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Striking Similarities: Maricopa County, COVID-19 and Patterns of Unmitigated Enterprise Fraud

Pattern recognition is one the most valuable arrows to have in the investigative quiver and it is a requisite skill. It’s one that comes easier for some than others; especially for those of us in the Rainman spectrum. Much pattern recognition gets dumped into the swill at Moonshine.

The forensic audit results delivered yesterday for the Maricopa County election and the testimony presented confirmed recurring patterns of unmitigated enterprise fraud that directly overlap the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those similarities should be there because the constructs are designed to serve one another in reciprocal fashion and they both have a genesis with the same general Criminal Enterprise as defined by RICO statute.

Specifically, the similarities are found in two broader and familiar ways to Moonshiners: compartmentalization and disaggregation.

These are defined below in simple and common terms and are present with examples from both COVID and Maricopa; along with diagrams.

Compartmentalization and disaggregation occur within enterprise fraud and they are patterned applications that can be easy to identify with a properly and finely tuned lens.

What’s most important about them as they are evidenced, is that they directly reflect the unmistakable enterprise fraud that underpins all of the 2020 election and all of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Generally speaking, it’s all at the hands of the same treasonous Criminal Enterprise as defined by RICO statute.

Shifting to Comprehend

To comprehend our positions here, we shift away from conventional perspectives to view the election and the pandemic through a lens of enterprise fraud. The fraud occurs by a construct that is branded “the box.” The Criminal Enterprise constructs this box and we pick it apart to see and understand how it “works” with moving parts. That’s what makes the construct a mechanism to deliver an objective.

In both cases, the mechanisms/constructs/boxes are built to create and manage fraudulently constructed data. The data are generally votes for one and infection and mortality numbers for another.

Criminal enterprises leverage these mechanisms to deliver specifically determined outcomes. Those end point objectives are revealed by evidence. The pandemic construct delivered the election construct which installed an illegitimate presidential administration.

The election construct permits the illegitimate president in Proxy Joe Biden to maintain the COVID construct as a societal control and global reset mechanism.

Most troubling in all of this and drawing back decades on a generational timeline, is how domestic traitors turned-out by infiltrators inside of our own institutions conspired with hostile foreign nations and predominately China to bioweaponize the SARS-CoV-2 virus, co-opt the WHO by installing Tedros as a proxy and deliver the pandemic to the world by veiling it with the first fraudulent impeachment to install its White House proxy in Biden.

That’s the short list.

It continues and it’s clear that most of America is unaware that since October 2019, we’ve been in the throes of an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war. That war positioned China to usurp control of the United States beginning with the WHO’s pandemic declaration on 11 Mar 20 and the National Emergency Declaration that followed 2 days later.

In lie-in-wait mode, the COVID construct was plugged into the Trump administration during compulsory presidential transition meetings on 13 Jan 17. Then and with the emergency declaration on 13 Mar 20, Fauci’s Criminal Enterprise usurped President Trump’s Title II executive emergency authority on behalf of China. Since that day, China has progressively come to control more and more of the US federal apparatus and Biden’s proxy status has China honing in on complete control.

This can be evidenced by the fact that space is the most important domain and the Democrats are now pushing to eliminate the US Space Force. The lens here is seeing how this leaves China positioned to become dominant in space and if you know anything about warfare and the high ground, every hair on the back of your neck should be on end.

The road to China’s dominant ascension that sees the US on course to Third World status has been paved with delay strategies. Everything gets kicked down the road to keep it off the immediate radar screen for action. Yesterday’s article previewed the Maricopa audit and discussed those longstanding positions on leveraging delay strategies. Then the hearing unfolded in exactly that way – by producing another predicted delay. That delay took the form of a call for more investigations and no call for something more substantive like a fast track to decertify the election.

Maricopa fell well short of the substantive and robust response that many were anticipating and this was despite it providing substantive and robust details of enterprise fraud and worse.

The attempts to marshal all of into obscurity are already well under way with dismissive chatter filling the channels.

In the end, it seems we got the “Comey line” discussed in the preview article yesterday. In effect, this may be worse than a declaration not to prosecute or pursue further appropriate civil action.

This is because the call for further investigation serves to perpetuate their objective, which is the delay strategy. They’re already in control and they prefer for all of this to take as long as it can take because it keeps them in control.

