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Confirmations From Federal Whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey – AKA John Here To Help

You may know him on the corrupt and censorship laden platform Twitter as @Johnheretohelp; however, the individual behind the curious pink pig is a federal whistleblower now identified as Dr. Johnathan McGreevey. McGreevey’s heritage, education, experience and resume make him central to all things including U.S. bio-warfare, COVID-19, compromised personnel within the DOJ and intelligence community, China/the CCP, and all of the corruption, crime and treason affiliated with the undoing of this once proud constitutional republic so that it may be handed over to the Globalist’s new tip of the spear, which is supplanting the old American tip – China.

McGreevey has been delivering the goods for sometime now and those of us at Moonshine have been consuming and sharing his content regularly for a couple of years. At this juncture and in conjunction with his Senate run, McGreevey is emerging from the shadows to be more visible and forward with his knowledge and evidence.

McGreevey’s decision to go public with his identity coincides with a clear picture that Americans are living through the deliberate destruction of the United States at the hands of China and a globalist cabal; and it has us all in the midst of an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war that few seem to recognize and the ones who do are mostly on the wrong side.

Moreover, recent air strikes ordered in Syria by the Chinese proxy Joe Biden have us on the brink of this war turning hot given that Syria has been our prognosticated spark to the powder keg for years.

I put it like this last night.

And if Syria isn’t a grand enough deflection point from the Arizona audit, perhaps it’s Surfside. As outlined in recent work, how is it that a Chinese-born, CCP cookie-cut-out premier attorney with a timely 2016 arrival is central to the law firm co-managing the long-time structurally compromised Champlain complex?

Much is going on right now and it has the waters churned-up; especially with the forensic audit results in Arizona hopefully reached and made public soon.

Digressing, our relationship with McGreevey here at Moonshine has a bit of a backdrop and I’ll share some of those details without telling you too much. It all draws down on this.

I suppose it’s as easy as saying that the other night, I had dinner with “my guy,” who was the individual that introduced McGreevey and his evidence to Lin Wood. He’s the same individual who was in discussions with Mr. Wood when he first began developing his understanding of the corruption, crime and treason reaching back decades from the present. He’s the same individual with wicked intellect and a very particular set of skills that contributes regularly in the backdrop of Moonshine who first latched on to McGreevey’s posts very early on.

Subsequent to his introduction to McGreevey, Mr. Wood brought McGreevey to his South Carolina estate and took his testimony over several days. Those recordings and transcripts have been public for some time as McGreevey continues to make his way around in interviews and as Mr. Wood continues to lead the fight for what’s right and in prominent public fashion.

So, given our ties to McGreevey and Mr. Wood, we monitor it all closely, with granularity and with a vested interest.

Recently, we latched onto the McGreevey interview below, which I recommend consuming fully. From it, we developed a set of confirmations in existing work ranging from finer details to very broad and fundamental positions. They are provided alongside other important revelations in this summary analysis with timestamps corresponding with the beginning of that content:

5:52: Verifies authenticity and accuracy of testimonial transcripts obtained by Lin Wood (as referenced above)

6:48: Discusses his contributions and familial background that caused him to enter service as he did

7:40: Verifies the ongoing “Marxist coup,” as we have come to understand it and as we have evidenced copiously and with granularity, as an attempt and further states that the primary face of the attack has yet to occur and that it is expected to be “much worse” than what has already transpired

8:19: Expands on the nature of “much worse” citing shortages in ammunition, food, electric, fuel and medication, he framed the status quo as the softening-up of the populace in a prelude for war. This comports entirely with our established premises regarding the ongoing war as described and the transition to a hot phase, which is important in terms of finalizing the end stages of the U.S. handover to China by means of the international treaty process, which will be crafted by China and its proxy, the UN. All of this is relative to Biden the other China proxy. There is also agreement in the concept of America seeing foreign boots on stateside soil. McGreevey also confirms our positions on CV19 as a bio-WMD citing it as a depopulation measure via both the virus and the even worse vaccine; both relative to weakening and eliminating portions of the population relative to national defense and in the identified prelude to war. He projects a 2-3 year window before most Americans are able to visualize the damage done. Notably, the end of that timeline is roughly 2025 thus aligning with the anticipated beginning of Hillary Clinton’s third term and One Belt, One Road/Made In China 2025 doctrine as delineated yesterday.

