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McGreevey Mapped Makes Matters Meaningful: Mad Maxine, Rod-centric and the McGreevey/Lin Wood Transcripts

Why are we giving credence to Dr. Jonathan McGreevey and his statement as obtained by Lin Wood, et al on 09 Jan 21? Why, when we are in the midst of a stolen election, a fraudulent pandemic, a fraudulent Capitol “insurrection,” the looming Maricopa County [AZ] forensic audit results and more?

Reliable With Certainty

We’re drinking from a fire hose right now, so why do we focus on McGreevey?

It’s as simple as saying that if the nation’s preeminent defamation attorney with a sterling record and having litigated some of the country’s biggest cases finds veracity in Dr. McGreevey’s testimony and to the extent of obtaining a statement, then it’s reliable with certainty.

Here’s why we can assume this position with confidence.

For one, defamation attorneys like Mr. Wood litigate lies for a living but they don’t proffer them and especially not on the grandest of stages and in the most consequential matters.

For another, this is especially so in light of the nature of the claims and assertions with which Mr. Wood has gone on the record. Mr. Wood has attacked apex predators with some of the worst imaginable allegations and if you understand “political reality,” you know this is career suicide outside of the absolute truth and even within it, it’s attempted suicide at best.

For yet another, I worked for attorneys for years and in this precise capacity – investigating to verify someone’s background, claims, assertions and provision of evidence to inform the attorney accordingly.

Conventions have this work occurring on the front end of a case for fact finding and determining overall reliability. This means that in the initial stages of Mr. Woods’ handling of Dr. McGreevey, tangible evidence was presented to Mr. Wood that would frame the nature of the questioning in the statements to be obtained. The evidence would also substantiate and validate McGreevey’s claims to a threshold of Mr. Woods’ determination and then factor into setting the course for further handling.

Summarily, this means that Mr. Wood is far enough into McGreevey’s handling that we know due diligence was given and reliability was confirmed on the front end. This would all be done prior to obtaining the statement and then going public with all of the details.

Defamation attorneys (or any others worth their salt) that don’t do it this way aren’t defamation litigators for long and if they are, they’re likely hungry, cash poor and thinking about getting into teaching.

Dr. McGreevey’s assertions and claims plow straight ahead into ‘conspiracy theory’ as per the mainstream definition, but when you come to understand what has happened to him and his life, you’ll see that McGreevey not only had nothing to gain, but he lost everything including his health.

More importantly, McGreevey’s assertions and claims functionally map-out as incredibly informative and in the capacity of linking a number of critical, broad and overarching components in the longer political continuum that has targeted President Donald J. Trump and the American people. This why were are here.

Dr. McGreevey provides answers and needed binding for seemingly disassociated individuals, entities and constructive components and now we have it all mapped out.

The Transcripts

Sometimes, it is beneficial to read full transcripts directly, but they can be cumbersome and inefficient making it arduous, tedious and time-consuming to parse out important details, make connections, etc.

That’s why it’s beneficial to have the individuals, entities and constructive components mapped-out in the style of an “infographic” or flowchart; especially when the objective is understanding linkages, processes, nexuses, sequences, patterns, etc.

We now have both and they should be very utilitarian and beneficial moving forward.

The work that follows entailed 1) an initial read of the transcripts, 2) re-reading the transcripts for mapping by hand (16 pages of notes) and 3) rendering the flowcharts to digital form. By the time this article is done, it will have taken about 45 hours in 3 days.

The link for the statement transcripts PDF is linked at the bottom of the article.


This won’t take long to outline or understand. Former DAG Rod Rosenstein is the hub to our wheel; the brains or central feature to our construct. Dr. McGreevey calls the whole thing “Rod-centric.” I couldn’t agree more.

Mad Maxine

Do you remember Maxine Waters, D-CA long ago talking about this ultimate spying apparatus – a database [network, tools, personnel] that Obama used to spy on everyone, keep them under his thumb and aligned; and to create a network of reliable [blackmailed and leveraged] people around him?

Here she is.

After having watched that and as you examine the diagrams below, keep this in your mind.

Is the “Dirty Tricks Squad,” which would link over to former CIA Director John Brennan [“Baltimore” in the diagrams] and the CIA, what Maxine is talking about?

Is DTS the Obama spy/leverage apparatus as per Maxine?

I believe it is.

The Images

Here are the images and they are constructed and presented as included in the introductory information.

These images are really for the informed reader with a basic understanding already in place that is looking to gain deeper comprehension by examining the entanglements and connections. To fill in the missing gaps, see the full statement transcripts linked at the bottom and use the search function from the Moonshine website or other.

Here are the images for your independent consumption.

The full McGreevey transcripts can be found HERE.



  1. Michael Buhagiar July 4, 2021

    Thanks for doing this PM. I read the transcript when Lin first released it, and this organises the material well and throws certain key elements into relief. Initially I had a small scruple of hesitancy because of the ‘Nick’ case in the UK in which a pathological fabulist caused a lot of harm for some very fine people who did not deserve it. However, this is different because it was Lin who interviewed him, and because of the detail and consistency of the testimony. Sidney Powell is fond of saying ‘God despises deceit.’ I pray that all of this may come out and that justice may be done.

  2. Paul July 4, 2021

    You have Mad Max as D-FL.

  3. Pap July 4, 2021

    Remember when comey testified to congress about hillary clintons server and email, believe it was in July of 2016.
    I think I remember him saying there is not judge alive that would take this case. Or something to that affect.

    That statement never made sense until I read this article. Justice Scalia’s death was 5 months earlier of that year.

  4. Rosemari niz July 7, 2021

    Justice Scalia was killed. I felt that in my guts the instant I heard of his passing.

  5. J Brown July 8, 2021

    Very interesting info-graphic. But I have ONE question. With all the people that Twitter banned, for views and opinions far less controversial than McGreevey’s, why was Johnheretohelp permitted to continue to post with no harassment or obstruction??

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