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Oregon, Kate Brown and China

28 Nov 21

As the chickens have come home to roost and real consequences are at hand, the interest in elected officials closer by requires a little due diligence. Actually, this is old work by over a year it’s just that I never bothered to write it up until now.

It’s simple. I’ve evidenced COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud under RICO; it is deeply enmeshed with and derives from China; and I’m implying that Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a witting conspirator. Here’s but one example of available evidence in direct support of this beyond the connections to China that follow it.

It’s the 74-day rolling window as I’ve already evidenced in one two prior articles, but just not specific to Oregon. The 4 images that follow relate as indicated.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

There you have Oregon rules structured via the CDC, which is modeled directly after the WHO’s model, and with the WHO and Tedros being Chinese proxies. A clear chain from China to Oregon.

Just like my efforts tracking Joe Biden all over the globe in private equity and energy deals, you have to establish search parameters with things like “collaboration” and “economic opportunities” and “exchange of ideas;” all of which are customary guises for collaboration in ways that are normally self-enriching, corrupt, illegal and in this case, treasonous.

Our work has had China at the center of this since day one. Let’s do a cursory examination of Kate Brown’s relationships with China as we ask ourselves whether those relationships account in any way for her net worth, which is reported by unconfirmed sources to be somewhere between $5-$200 million and with most sources reflecting the latter figure.

Brown is no stranger to corruption, either, according to Forbes,

If public records are any guide, then Oregon Governor Kate Brown is living the good life. Our auditors analyzed some of the small-dollar credit card expenditures within the office of governor that are paid-for by taxpayers.” that linked article and the next one are worth consuming.

We recently found Brown’s office designated 52 employees as lobbyists, but disclosed zero dollars in lobbying expenditures. Our oversight forced Brown to amend her filings, disclosing $165,489 in payments to her lobbyists on the Oregon Ethics Commission website.

Governor Brown seems to be having fun at taxpayer expense while hiding her activities from public view. These patterns are troubling. Oregonians should bring the heat, so the governor sees the light.


Also from Forbes,

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has quietly solicited millions of dollars in campaign donations from state vendors, key people, employees, or their affiliated corporate political action committees. Our auditors at found 557 state vendors gave $2.6 million in political donations to Brown – as Secretary of State and Governor – since 2012. These donations represent the equivalent of 100 percent of the governor’s current cash on hand in her campaign committee, according to recent disclosures. Meanwhile, these companies have reaped $4.4 billion in state payments.”


Is it really a stretch to think that she’d say no to absolute power and authority in the form of unilateral decree and edict? Handed over by her “investors” [China]? That would allow her to rule over the citizens of Oregon in what has become one of the most draconian and tyrannical states in the nation?

No, it is not. And it is sure to include financial compensation in exchange for her complicity in the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct. Let’s examine Brown and China.

Although not tied to China, we can start with a clear connection to Perkins Coie – the law firm at the center of Obamagate and the Steel Dossier – that’s worth mentioning. It occurs with Brown’s 2015 appointment of Misha Isaak as general counsel as she entered office.

Consider this from China Daily on 24 May 16 and note the entanglements of Brown with China and none other than Hillary Clinton.

The history of sub-national mechanism can be traced to 2011, when China and the US launched an interagency government team to promote communication and exchanges between American and Chinese regional leaders. The then-US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi signed a memorandum of understanding supporting US-China sub-national cooperation on Jan 19, 2011.

In the same year, the US-China Governors Forum was established. American governors including California’s Jerry Brown, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, Governor Terry E. Branstad of Iowa, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan and Governor Kate Brown of Oregon met their Chinese counterparts from Sichuan province, Beijing, Chongqing, and Zhejiang, Shandong and Shaanxi provinces.

The sub-national framework promotes US-China trade and investment, people-to-people exchanges and partnerships and facilitates provincial contacts and regional outreach.

On Sept 22, 2015, President Xi Jinping attended the third China-US Governors Forum themed “Clean Energy and Economic Development” in Seattle, the first stop during his US state visit. He fully affirmed its focus on a low-carbon economy, pointing out that it highly corresponds with the common challenges now facing China, the US and the international community.

Xi stressed that local cooperation plays an important role in developing state-to-state relations. The relationship between countries requires people’s support in the end and will eventually serve the people, he said, adding that only local cooperation can best benefit people.

