimate U.S. intelligence expert should be able to explain Phantom to you. If they are willing to honestly answer your questions.
  61. This is notable from Wood because it ties together Bongino as now legacy media and then Secret Service, Bridges as Secret Service, Rod Rosenstein and U.S. federal whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey, whose testimony Wood took and I diagrammed, “Does anyone (other than the CIA) know anything about the relationship between Dan Bongino and Shaun Bridges?”.
  62. Wood on Powell and Byrne, “I wonder if Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne have reconciled yet? Tough to do when one person tries to poison the other” taking “poison” figuratively as opposed to literally and certainly in reference to the recorded conversation between Wood and Byrne.

    UPDATE 2
  63. “Why am I concerned about the integrity of the 2020 audit process? Doug Logan and CyberNinjas. The America Project. Patrick Byrne admitted publicly that The America Project paid Logan and his company, CyberNinjas at least $5M for the Arizona audit at a time when Patrick felt that Logan and his firm were not qualified to conduct the full forensic audit. Does that make any sense to you that someone would spend $5M with a firm that they felt could not get the job done? Is that a fair, legal, and ethical use of the substantial monies solicited and received from donors to The America Project? The America Project should immediately conduct an internal audit by an outside CPA firm and release the findings of the audit to the public without delay. How much money was raised? Who donated? How was the money spent and who received it? By the way, why was Arizona selected to be the first state audited? Who made that decision? Did better options exist in terms of other states? We The People must demand full transparency and settle for nothing less.”
  64. In a recorded telephone call between Flynn and Wood pertaining to the legitimacy of Q, Flynn attributed it to being a CIA disinformation operation while Wood, advised that he wasn’t sure if it were a friendly or enemy operation, that he agrees with the major premises and that he doesn’t care about Q’s veracity. Wood, “This clip of the posted conversation omits my statements that whether Q is a white hat PSYOP or a black hat PYSOP, there is a considerable amount of TRUTH to Q. Perhaps as much as 75-90% TRUTH. I believe Q exists and is real. I believe in the basic positions for which Q stands. I want child sex trafficking, pedophilia, and satanic rituals involving children to end NOW. I want ALL individuals involved in child sex trafficking to go to prison or suffer a worse punishment available under our laws. This apples whether the involved individuals are political officeholders, candidates, or individuals disguised as church leaders, Patriot leaders, RINO Republicans, educators, etc., etc. etc. We need to identify and bring them ALL to justice.”

