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Fractured Leadership: Part II – Wood, Flynn, Powell, Byrne and Trump Dynamic Unravels to the CCP’s Benefit Under the Cover of Another National Holiday

Leadership is a peculiar thing. Sometimes you find it and sometimes it finds you; whether you want it to or not. It’s no different than opportunity – it will knock on your door and when it does, you either answer or you don’t. I believe this scenario applies to nationally preeminent defamation attorney, Lin Wood. I would suggest to Mr. Wood that leadership found him and that it appears that he has been tasked by a higher power to forge ahead shining the light of the truth. Onward!

For the record, bias is found in this work since I’m in private dialogue with Mr. Wood and I’ve never had any form of exchange with Lt. General Michael Flynn, famed attorney Sidney Powell, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne or President Trump.

Truth be told, Mr. Wood is a busy man spread thin and so my communications with him are limited by how much he weighs-in on our ongoing discussion, which is moderately light and sporadic.

To begin and for proper context, I recommend consuming the first article in this sub-series. It details the start of the unraveling of our leadership cohort and the infighting underpinning it, which has the cohort fractured. China, the CCP and the proxy Biden administration all stand to directly and substantially benefit from this.

Here’s something to consider. What makes Mr. Wood different than Flynn, Powell and Byrne is not only that Wood is throwing tectonic and landscape shifting haymakers in his claims, but that he is backing them up by throwing down hefty receipts.

After writing the first article, I went back and listened to all three Byrne conversations that Wood posted on his Telegram feed. Generally, here’s what I learned encouraging you to run down Wood’s Telegram feed yourself; taking the time to listen the recordings firsthand.

In so doing, an immediate lesson in projection is learned.

A steady and even keeled Wood, who is sage with 45 years experience in evidence acquisition, examination and cross-examination, sounded and presented completely antithetical to the way he is portrayed by legacy media and for which he is attacked by his enemies.

Rather it was Byrne who appeared anxious, conflicted and perhaps even compromised or at least stewing in hot water. Of course all of this arises out of the Rittenhouse matter, his handler-crafted attacks on Wood, others’ attacks on Wood and the entangling of fundraising for Rittenhouse by paralleling entities operated by Wood on one side and Flynn, Powell and Byrne on the other.

Unlike the latter three; all of whom face substantial questions about their organizations’ finances and books, Wood has posted online #FightBack’s financials for the Rittenhouse matter in full transparency.

Byrne admitted and discussed those financial matters in the call with Wood. He also expanded on Sidney Powell’s duplicity as an evangelical; turning it on and off depending on the audience and suggesting it as a method to deceive Mr. Wood and perhaps curry his favor.

Moreover and worse, Byrne cites repeated patterns of emotional and mental instability with Powell and to the extent that an entire sidebar drama unfolded with sexual advances made on him by Powell, his declining of them and her inappropriate and troubling response to them.

Byrne stated specifically that he was precluded from auditing their group’s financials and funding saying he only got access to data for a fraction of the full amount known to be on hand.

In a staggering admission, the total amount was eventually put at $70 million raised and Byrne further cited legal considerations being finalized for Powell’s for-profit organizations. Byrne further expanded on how the arrangements contained stock-options and that Powell was using funds raised by her foundation to pay herself back for her own legal fees incurred in her post-election lawsuits.

Translated, Byrne is suggesting that Powell was dishonest in disclosing her financials and that she may be laundering the money in ways to enrich or at least reimburse herself in ways that are outside of the lines. I will tell you that if true, Byrne’s descriptions and the amounts involved spell considerable trouble for Powell and likely position her for severe legal jeopardy but only if a prosecutor out of Merrick Garland’s DOJ would take it on with fidelity and only if the details are accurate as portrayed. Good luck with that.

Is Powell under federal investigation? Wood asked precisely that.

Powell and Byrne aside, it’s Wood’s claims against Flynn that are most disheartening and this is where Wood says that Flynn may not be as intelligent as everyone believes he is. That perhaps Flynn is more ordinary than portrayed. On good authority and in agreement with Wood’s assessment of Flynn, it may also be that he was not as careful or assumed unreasonable risk or was deceived.

On good authority, it could be appropriate to draw a clear line establishing that Flynn is not exceptional, beyond ordinary or overly impressive; equating his intellect to good or average. Wood’s position directly aligns here and it could simply be said that Flynn just isn’t that smart. That he’s pedestrian.

So questions arise about Flynn, funding, priorities, money, Pegasus, his long tenure in the federal apparatus, his service to the Obama administration, his service to President Trump, his service to the American people and more.

Admission – it’s terribly disheartening to examine the questions above but as always, that’s where the evidence takes us and so that’s where we’ll go.

What permits or rather compels us to ask those questions is the evidence. Evidence that Mr. Wood has posted himself or eviscerated upon posting by others. Evidence showing that while Mr. Wood is facilitating dialogue, Flynn is disabling comments on social media accounts, as Wood points out.

It’s all about the receipts and Wood is posting his like an old lady rifling through her purse full of them; falling out of every pouch, compartment and pocket. Which one to post next seems to be the only question. Meanwhile, all we’ve seen from the others are crafted response statements.

Where are the financials?

It gets worse for Flynn. Way worse. So bad that it fits exactly and precisely into something I’ve been hollering about forever. It’s “DELAY IS THE PLAY!” I’ve written much about it.

I even wrote an entire article on the Maricopa County election audit being a delay strategy and explaining how it fits into all of the other delay constructs. Make that two.

Consider now what Wood said in his phone call with Byrne. He said that Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas, which is the Maricopa audit firm, and Flynn are aligned and collaborating; that both had spent time in his home in South Carolina; and that the Maricopa effort is a disingenuous one; meaning that it’s another controlled opposition construct devised to obfuscate the truth; not deliver it.