9:20: Description of half the nation being debilitated, the other half bearing the onus to care for them, how this will cause widespread dependency on the government and how this will affect U.S. military personnel ergo national defense.

9:49: Identifies widespread dependency on the government as the objective of COVID-19 as a mechanism for societal control v. using a bio-WMD for full depopulation. Expands on the differences and reasons for it. Termed it “to wipe out the population Jurasically” further stating that stronger bio-WMDs were sought but not obtained.

10:27: Verifies that the 2020 election was stolen with general attribution to the “Democrats” and confirming a known and long history of stealing elections; also enmeshing “Republicans who participated in this.” Describes the “business as usual” nature of buying blocks of votes in Congress with the allocation of taxpayer money to the districts of the blocks being purchased (this is where the Senate majority leader bears down hard.) Confirms Obama’s fraudulent elections and that 2016 was rigged for a guaranteed electoral win and then “unrigged.” Confirms Israel’s presence in the 2020 election while also confirming that Trump broke the algorithms relative to Hammer and Scorecard.

11:43: Confirms that COVID-19 was supposed to occur during Clinton’s second term (Biden’s first term) and the CV19 construct was then placed on an accelerated timeline as we’ve established. We can further expand this to apply to the “third term” for HRC relative to MIC 2025.

12:14: Confirms the 16-year plan we’ve long established with entanglements as far back as WWII era Nazi Germany and the Bushes. It features Obama on the front end of the timeline. As noted, we view Obama as an extension drawing back on George H.W. Bush in the 1960s, the sequence of presidencies since then and omitting Trump, and backwards as noted. Re-confirms the “unrigging” for the outlier Trump as interceding on the planned final stages of the coup under Clinton.

12:53: Confirms the election theft and funding stating that the “money cam from all over the world – companies, Facebook, Gates…” describing a years long, grass-roots style of cash infusion into the system so as not to draw notice to large sum dumps of money; and referencing the involvement of NGOs. States that COVID funds in multiple states were funneled into the election theft funding. (those would be all of the same states we’ve repeatedly mapped relative to how federalism is being leveraged in the coup.)

13:53: Confirms the involvement of Italy, Iran and China and states the evidence for the election theft can be demonstrated at the local level. Notably, he specifically states the use of other smaller and normally semi- to full-on rogue nations as “firewalls” to obfuscate their dirty affairs. This is a direct analog to my term proxy, as I often refer to Iran and North Korea relative to the Deep State. One and the same.

15:20: Confirms selective targeting of the the population relative to vaccines, “patriots,” the elderly and the younger demographic, which can be indoctrinated instead. He expands on instilled hatred of America and Critical Race Theory.

16:24: Confirms that he has “the receipts,” meaning verifiable and producible evidence like documents with signatures. He names the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein and Lisa Monaco (ties directly to our critical bio-security article.)

19:50: Confirms that on the stolen 2020 election, “everybody up through Pence had a part in it,” stating he’s manipulated and controlled and cedes to Pelosi; and was paid off (ponied of a residential run) for his 2020 election certification. States that Pence is a pedophile and that he has direct evidence implicating a now 20 year-old “Jeremy” who was 14 at the time.

21:33: Confirms illegitimacy of the Biden administration rooting it in fraud. Confirms southern border crisis as a 24-hour a day manufactured and desired crisis.

23:17: States that post-Capitol “insurrection” even, the FBI is boarded up and D.C. appears vacant because it’s Pelosi’s form of “solidarity” uniting around their contrived white nationalist/insurrection narrative while constructing it to be featured as the victims, not the offenders (of the American people).

23:59: Confirms that the people “running the show and handing out orders” are (is) Pelosi, who became speaker illegitimately in 2018 as a control mechanism for Trump. Confirms the fraud behind Russian collusion and both impeachments stating that the Russians and Israelis actually thwarted oncoming fraud in 2016 without changing anything – just preventing it, so to speak. This intelligence shaped their fraudulent Russian collusion narrative.

25:25: Confirms that the details of the broader corruption, crime and treason is common knowledge among the political class naming Pelosi, Pence Chief Justice John Roberts, etc. further confirming the nature of the blackmail system of control like the Mossad/CIA Epstein operation.

27:15: Confirms that the Capitol “insurrection” was in fact an organized “set-up” led by Pelosi and the thousands of hours of unreleased surveillance footage shows this relative to the Capitol Police, over which the House has oversight and authority. Confirms that the Babbit shooter’s identity is known and verified by 3 agents in the FBI (2) and USSS (1).