It’s also problematic because the current action takers who are working for a remedy are kept hanging on in wait rather than tracking onto any next angle for action. Again, this plays directly into their hand, so to speak.

It’s another example of misleading the people with incremental steps where following each step, there is a waiting period to receive results or more action. Since 27 Dec 19 [COVID] and 03 Nov 20 [election] the people have been ushered through countless incremental steps eventually landing them in the destination of the status quo in the spirit of flattening the curve forever.

Have you noticed how everything is on a process timeline that moves you along incrementally and intermittently? This intermittent enforcement schedule was outlined in detail in the “CAUGHT IN TRAFFIC” article. It’s a lesson in basic human nature.

These people never ask us to jump all of the way across the room. With relentless patience, they only ask us to inch along taking one step at a time. It only matters that we eventually arrive there and if need be, the mechanisms can be expedited on their timelines because those mechanisms have redundant control systems.

The intermittent enforcement schedule baits people into waiting for results at the end of each step and this prolongs the walk exponentially [delay, delay, delay, delay…]

By the time we arrive at their final destination, we’ll be standing in the modern day equivalent of a concentration camp. FEMA will certainly have a kitschy name for it to alleviate any concerns by feeble-minded people as they acquiesce like the German people did in the 1940s.

For a contemporary analog and a script for America’s future, see see Australia right now.

It is 25 Sep 21, we are encroaching on a year since the 03 Nov 20 election and the direction is to now issue subpoenas and open investigations everywhere.

To you, does that sound like evidenced and decisive action to the fast track for decertification or does it sound more like another delay after taking yet another incremental step?

This timeline is problematic. These subpoenas and investigations are months late.

Consider that I wrote this back on 09 Apr 20 and 104 days after the 27 Dec 19 COVID outbreak [emphasis added],

“Let’s be clear on the subtext here, which is clearly pretext for something ahead of us. This may speak to the primary purpose of the COVID-19 construct altogether – indoctrinating the masses to the ‘new normal’ for future events: social distancing, societal moratoriums, quarantine, digital currency, mail-in ballots, etc. It’s a long, imposing and frightening list; at least for anyone with an appreciation for the US Constitution and individual rights and liberties.”

With these calls for more investigations, we should be reminded that investigations are opened to either reveal the truth and prosecute or to kick the can down the road before concealing the truth and covering-up.

Given everything you’ve seen in the past 5 years, which do you think it is?

Unfortunately, realism nets pessimism here and I hope that’s incorrect but the evidence suggests it is not.

Durham recently Clinesmithed us with Michael Sussman and if anything more comes from that investigation, it will be the first.

That said, the door is left ajar for Durham to deliver but we look through the crack with a tainted lens painted by reality and dissuading expectations for the traction we all want so badly.

The farther this electoral horse gets from the barn with no real remedy and the closer we encroach on a new round of elections without that remedy, the less likely that horse will ever go back into the barn.

The next round of elections would only serve to further perpetuate and galvanize the myth of voting and the myth of voting baits the people into believing they’re not under control by appointed rulers.

This will be especially so if there is significant voter turn-out in 2022. We can say this confidently because they stole the last election while out of power and now that they’re fully in power, there is no logical chance they misstep again to allow another [2016] “election” to escape them.

Unfortunately, the established short list of delay tactics may now require an addition – election audits.

Election audits and investigations beginning everywhere may sound good and may actually be the only remedy left that doesn’t require the people to shoulder arms but consider the due process timelines that equate to further obfuscating, miring, snagging, and delaying it all.

While that due process unfolds, the illegitimate Biden administration is permitted to continue unfettered. Just look at what they’ve been able to accomplish in only the first 248 days.

We should expect that a package of culpability for COVID-19, Afghanistan and other heavy damage will be compartmentalized into Proxy Joe before they usher him out with the 25th Amendment.

Presidential succession will then be leveraged to install the failed but preferred presidential candidate Kamal Harris, who couldn’t get out of the primary process because she lost to a fake candidate that limited his “campaign” and “rallies” to a handful of hula hoops at one person per.

Harris will be ushered in through the back door exactly as predicted months ago.

Then the slavery reparations will come to further divide the people and redistribute the majority people’s wealth to other people who never earned it.

Then the economy will crash [be destructed.]

