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BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA, BIG MONEY: Full Circle to the D.C. Swamp Part II – Political Contributions by BlackRock and Vanguard

As of late, the writing at Moonshine has taken the form of recapitulating old positions in light of new evidence to present a broader and more comprehensive understanding to the complex, intricate, nebulous, vast, deep, wide and treasonous effort by a Globalist cabal determined to undo the United States in favor of “building it back better” by refashioning her into a socialist, Marxist and communist hell hole. Early on in all of it and back in late 2019/early 2020 I advised that our emerging catalog of developing work would age like fine wine and I stated this as others were still trying to parse it all out as if the “pandemic” were anything but entirely fraudulent. My statement about fine wine holds truer now than it did then.

In a substantially heavy lift yesterday (about 18 hours worth diagramming and writing in basically one sitting), we accomplished several substantial objectives: 1) In a complete review of existing work and presenting 29 cataloged articles in the backdrop of it, I mapped-out the entities and individuals we’ve identified from all of the relevant vectors and how they are enmeshed together, 2) We re-established President Trump’s 3 primary markers on the generational political continuum (BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA & BIG MONEY), 3) We threaded that effort through from China and its One Belt, One Road doctrine to the end point in private equity with BlackRock and Vanguard Group, 4) We bridged to work from Dr. Joseph Mercola at The Defender relative to BIG PHARMA and BIG MEDIA and 5) we focused on the circular flow of money that is normally inherent in fraudulent constructs.

The discovery of the newer Mercola article during research allowed me to shift the focus of that article as I wrote it and in so doing, I sarcastically left open the question about our likely circular flow of money; and remembering that it would most likely occurr within the energy sector, as established. I closed that piece with three endings and here are two,

Or, perhaps this is the best one and as I said before, hell, we’re talking BIG PHARMA and BIG MEDIA under the same precarious-to-find ownership by BIG MONEY and BIG MEDIA is driving the company message or shall we say, force-feeding Kool-Aid elixir to the people. Now, pick up that heaping pile of shit and thrown it squarely into the middle of the D.C. swamp.

Is it even worth looking at the original intent here? Remember what it was? Determining whether there is a circular flow of money relative to campaign donations from BIG PHARMA. 

What do you think? 

Oh yeah, Bill Barr is worth $40-$74 million. 

And Wray? $23-$40 million circa 2017. 

You tell me.

The answer is yes – it’s DEFINITELY worth examining so let’s get to it. As we do, remember that our premise is absolute control of all relevant vectors by ownership via private equity and atop all of it and including BIG PHARMA – our focus today – is BlackRock and Vanguard.

Moving forward, it’s important to recall a presumed fact relative to the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and it’s as simple as saying that a cohort of good forces and likely including military ones “un-rigged” the 2016 election to deliver a legitimate win in an outlier president in Trump. That one aspect is explanatory for so many anomalies that many can’t seem to get right and it’s because they’re working with the wrong details.

Acknowledging that the 2016 election rests on a generational political continuum devised to infiltrate and overthrow the U.S. government for the Globalist cabal, we establish that forces working to this extent fully expected Clinton to give a victory speech on election night and when she couldn’t, they were entirely caught-out – ENTIRELY caught out. This short Ben Rhodes video is the absolute best descriptor to understand this critical dynamic.

So what does this dynamic tell us? It tell us that “the swamp” expected, knew and planned for a Clinton victory because that’s how it was predetermined. It also tells us that when things are predetermined in a place like D.C., the evidence of the money will either confirm or deny it. So we follow the money and in this case, we start by examining campaign contributions for 2016.

By industry, BIG PHARMA is outside of the top five contributors but it matters not relative to the private equity ownership of BIG PHARMA and that’s where BlackRock and Vanguard bear down with full might.

Immediately we latch onto private equity (“Securities & Investments”), law firms and of course, energy (“Oil and Gas”). In particular, remember that I have established ENERGY as the conduit to move money and the Biden crime family brokered one private equity deal in energy after another. These core components to all things are intricately delineated in our primary diagram above.

From the same source, consider that in 2016,

Who did those donors expect to win? Clinton or Trump?