    UPDATE 3
  65. Wood posted a link confirming the federal investigation into Powel:
  66. “Since Patrick Byrne seems to be obsessed of late with publishing propaganda videos related to me, today strikes me as a good day to re-visit the TRUTH of Patrick’s actual words. I have little time and no enthusiasm for engaging with the likes of Byrne as I have better things to do (like play with my puppies), but in fairness, since he seems intent on attacking or even threatening me, I think I have the right to respond. Surely it is abundantly fair to respond with his own words. By the way, despite his claims to the contrary, Patrick’s call to me was not to engage my legal services as is easily discerned from his own words. I don’t really know Patrick. He was a guest at my property in SC for 2 nights in November 2020 when I was told he had offered his private jet to others to fly them to SC. I do know that I would never do business with the likes of Patrick Byrne. I would never endorse the likes of Vernon Jones either. Hopefully, Patrick will now leave me alone and return to his work on the Council of Foreign Relations.”
  67. Wood attributes the threats against him to crimes against children, “The reason for the attempts on my life , the attacks on my family, the threats, and the attempts to destroy me financially and professionally are now clear. Pray for the little children. We must bring them home. We must bring those responsible for these crimes to justice.”
  68. Wood presents questions, 1-“Why have the Deep State/Intelligence Community/Mockingbird Propagandists brutally attacked President Trump for 5+ years?”, 2-“Why have the Deep State/Intelligence Community/Mockingbird Propagandists brutally attacked me for 2 years?”, 3-“Why have NONE of the Rittenhouse interviewers contacted me or #FightBack to learn and publish our side of the false allegations by Rittenhouse?”, 4-“If Kyle Rittenhouse felt that I or #FightBack kept him in jail to grift off of him, why did he wait to publicly complain about our alleged misconduct for a full year after #FightBack posted the $2M cash bail and was told to stand down so the family could take over fundraising at the end of 11/20?”, 5-“What evidence has Congressman Marjorie Taylor “Commie” Greene offered to the public to justify her demand that I be arrested and jailed in connection with #FightBack’s efforts to help Kyle?”
  69. Wood accuses Joeph Flynn, “I must have been thinking about a “Joe” who is a Freemason and a Deep State operative. I do not claim extensive knowledge of FreeMasons but I have heard that 33 Degree Masons may engage in satanic rituals. Q. Have you heard that too? Your answer?
  70. “In his first Rumble interview discussing his phone call with me, does anyone know why Patrick Byrne made certain that the length of his rambling diatribe was exactly 33 minutes and 33 s”econds?
  71. “Do you think that any person who knowingly participated in creating or furthering the false “Russian Hoax” accusation in an effort to have President Trump impeached could be guilty of treason?”
  72. “Do you want the litigation strategy and audit strategy to FIX 2020 led by an “anti-Trumper” in disguise as a Trump Supporting Patriot?”
  73. Do you want the litigation strategy and audit strategy to FIX 2020 led by 30-year military intelligence “spook” with close ties to the Deep State FBI and CIA?”
  74. “Do you think that part of “Reawakening America” should be to continue having “leaders” who have close ties to the intelligence community including but not limited to, the CIA, FBI, NSO, and the spyware Pegasus and Phantom?”
  75. Wood severs from Doug Billings, “What in the world is that pyramid symbol behind Doug Billings in the photo below? Does Doug know anything about FreeMasonry??? Maybe someone should ask him for a friend at his next money-making Patriot conference. Or call into his podcast show and he can give you his answer while speaking into his shiny gold microphone.”
  76. Wood states broader positions that overlap with the COVID work writ large so we include them, “The CDC/NIH Covid-19 treatment protocol requires that the hospitalized patient only receive Remdesivir. Remdesivir damages the patient’s kidneys creating hypotension which results in the body retaining water. The patient’s lungs fill up with water which is misdiagnoses as double pneumonia. Instead of administering a diuretic to deal with water retention, the CDC/NIH protocol places a patient on a ventilator. Not good. You cannot force oxygen into a drowning lung. How do you speak GENOCIDE. C-D-C or alternatively, N-I-H. You can also spell GENOCIDE by spelling the names of the pharmaceutical companies who manufactured the Covid “vaccine.” Of course, the most simple spelling of GENOCIDE is: G-A-T-E-S.”
  77. “Wow!!! Sidney Powell leaves #FightBack Foundation in the dust in terms of fundraising!!! Maybe it was the help of Patrick Byrne and The Flynn Brothers that generated so much money for Sidney’s foundation and her law firm. Those guys never lifted a finger to help #FightBack in 2020 raise money for Kyle Rittenhouse’s bail.”
  78. “The CIA/Deep State is VERY, VERY deep and as has become increasingly clear to me in recent months, the CIA infiltrated my life starting back in at least as early as March of 2020. But dots connect further back to Steve Wynn, my former client. Steve was previously the Finance Chairman of the national GOP. I have learned a great deal about Wynn since the morning he fired me before I was supposed to have dinner with President Trump at Mar-a-Largo on March 6, 2020. The dots originate in November 2019 when I was preparing for the December 2019 trial in the case of my client, Vernon Unsworth, against Elon Musk. I know now what happened to the relationship with my children. I also know the CIA/Deep State players behind the false accusations by Kyle Rittenhouse. I will be discussing Wynn to Flynn in coming days as information continues to be received that confirms my suspicions. The games the CIA/Deep State plays. Wow! It is refreshing to find an investigative reporter like Gordon Rose who follows the evidence. And yes, as I have been making clear for several months, David “Fraudcock” Hancock is a fraud and a Deep State operative. So are several others.”

