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Revisiting Obama’s Application of U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine: A Closer Look at the Guide

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide 2009-2017 and with the understanding that it’s imperative to read the first article for appropriate contextual backdrop. That article recapitulates an older established position featured in an April 2020 article I wrote and then reinforces those positions with evidence from a more recent item sourced from Zero Hedge and cited to We Meant Well. That brief article itself is worthy of full consumption; especially given the granular supporting details I omitted from it to save space and time.

The article examines how a newly inaugurated and first-term President Barack Obama entered office in January 2009 and immediately began to apply and map-over the U.S. (and its people) its own counterinsurgency doctrine that was perfected overseas in decades worth of CIA operations conducted to dictate “election” outcomes in other nations.


A quick sidebar on federalism because federalism functions both as a mechanism and a network in this broader generational continuum. Look at it as layered one over the other: U.S. populace, application of federalism, elected representatives and officials in federal government.

The purveyors of fraud and treason atop the federal apparatus network down through the natural nexuses that intimately and intricately connect the federal apparatus to states, counties and localities. Therein the network of friendlies, which is accomplished by infiltrating as far and wide as possible the local levels of the network and moving upward where it manifests in mostly blue states. That network permits the natural interface for legislation and law; including the issuance of federal CDC guidelines, to flow through it and whereby decisions start with state governors. This is the essence of federalism and it was co-opted and leveraged back against us.

Federalism is precisely how the entire U.S. can be (was) overthrown – by co-opting only a handful of states. It’s why states have appeared and functioned differently and uniquely all throughout the fraudulent pandemic. It’s a full, precise and exact explanation for how you can steal an entire 2020 election by co-opting a relative handful of precincts.

The layer in between – federalism – which provided the network and the legal bridge for federal authority to bear down locally in light of acquiescing governors – was interfaced with the doctrines of U.S. counterinsurgency. Therein those counterinsurgency principals and tactics were applied to the populace through this network. The are other interfaces that will also be noted below.

Here are the maps of which states are playing ball and again, note the redundant overlaps in locations through different times and contexts.


Let’s take a closer look at the actual U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide 2009-2017 by honing in on the actual document.

We’ll start begin with the author of the Preface, Eliot A. Cohen. Here’s what we know about Cohen.

We have an established common thread in Johns Hopkins University as much as there is a common time marker relative to personnel and comporting on a rough January 2009 timeline; otherwise extending to President Barack Obama’s 1st term.

Cohen threads through Condoleeza Rice, the Department of State and Harvard University, which is another redundant overlap. He entered State in 2007 and exited with George W. Bush in 2009. A long-tenured D.C. swamp inhabitant with a diverse professional background in all of the right areas, Cohen in 2019 was named Dean of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins. This comports on the COVID-19 construct timeline and rests firmly on another critical element in all of this – the public-private interface, which often take the from of NGOs, which we have discussed countless times.

More specifically and resting on the public-private interface, consider how Cohen’s appointment as noted above might be beneficial to the very same Johns Hopkins that was conducting a trial run; a litmus test; a kick of the tires; a shaking out of the bugs; for a viral pandemic scenario as occurring right before the “pandemic” and it was called Event 201. It took place in October 2019 some two months before the first MSM report of a viral outbreak in Wuhan China on 27 Dec 19.

Might Cohen serve well in a Johns Hopkins capacity; especially since he wrote the forward for the guide containing the doctrine upon which the entire Event 201 exercise rests and will ultimately function when set upon the U.S. and the rest of the world? Maybe? Asking for a friend.

The same entities – Johns Hopkins, here – and time markers keep coalescing and repeating over and over and over and over. Is it due to coincidence and circumstance or is it a reflection of the nebulous network of RICO statute violators committing the greatest fraud and treason we could have imagined? Rhetorical question; it’s the latter and all of the evidences supports it.

Is it surprising that at Johns Hopkins it’s the BLOOMBERG SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH? The same Michael Bloomberg threading right through all of this and right to rotten to the very rotten core? Starting to see how none of this can be accidental, coincidental or circumstance and that conspiracy is exactly what it isn’t?

The forward is short and revealing so it’s reproduced in full.

Here is a list of extracts from Cohen’s Preface. Ask yourself if these sound familiar with the status quo as I have already explained it and as it has manifested around you. I’ve also added relevant commentary to explain the particulars.