“In the past 30-odd years, China-US relations have benefited from the support of local regions and peoples in the two countries and will still rely on and benefit local regions in the future,” Xi said.

“In recent years, China-US local cooperation and exchanges are displaying a new boom. Both sides have established 43 pairs of sister provinces/states and 200 pairs of sister cities,” he said.


This is precisely what I’m outlining. This is how it happens. Consider what’s there and then look around you in light of everything I’ve already copiously and arduously evidenced. It’s all the same people and we’re only starting. That entire article is worthy of consuming.

Political Moonshine
Political Moonshine
Political Moonshine

In 2018 and again not related to China directly, Brown received a campaign contribution from George Soros as she expanded her circle of influence to include all of the usual suspects.

He’s long been active in political and social issues around the world through his Open Societies Foundation. In this country, he’s been a major funder of Democratic candidates and causes.

His $25,000 contribution to Brown, first reported by the Eugene Register-Guard, appears to be Soros’ first direct involvement in an Oregon race since the state began keeping electronic contribution records in 2006.

Brown, a Democrat, has now raised $989,000 in 2018 and has $3.48 million on hand. Her likely opponent in the November general election, state Rep. Knute Buehler (R-Bend), has raised $750,000 this year and has $1.96 million on hand.

Willamette Week
Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a member of the National Governors Association but did not attend the China-focused event in Kentucky. Photo: AP alt=Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a member of the National Governors Association but did not attend the China-focused event in Kentucky. Photo: AP – Yahoo Finance

From the Yahoo Finance on 09 Aug 19 [emphasis mine] consider the nature of the following and latching on to CPAFCC and the notion of “friendship,”

In May, around 400 governors, mayors, government officials and business figures from the United States and China descended on Lexington, Kentucky.

They were there not for the bourbon or the horse races, but for a three-day economic summit for US and Chinese regional leaders, an annual gathering that began in 2011 with the backing of the Obama administration.

Eight years on, relations at the national level have been battered by an ever-escalating trade war and have made the forum ” the US-China Governors Collaboration Summit ” all the more important, say its supporters.

Before this year’s summit, the Trump administration raised concerns about the event’s courting of Chinese investors and the involvement of an organisation believed to have ties to Beijing’s overseas propaganda wing ” the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFCC), which co-hosted the conference along with the US National Governors Association (NGA).

When asked recently about the participation of CCP-tied interlocutors in subnational relations, the Democratic governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, who is a member of the NGA but did not attend this year’s summit, said she decided which organisations to engage with “depending upon their philosophies”.

Brown did attend the summit in 2015, also co-hosted by CPAFFC.

From within China, the response to the summit in Kentucky was resoundingly positive, with the foreign ministry lauding the event as proof that “the dialogue and cooperation yearned for by the US and China was the trend of the times”.

Xin Qiang, a professor at Fudan University’s Center for American Studies in Shanghai, said Beijing believed such people-to-people exchanges “avoid disruption between the two states and slow down the deterioration of bilateral relations”.

Such events also conformed to Beijing’s belief that “the tough and confrontational policy towards China advocated by Washington politicians is not welcomed and supported by US local governments, who regard China as more an opportunity than a threat,” Xin said.

Yahoo Finance

Read that last bit again and regard it as the doormat inviting China inside to bend federalism back against the American people through compromised local officials and hence our position on Brown.

Political Moonshine
Political Moonshine
Political Moonshine

CPAFFC is a CCP front. More can be discovered in one two three additional sources at

Returning to the Yahoo Finance article,

“What is happening nationally has had a chilling effect on commodity prices and our ability to sell goods to China,” said Brown, the Oregon governor.

Her state bucks the national trend by enjoying a goods surplus with China, with US$4.74 billion of exports topping its US$3.33 billion of imports from the country in 2018.

Speaking at a recent Brookings Institution event on subnational relations between the US and China, Brown said that other non-tariff barriers like lengthened inspection processes at Chinese ports were having a “killer impact” on Oregon’s fresh produce exports.

Beyond high-profile events like May’s governors summit, Chinese officials have also moved behind the scenes to call on governors to lobby for a more moderate approach from the Trump administration.

Yahoo Finance

From the same,

In the face of such escalation, which has driven tensions on a number of fronts beyond trade, many agree that new strategies to navigate the bilateral relationship are needed, said Cheng Li, director of the Brookings Institution’s John L Thornton China Centre.