It’s design is to pacify those demanding inquiries into election fraud and drag that momentum past an irrecoverable timeline marker. Just as I’ve been explaining for a couple of years now in other ways. DELAY IS THE PLAY!

The Maricopa audit was a delay strategy in the same vein and Wood explicitly said this in the call.

This is problematic for Flynn and if such a consequential piece of fruit on his tree is poisonous, it stands to reason that his entire tree is poisonous. Time will tell. That and further investigation.

I tend to believe Flynn’s problems arise out of compromise but there is another line of thought recently shared with me stating that those problems [and Powell’s and Byrne’s and others’] could likely arise out of ego, incompetence and human imperfection rather than elaborate scheming. That perhaps the coup effort was a little grittier, entailed a smaller cohort, was less grand than perceived and more ordinary in actuality. Those are worthy considerations to inform our understanding.

Now consider this. Receipts, people, receipts.

Are Flynn’s priorities the nation and the Office of the President, calling the President a quitter, or are they money and perhaps centered on his intentions to run in 2024; both of which Wood cites in his call with Byrne?

On a level, I agree with the sentiment Flynn expresses in that Trump should not have vacated office in favor of Biden’s inauguration last January. I’ve written much about that.

Ironically, I’ve cited the exact reason for Trump vacating office as deriving from the time Wood spent with Powell and Flynn at his estate. I put it like this in a recent article and I may have the time spent wrong. It seems to have been several weeks as Mr. Wood stated in his call.

A previous hard line position in this investigative work was the Biden inauguration on 20 Jan 21. Once President Trump eclipsed that line and vacated office, fundamental positions had to be reassessed and remain incomplete and uncertain.

All evidence prior to that suggested the President would redress the stolen election and the fraudulent COVID pandemic prior to Biden being inaugurated. Explanations are hard to formulate outside of proprietary knowledge.

One explanation is offered by proprietary information obtained from defamation attorney Lin Wood. This information was obtained in the period after the stolen 2020 election and before the 20 Jan 21 inauguration.

Recall that Mr. Wood spent roughly a week with attorney Sydney Powell and Lt. General Michael Flynn and was privy to an abundance of evidence. In those meetings he learned of two retaliatory threats that were on the table should the Trump administration push back on the stolen election: 1) a viral compromise of the nation’s water supply and 2) the detonation of an EMP over the Midwest that would collapse supply chains and according to reliable research, would eventually result in 90% of the population perishing.

That was in November 2020. It causes us to now continue to ask if Mr. Trump “had it all,” why didn’t he exercise the full might and scope of his authority between the election and inauguration? There’s no good answer outside of the notion that he was trying to avoid the two retaliatory threats on the table and whereby I contend that leveraging the full might of a blended U.S. military and domestic law enforcement remedy to effectively and safely redress it all are better alternatives to the present.

Political Moonshine

Mr. Wood is espousing the truth and backing it up with the receipts.

The others are not.

Mr. Wood is the one in the cross-hairs of severe danger, harm and worse.

The others are not.

These are simple scenarios with simple explanations. Or, simple truths, as Wood likes to say. Occam’s applies.

We will continue to investigate but more importantly, we’ll continue to wait for receipts from Flynn, Powell and Byrne. Where are the financials? What happened to Maricopa? Who can be trusted?

Fractured leadership can be fatal; especially if elements of it are compromised. The American people must absorb this, rally and lead themselves.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wood, keep shining the light of truth because the truth is the only light that can serve as a beacon for the American people.

You may not have intended to find leadership, Mr. Wood, but it found you.

*All 3 Wood/Byrne conversation links are posted below the Omicron update.


OMICRON: Update on the COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct

Comporting with the cyclical, seasonal and annual start to the CDC’s “peak flu,” which begins every 01 Dec and runs for two months, another fraudulent “variant” [boogeyman] was ushered in under the cover of yet another national holiday. These people play inside of a box and Moonshine analysis permits us to predict almost to the day what they do and when they do it long in advance.

Write this down. Then cut it out and stick it on your fridge with today’s date: Unless the American people wake the hell up and get slack jawed drunk on Moonshine, rowdy and revolutionary, Omicron will usher-in the most dystopian and draconian winter the world has ever seen and when spring time rolls around, we’ll be having the exact same conversation we had last spring and that would be a best case scenario. It could be worse. It will be a conversation about aspects of Omicron or another emerging variant that will function as the seasonal drag-through to circumvent the die-off of harvested comorbidities and to link peak flu of one year to peak flu of the next; this being the perpetual design I cite.

All throughout 2020 I told you that we’d be having this conversation and I spewed that evidence like a fire hose. It was the “Delta variant” then and here we are right now and again having the same conversation about yet another variant. Right at the beginning of peak flu/pneumo, which is the primary data reservoir for harvesting.

These people play inside of a box and if Americans ignorantly keep us inside of that box as they have thus far with their mask wearing and injection getting, we’ll be having the same conversations at the same times of year as predicted years in advance for the rest of our lives. Do you really believe this sort of power and control is just going to be relinquished? Believing that is as foolish as voting in an American election.

Suggestion/Request: Help America out. If you want your country back, it starts with getting The People properly educated about what is being done to them. Otherwise, they will not have the proper motivation to assume personal risk and directly fight back.

To my point. The Moonshine is always on the house. The Moonshine has had it right from the very beginning and long before anyone else. And it’s all evidenced. So then, BUY A FEW ROUNDS OF MOONSHINE FOR EVERYBODY YOU KNOW. Just send them an introduction and this: “TRUTH –”


Wood/Byrne 1:

Wood/Byrne 2:

Wood/Byrne 3:


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