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What the Democrats, Deep State and China Do Much Better Than Us…And It’s Not Cheating but It Is Destructive – Patrick Bergy and The ShadowNet Case Study

There is a noticeable, palpable and ultimately destructive dynamic that has consistently plagued our cause and it deserves a dialogue and remedies and both of those are already long overdue. It’s something that is sown into our cause by outside hostiles at the same time it’s sown from within by infiltrators and those falling victim to basic and primal human psychology like ego, insecurity, territoriality and more. It’s something that stands as a plausible deal breaker to reinstalling our rightful President Trump and getting back the Republic. It’s something that has consequences we’re already living as a warm-up of unimaginably horrible things to come assuming we continue forward unmitigated.

It’s also something the Democrats, Deep State and China never do – fracture internally and within the ranks – rather preferring to default to what they do best and much better than us and it’s not cheating, but it is destructive. It’s marching in full lockstep.

Relative to this position, today we’ll examine the dynamics of ShadowNet – a story I’ve covered sparsely due to time and resource limitations – to better understand it all more fully. It will be our third example as preceded by two others – my own and another also enveloping Mr. Lin Wood like ShadowNet.


Let’s begin by pausing to understand why Patrick Bergy and ShadowNet are so important. ShadowNet can be regarded as a tool or an asset that can be deployed and leveraged to desired ends and it’s a direct overlay to the blueprint that Obama used (leveraging federalism) from 2009-2017 to set the stage for the what is now the present. ShadowNet is the creation of a contractor named Patrick Bergy and these are his words.

The ShadowNet program was massively expanded immediately after president Obama took office. It was an incredibly capable information operations project management tool capable of the same covert, social media psychological warfare the FBI just indicted 13 Russian’s for. So, I suppose the question that should be asked is do we only care if a foreign adversary is using it to influence our elections and other social issues? Or, do we agree anyone using such ethically questionable methods is a bad thing that jeopardized the integrity of our election process, which is the core of our nation’s democracy?

Patrick Bergy

It equates to ShadowNet being a tool used to help build what the architects outlined in the overthrow blueprints. Recently, I wrote ONE TWO articles revisiting those 2009-2017 Obama-era blueprints which manifest as the 2009 U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide (linked in article two.) This is a longstanding position for us.

Political Entanglements In and Out of Lockstep

Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Obama, Biden, Harris, Waters, et al – you know the list. If there is one thing for which I hold all of these people in high regard respective to their capabilities as an enemy, it is their utter commitment to march in full lockstep and perhaps even as far as to the gallows if this all boomerangs back on them. We’ll have to see about that.

Mitch McConnell and his Republican Party are pathetic shills in this regard. Mitch’s clan acquiesces to whomever whenever they feel inclined to and they do so while exploiting all that they can along the way; and often with slack in the leash or walking orders from Mitch.

Therein is the buried gold to understanding it all – the fallacy of the two-party system. There’s no such thing and in its stead is a two headed beast of the same rigged system; and rigged against the common American regardless of race, creed, color, religion, culture, sex, political affiliation or any other social justice identity group you wish to include. It’s why division is lethal to our cause and ones own ignorance of reality can lead to ones own demise.

While one head of the beast appears fully married to one side of the political spectrum, the other head is matched oppositely but in reality, this is merely for aesthetics. As we know, each of the two heads is in lockstep beneath the surface. The rest is kabuki theater and fodder for politicians to explain it all away to the constituents.

The two headed beast has the Democrats serving as the hard-line parent driving fully in the crazy direction of off the cliff and into the Third World canyon. Meanwhile the Republicans serve as the mealy-mouthed parent to explain it all away. Found in between and for anyone thinking these two parents aren’t working together is a foolish child.

The finer point here and drawing back on the use of “Us” in the title is that “Us” doesn’t include the Democratic or Republican Parties. People still believing such and regardless of party affiliation are unwittingly a part of the broader problem responsible for where we find ourselves today. Rather, “Us” is Americans who want to fight to continue being American and that is what’s on the line.

Those ladies above are in full lockstep just like the political class and elites doing all of this to us.

Failure to march in full lockstep in China will get you killed. Oddly enough and not coincidentally, dissimilar thoughts about the U.S. can lead to ones own demise as well. Just ask Chris Sign. Just ask Seth Rich. Just ask John McAfee. Just ask others.

Three Examples

My introduction to this destructive dynamic of internal fracturing within the ranks of the cause began on 01 Jan 2020 when I decided to open a Twitter account in the days after the 27 Dec 19 outbreak of COVID-19. It is our first example.

