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It All Starts With a Code: Part 2 – The ICDM-10 Coding Manual Mapped for COVID-19

Part one of this sub-series of articles was written for the informed reader and veteran Moonshiner to delineate evidentiary slides relative to established work and positions on COVID-19. It’s purpose was to establish the ‘ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting FY 2021 – UPDATED January 1, 2021’ as a primary data driver for the enterprise fraud construct.

Part two is no different. Part one contains 41 evidentiary slides respective to comprehending COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud and it is required reading to make sense of the evidentiary exhibits that follow here. A longer but shallow dive connecting to primary, secondary and so on sources can be found in our timeline if further contextual backdrop is needed for comprehension.

This exhibit builds on firmly established, existing and exhibited evidence of COVID-19 being an enterprise fraud construct leveraging a closed-loop system to propagate harvested co-morbidity data as COVID-19 data. The RT-PCR test calibrated to faulty high cycle thresholds and the NVSS diagnostic memos serve as established primary data drivers within the construct and the ICD-10-CM lane is established through the NVSS.

The following exhibits depict the ICD-10-CM as a data driving lane established by the WHO/Tedros [directly] and China [indirectly via Tedros (installed by secret electronic vote in 2017)] to impact internal U.S. COVID-19 data and thus effectuate control over the direction of the nation and its policies respective to the pandemic.

This is our source document [126 pages] and our focus begins on page 28 with coronavirus coding.

These are the four identifiable coding details depicting their fit and service to one another.

These are general descriptions in “does this” form to delineate each of the 4 details, their fit and service to the enterprise fraud construct.

This is Coding Detail 1 in macro form with a detailed micro diagram following. They depict the coding design vulnerabilities that are generally being exploited.

These are the Principal Diagnosis design vulnerabilities being exploited.

This is the Z Coding Detail representing a sub-system and back door coding mechanism being exploited.

Beginning here and with the Sequencing of Codes Detail first, we examine the ICD-10-CM pages 28-33 [coronavirus.]

This is the Sequencing of Codes Detail noting the functionality of establishing and leveraging a hierarchy of sequenced codes to determine the Primary Diagnosis. Sequencing is important because it provides multiple services to the other details.

Pages 28-29 of the ICD-10-CM:

Pages 30-31 of the ICD-10-CM:

Pages 32-33 of the ICD-10-CM:

End of ICD-10-CM exhibits.

Here are additional comorbidity harvesting exhibits as per recent data sets. They broadly confirm our positions alongside an entire catalog of similar to identical evidence established on long timeline [2020-present] (first US Case 20 Jan 20.)


*Thank you to ladtytay0827 for providing our source document.


  1. Kay Sousa October 12, 2021

    Please put a print availability on your articles. It would make it easier to print and read the materials

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