29:23: States that the FBI had widely infiltrated the Capitol “insurrection” event with plain clothed agents everywhere, including 1 of the 2 above. Confirms that both he and the FBI know the identity of the yet to be arrested Capitol bomber, who was transported by the relative (son?) of a “very high ranking” DOJ official – a judge (I wonder if it’s Emmet Sullivan?).

30:57: States Pelosi called in orders on military grade encrypted communication devices to have a victim sacrificed eventually leading to Ashli Babbit. States that the surveillance footage shows this as well as a host of others that were also lured.

33:07: States that lacking confidence in the FBI, Pelosi coordinated the insurrection event herself garnering assistance; including the provision of the encrypted communication devices, from the newly promoted House Sergeant of Arms and then Commander of the U.S. National Guard in D.C., Major General William Walker (by name at 35:00.) States that he’s “heard” that all of his communications “for well over the past year” have been archived as evidence and remembering that Walker previously denied President Trump’s request for troops (as if Trump “has it all”.)

38:07: Confirms that Trump deferred to due process and left the White House according to the rule of law so as to avoid months-long protest, violence and destruction the Deep State had slated had he stood his ground and gotten confrontational over the stolen election.

42:22: States that Pelosi, et al would “absolutely” kill Walker to remove him as an unneeded and expendable component saying “that he could just have a heart attack driving home.”

44:30: Confirms our full body of work evidencing COVID-19 as an engineered bio-WMD ushering in experimental vaccinations under the false pretense of a fraudulent pandemic underpinned by a fraudulent national emergency declaration. He cites his life’s work “designing weapons” including bio-WMDs and gain of function research (which is why you see his re-post of my article – who do you think sent him that article? LW?)

45:21: Confirms our position that Anthony Fauci is culpable for the entirety of COVID-19 as the architect of the construct. Further states that there is a slate of additional bio-WMDs that are en route and that CV19 happened to be the most promising version. States that “they tried to get bio-weapons before” to achieve specific goals relative to the population. One such bio-WMD he was directly involved with stating it would have made 90-95% of the U.S. male and 30-35% of the female population sterile within one generation. Further states that Bill Gates tried to purchase it and Fauci tried to steal it; both for the purpose of use against the general population. Further states that Rod Rosenstein tried to seize it legally via the DOJ and that his sister, Nancy Messonnier of the CDC, aided him. The express intent was to dilute the virus’ effectiveness to 50% and use it against the general population.

52:56: Discussed the general intent behind the vaccination relative to depopulation and as being less aggressive than conventionally thought. Describes it as resembling more of a mechanism of debilitation than death while citing the example of a 25 year-old man with Alzheimer’s. If half the population is debilitated and dependent on the other half, it becomes a perfect Cloward-Piven strategy as recently discussed. The broader affect of the vaccine is neurological causing widespread problems throughout the body and in critical areas.

55:09: Cites a history of encounters with Fauci dating back to the 80s (Fauci entered service under Reagan in 1984) and mentions Fauci’s “30-year coke habbit” (and not the soft drink, for clarity!) Further expands on Fauci’s history of stealing and destroying important research; always looking to exploit opportunities for financial gain.

56:08: States that “COVID is engineered without question” but that the real damage is being done with the vaccine.

57:49: Confirms that (6) artificial HIV insertions are contained within SARS-CoV-2 (as genetically demonstrable) to facilitate gain of function objectives. Further expands on increasing transmission capabilities.

1:00:58: Confirms the underlying objective of implementing a vaccine passport system as a mechanism of societal control and situating the vaccine passport as the primary acceptable ID for conducting transactions requiring ID; eventually becoming exclusive. Further describes the designation of government dependent “COVID refugees” for those who were un-employable due to vaccination status, illness, debilitation, etc.

1:03:17: States Obama, Fauci and Biden (and others) aren’t actually getting the vaccine.

1:08:22: Begins closing comments about systemic fraud that can be revealed and evidenced in known states. Further comments on the Capitol “insurrection” event being their final, galvanizing effort. States that everyone should “hold off” on the vaccine. He closes talking about his Senatorial run.

Here is the full McGreevey interview on the Stew Peters show picking up at 5:20 into the segment.



  1. Sandy July 2, 2021

    Used to follow that little pink pig on Twitter. I’m kicked off too. Not surprised by ANY of this. Of course, the question remains, WHAT can be done to STOP THEM?

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