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Surfside Condo Collapse Threads Directly to China, the CCP and The Swamp

Understand that we’re picking-up in the middle of the biggest global conspiracy in history – the generational political overthrow continuum with 9/11 and COVID-19 situated on it as sequential steps. As I have explained before, it’s akin to this,

There are four ways to pick-up a rope: at one end, at the other end, somewhere in the middle or as coiled up causing one to hold multiple sections at once and with neither end in hand. With the two former, there is but one direction to go – opposite of the end being held. If holding it by a section somewhere in between, you may go in either direction or both. In the latter instance you’re holding multiple sections of the rope and with neither end is in hand and often times, not even in sight (and all of the segments in hand are not contiguous to one another). Conducting investigations is like the last analog; especially given the nature of our subject.

Today’s coiled rope has us seeing with vision as clear as mud and with the task of coming to understand how the Surfside Champlain South Tower collapse threads directly through to China and the CCP. Your vision will become crystal clear shortly so bear with me.

The work lead me to ask whether this plagued building with documented structural integrity concerns dating back to the 1990s was hand selected to fall at a precise and needed time; and whether there may be a line of connections and nexuses from one end of our rope to the other and thus supportive such a notion.

I’m writing this article because I found exactly that.

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll likely agree with me in that with a modicum of understanding about basic Chinese doctrine and the CCP’s tactics, there are no coincidences.

You’ll also come to understand how there is no other rational explanation comporting with sinking buildings and the universal laws of physics than Surfside being controlled demolition (CD). I’ve spent a couple of decades studying CD post-9/11 and it took all of about 3 seconds to sniff out this constructed event and begin piecing evidence together.

We’ll start with this short video below outlining my initial thoughts and observations.

From there, we’re going to do what we always do – place ourselves at the hub of the wheel and start running down the spokes. Today’s spokes end in Washington D.C., China and the CCP.

We’ll also envelop energy, private equity, investment banking, real estate, BIG PHARMA, public-private partnerships, voting software, COVID-19 social distancing software, government lobbying, and the public-private interface. Each of those has been enmeshed throughout all of our work and importantly, public-private partnerships, private equity, energy and BIG PHARMA are core, fundamental positions in all of our work.

Here is the video from yesterday saving us writing and reading:

From the video, I believe there is more to the newly elected “old” Surfside mayor (previously served as Mayor) in Charles Burkett and initial work supports that, but were limited by time and space and there’s better fruit to pluck. We’ll revisit Burkett soon.

This justifies further scrutiny of Burkett and it supports our assertion of CD at Surfside,

“If a building had serious problems, we would certainly know about it,” she said.

According to Surfside Town Commissioner Eliana Salzhauer, “This was not an act of God. This was not a natural disaster. Buildings don’t just fall.”

Further fuel on the fire was found in this statement from Matthys Levy, a consulting engineer, professor at Columbia University and author of “Why Buildings Fall Down: How Structures Fail.,” (emphasis mine),

“The fact that one part of it is still standing is important. The portion that collapsed might have been tipping compared to the other portion, which may not have been sinking as fast. So you have an unequal situation, and in between, things begin to crack and tilt,” Levy said.

“There has to be some trigger that occurs. If you have two parts of a building and one part is well-founded and doesn’t move that much and the other is not, then between the two, you get movement. That can cause distortion in the floor slabs. They can begin to crack; suddenly, you get cracking, breaking and fracturing,” he said.

That leads to what’s known as progressive collapse, when one part fails, then another and another until the entire structure fails. That is what happened to the World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks, he said.

Buildings are not super strong; they’re not built to sustain an unusual event like this,” he said.

“If one part of the building fails, it drags the rest with it,” he said. “It just continues, you can’t stop. There’s nothing there to stop it, there’s no strong elements to hold it back. It’s a cascade.”

They’re ripping another page out of the old playbook, no? Buildings aren’t “super strong?”