More specific to BIG PHARMA and as sourced from CNN, you tell me – which one of these BIG PHARMA recipients appears to be the outlier and which one appears to be the predetermined winner?

Understand an important underpinning element here and it’s one we’ve detailed before. Prior to the 2016 election, Clinton was pushing a prescription drug plan antithetical to the financial interests of BIG PHARMA and specifically, it sought to force lower prescription drug prices by means of legislation.

Factor that into the equation as you examine the contributions by candidate above. Who do you think BIG PHARMA expected (knew) would win?

From the article (emphasis mine),

Their biggest recipient? Clinton. She collected $336,416 in donations, over a third of the total contributions during the 2016 presidential campaign. The next biggest recipient was Republican candidate Jeb Bush, who collected less than half the amount of Clinton. Trump received the least in donations: $1,010, enough to buy one Daraprim pill.

To the fraud investigator, this manifests as an expression of intent.

If we consider health care on a broader scope and inclusive of BIG PHARMA, it pushes “healthcare” into the top 3 donors.

That’s important for what you see outlined here. I established early on that a series of diagnostic memos issued by the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) to medical providers writ large baked into the construct financial incentives for medical providers to diagnose COVID-19 over the underlying co-morbidities actually responsible for patients’ illnesses.

How or why is that important? It provides a robust system of fraudulent financial rewards to incentivize desired diagnoses in order to generate the needed data drivers for the fraudulent pandemic. Or, in other words, the NIAID/Collins/NIH/Fauci/NVSS cohort – the cohort that controls FUNDING – was literally paying doctors in federal dollars to deliver the data by means of the diagnosis.

From, consider these election cycle data points for 2016, 2018 and 2020. We’ll begin with an overview.


Immediately we draw a distinction between 2020 and the other years as 2020 stands-out as anomalous for its exponential increase in contributions relative to 2016 and 2018.

I don’t believe in coincidences just like I didn’t when Obama de-funded the CDC at the same time he increased funding to the WHO prior to leaving office and as comporting with the 2017 timeline we kick like a dead horse (and for good reason) and specifically the date Obama inserted the fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic construct into the Trump administration during compulsory transition meetings on 13 Jan 17. Like I said, I don’t believe in coincidences.

We also note that this is NOT a partisan issue rather, it’s an American issue as the culpability in all of it is reflected in the flow of money and electoral expectations appear to shape how that money flows.

Grabbing onto 2008 as comporting with Obama’s 2009 inauguration, we see a rough 50/50 split right up to 2020 and the 27 Dec 19 first report of the COVID-19 outbreak in the MSM. Notably in 2020, the rough 50/50 split shifts heavily in favor of the Democrats 62/38. Dead horse – I don’t believe in coincidences in as as much as money talks and bullshit walks.

Another notable data point is that BIG PHARMA ramped up contributions in 2016 to an unprecedented high of $64.9mm, then tapped the brakes in 2018 dropping to $44.6mm only to explode to a new all time high in 2020 of $89.6mm after the “unrigged” Trump victory. Following these contributions, the 2020 election was stolen and in a spate of treason, Trump was removed from office illegitimately. Dead horse; no coincidences.

We have one more overview data point to delineate and it is substantial and significant and it rests on another Moonshine position that underpins everything – the generational continuum or timeline. On that continuum, we situate the events of 9/11 and the subsequent “Patriot Act” as a sequential step that would lead to the COVID-19 “fake pandemic” construct. So, let’s see if the money evidences our position because it always does.

Between 1990-1998, BIG PHARMA contributions ranged from a relatively paltry $1.8mm to a more substantial $9.6mm. On the lead-up to 11 Sep 01 during the 2000 election cycle, we note a substantial increase from $8.7mm in 1998 to $19.1mm in 2000.

The 2000-2001 time frame sets a new benchmark for BIG PHARMA contributions as double digits become the norm increasing to $22.4mm in 2002. Dead horse; no coincidences.

The flow of the money supports the assertion(s.)

Are those increases accidental or enmeshed in the generational continuum I’ve worked so diligently to establish? Rhetorical question. It can’t be any other way in light of the full body of evidence we’ve established.