    UPDATE 4
  79. A Doug Billings repost from Wood, “General Flynn, Patrick Byrne and I will discuss the critical work at hand to save our Republic, live in Branson, MO… The work of saving the Republic from a stolen election, a border crisis, a wrecked economy, medical tyranny, Commusocialists & RINOs. Let’s stop firing inwardly and get back in unity. We’re in this together. Lin was invited from day 1 to be with us via a zoom call, but he withdrew over a month ago. I pray for Lin and can’t imagine the stress he’s under.”
  80. Wood extends an invitation to publicly reconcile differences, “To clear the air and in an effort to bring closure to the “controversy,” I hereby invite Doug Billings, Mike Flynn, and Patrick Byrne to convene at Tomotley on the earliest date convenient to all to participate in a respectful debate on ALL issues and concerns I have raised with them privately and thereafter, publicly. All 3 have been the recipients of my hospitality at Tomotley in the past year. They loved Tomotley then, I know that will love it even more now as my property manager, Ronald Stanley, increases the beauty every day with his dedication to the land and wildlife. I would propose that the meeting be publicly broadcast so that sunshine is brought to the discussion and all interested Patriots can hear the TRUTH for themselves. I am ready to debate the facts. I have nothing to hide. I will openly provide Doug, Mike, and Patrick with ALL the evidence I have that is the basis for my expressed concerns. I pray that Doug, Mike, and Patrick are prepared to do likewise and accept my invitation.”
  81. “I have not heard from Doug Billings, Mike Flynn, or Patrick Byrne yet on my offer to publicly meet with them to air our differences and discuss the evidence I have to support my responses to the attacks made against me. I do know that Doug likes to promote Mike at his Determined Patriotism conferences. I know that Clay Clark loves to make money using Mike in his Reawakening America conferences. I have decided to add Clay Clark to the invite list for the meeting with Doug, Mike and Patrick. Stay with me and I will give Mike and the others a heads up on some of the areas of discussion when we convene to talk “peace.” I would think that Doug, Patrick, and Clay would have already discussed some of these topics with Mike, but you never know! In the meantime, many of you may want to do your own research, connect the dots, and draw your own conclusions on certain topics to be discussed. Some of the topics are described in my next message.”
  82. Wood establishes a meeting agenda, “Among many other topics, I would like for Mike Flynn to discuss in detail with Patriots are the following (and for Mike to be prepared for follow up questions as to each): Mike’s knowledge and involvement with Operation Zero Footprint; Mike’s knowledge of and “cover up” public statements about Fethullah Gulen (that will also involve a discussion Mike’s work in Turkey after he formally left the Obama administration to continue his work for Obama in the private sector); Mike’s relationship with and knowledge about Marc Turi; Mike’s relationship with and knowledge about Jeremy Oliver (Clay can probably help out with this one as Oliver was on the stage behind Mike at the Tulsa conference earlier this year); Arms shipments to ISIS; Drug shipments including opium etc. in the Middle East; and Child sex trafficking. I would invite President Trump to the public discussion at Tomotley but I know he is very busy on bigger issues and I kinda suspect he already knows everything about Mike on these topics and much more. Should be quite a meeting at Tomotley!!! Hope these guys show up. I would hate to have this discussion with 4 empty chairs.”
  83. Wood makes claims about another Moonshine target of interest, Patrick Bergy, “I have received warnings tonight from several friends who tell me that a man named Patrick Bergy is posting threats of harm to me online. Apparently, this person Bergy has said he is traveling to my home to harm me. I have no idea who this “Patrick Bergy” is assuming he is a real person. Lots of bots and artificial intelligence on Telegram and other social media these days. My security team is on heightened alert as they have been for several days due to threats of harm and attempts to harm me. If Patrick Bergy is a real person, I pray for him. I would hate to see him take some foolish and deranged action that would result only in him suffering harm to himself.”
  84. Wood clarifies, “Now I am told that this Patrick Bergy just wants to talk with me. Happy to speak with him if that is the case and he is a real person. By phone first.”
  85. Wood responds to reporting, “An interesting analysis by Christian Patriot News. Let me be very clear: I am not part of Q. I am not part of QAnon. I am not part of any plan except God’s plan for my life. I am also not one of Mike Flynn’s Digital Soldiers. I am a lawyer who supports President Trump and feels that the evidence is overwhelming that there was a coordinated plan to steal the 2020 election by a variety of nefarious actors within and outside of the United States.”
  86. Wood identifies subjects of recorded calls, “I have been relentlessly and falsely attacked by a number of individuals and entities over the past 2 years starting a month before the defamation trial in the case of Vernon Unsworth v. Elon Musk (I represented Vernon) – false attacks which have continued to this very day. I find surreptitious recordings of private conversations to be reprehensible under normal circumstances. Certain of my private conversations, including conversations about my family and my faith, have been surreptitiously recorded by several individuals over the past 2 years. Out of context portions of those conversations have been used publicly to support false accusations against me. I have surreptitiously recorded a few conversations in the past year to protect myself against individuals I felt were part of the coordinated effort to falsely attack me and my credibility. I have always released the entire recording and not snippets. I have surreptitiously recorded former Mercer Law School Dean Cathy Cox, reporters at the Daily Beast, Patrick Byrne, and Mike Flynn. I did so to establish TRUTH which my faith instructs me must prevail over lies.”
  87. Wood on speaking with Bergy, “As an update to last night’s messages, I spoke with Patrick Bergy. He struck me as a polite man who does not pose any threat to me. I apologize to him for inferences to the contrary that I received from third parties. Always better to be safe than sorry. My safety was not threatened by Patrick.”
  88. Wood on broader matters that envelop Flynn, “We must FIX 2020 OR BUST. Once we have FIXED 2020, our country under the leadership of President Trump (our duly elected President) can then begin to fix the other major issues we face: Child sex trafficking. Illegal Covid mandates. Securing our borders. Protecting our Bill of Rights. Reinstating the rule of law. Bringing to justice ALL involved in acts of treason, election fraud, genocide, and other crimes against humanity. Repairing domestic and foreign policies to put America First. The list goes on.”