Early phase construction at the WTC, NYC

Two things stand in the way of the 9/11 progressive collapse explanation: the universal laws of physics and the structural redundancy engineered into modern concrete, steel and glass structures. The best explanation in the form of a 2-dimensional analog that I’ve ever heard was from a structural engineer who said that the 9/11-plane dynamic is akin to a pencil piercing a screen (2-dimensional.) In no way would the screen be structurally compromised and in order for collapse to occur, deliberate actions must be taken to overcome engineered redundancy.

There is a reason that the aftermath of Surfside resembles the aftermath of 9/11.

Surfside bears the hallmarks of CD because modern structures don’t fall down into their own footprints and entirely eliminate collateral damage unless they are deliberately made to do so and by design and by overcoming engineered redundancy in strength. Ergo evidence should exist to satisfy the elements of a crime: criminal act, criminal intent, concurrence, causation, harm, and attendant circumstances. Let’s yank the thread.

After latching onto Mayor Burkett (fodder for future discussion), I latched onto the attorney representing the Home Owners Association in the management of Champlain Towers. He is Kenneth Director of Becker & Poliakoff.

This is Becker & Poliakoff,

Our first data point identifies a broader and foundational element upon which to rest our assertions. It also serves to demonstrate needed ties that make our assertions work while also linking seemingly unrelated components.

They are Becker’s areas of practice. Specifically, it’s Business (private equity tie), Community Association (Surfside tie), Construction Law & Litigation (Surfside tie), Corporate (private equity tie), Government Law & Lobbying (D.C. tie), Public-Private Partnerships (money moving and D.C./organizational ties), Real Estate (Surfside tie) & Trust & Estate Planning Probate (money laundering tie).

IF Becker were somehow complicit in the grander scheme of things, these areas of practice would offer all of the necessary interfaces and envelop all of the needed components.

In short, Becker gives us everything we need to begin building our case and more.

Our second data point is substantially weighty and here she is. I encourage you to parse-out her resume against the backdrop of all the work – hundreds of articles and videos that throw China directly under the bus – at Moonshine.

Jie Chengying Xiu is the perfect candidate for the element that ties directly to China and the CCP and I’m going to show you exactly how. For one, she landed at Becker in 2016 at the precise time that China was making real inroads in terms of commencing what is now an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war.

For one, Xiu is Chinese and was born there. Notably, her 2016 arrival at Becker comports with this timeline.

From Xiu’s resume above, we latch on to the Asian Financial Society,

Chairwoman of the Asian Financial Society (“AFS”), a non-profit organization founded in 1984 with over 5,000 Wall Street financial professional members. Previously served as Board Director, Head of the Securities and Commercial Law Group, and Chairwoman of the Nomination and Election Committee of AFS.

This is the Asian Financial Society.

Here are AFS’s partners.

Let’s draw-down on the (private-public, private equity) partnerships for overlaps and specifically as it relates to the holders (and rank) of each.

LendIt: Private
Industrial Securities: Vanguard (1, 2, 10)
ICBC: Vanguard (1, 2, 9)
CreditEase: Private
MetLife: BlackRock (1), Vanguard (3)
Moody’s Analytics: Private and an entity of Moody’s Corporation: Vanguard (2), BlackRock (3)
Brookfield: Vanguard (5)
Bank of China: Vanguard (1, 2, 9)
Ping An: Vanguard (1, 3, 7)
Meixin Finance Group: Private
Cheere: Private

In addition to the gravity of the AFS, Bank of China and China Institute being institutions of the CCP and One Belt, One Road and that Xiu is the chairwoman of the AFS, here’s why we focus on Vanguard and BlackRock.

The details behind this diagram can be found here and here. This is China Institute.

U.S.-China Business in the New World Order? These entities are all machinations of the CCP and Xiu is the chairwoman sitting above all of them relative to the AFS.

In 2018 Xiu was named a “Super Lawyer” and her specialty areas of practice are capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate thus making her a perfect candidate for our purposes here. When joining Becker in 2016 and the factors of it, Xiu said this,

“My expertise in capital markets and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, my reputation in the legal and financial community and the business portfolio I brought into the firm were among the deciding factors.”