You won’t be able to blame Harris, either, because black, female, glass ceiling, Orange Man bad and a bunch of other emotional stuff that is completely irrelevant but makes for perfect ingredients in the Kool-Aid.

Harris’ ascension and the crashed economy are benchmark predictions, though. Perhaps we should welcome them because their arrival put us closer to absolute bottom and there can be no effective remedy until we arrive there.

Note that this assumes there will be a remedy and this remains entirely in question and apparently up to us.

The evidence clearly indicates that enterprise fraud is driving us to the bottom. It’s emerged to underpin it all. It has to because these people play inside of a box and fraud is required to navigate the box outside of the rules.

The Similarities

The reason we can draw such exact parallels between a stolen election and a fake pandemic is because they are both instances of enterprise fraud.

The striking similarities between COVID-19 and the Maricopa County audit results pertain to two opposite and reciprocal positions that serve the same purpose. In fact, each can be used to accomplish the other; they work together. It sounds confusing but it isn’t.

One similarity often discussed at Moonshine is compartmentalization. The other is disaggregation.

In simple terms, compartmentalization is taking a single thing or multiple things and forcing it or them into a single container or a collection containers [figures 1, 2, 3 & 4.]

In enterprise fraud, this can be viewed as assigning the broader base of criminality or the blame for it away from the Criminal Enterprise and to a designated person or group instead.

Disaggregation is different than compartmentalization. In simple terms, it is taking a single thing and breaking it apart into multiple things that can be exactly the same or uniquely different. Each individual thing whether it be the same or different compared to the other things, gets placed into its own container [figures 5, 6 & 7.]

In enterprise fraud, this can be viewed as taking the broader base of criminality or the blame for it and breaking it up into separate functions that are each designated to an individual person or group.

Compartmentalization was described above with Proxy Joe above and it often results in the compartmentalized container being removed from the equation. Joe is heading out, Kamala is ascending and my nickel is on Hillary Clinton as her choice for Vice President.

When this happens, the hope is that the collection of public grievances forced into the compartmentalized container will go out like the baby with the bathwater. You’ll just forget about it because that guy’s gone. This is how they play the game.

Another example of compartmentalization is how the Criminal Enterprise has compartmentalized all of the exposure for curating COVID-19 data with medical providers writ large. In particular, it’s a cleaved-out cohort of 37 hospitals that appear to be financially incentivized by competitively based federal discretionary funding at the sole discretion of the director/secretary.

Here, the Enterprise has cleaved away a small cohort of container hospitals that it can control and so it uses compartmentalization as a firewall to safeguard data curation away from the rest of the system while also protecting itself.

Criminal Enterprises compartmentalize criminality into containers to place a firewall between that criminality and themselves; and then be positioned to point a finger at the compartment if needed. “He did it.”

This example also shows us how compartmentalization and disaggregation work together as discussed in the introduction. They can appear to be the same thing and it depends on perspective.

Here’s what I mean by that.

In COVID, the Criminal Enterprise leverages a construct that features a closed-loop system of data propagation meaning they control the data input, curation and output. Other aspects of the construct include bioweaponizing the virus [universities, labs, scientists, doctors], harvesting the data [NVSS, RT-PCR, medical providers], propagating the data [legacy media], enforcing mitigations and guidelines [federalism/states, counties, locales] and more.

From the perspective of the Criminal Enterprise, it is compartmentalizing all of this criminality into these containers.

From the perspective of those containers being compartmentalized – universities, labs, scientists, doctors, NVSS, RT-PCR, medical providers, legacy media, states, counties, locales – the Enterprise’s broader base of criminality is being disaggregated across them all and attributed to them individually.

In Maricopa County and across the country, the Criminal Enterprise leveraged federalism to compartmentalize election and ballot fraud at the voter precinct level. Those precincts in turn had the criminality for that fraud disaggregated and assigned to them individually.

Using map overlays, those compartmentalized container precinct locations present redundantly in a multitude of contexts: 2016 election, 2018 midterms, 2020 election, COVID mitigations enforcement, George Soros’ funding of prosecutor races across the country, rioting, mosque distribution, Islamic terrorist network distribution and more.

It’s not surprising that federalism was also leveraged as the enforcement mechanism for COVID-19. There, the Criminal Enterprise compartmentalized the enforcement of its issued guidelines and mitigations as determined by the governor of each state and enforced by the state, counties and locales. Again, the governor, state, counties and locales experienced that broader criminality being disaggregated and assigned to them individually.

