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Enemies of the American People

Which entity determines the election result and the president-elect? Is it the collective entity of the states, the electoral college and the processes of the federal government all as underpinned by the U.S. Constitution and election laws or is it the mainstream media?

Which entity is currently determining the election result and the president-elect? Is it the collective entity of the states, the electoral college and the processes of the federal government all as underpinned by the U.S. Constitution and election laws or is it the mainstream media?

Those are rhetorical but critically important questions; the answers to which have the Republic hanging in the balance and caught between good and evil.

The answers to which demonstrate that a sizable portion of Americans are unable to discern reality from their programming and simply because they believe the mainstream media to be either legitimate, in which case they have been properly and fully propagandized; or it’s because they are afraid to challenge their own conventions, in which case they are feeble-minded; or it’s because it easily and conveniently fits their virtuous but deeply flawed belief system, in which case the ends justify the means; or it’s because of some other explanation that matters not.

So, why is the MSM projecting itself forward so forcefully and circumventing electoral conventions? Why did they deliver Joe Biden to the American public with a result drowning in a sea of fraud in an election that saw the President win an historic 71 million votes?

Again, rhetorical questions.

This problem will manifest horribly no matter how this election eventually plays-out: Mr. Trump legitimately unzipping the whole thing and galvanizing his win resolutely and with the prosecution of all bad actors or Mr. Biden handing us all over to the CCP on a silver tea tray and delicately wrapped in a red silk bow.

Getting into it, recall that the mid-January 2017 timeline is the most important in contemporary U.S. history and as I’ve been saying for a very long time, it’s my favorite dead horse to kick and for good reason; the likes of which will either save or finish-off the Republic.

Sans anything granular and at an absolute minimum, the dates of the 05 Jan Susan Rice, self-memorialized, email meeting and the 13 Jan insertion of the pandemic construct into the incoming Trump administration by the outgoing Obama administration; as compelled by law which frames presidential transition and whereby Obama altered that law prior to and so as to specifically allow for the insertion of a viral pandemic component to said meetings; and whereby the Flynn scandal was leaked to preempt these meetings as deflecting cover, are the two dates that begin to allow a legitimate discussion here.

We should also acknowledge and concede that we are addressing a mere sliver of a vast overthrow conspiracy that we have comprehensively demonstrated as a converged political continuum: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election. So, we limit our focus to the ones bearing down hardest on this ongoing election theft.

There is ample evidence to demonstrate that the President’s longstanding declaration of the MSM as the “enemy of the American people” is much more than a simple campaign talking point or some canned campaign narrative. Rather, it’s more likely messaging – important messaging.

Enemy number one, the President warned us about even before getting elected. Enemy number one, the President Trump warned us about for the next four years and almost every time he was given an opportunity to speak to the American people directly or indirectly.

Why did he do that? Look no further than the entity that is trying – seemingly on its own – to steal what is indisputably most important to all things – the 2020 election. It’s reasonable to think that at this juncture, the President’s deliberate and purposeful messaging is emblematic of his foreknowledge and that he has a contingent remedy in place.

Consider, According to 50 USCS § 2204 [Title 50. War and National Defense; Chapter 39. Spoils of War], enemy of the United States means any country, government, group, or person that has been engaged in hostilities, whether or not lawfully authorized, with the United States; (3) the term “person” means (A) any natural person; (B) any corporation, partnership, or other legal entity; and (C) any organization, association, or group.

For the MSM, it fits like a glove, no?

What about the example of now-dead Fox News? Although Fox has slowly transitioned into a more liberal outlet over time and especially since the kids took over, there was an absolute flipping of the switch later on election night that is now palpable across the entire nation.

Fox, the stalwart conservative news network and many of its most trusted and well-liked personalities, flipped right along with all the other state-propagandized news networks to begin sowing the narrative required to hand-down the Biden-win edict to subjugated Americans.

The flipping of the switch occurred quite literally as the narrative shift overlays the timeline as what is now believed to be the application of the Hammer and Scorecard surveillance tools that remotely changed election results in real time to favor Joe Biden. As the vote totals shifted, so did the predetermined narrative. I wonder if there is a phone call attached to this; one perhaps recorded and possessed?

So, goodbye Fox News, hello Newsmax and onward we go.

Consider what the President’s enemies, including the MSM, have fraudulently engaged in since before he was even inaugurated. Succinctly and again, it’s Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election. Add to that fraudulent polling and more.

In short, the MSM wittingly got all of that wrong to align more closely, if not specifically, with the Obama-era doctrines of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which permit the stateside delivery of state-sponsored propaganda. Keep the Obama-era year of 2012 in the back of your mind as you begin to examine the shift in the MSM detailed below.

Was Fox News a long-time sleeper designed to earn the trust of conservative Americans only to ultimately violate that trust late on election night when many beleaguered Americans were simply too exhausted to think twice about the swill that was being dished to them?

The worst of it is, all of the other networks that matter have been in this camp forever. Now, Fox being the last vestige for conservatives, has effectively joined them and ended an era. Good riddance, traitors.

Again, hello Newsmax.

Here’s the basic premise leaving the longstanding granular research for your own consumption. That premise is as simple as saying that 6 major corporations own 90% of mainstream media and all 6 corporations are in bed with and beholden to China and the CCP and to the extent that it directly impacts content and programming.