Example 1

Although I wouldn’t be able to validate the positions until the first infection and mortality data sets arrived in February/March, I immediately opened a Twitter account to begin sharing the work with a larger audience and on a platform with reach. It coincided with establishing Political Moonshine as it is today and the corresponding efforts to extend my work beyond a hobby and in the direction of more formal analysis and citizen journalism.

As a former fraud investigator with a disdain for social media (hadn’t had any accounts for years and still have no personal accounts outside of Moonshine) my only objective was to spread the word – COVID-19 appears fraudulent and Americans need to know this otherwise we’ll march to our own demise. In retrospect, look around you.

So, I posted and posted and mostly no one listened.

It’s a shame, too, because Revolver published an article yesterday entitled ‘Chinese Professor Reveals Plot in Shock Video: US Elites and China Have Teamed Up to Take Control Of America’ and from it, the two primary entities are obviously evident – China and ‘U.S. Elites.’ President Trump has branded the latter and we have adopted it as BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA & BIG MONEY. It includes the political class and I recently wrote ONE TWO articles on it. In light of all this, I sent a text message to the group in dialogue behind Moonshine including the link and stating that based upon the headline alone, we’ve had it right the entire time.

And yet no one listened. Plenty called me crazy but mostly no one listened.

Even today and in the face of an abundance of evidence supporting our positions and the experiences and losses people have endured since 27 Dec 19, listeners are easier to come by but about as difficult to convince of the full scope. It’s an exercise in futility and the American mind is generally a programmed and feeble one.

I tell you all of this for a simple and contextual backdrop point and it’s this. I arrived to Twitter with little to no experience or interest in social media and naively and ignorantly so.

You see, I had mistakenly assumed that posts and articles exclusively standing alone in thought and content would be welcomed by like-minded others touting themselves as selfless patriots committed only to the cause. How wrong I was. Twitter was a jungle and the users territorial, tribal and narcissistic.

Motivated by feedback from one of our three primary sources including the message to “keep going” because I seem to be the “only one who has figured it out,” two of the big-brained Twitter accounts in our Moonshine group were feeding me accounts to contact, which I did.

I reached out to countless big accounts with huge followings and mostly through direct messaging. Each message included backdrop details about our group, effort and work and would include a link to an article with the simple request of re-posting and sharing the work simply to spread the word.

Almost all of them never got back to me despite often sending a follow-up message.

One stole my work and began reading it on his podcast as his own. A reader let me know and he never bothered to reply to the multiple direct messages I sent him inquiring about it. Rather, he kept reading it all as his own. He’s since fallen out of sorts with @ToreSays and others and people are abandoning him as I type.

You likely know every one of the accounts about which I’m talking if you were active in our cause prior to the great Twitter purge, of which I was a victim and which caused me to shutter the account.

Scott Kesterson of Bards FM was an exception kind enough to throw-out an introduction for Moonshine work but that was essentially it, save one particular account that I hold in the highest of regards, but which has gone through multiple moratoriums on posting including a very, very long one currently. It’s @EntheosShines/@Entheos.

Of all the accounts I contacted – all of the “patriots” fighting for the cause – only Entheos engaged back to routinely post Moonshine article after article; sometimes on his own and other times after I had passed it along. Moreover, sometimes the article was in response to investigative requests from him. From all of this, a relationship developed and there exists a long history of direct message exchanges both solicited and unsolicited that were hugely beneficial in shaping our understanding of some particular details and providing vectors for further investigation.

Entheos stood alone. He was never wrong. He was always helpful. He always delivered. I owe Entheos (him/they) a debt of gratitude.

Most importantly, how does Entheos reflect back on all of those other accounts to provide an exemplar of the dynamic we’re discussing?

What about the dozens of other accounts? Were they just the victims of ego? Of insecurity? Of territoriality? Of being tribal? Or something else?

It’s a dog eat dog world and even for dogs of the same pack. While the dogs are busy repetitively pissing over the others’ marked territory, barking over the others’ barks and infighting for alpha status, they fail to realize that this is no way to get out of the pound; much less engage in a revolution; much less win one.

Perhaps for some of those dogs, that’s by design.

The bottom line is that no one is going to give a single shit about whom knew what when and told the story first whether that be from ones now mandated Mandarin class or from FEMA camp or from a grave or from whatever other un-American destination may come of this all.

Marxist, communist revolutionary overthrows consolidating power from behind a wall and amidst an extreme military presence; and replete with the subsequent targeting of political enemies with the full federal apparatus, typically don’t end very well for the losers; especially the leaders, the truth tellers, the vocal ones, etc. That includes all of these infighting dogs apparently oblivious to history.