Let’s take a closer look at the election cycle contributions year over year.





With BlackRock and Vanguard Group central to all things here, they represent the bridge to private equity at the same time they serve as the holders of the corporations making contributions to U.S. political campaigns. BlackRock and Vanguard sit atop BIG MONEY and BIG MONEY owns BIG MEDIA and BIG TECH and they’re funding the politicians to deliver on established plans.

With that in mind, let’s dial down on the 20 top BIG PHARMA contributors in the stolen 2020 election and see if the positions align (with emphasis on vaccine manufacturers).

D.E. Shaw Research: private
Pulse Biosciences: owned by BlackRock (1), Vanguard (2)
Pfizer Inc.: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
Masimo Corp.: owned by BlackRock (1), Vanguard (2)
Alexion Pharmaceuticals: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
Roche Holdings: Roche Holding AG (ROG.SW) is owned by Vanguard (1, 2)
Amgen Inc.: owned by BlackRock (1), Vanguard (2)
Johnson & Johnson: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
AbbVie Inc.: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
Abbott Laboratories: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
Merck & Co.: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
Starkey Hearing Technologies: private
Eli Lilly & Co.: owned by Vanguard (2), BlackRock (3)
Medtronic Inc.: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
Synchrogenix: private
Bristol-Meyers Squibb: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
AmeriSource Bergen Corp.: owned by Vanguard (1), BlackRock (2)
Vital Pharmaceuticals: private
Novartis AG: owned by Vanguard (2, 5, 9, 10) [mutual funds]
AstraZeneca PLC: owned by Vanguard (1, 3, 6, 7) [mutual funds]

We began today’s endeavor by picking up where we left off yesterday – with BlackRock and Vanguard Group sitting atop private equity and having a spoon in about every single pot and especially so relative to BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA and BIG MONEY and as we know, they come to represent BIG MONEY on its face.

Today we delineated the financial and statistical anomalies relative to campaign contributions collectively and year over year and in light of yesterday’s work, what did we learn?

We learned that the same BIG MONEY forces – BlackRock and Vanguard – that drawn down, own and fund about everything were essentially the exclusive BIG PHARMA donors to the COVID-19 pandemic, the stolen 2020 election and all of the corrupt, criminal, seditious and treasonous politicians responsible for the ills that plague this once great and proud constitutional republic that now more closely resembles the shit hole banana republic they desire.

All of this – Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment 1.0, COVID-19, the stolen 2020 election, the Capitol “insurrection” event and impeachment 2.0 – ultimately draws down on BlackRock and Vanguard Group and relative to that, don’t forget what I’ve reminded folks of times over and as revisited again yesterday where Mercola put it in his words,

The regulations in private equity make investigating it difficult and by most accounts, these corrupt politicians have their personal attorneys and financial advisors obscuring their investments in blind trusts. Still though and in the always persistent mode of identifying verifiable fraud with the circular flow of money, the next endeavor is identifying which politicians have holdings in BlackRock and Vanguard.

Regardless, about everything we’ve seen from these miscreants including our list of Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment 1.0, COVID-19, the stolen 2020 election, the Capitol “insurrection” event and impeachment 2.0 is patently and abjectly demonstrable as FRAUD as much as it is sedition and treason and it all appears to have been funded by BlackRock and Vanguard.

I’ll leave you with this as Mercola so astutely indicated in his article,

The point being, if I’m wrong about all of this, then why did BlackRock and Vanguard see to it that that defining ownership would be nearly impossible? It’s because the entire system is fraudulent and rigged for them to accomplish stated nefarious objectives.

Can anyone prove that it isn’t?



  1. Michael Buhagiar July 2, 2021

    Dr. Jane Ruby has been making a lot of noise on Stew Peters and Infowars about the airlines’ heavy-handed approach to enforcing vaccinations for pilots and cabin crew. So the question is, who owns the airlines? What threads are there to be untangled? I give Dr. Ruby a lot of credence – she’s a medical doctor and published researcher, an excellent critical thinker (like Political Moonshine) who knows how to evaluate evidence and interpret research.

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