“But few agree on what those should be,” Li said at the think tank’s recent event on US-China relations at the regional level.

Suggesting that a renewed focus on subnational relations should be a component of any new approach, Li said: “Washington may not be reflective of the entire country, just as Beijing does not reflect all of China.

“US-China relations are too important to be decided exclusively within the Beltway.”

*This article originally appeared in the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Yahoo Finance

According to The Global Times,

Governor of the US state of Oregon Kate Brown on Tuesday expressed her heartfelt thanks to China for its donation of 50,000 medical face masks from Oregon’s sister province Fujian.

“A heartfelt thank you to the Fujian Province, Oregon’s sister state in China, for the gift of 50,000 masks. Oregon will pay it forward in the future,” Brown said in a post on Facebook.

The 50,000 masks, in addition to 12,000 masks earlier provided by China’s Consulate General in San Francisco, were delivered to Oregon’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) on Monday for further distribution to counties’ frontline workers, the Oregon China Council (OCC) confirmed on Tuesday.

The OCC, which contributed to the delivery of the masks, is an Oregonian non-profit association dedicated to supporting economic, educational, and cultural exchanges between the state and China.

“This is the largest humanitarian assistance from Fujian to the people of Oregon since our sister relationship established in 1984. The operation was finally accomplished after more than 40 days of intense coordination,” OCC President Lan Jin told Xinhua.

The Global Times

This from The American Interest 13 Feb 20,

At a Brookings Institution discussion in July 2019, Governor Kate Brown of Oregon said, “the good news about what’s happening nationally,” referring to the Trump Administration’s trade battles with China, is “it’s an opportunity for the states.” This message both shapes constituents’ attitudes about China and helps Beijing advance concrete goals. “The PRC is targeting states, trying to integrate their economies as closely as possible with China’s to make them dependent on the Chinese economy,” according to a U.S. government official, “so that the states have all their eggs in one basket.” Beijing is especially focused on states with energy resources, such as Alaska, and agricultural states hurt by tariffs, such as Iowa. In 2018, the China Daily bought an advertising supplement in the Des Moines Register that presented the PRC and the state as allied in the bilateral trade dispute.

One of the PRC’s top priorities in its subnational agenda is undermining support for Taiwan. In his speech, Pompeo cited a letter from the top Chinese diplomat in New York City that asked the speaker of a state legislature to, “avoid engaging in any official contact with Taiwan, including sending congratulatory messages to the electeds [sic], introducing bills and proclamations for the election, sending officials and representatives to attend the inauguration ceremony, and inviting officials in Taiwan to visit the United States.”

Chinese leaders hope that in a crisis, American public opinion will not support the use of force in defending Taiwan. China may also be taking the long view—cultivating local and state officials that may one day have a role in national policy toward China and Taiwan.

The American Interest

“Cultivating local and state officials,” is exactly it. Precisely it. Nothing cultivates officials better than money and there’s no better source for that than China; just as we’ve evidenced in all of this and from the very beginning.

The American Interest sums it up as we introduced it, “Perhaps most important, “friendship,” in Chinese Communist parlance, “has the meaning of a strategic relationship; it does not have the meaning of good or intimate personal relations.”

Natalie Winters of The National Pulse wrote a piece with similar findings that’s worthy of full consumption and brings it full circle to hers and Raheem Kassam’s visit to Oregon this past August.

It would seem to me that the macabre, dystopian, tyrannical and COVID induced environment in which we Oregonians find ourselves is fully explained by Kate Brown’s “friendship” with China.

Under RICO, that friendship rises to the level of conspirator and defendant.



  1. Butch Smith November 29, 2021

    Don’t have to even HELEN KELLER can real between the lines on this FACADE CONSPIRICAY of PLAYERS! CODE45SMITH aka Butch From West Texas

  2. KURTP November 29, 2021

    Another great article.
    It’s silly, but the thing that struck me most was the ludicrous example of “humanitarian support”…50,000 FACE MASKS…did ANYBODY actually think about this silliness? 50,000 masks is LITERALLY LESS THAN A PALLET!
    And that shit is touted as some big success and example of Chinese brotherhood.
    GD people are stupid.

  3. Jhigh68 November 29, 2021

    What are your thoughts on Solomon Yue?! I was shocked when I learned first hand just how many local county delegates voted for him to remain committeeman. Though that particular election was “virtual” and there were endless technical problems. And then he comes out ahead….hmmm.

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