Remember, federalism bears down as both the network and the mechanism to make all of this happen.

  • Prolonged counterinsurgency campaigns: Perfected in the Middle East and elsewhere this doctrine was applied to leverage federalism as the mechanism for overthrow
  • Supported friendly governments facing internal subversion: Translates to engaging with local, county and state entities of a like mind
  • Best contemporary thought, historical knowledge and hard-won practice: Obama co-opted the U.S.’ best work to ensure reliability in leveraging back against us be the circumstance demand it – do or die as per the rule of law (assuming it is eventually enforced)
  • Best kind of doctrinal work: (see above)
  • Irregular warfare that is varied: Talk to people young and old and ask them to recall a time like the present and they can’t hence the effectiveness of irregular warfare including propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, asymmetrical approaches, infiltration, subversion, insurgency, counterinsurgency and more – all designed to bring about a fog devised to enshroud truth and reality
  • Intellectual framework coherent enough to provide guidance: Consider how the infiltration at the university level impacts everything right down to the local school board level and then consider other similar interfaces throughout the entirety of the “friendlies” network as described above
  • Adaptable to circumstances: Consider how a cohort of good “un-rigged” the 2016 election permitting President Trump to legitimately win and how that overarching construct resting on a generational timeline was augmented and revised to adapt to the status quo, which caused an acceleration in the COVID construct as a mechanism to deliver the election, remove Trump and return to operations now on an expedited timeline so as to recapture all that was lost over the previous four years
  • Demand on bureaucracies working together: This is what the Deep State and Democrats do best; co-opt bureaucracies to conduct fraud in execution of their corruption and crimes
  • Allies and NGOs: As noted here and often, the public-private interface is the primary portal for bad actors to bear down on citizen populations to deliver state-sponsored edicts and the non-governmental organization is often the shell entity permitting it
  • Interface of State, Defense, US Agency for International Development: This is redundant co-opting of necessary and beneficial entities within the federal apparatus and otherwise
  • Superior knowledge in the “human terrain”: Everything we’ve seen from the fraudulent pandemic construct to the propagation of its fraudulent data to the fraudulent and stolen election has been the application and execution of psychological warfare doctrine and tactics as perfected within the context of counterinsurgency
  • Using field innovations to knit together lines (to the top): This translates to the ground-up networking approach rooted in infiltration and beginning locally
  • Emphasis on policy as a mechanism: Consider that leveraging the federal bureaucracy to leverage policy means compromising policymakers and one example of many is the Swalwell/HPSCI/Chinese spy scenario
  • Remarkable field innovations: Insurance by using the best tried and true methodologies
  • PRTs bringing together civilian and military personnel: This translates to bringing together local, county and state entities with federal entities by leveraging federalism
  • Insurgency as growing security challenge: This is indicative of the weaknesses identified that were eventually positioned for exploitation towards the objective
  • Weak state structures: This translates to infiltration efforts that delivered acquiescing governors relative to COVID-19, the riots and the stolen election
  • Demographic pressures: This includes “white nationalism” and “systemic racism” campaigns and the series of riots 2020-2021
  • Environmental pressures: This includes last summer’s fires and the relentless false “climate change narrative”
  • Economic pressures: Consider all of the economic devastation delivered by COVID-19
  • Ease of cooperation between insurgent groups and criminals: This translates to the existing and emerging networks for Antifa, BLM and relevant others
  • Appearance of destructive ideologies: This includes projecting Nazism onto Trump supporters, the false “systemic racism” narrative, the false “white nationalism,” narrative, the false “white males” narrative, the false “gun violence” narrative and all of the false flag shootings that go with it and more

Cohen tells us, “This guide provides that.”


Now look around you and consider everything I’ve tediously, ardently, meticulously and copiously outlined here and in hundreds of articles and videos and thousands of social media posts. Consider whether or not the status quo can be explained fully and accurately any other way.

It can’t. Not for my nickel and furthermore and to the contrary, I can prove it in the other direction.

The truth rests on evidence. The truth is the truth and it stands alone and the truth is that beginning in January 2009, President Obama began to apply the U.S. Counterinsurgency doctrine against the nation and its people.

It eventually led to a stolen election and the installation of a Chinese proxy in Joe Biden and here we are.



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