Just ask the jailed “Capitol insurrectionists.” Just see Pelosi’s Capitol Police force now expanded to California and Florida.

Does anyone really believe that a revolution – and one being fought primarily in the realm of information warfare – can be won with division and internal fracturing within the ranks? And extending into leadership? And with ego, insecurity, territoriality or tribalism trumping the cause? And with anything other than a united front marching in lockstep?

That’s a fool’s game. That’s why when I see other and more substantive occurrences of this dynamic replicating across the landscape of our cause it registers concern for alarm. That’s why we’re here.

All of the above helps explain why I value and appreciate it so greatly when someone like Dr. John McGreevey, Lin Wood or Garrett Ziegler re-posts Moonshine articles like Entheos. The greatest importance in that is the validation of the work toward achieving the objective, which has been solely to spread the word.

In the last article, I explained why I value Mr. Wood’s opinions and thoughts so highly and they’re important to understand for several reasons. They form the basis for why I remain steadfastly by his side in all of this and it all draws back on my past professional experience relative to Mr. Wood’s impeccable record.

It’s Mr. Wood and Dr. McGreevey that also provide our second example of precisely what I’m asserting about our cause.

Example 2

The last Moonshine article outlined Dr. McGreevey’s statement as obtained by Lin Wood et al. That statement contains a delineation situating Matt Couch as a saboteur for an advisement (video) produced by McGreevey as a warning to President-elect Trump in 2016. McGreevey specifies how Couch acted solely for personal and selfish reasons over the cause and to the detriment of President Trump, whom did not receive the warning, and the nation as a whole.

How are we supposed to fight a revolution or win one with these tactics and divisions? Rhetorical question.

Example 3

Our third example also envelops Mr. Wood and is found in his public dispute with Patrick Bergy, bringing us back to ShadowNet in our introduction. This scenario matches Mr. Wood opposite of Bergy and aligned with Lt. General Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. It’s important to note that Powell, Flynn and Wood are rightfully regarded as established leadership in our cause.

The conflict that Bergy outlines is substantial.

Bergy minces no words in substantially weighty allegations against Powell, Flynn and Wood (emphasis mine),

I went to DC shortly after the November 3rd election to provide my sworn affidavit on election interference. For over 2 months I watched is (“in” – sic) dismay as hundreds of MIC contractors picked the bones of Trumps presidency like vultures with fresh carrion. Multi-million dollar contracts were being used to investigate election tampering by the same people President Trump was trying to eliminate – the Military Industrial Complex. What could possibly have gone wrong with that plan? LoL

I attended numerous meetings with Patrick Byrne, co-founder of, met with Joe Flynn, investigators working for Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and many others at the “tip of the election scandal spear”.

It didn’t take long for me to see that my affidavit, although verified by these same people, was being covered-up. When I asked Patrick Byrne directly to his face to “tell me straight, is my affidavit going to President Trump with the rest of the whistle-blowers affidavit’s,” Patrick was at least honest with me and said, “no.” He told me it was briefed to Flynn and his team and everyone freaked out (I’m paraphrasing) and his impression to me was that it was going to be used for something later.

Smelling bullshit (not from Patrick, I liked him. He was actually honest, but Flynn, Powell, Lin… not so much) I moved out of the room I was being provided by Patrick Byrne and reached out to my supporters to help me cover my own expenses so I would be subject to their BS. You will see that stated as such in my e-mail to Sidney Powell and Lin Wood following the Ali Akbar staged PSYOP event (see video and affidavit I posted at that same time below Powell email).

I gave Sidney Powell the opportunity for herself and Lin Wood to explain why my affidavit exposing Obama/Biden’s ShadowNet, which was HEAVILY VETTED & VERIFIED by multiple teams of investigators, was covered-up and they chose not to answer. After seeing reports of Gen. Flynn’s brother being in the room when the request for help to the National Guard was rejected, I’m now even more concerned that my affidavit was covered-up because they had another plan of their own on January 6th involving the attack on the capital.

To my knowledge, and I have a lot of evidence to support this from my meeting with Mayor Guiliani, whom it was clearly also kept from, my affidavit was kept from President Trump by Flynn, Powell and Wood. I’m seeing that a lot of things that could have proven President Biden rigged and stole the election was kept from President Trump, which I believe was not only criminal, it was potentially part of a sedicious (sic) conspirary (sic) and likely illegal. It is because of this I’ll be taking this email, my affidavit and other evidence to the FBI investigating the January 6th attacks. 