When Xiu was elected to chairwoman of the AFS on 22 Feb 19, she said this,

“As the new Chairwoman of AFS, I look forward to creating career and business opportunities for AFS’s diverse members related to finance and the Asian business markets. I look forward to guiding the organization with my unique perspective as a corporate lawyer.”

Xiu was even busy during COVID-19 and look at the details of her involvement.

I believe it impossible to have a Chinese born Xiu situated so appropriately relative to her areas of practice and her affiliations with One Belt, One Road entities and tenets; who also appears so closely, directly and indirectly tied to all other things – like a collapsed condo in Surfside – and where Xiu is NOT serving as a functionary of the CCP. If you know anything about the Chinese and how they operate, it makes this dynamic nearly impossible to be the case and therefore Xiu’s presence can’t be just circumstantial.

Or perhaps it can, but I’m just not a buyer for bullshit like that in light of everything else that’s already being sold.

Let’s tie this to the Swamp and wrap it op for the time being. We latch onto Morabito Consultants as one of the firms that previously compiled a structural integrity report on the Champlain towers and I sourced them at Zero Hedge. This article gave us the initial connection to Direktor.

This is Morabito Consultants.

Here, we note that in addition to offices in Florida, they have the same in Maryland or, in other words, the Swamp.

Here is Morabito President Frank Morabito.

Here is what Morabito advised as it relates to Champlain Towers.

In addition to spending 5 years conducting investigations for law firms and insurance companies, I spent 8 years as the treasurer of an HOA. With absolute certainty the Champlain HOA board had to be aware of Morabito’s and any other similar structural reports and as a matter of ordinary process and duty, the HOA’s counsel would have been notified and apprised; especially given the management duty the HOA bore.

This would put Morabito and his decades worth of D.C. entanglements in a direct relationship with the Champlain HOA and its representative partner in the management of Champlain in Becker. We also gather this from ZH article.

Kenneth S. Direktor, a lawyer representing the resident-led association that manages the condo building, said days ago, that repairs on the building were beginning.

“They were just about to get started on it,” Direktor said in an interview. 

And sitting squarely in the middle of Becker and with all of the right lineage, heritage, expertise, qualifications, measurements, capabilities, backdrop, connections, assets, backing, support and more is a CCP cookie-cut-out known as Jie Chengying Xiu.

Maybe she isn’t. I’m not taking that bet.

This brings us to our last point of contention for now and then we’ll close.

Did you catch that last bit in Direktor’s quote above?

“They were just about to get started on it” relative to beginning repairs? And the building just falls down? Make believe. Fairy tales. Unicorns humping leprechauns while Santa and the Easter Bunny watch.

At the precise time that the AZ forensic audit is beginning to release some of its findings and there is a need to deflect from that – and remembering that we’ve been saying for months that a major false flag event is due just for this purpose – the Champlain South Tower falls down in its own footprint?

At the recommendation of @VIOYHDTYKIT at Gab, consider taking in the last 15 or so minutes of Tore’s recent podcast to learn how a carve-out in the narrative is being made to blame it on the recent Naval bomb/aircraft carrier test just off Miami’s coast days earlier.

There is no way everything lines up like this by accident. All of the indicators are there to enmesh all of these people and more and run it right to China, the CCP and the Swamp. It brings us back to our earlier question – whether this plagued building with documented structural integrity concerns dating back to the 1990s was hand selected to fall at a precise and needed time; and whether there may be a line of connections and nexuses from one end of our rope to the other and thus supportive such a notion?

It now appears as if we may know the answer and you should be able to see it with crystal clarity.

If I were blindly betting, that’s where my nickel goes because the evidence puts it there.



  1. para59r June 27, 2021

    Might be another string to pull here. Witting or unwitting, finds this professor’s actions in the story strange considering sink hole activity is a tiny fraction compared to the rest of Florida. Did his report help select Champion Towers IAW your theory?

    “Shimon Wdowinski, a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Florida International University, told USA Today that he knew instantly which building had collapsed when he heard news reports because he had studied the building for the report published last year.”

    Keyboard interference while typing this….

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