The same content and programming that covers and impacts elections. By design.

Consider how things have shaped-up.

Above images sourced at Google and widely available.

For backdrop here, this is a piece from The Federalist from early May detailing Chinese intrusion into the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC/NBC, ABC and Bloomberg. There’s much to be found on your own reflecting the same and more.

Question, does that sound like the same group that has repeatedly lied to us about Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election as vectors to attack the President for his entire first term?

Rhetorical question.

Was Fox brought through the back door to cinch-up American minds and seal it?

Rhetorical question.

So, what about Fox?

Again and saving the granular details for your own consumption, Fox was fundamentally changed on 19 Mar 19 when Fox Corporation replaced 21st Century Fox. At that time, it created a marriage between Disney and Fox and it brought-on to its board Republican and former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Occam’s razor identifies the Disney tentacle as the most likely source of the recent transition of Fox from friend to foe, or rather, to enemy; as in enemy of the people.

If you also require an answer to why Paul Ryan inexplicably extracted himself from the political landscape that just might be confirmation that Mr. Trump does in fact have guardrails in place to preserve the Republic and his presidency, you just got it.

No one walks away from being Speaker and a likely presidency or two without good cause.

And now, in the circumstances in which we find ourselves, the MSM is preempting due process to declare the electoral result and determine the president elect and all before the vote has even been certified; or all of the legitimate results even counted.

That’s telling, no? They declared VA early and with the President sitting on huge returns. They declared AZ early for a multitude of reasons and to trigger the steal. Now they’re arriving early to thrust Harris and Biden into the Oval Office.

How long before it’s President Harris? Not long at all, I presume. The forces behind Harris could begin playing all of Joe’s campaign dementia highlights to leverage the 25th Amendment against him in relatively short order.

Biden will gladly step down. I had him as a placeholder candidate with Clinton coming in as the late preferred candidate but I believe Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s public positioning on the discovery of Hillary’s deleted 33k emails fundamentally changed that landscape forcing their further reliance on ballot fraud to place Biden.

Hillary could have at least attracted votes. Pompeo’s play might be historically noteworthy. How rich the irony for Joe.

Let us introduce our second and final enemy and this won’t take long. It’s the invisible one; the one that hails from…..


Being generally opposed to social media, I opened our Twitter account in January 2020 only to share with all of you what we were learning – that COVID-19 is a false flag political construct being driven by fraudulent infection and mortality data. We were right in January and we are correct, now.

We were also correct in our assessment that thus far, President Trump has avoided a hot war with China despite direct election interference and the release of a bioweapon of mass destruction, as it’s classified by the FBI, to accomplish that objective.

That’s the same China that owns our MSM and a wide swath of U.S. politicians being handsomely paid to conspire with them. That’s the same China that Secretary Pompeo recently said formulated a long list of American governors considered friendly (or hostile). That’s the same China that though our MSM is determining the election result and the president-elect.

Ask yourself which of the two candidates – Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden – is entirely compromised by China, Ukraine and a host of other countries; has a son who closed $1.5 billion and $6 million deals with China; and has a son who’s personal library of legally questionable and autobiographical pornography is readily available online [in October 2013 when Hunter Biden secured a $1.5 billion dollar private equity deal with BHR Partners and later in 2017 in a $6 million deal with Chairman Ye of the now defunct CEFC China Energy Company]?

Is that Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden?

Notably, Mr. Trump took an unusual step in all of this and it ties directly back to our mid-Jan 2017 timeline. On 20 Jan 17, Mr. Trump declared his candidacy and reelection effort for 2020. Aside from all of the conventional benefits that come along by doing so, it also does one more very important thing for the President.

Note that this early and anomalous filing by President Trump opens another prosecutorial vector for bad actors meaning that anyone who wittingly participating in the conspiracy and took steps to controvert Trump’s efforts would be engaging in crimes subject to federal prosecution for election interference. This applies to the MSM. See the President’s application of the term “enemy.”

Question, what did Mr. Trump go out of his way to mention the other night in his address to the American people? He specifically mentioned the “witting” participation of the MSM; especially as he described suppression polling.

He was being intentional and deliberate with his messaging like he did in branding the MSM and “enemy” of the people. Consider both for full meaning.

So, we find ourselves in the midst of a Chinese/CCP overthrow and a large portion of the country thinks it’s the perfect remedy for our woes; even after their leaders allowed domestic terrorists to attack political opponents; sometimes killing them; and shred our history and culture while burning our cities for made-up causes. Refer back to repeated historical patterns in global Communist conquest. Refer back to my previous assertion about the feeble American mind.

The common thread is clearly China. That alone may tell us exactly why is the MSM is attempting to install – just as Ruth Bader Ginsberg asked – the Biden/Harris regime.

President Trump began all of this and remains unwavering in calling the MSM the “enemy” of the American people. I believe he did that for a reasons delineated.

The enemy has always been China. The mouthpiece for China has always been the MSM.

Now you know why they’ve declared Joe Biden president-elect.

In addition to the few items below, I’ll leave you with a warm welcome to the CCP; assuming this election is not rectified and restored to its legitimate landslide win for President Trump.




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