This evidence will exonerate President Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial, and I fully intend to have it included into the record. It is my hope that Mayor Guliani will help me to expose this in his testimony as well. If not, then I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Thus far he’s been straight with me. This must be heard if we are ever going to get a handle on such treasonous attacks in the future. I’d also argue there may have been more involved with the election investigation than just counting the votes; stealing the voter data acquired by court orders is just one of many possible things we need to investigate. They were up to something, and none of it to me looks good. We need to find out what. 

Whatever their intentions, these people were lying to me, you and all American’s for a very long time and jeopardizing our national security in the process. I believe had my affidavit been given to President Trump as required by law, much of what happened on January 6th, if not all, would have been avoided. That includes the current impeachment of President Trump that’s based on the pre-planned attack on our nations capital by many of the same people that were attacking me, covering up my affidavit and the social media influence operation that lead to the attack – many of whom were literally former PSYOP colleagues of mine that are still active in the military.

Patrick Bergy

Bergy knows exactly what he’s saying and we agree completely in his comments below. What needs parsing-out, though, is determining which side of the line on which he falls as demonstrated by timing and his actions – not his words.

If Bergy were so concerned about advising the President on a particular timeline, why did he wait until after 03 Nov 20 to approach the President relative to his intelligence when he began working on ShadowNet in 2007?

Why didn’t he approach President Trump early like then NSA Director Mike Adams did on 17 Nov 16?

Do these look like the words of a dedicated and selfless patriot serving the cause or do they look like sown narrative being established by an operator?

I don’t know too many fighters who win by just standing by and watching and no matter how futile the fight may appear.

Another way for Bergy to have said it is, “I have information to help you stop the crime that was already committed.” That approach does no good. This is nonsensical and erodes at Bergy’s credibility.

Admiral Mike Rogers entered service as the NSA director on 03 Apr 14 and served until 04 May 18 thus transiting two administrations in this capacity – Obama to Trump. Bergy is throwing the NSA under the bus and for good cause – more on that momentarily.

Rogers, though, and unlike Bergy, went to Trump early as noted. Why did Bergy wait until after the fact? What motivations lie behind that? What ulterior agenda lies behind that if there is one and I think there may be – more momentarily.

Examining the status quo and dragging the FBI into it, remember what Bergy said, “…I’ll be taking this email, my affidavit and other evidence to the FBI investigating the January 6th attacks.”  The Bureau has exercised selective enforcement of the law and the DOJ selective prosecutorial discretion; and all relative to the Capitol “insurrection” event.

This moves Bergy into the camp of a questionable FBI under questionable (compromised?) leadership both at the FBI and in the DOJ (Director Christopher Wray and AG Merrick Garland, respectively.)

Currently, the FBI’s investigation appears as a cover-up operation to serve the primary cover operation being orchestrated by Pelosi, who is calling for a full House commission to investigate 06 Jan 21. This is the cover mechanism unfolding for us to view in real time. You can add it to the image above.

How does this reflect on Bergy’s credibility, reliability, agenda and motivation relative to his assertions and relative to the claims against Powell, Flynn and Wood when he attacks them for something he waited four years to deliver and then yanked it back and took it to this particular FBI? It looks absolutely horrendous.

Bergy is the one throwing people under the bus but then he pivots to the federal law enforcement agency with a clearly demonstrated bias against the cause or anyone aligned with it. For the FBI, this is especially true in light of last summer’s rioting, looting, burning, beating and murdering. Where are those arrests and prosecutions?

In my analysis, it appears as if Bergy is a controlled operator; perhaps an infiltrator. This makes Bergy’s allegations and the circle-back to the FBI highly questionable; especially when one acknowledges that investigations are either opened to reveal and prosecute -or- to conceal and seal away.

Bergy is pivoting to the FBI to conceal information and evidence while hanging it on Powell, Flynn and Wood. If you look at what I’m outlining here, it rings hollow. Very hollow.

Through an informed lens, it really appears as if Bergy constructively attacked and then pivoted to the FBI for cover and concealment.

Where is this evidence of which Bergy speaks? How can Bergy evidence whether or not President Trump viewed his affidavit or was briefed on it when he wasn’t privy to any of those meetings? He’s hanging his hat on something for which there is no evidence unless President Trump decides to release it. This isn’t by accident. It’s by design.

Why hasn’t Bergy provided his evidence publicly like Mr. Wood has done with the statement of Dr. McGreevey? Bergy’s motivations and principal[s] lend toward answering that question.

How does Bergy know that Trump wasn’t briefed on his affidavit and in some capacity perhaps relative to an ongoing operation and whereby the contents of the affidavit placed that operation in some form of jeopardy? That’s what I gathered from his statement above regarding Flynn and in this case, Powell, Flynn and Wood remain Trump’s firewall.