    UPDATE 5
  89. Wood withdraws his invitation, “Several days ago, I graciously extended an invitation to Mike Flynn (which by definition would include his brother Joe), Patrick Byrne, Doug Billings, and Clay Clark to meet publicly with me to discuss and hopefully resolve what some have seen as a division in the conservative Patriots ranks. The response: Crickets. I now withdraw my invitation which I believe is not going to be accepted by the invitees. Patriots who have unanswered questions about The Flynn Family, their comrades, Doug Billings, Patrick Byrne. and Clay Clark should address them directly to or with Mike, Joe, Doug. Patrick, and Clay. After considerable thought and reflection over the past several days, I am no longer willing to deal with any of them on any level. I wish Mike, Joe, Doug. Patrick, and Clay the best of luck in their future endeavors.”

    UPDATE 6
  90. Wood’s interview on Stew Peters:

    UPDATE 7
  91. Wood has expanded his claims against Flynn as posted on Telegram to envelop Michael Flynn, Jr. and Brian Gamble, the chief intelligence officer for the America Project, who is said to post as “Lisa.” Wood states that it’s an orchestrated smear campaign.
  92. Wood is attaching Jordan Sather to Flynn as an operative.
  93. Wood expands his evidence base to include Flynn’s political party donations to Democrats and his status as a lifetime member of the Democratic Party; all old fact sets.

When additional posts are made by Mr. Wood, they will be updated here and this article will be re-posted on Gab and Telegram.

Moving forward, Mr. Wood’s claims are fully on the table and in writing. Flynn, Powell and Byrne should respond to every single one in writing and back-up the responses with the same caliber of evidence Mr. Wood has presented.

Until that happens, anything they have to offer rings hollow in light of the evidence on hand.

Write this down: defamation attorneys don’t customarily lie but Deep State, career military intelligence officers and attorneys with stock options and for-profit fundraising organizations might.

$70 million is a lot of money.



*Bonus item from Mr. Wood’s feed. I present this with a reminder that the very first Moonshine article covering COVID-19 was on 09 Feb 20, just weeks after the 31 Dec 19 first report of the outbreak and the 20 Jan 20 first U.S. case. There are probably 300 in between. The first one all centered on COVID, Gilead Sciences, Remdisivir, patents, patent sharing agreements, etc. On 05 Jun 21, The New York Post wrote what it called an “exclusive” piece on it the same.

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