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Momentum and Evidence Suggest Surfside Is a Deflection Point Construct

There is plenty of momentum and accumulating evidence to suggest that the South Tower collapse at the Champlain complex in Surfisde is a constructed event serving as a deflection point away from the emerging truth about the stolen 2020 election as manifesting in the full public spectrum and beginning with the forensic audit results in Maricopa County. Initially, the Arizona audit results were incorrectly rumored to start being released this past Monday causing one to ask if perhaps that was deliberate misinformation/disinformation tactic devised to result in a tipped hand and a peek at the playing cards to ascertain what the plausible response may be. No matter, the results are now loosely slated for the beginning of August. Until then, the Surfside story will continue to be developed and crafted in the MSM to detract and occupy headlines.

If you haven’t consumed our Surfside video and the article in which it is contained, both are necessary for appropriate contextual backdrop in this item because it is very big picture but with granular details drawing back to China and the CCP.

Given our established fact set following the first article and video, I recently put it like this to help people understand the lens through which Surfside is being scrutinized. This will help frame the direction of this article, which vectors-off in several directions.


Let’s begin with momentum and in particular, political momentum; and for good reason.

First, remember one of our longstanding principles in all things statecraft – investigations are opened for two primary reasons: 1) to reveal the truth, present the evidence and prosecute the offenders -or- 2) to conceal the truth, seal away the evidence and protect the offenders. This is especially true when questionable events have specific political purpose and value, such as capitalizing on tragedy and death as a deflection point away from a stolen presidential election.

With these givens, is anyone really surprised that Biden is both visiting Surfside and calling for a FEDERAL investigation into the South Tower collapse by the ? Of course not.

The political momentum here presents as 1) Joe Biden making a personal visit to Surfside and 2) Biden’s call for an official (federal) investigation into the collapse. It’s a simple as saying Biden is going to leverage the construct precisely as we’re alleging; that he will have the evidence enveloped, sealed away and then explained away in the investigative report that presents summary findings comporting with political objectives and obviously so.

In short, the political momentum here is a rehash of the following image – just reduce the size and add a column to the right for Surfside. Pro-tip, make it real small and add a bunch of columns to the right to accommodate what is hopefully in the pipe circa August.

Even worse, it doesn’t appear as if Surfisde’s HOA has an interest in arriving at the truth given this from MSN.

With Biden dragging-in the FBI and the NIST for the cover-up, Surfside’s hiring of KCE is troubling for all of the obvious reasons. Is Surfside chipping-in on Joe Biden’s pile? Who is making these decisions for Surfside? Why isn’t Surfside’s full slate of HOA members featured on its home page? Who is the president of the HOA? Who hired KCE and why? How does Becker & Poliakoff factor into decisions made as the co-managing partner? Why is that every time attorneys are involved, the truth is the furthest thing from reach?


Our discussion here really focuses on two primary components but the waters get real murky very fast: ownership and management. We’re murky already because ownership and management are enmeshed at Surfside and with a homeowner’s association (HOA) and law and accounting firms entangled and situated in between.

One of the troubling aspects in the initial work here was actually identifying the owner/s of the Champlain complex. Interestingly, generic terms like “the owners” were generally used in the early reporting. Subsequently, we have identified the owner’s as drawing back on a 2014 timeline.

From Zero Hedge and immediately beginning with controversy (emphasis mine),

Champlain Towers developer Nathan Reiber, who died in 2014, was once accused of paying off local officials to sidestep a construction moratorium in Surfside in 1979 because of problems with the sewer system, according to WaPo

Reiber had “contributed” to the campaigns of local officials that granted him preferential treatment when it came to building Champlain Towers South in 1981. 

WaPo noted all the principals involved in the design and construction of the building are deceased. Former construction companies that played a role in the construction of Champlain Towers were unwilling to talk about the building collapse. 

Meanwhile, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, part of the Department of Commerce, is the federal agency that investigated the collapse of the twin towers, sent one of its engineers, Fahim Sadek, to Champlain Towers North, a couple of blocks away from the southern tower, to examine basement area and try to piece together the complex puzzle of why the building collapsed. 