Another example of the Criminal Enterprise compartmentalizing its criminality at the precinct level in Maricopa County occurs with county authorities permitting the sharing of common usernames and passwords for the Dominion equipment in the 2020 election.

This permitted the Enterprise to disaggregate the criminality for changing votes into a collection of containers. Each unique container received the same thing and importantly, this works to prevent the violating container[s] from being uniquely identified because all users interfaced in the same way.

Another COVID example is found the National Vital Statistics System diagnostic memos that were issued to all medical providers. The memos provide the diagnosis coding instructions that all medical providers receive and they cause providers to produce and curate fraudulent COVID infection and mortality data on behalf of the Criminal Enterprise.

Again, the Enterprise is compartmentalizing the curation of the data with the medical providers while that criminality is disaggregated and assigned to those providers, which all receive identical things.

Moreover, this example is further compounded and compartmentalized by the dynamic that bulk COVID data sets only derive from a cleaved away cohort of 37 hospitals from the regular 608.

The bioweaponization of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is another example in that multiple individuals, entities and nations conspired in different and unique ways to develop the bio-WMD on a long timeline. The broader base of criminality there was assigned to containers outside of the Criminal Enterprise. Those containers had various different packages of disaggregated criminality placed into them.

Disaggregation might also mean taking a single thing and breaking it apart on a timeline. This means that the thing itself isn’t broken apart. Rather it remains whole but it becomes disaggregated because it’s spread out over time and between at least two different containers.

This occurs when something is transferred from one container at the beginning of the timeline to another container at the end of the timeline. In other words, the thing is only broken apart by time and a transfer of ownership.

The presidential transition period combined with late executive orders is the perfect example of this.

During presidential transition in January 2009, George W. Bush penned an 09 Jan 09 executive order that Barack Obama inherited upon his inauguration. That EO permitted Obama to rewrite U.S. biosecurity rules at all biocontainment facilities. This permitted the bioweaponization of SARS-CoV-2 through gain of function research and its funding and offshoring to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Here, the Criminal Enterprise took a single thing – rewriting US biosecurity rules to permit the bioweaponization of SARS-CoV-2 – and disaggregated it by having one president write or own it, then moving down a timeline and through the transition period before transferring ownership of it to the succeeding president, who then leverages the new law in his new administration.

In simple terms, no one will believe that two presidents conspired on something transiting two administrations. That is how they play the game. See Moonshine work on George HW Bush from a recent article to go deeper.

There are other examples and this article could continue for a while; however, you should now be positioned to see not just that both the pandemic and election are fraudulent, but how and why they are fraudulent.

I encourage you to take this information and begin applying it to your own analysis. If done properly, it will deliver you the truth.

Perhaps Maricopa County will spurn a fast decertification effort that will spiral into a host of states doing the same on a relatively expedited timeline. This would invoke continuity of government [COG] protocols; something Moonshine has examined extensively and ways not fully published here yet. That’s another long conversation by itself.

That’s how this has to go. Otherwise, we’re still on track taking incremental steps and stopping to wait for something at the end of each one. Still.



  1. Silver Sunday September 26, 2021

    “It continues and it’s clear that most of America is unaware that since October 2019, we’ve been in the throes of an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war. That war positioned China to usurp control of the United States beginning with the WHO’s pandemic declaration on 11 Mar 20 and the National Emergency Declaration that followed 2 days later.”

    Rainman/Moonshine – without this reality it is hard to make sense of what is happening. Adding that to your argument with
    The feebles, will get you an even harder stare and then you will be shown the door.
    The first rule in war – know you are in one.

    The George Bush detail here was shocking to me. I defended him for 8 years, I believed him for 8 years, and now since the scales have come off my eyes, I despise him and his father and how badly they hurt America and Americans. From JFK to 9/11 – sickening!

    Alcoholics and drug addicts will never get sober until they hit bottom.

  2. JST1 September 27, 2021

    Decertification, if even possible, means nothing at the federal level. There is no legal way to un-ring the bell from January 6, 2021.

  3. C Stegiel October 4, 2021

    Missing is the military backing the Criminal Enterprise.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      Agreed on military leadership – I’ve written much about Milley and his corrupt Joint Chiefs.

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