What Bergy was likely doing for reasons not entirely known but also not hard to conjure up was creating a scenario that placed President Trump into conflict by causing pressure on Trump to defend himself with classified information of strategic value.

So, was Bergy maneuvering on a constructive element with strategic value? That’s one explanation and it’s a good one with his FBI alignment.

Recalling Bergy’s claims, consider what it looks like if Bergy knows that his affidavit reached President Trump and then the Capitol “insurrection” event still unfolds? One would have to presume that Trump et al had foreknowledge of the 06 Jan 21 event and permitted it to happen, which is exactly what I’ve been outlining according to evidence and analysis. One would also presume that Bergy also knows this. For clarity, my analysis situated this scenario as occurring prior to Inauguration Day and I got that timing very wrong.

Does Mr. Wood strike you as a reluctant legal advisor who skirts the edges and takes loosely his onus and responsibilities? Have you read the transcripts he took from Dr. Johnathan McGreevey? Does he seem timid of heavy-hitting intelligence? Does he appear reluctant to embark on matters that equate to career suicide? Is it such that the reticence on the end of Powell, Flynn and Wood wasn’t necessarily the message but rather the messenger? Those are all rhetorical questions.

Meanwhile, in this article we’ve generated a long list of direct, appropriate and legitimate questions for Bergy.

If the President were briefed but wished to keep that confidential, Powell, Flynn and Wood remain the firewall and naturally draw Bergy’s scrutiny, which they clearly did. Whether Trump knew or didn’t know or was briefed or wasn’t briefed and beyond anecdotal or circumstantial evidence that may or may not encompass Rudy Giulaini, how does Bergy evidence this and where is that evidence?

Clearly, Bergy holds our attention because he is the contractor who secured a 2007 U.S. DoD contract for $240,000 to spend one year in Iraq building what would become ShadowNet.

In all of this, the parties are draw into conflict – Bergy, as someone who is material to the matters at hand, is in conflict with Powell and Flynn, who are both material and additionally leadership; and Wood, who is leadership. It represents internal fracturing within the ranks and leadership of our cause and it deserves a dialogue and remedies that result in exposing the truth in it all.

We’ll close with a cursory examination of the gravity behind a primary Bergy claim – the nature of the public-private interface relative to ShadowNet, Dynology Corporation, ClearForce, Twitter, Facebook and former General James Jones. This is depicted in the Bergy tweet above and can be further consumed and understood independently.

Our focus is on Jones and it is critically important to remember that he ties directly back to old reporting from June of 2020.

Former General James Jones is front and center and standing right along side former General Mattis in this treasonous military cohort. Bergy’s claims about Jones are meritorious and should be scrutinized and investigated fully as the evidence supports our cause.

Bergy; however, is also the source of the conflict here and in ways antithetical to how others within the ranks and leadership of our cause have functioned. That should also be scrutinized and investigated fully.

Somewhere in between the full truth lies and my nickel is on the side of Sidney Powell, Lt. General Michael Flynn and most certainly, Lin Wood.


A multitude of very serious and weighty matters are coming due. They are ones that will be immensely impactful to the nation and in the most significant ways beginning with the anticipated results of the Maricopa County forensic audit.

Once these developments begin breaking, devastated Americans will come to learn what was done to them and by whom and they will turn to the leadership of our cause. Once they do; once they look leadership squarely in the eye, they can’t see internal fracturing there and down through the ranks.

Ideally, someone needs to come forward and shine the light of truth on the full scope of what is outlined here so that it works for us; not against us.

Anyone thinking that an internally fractured revolutionary cause marching out of lockstep can be successful in its endeavor is a fool playing a fool’s game.



  1. singularzoe July 8, 2021

    Thank you for this article. I respect you a lot, but I’m afraid I’m not intelligent enough to unravel it all. Hall of mirrors or something. I look forward to your future writings.

  2. EJS July 8, 2021

    Five years in the fog of war have left a lot of us shell shocked, dazed and confused or downright black pilled. All over our side there is nothing but bickering and infighting. The Cates brothers and the crew at quodverum are now calling Lin Wood a grifter, shill, intentional saboteur to the MAGA movement. Conservative Treehouse and Revolver News seem to have a beef. The MSM is attaching everyone and everything to the “Qanon conspiracy”. I’ve had some questions about the legitimacy of PFC Bergy and the Tore Says crew? Be carful who you follow? Seems like no one has been right about what is going on or going down. I just have an ominous feeling things are going to get a lot worse.

    I’ve been following your work going all the way back to the statecraft days. Thank you for what you do, it is appreciated.

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