We noted two reports that were recently completed on Champlain South. The first was a field study conducted by an engineering firm in 2018 that identified structural damage to concrete slabs under the pool deck and cracking and crumbling in the parking garage. However, there was no evidence of imminent collapse. The second was a study from 2020 that outlined the tower was sinking in the 1990s by 2 millimeters a year.  

The condo building was already conducting its 40-year recertification repair at the time of the collapse on early Thursday morning. 

$15mm? I commented on this notion in the first article by asking, “whether this plagued building with documented structural integrity concerns dating back to the 1990s was hand selected to fall at a precise and needed time; and whether there may be a line of connections and nexuses from one end of our rope to the other and thus supportive such a notion.”

Surfside was as ripe a piece of fruit as it could be to be selectively plucked for controlled demolition. Did the Deep State (intelligence community) pluck it? My nickel is on the affirmative.

Adding to the existing and documented financial strain plaguing Surfside’s ownership, the building also maintained 30% vacancy and likely had trouble eliminating it due to economic conditions, COVID-19 and the full scope of Surfside’s structural problems.

I’m betting the financials for this place are horrendous ergo the portal for fraud. Knowing who manages those financials is critical as will be determining if there any compromising interfaces (intelligence community?).

Not surprisingly, Surfside’s long and well-known history of structural integrity issues had the South Tower facing upwards of $15mm worth of repairs, as reported by MSN. This causes the fraud hair on the back of my neck to stand on end but not as much as learning that the building collapsed after its “40-year recertification repair” work had begun, but not before the really, really, really expensive repairs.

In the world of fraud investigation, timing like this doesn’t happen unless it’s made to happen.

Notable above is the entanglement and conflicting reports derived from Morabito Consultants, which is our draw back to D.C. from the first article. Also recall and as mentioned above that Champlain is co-managed by the HOA and the law firm Becker & Poliakoff.

Becker is important because it features the star of the first article – our Chinese-born, CCP cookie-cut-out premier attorney, who serves as the chairwoman of the Asian Financial Society, which is a functionary of China’s One Belt, One Road doctrine and a patented CCP outfit.

In April, Surfside HOA president Jean Wodnicki advised residents that the structural integrity concerns call for an expedited timeline and placed the repairs at $15mm. This abuts to the June hiring of Morabito Consultants. Wonicki also passed the buck by saying, “A lot of this work could have been done or planned for in years gone by…But this is where we are now.”

This is an important distinction. Does it sound like Wonicki was well apprised of the full scope of Surfside’s problems or is she getting news and stomping on the gas? Is she playing coy to save her own ass or is it that there is a need for an expedited timeline based upon information received in close proximity to her April advisement? Did she know all along? Were Becker & Poliakoff representatives fully transparent with the HOA and did Wonicki and the board know everything they knew? What exactly did each know and when did they know it? Overlaying those two timelines could be very revealing if we could build and evidence them both accurately.

From the same Yahoo article, “Donna DiMaggio Berger, an attorney for the condo association, previously told the WSJ that Morabito’s report from 2018 was not out of the ordinary.

Note that Berger, like Kenneth Director and Jie Chengying Xiu, works at Becker & Poliakoff.

Is there a rift between the HOA and its managing partner, Becker & Poliakoff? Are the questions I just asked above more relevant? Does it smell like fraud may be in the air?

This is Berger.

Morabito is drawn into conflict because residents, as represented by their co-managing HOA and whereby there exists a duty to keep all homeowners and residents fully apprised of requisite information; especially safety and structural integrity concerns, appear to have been unaware of major components of Morabito’s findings and reports.

Was Becker & Poliakoff being forthright and transparent with the Wonicki-led HOA? What did Wonicki know? What did the full board know? What did Becker & Poliakoff know? Did the latter know more or differently than the two former? Were Morabito’s reports submitted to the full HOA board or to Becker & Poliakoff? We can and should ask these types of questions all day.

From the same MSN, piece,

Again, note the timing here. The building had been plagued by documented structural integrity concerns since the 1990s, multiple related reports were received dating back several years and yet repairs weren’t slated to begin until June 2020 after Morabito was hired to begin the recertification process. Who controlled that timeline – the HOA, Becker or both?

The least expensive work (roof) began first before the millions and millions and millions that would have been poured into the balance of the work represented by concrete restoration. In between, the building simply fell down in its own footprint.

