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Hammer and Scorecard

A video posted yesterday by Operation Freedom and Dr. Dave Janda, who was interviewing Lt. General Tom McInerney, is incredibly revealing in light of previous research and it serves to cinch-up several loose ends in our broader position. We’ll get into it with a hat tip and a hug for the kind soul who sent the link my way.

The Mason Jar

  • 02 NOV 20
  • Revisiting HAMR/THE HAMMER
  • Incorporating new information into our understanding of HAMR (SCORECARD)
  • Examining how the counterinsurgency surveillance platform (HAMR) was fitted with a mobile application (SCORECARD) to steal elections: 2012, 2016, 2020

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Last night was one for the ages where it saw the soon-to-be triumphant return of EntheosShines sparking an explosion of developments and revelations. Your best bet to catch-up is to give this article a quick read.

Often times, messages aren’t clearly and immediately received because they require some deciphering. I didn’t get around to deciphering Entheos’ cryptic quote until this morning.

Take note of my second post respective to Entheos’ clue of 70.77 and 57.77, which, when entered as geographical coordinates, renders a search result for the physical location of Omsk, Russia.

What do we know about Omsk, Russia? We know that it served as the capital to the anti-Bolshevik effort in Russia in from 1918-1920; the Bolsheviks being revolutionary Marxists and Socialists or, in other words, the same or similar people looking to keep us locked-down in quarantine for the remainder of our foreseeable futures.

Why did Entheos select this analog for us to decode? Because we’re standing on the precipice of THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Be sure to examine the two images in the second post for more details.

Let’s get into the 01 Nov 20 video from Janda and McInerney, which details two important components to the broader landscape – THE HAMMER (HAMR) and SCORECARD.

It’s also important to understand what we are doing here, which is incorporating new information (SCORECARD) into an existing understanding (HAMR.)

Before getting into the details, if you’re unfamiliar with THE HAMMER, consider reading this short article courtesy of SpookdBlog; another go-to and reliable source.

Sans the granular details, here are the significant takeaways from the video:

  • Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and Robert Mueller developed, privatized and leveraged for domestic deployment against US citizens, a counter-terrorism surveillance platform (THE HAMMER.)
  • President Trump and Lt. General Michael Flynn (FLYNN FIRST!) were targets.
  • Used it to extract information leveraged for “control purposes.”
  • McInerney and Admiral Lyons (ret.) initially brought the development to light.
  • McInerney was first to establish how THE HAMMER was being utilized to impact the vote result.
  • McInerney draws back on Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in particular.
  • THE HAMMER was taken by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and Robert Mueller and removed from military control.
  • Moving THE HAMMER control and location(s) was a CIA (Brennan) operation.
  • Recall, a signals intelligence group listening in on American citizens is a blatant violation of obvious Constitutional laws and protections.
  • The NEW DEVELOPMENT learned on 31 Oct 20 is that THE HAMMER has been formulated along with a mobile application called SCORECARD.
  • SCORECARD exists for the sole and express purpose of stealing the vote of private American citizens after their vote has been cast in voting machines.
  • McInerney delineates how Obama used this exact process to steal votes and all of Florida in 2012; how it was used in 2016; and how it will be used/is being used in 2020.
  • Polling is intentionally kept at near 3% ahead for the preferred candidate to manipulate public opinion and sow the pretext for the win (circle back to the fraudulent polls as confirmation for the stolen vote.)
  • The MSM is identified (as we already know and have known for some time) as being aligned with the Deep State and Democrats and wittingly complicit in all of this – “they are one in the same.”
  • Yesterday, it was learned that the Obama/Biden cartel is leveraging THE HAMMER and SCORECARD in battleground states to steal 2020: FL, GA, TX, PN, WI, MI, NV and AZ.
  • SCORECARD “steals the election by tampering with the computers at the access points. (McInerney refrained from further detail in that explanation.)
  • The Obama/Biden cartel intercedes at the access points ONLY AFTER all further human intervention has occurred meaning that there is no one left to detect the theft.
  • The strategy and technology was developed to be used in foreign countries by the CIA in determining elections in ways favorable to its cause.
  • THE HAMMER has been further removed from the CIA and ensconced in a Maryland location; with an alternate location available.
  • Importantly, it was good actors in the 2016 election who interceded on the 2016 HAMMER effort thus un-rigging the election and allowing Trump to win legitimately. They never expected Clinton to lose, as we all know.
  • The entirety of the Russian collusion scandal and the subsequent Mueller investigation was a direct result of the aforementioned forces of good interceding on the election. Move, countermove.
  • If they are successful, they are expected to ride the election into the early morning hours of 11.4 and then declare Biden the winner, thus establishing a fraudulent narrative designed to hold hostage the President and his legitimate electoral win. In a sense, it’s go to bed a winner and wake-up a loser.
  • McInerney mentions briefly with no supporting details that the Bidens, in particular, were selling technological state secrets (as was Hillary [private server] and Obama) to foreign nations.
  • The FBI was briefed on THE HAMMER circa 2012 and Hunter Biden’s “server” (hard drives?) and “didn’t do anything about it.”
  • Astonishingly, the interview references THE HAMMER in effect as spoken directly out of Joe Biden’s own mouth. Listen carefully here – this is the same sound bite played in the interview.
  • Importantly, McInerney advises that THE HAMMER must be shut down before Tuesday’s election.
  • THE HAMMER and SCORECARD were given final tests in the Democratic primaries ensuring the selection of the preferred candidate, “otherwise, Bernie Sanders would have won the 2020 nomination.” Biden’s win was a direct result of the software.
  • Biden’s highest placement was 4th, until they went to South Carolina. From then on, SCORECARD was leveraged to place Biden as the candidate.
  • The best countermeasure THAT YOU CAN ENACT AS AN INDIVIDUAL is to go to the polls and vote in person.

John Brennan’s HAMMER must be stopped immediately and his days are numbered. We continue to say that and have been saying it for months.

Here’s the full interview with a strong recommendation to take it in.

We’ll continue to stay abreast of this and will report back with more findings.

Until then, vote, hope and pray, but more importantly, GET READY FOR THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION because it’s here….. finally!




  1. Sarah November 8, 2020

    Send post to watch from rumble not YouTube rumble wont sensor

  2. Mark harrison November 10, 2020

    I remember seeing a tv program and a man was talking about the hammer and scoreboard apps. And how a guy forgot to change of the votes in 2016… because he thought Clinton had it won….. it was professor explaining how it works and what it does… but this time they used it to cheat the votes…

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