As a history lesson refresher, there are only 3 other modern structures to do this as indicative of controlled demolition. Ironically, the first one also bears the name of the South Tower and it collapsed by means of controlled demolition on 11 Sep 01 along with the North Tower and Building 7.

Surfside appears like a rehash of an old play out of an even older playbook. You can also mix-in the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in OKC for good measure (evidence on Clintons.) It’s no surprise that the NIST – the same 9/11 cover-up agency that constructed the patently fraudulent “progressive collapse” narrative, is being tabbed by Biden in this case

Post-9/11, the NIST was in-part charged managing the evidence at the scene and ensuring that all findings were aligned with the desired intelligence community narrative. I wonder whether there was any evidence that required managing at Surfside. As one possible but unconfirmed example is that some have speculated that now-deceased John McAfee’s dead man’s switch was located inside a unit he is rumored to have owned. This is where the intelligence community bears down with full might in light of Sharma & Associates being situated to possess those records and hypothetically it looks like Sharma>RAW>CIA/Mossad.

There is even more troubling evidence in the form of homeowner’s emails as per MSN.

Controlled demolition involves substantial and very precise preparation that can be time-consuming. One wonders what the motivation might be to begin early and only to have it all fall down before the most expensive work could begin.

One wonders how easy it would be to collect insurance payouts if the collapse narrative were backed by the President of the United States, who visited (will visit) the aftermath and who insists that the same cover artists responsible for the cover-up of 9/11 handle the investigation to determine that narrative. One wonders what that motivation there may be on the part of and how open ownership and management may be to brokering a deal. That’s hypothetical, of course, but my fraud hairs on end.

Our concerns about a constructed Surfside event and cover-up become further entrenched as The Guardian noted on Monday when White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki had this to say and noting her completely appropriate use of the word “constructive”, because that will be the end result – a constructed narrative accomplishing an objective not associated with the delivery of the truth,

At Monday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden “does believe there should be an investigation” and that a number of federal agencies were already on the ground, including FEMA building science experts, officials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, OSHA and the FBI.

“We want to play any constructive role we can play with federal resources and getting to the bottom of it and preventing it from happening in the future,” Psaki said.

Returning to ownership and management, we note that the original developer, Nathan Reiber, died in 2014.

Conveniently, all of the other developers or contractors working on Champlain are either also dead or not talking. Even worse, the attorneys managing and representing Champlain also initially refused to comment. Nothing to see here, folks, move along now.

Contributing more to the cloudy picture of ownership, the South Tower had 138 registered owners (represented by their HOA/Becker & Poliakoff) while LLCs (limited liability corporations) and investment firms own “some apartments.” This creates an opportunity to possibly tie the South Tower collapse to a critical component in the overarching and generational construct – private equity as diagrammed above.

Thus far, we’ve drawn down on BlackRock and Vanguard specifically but I’m not expecting to make that connection here. Rather, I’d suscpet to see something more along the lines of veiled LLC/investment owners of Surfside units, perhaps holding them a rentals or for some other purpose. It’s important to remember here that each unit possess a HOA vote. If one private entity owned a block of units, they’d also own a block of HOA votes. Those votes would directly impact the management of Champlain ergo the decisions that go into managing it.

What are the LLCs and investment firms behind those units and what are those numbers and details?

It all equates to a shell game and we play it a lot as you’ll see in reading further.

As sourced from Boca News Now,

Latching onto ‘Champlain Towers South Associates,’ “Champlain Towers South Condominium Association, Inc.” is rendered and from it, we get some answers. We also get confirmation on ownership as reported by NBC Miami and with the first filed lawsuit against Champlain, “A class-action lawsuit has been filed in the 11th Circuit Court against the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association in Surfside.

Note Becker & Poliakoff as the ‘registered agent’ while giving attention to the other similar business indicated. From the latter, we net the following and noting that the other “Champlain” entities did not demonstrate tie-backs to our purpose here given the resources at hand: CHAMPLAIN TOWERS SOUTH MANAGEMENT CO.: An inactive for-profit last active in 1983; the principals are indicated as Nathan Reiber & SJ Levine; the registered agent is Stanley Joel Levine; and it was involuntarily dissolved.

Further drilling down on ownership and management, from Surfside’s website, which is minimal and contains hardly any valuable information, we note the presence of Sharma & Associates, Inc. as a representative of the HOA conducting nuts-and-bolts management for Champlain in addition to the HOA-Becker relationship. We gather this from the linked PDFs at the bottom of the Surfside page.

IMPORTANT: MOVING FORWARD, note that I am mapping-out individuals, entities and relationships and drawing meaning where I can, but these remain undeveloped.

Holding onto Sharma & Associates, Inc., let’s acknowledge the Indian heritage in the name and frame the balance of the conversation knowing what is outlined in the extract below sourced from Our Asian Times. We do this along with understanding that RAW’s (an Indiaian intelligence agency) emergence as a covert player in the U.S. draws-back on George W. Bush and 9/11. RAW becomes further enmeshed when it’s working relationship with Israel’s Mossad (common enemies) was augmented by then President Barack Obama’s “vitalizing the United States’ strategic alignment with India.” Even more concerning and from same source, Biden’s CIA Director William J. Burns was in place and credited for the “vitalizing the United States’ strategic alignment with India.”

As we draw this out, there isn’t much of a leap to make in thinking that Obama’s Indian realignment resulted in a working relationship with the relative agencies and departments: RAW working with the suite of appropriate U.S. entities – FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. Thinking that Sharma & Associates, Inc. may be a U.S. placed RAW asset is a very plausible scenario given that Sharma would be in a position to deliver the evidenced financials and otherwise to any third party, including intelligence principals. Remember how our government operates – they enlist allies to circumvent U.S. laws preventing them from doing what they’re tasking the enlisted allies for, which is always against regular Americans.

This is Sharma & Associates, Inc. and like Surfside’s page, information and details are minimal. Is this a shell?

Asking whether or not Sharma is a shell draws down on this, which is what I found when attempting to understand more about Sharma and its ownership. Searching for just ‘Sharma & Associates’ nets this.

Sharma appears to be owned by Tops Financial Services, LLC and recalling that it’s LLCs that own units in the collapsed tower. No evidence has been uncovered showing Sharma as a unit owner. This is Tops Financial Services, LLC and noting its “fictitious name” in Sharma & Associates.

If we latch onto Adam Birch, it takes us here and I know what you’ll be thinking – Koch? Me too. Cursory research does not indicate that these Kochs are the same as ‘the Koch family.’

This is Adam Birch.

If we latch onto Michael Hardy, we net this.

Here, we confirm the purchase of Sharma & Associates, Inc. by TOPS Financial in February.

With TOPS enveloping Sharma & Associates, Inc. and retaining Vishnu P. Sharma to place him as leading the financial services group, he becomes a very solid RAW asset relative to Surfside IF in fact this is the case and recalling that I’m just laying it out; not supporting it. In that capacity, it gives Sharma access to all of Sharma, all of TOPS and all of Mission Association Financial.

Staying latched to V.P. Sharma and Sharma & Associates but changing our search parameters to “Sharma & Associates, Inc.“, we net this and V.P. Sharma is named outright.

Now, watch how fast this turns into a rat’s nest just by latching onto A Thousand Years, LLC and we’re going to tug on the address.

250 companies with that one address? This is the shell game I advised of at the beginning of this mess and you can take this wee little example and reproduce it exponentially to really get a feel for how all of this shapes up and in complex ways that cause us to ask more questions than find answers.

We’re stopping here for brevity’s sake and to walk away from a full day’s work.

Everything outlined is open-ended and needs further development, but where are we reasonably?

What we know: unless the laws of physics ceased to exist on the day the condo collapsed, this is controlled demolition; that the run-up to the collapse is deeply rooted in factors that are hallmark fraud indicators; that the Biden administration is dipping its spoon into the pot to become the head chef; that the building collapsed between the start of work but before the expensive aspects; that the HOA and involved attorneys appear to assuming conflicting positions like the mayor and the town commissioner, and the latter is making the same arguments we are; that we how have a road map to follow; that there is plausibility to everything I’m outlining regarding the intelligence community angles and more; but most importantly, none of it can be called factual yet.



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