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The “Pandemic” Is A Choice – Fear or Freedom

04 Jan 22

The “pandemic” is a choice and it is a binary one between fear and freedom. There is no in-between. Nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter if people don’t fully understand the granular particulars of a patently fraudulent pandemic that is driven by a construct of enterprise fraud. It only matters that they acknowledge it and the binary decision that results from it.

The pandemic is a choice – fear or freedom. That’s my motto for 2022 and every single American; regardless of race, creed, color, religion, age, education, sex or any other label that anyone cares to affix to another, must eventually reconcile this. For those with the requisite levels of age, wisdom and maturity to make basic logical deductions from reliable evidence, that unavoidable intersection with fate is here and now and it is inescapable.

For over two years I’ve kicked many a dead horse and none more frequently than my two favorites:

1-COVID is never going away.

2-These people will never stop until they are made to stop.

My third favorite – these people play inside of a box.

That box makes them entirely predictable and it’s why the logically deduced findings at Moonshine are proffered with confidence.

As I began this, we were entering day two of year three of “flatten the curve” for two weeks. As I work to finish it with another in-between, we’re at high noon of day four of year three of “flatten the curve for two weeks.”

COVID is never going away. These people will never stop until they are made to stop.

That’s day 4 and year 3 of a 2-week period.

Calling most of America functional idiots is harsh but this is basic math, people. One only needs to understand how 735 days and 14 days are different. And that 735 days doesn’t fit into a 2-week period. And the reasons proffered to justify it are certainly not explanatory, acceptable or reliable on their face.

Basic: 4, 3, 2 and 735 and 14 if needed. Harsh or not, “functional idiots” has been earned and honestly so.

In that time, the criminal enterprise behind this fraudulent construct has consistently herded the sheep with ever-moving objectives, goalposts, positions, recommendations and guidelines; none of it backed by reliable science, medicine or evidence.

Unfortunately, sheep don’t acknowledge much aside from threats and the ensuing fear resulting from them. That makes both of our acknowledgments, which are backed by evidence stacked to the moon, difficult for them.

The first acknowledgement is that the COVID-19 “pandemic” is a construct of enterprise fraud and it positions the individual to confront the unavoidable and inescapable reality of the resulting binary decision.

The second acknowledgement is that of the choice itself between fear or freedom; knowing that not deciding at all is exactly what the criminal enterprise is banking on; that people will just keep on riding-out the status quo just like the good, smart, educated and reasonable German people did during the Nazi-era of World War II when their government carted off their conuntrymen for extermination on rail cars. They were cleaved away from the populace and exterminated as caused by a government imposed label represented by a star.

Today, the government imposes another qualifying label and it is represented by the mask and the vaccine passport. The non-compliant are already targeted for their non-compliance.

Just like the good German people; also functional idiots for their incapability to do basic math like recognizing that any effort to exterminate any section of a population based upon a qualifier applied by the exterminators is unacceptable and worthy of full-might resistance if not revolution, Americans are repeating the same mistakes for the same reasons. Those who don’t learn their history, they say.

The path of fear is paved by COVID acquiescence, tolerance, obedience and conformity that manifests as any degree of mask-wearing, vaccine getting, social isolating, quarantining and enforcing the same for others.

The latter is paved by simply saying, “Go to hell, I’m not participating.” At that moment, two parallel universes are created – one of fear and one of freedom. Welcome back to freedom; some of us never left.

From there, it’s becomes a difficult task of living regularly as best you can and as best you can remember. Some of us never stopped living this way. I’ll never get injected, I’ve never worn a mask and I haven’t complied with one single aspect of the pandemic, which is particularly difficult given that I live in Oregon – for now.

As for Oregon, China owns Kate Brown. China owns all of them.

I chose freedom and it’s costing me everything. It’s excruciating and it’s worth every bit of it, too. The list begins with my job, career, retirement, life’s cash savings and my home. The toll on the human side of it is immeasurable.

Most importantly, the price that I and others are paying for freedom is set and determined by a segment of the country that has found every single reason they can fathom to avoid any exposure to or assumption of risk to actually engage in fighting back in a real war. Job, kids, salary, benefits, mortgage, bills, yadda, yadda, yadda.

None of it matters, when the price is liberty and freedom, fools.

The Founders did not intend for the American dream to consist of We the People living on a global technocratic plantation while feeling good about it because of a fake Metaverse reality distracting us from the reality being locked inside of our own homes. They did not intend for us to be forcefully isolated away from friends, family and the broader open and free society. They did not intend for us to be subjects nor did they intend for us to be forced trial participants in human genetic experimentation.

Those in acquiescence to anything and everything COVID are breaching the American contract between all of us. For those of us upholding our end of the deal, it’s costing us everything at a price sety those letting us down.

Let’s not forget that it’s a societal contract making it incumbent upon all of us to stand tall for the nation’s founding principles and the elements that make America what it is; and this is especially so when the source of high crimes and treason derives from our own infiltrated government and manifests in the form of abject tyranny driven by state-sponsored propaganda.

Those standing tall and directly engaged in the fight face a different consequence with an easy remedy. A quick review of the fate of the signers of the Declaration of Independence demonstrates this consequence in terms of the price for freedom when truth-tellers stand mostly alone. It demonstrates it with crystal clarity as discussed in the clip left at the bottom by the venerable Paul Harvey.

The easy remedy is a simple majority. The same sheep and functional idiots that kowtow to tyranny now will be the first to sprint to the other side hollering, “I knew the whole time! Been saying it all along! The pandemic is fake! Let’s fight for freedom!”

Let them say it. Let them look stupid. In fact, praise them for it. We need them. They make the majority for us. They are the remedy.

Functional idiots can be used by either side and so our task becomes making them utilitarian for us while hauling them up from the depths of ignorance and into the light of the truth; for it is there that freedom reigns.

Until that happens:

1-COVID is never going away.

2-These people will never stop until they are made to stop.

Luckily for us, these people play inside of a box. Learn and teach the box. Keep it basic for the functional idiots: 2, 3, 4, 14, 735.

The American people face a basic and binary decision that is founded by basic and elementary math.

Perhaps if enough people were willing to assume personal risk to pen their names to the Declaration of Independence, then countless and unnecessary death, injury and destruction could have been staved-off.

Perhaps if enough Americans would learn their history and embrace their American and revolutionary roots to assume personal risk to actively fight back against medical tyranny, then countless, unnecessary and further death, injury and destruction could be staved-off.

America, the “pandemic” is a choice – fear or freedom.

Choose wisely.



  1. Valliante January 5, 2022

    Move out of Oregon. Vote with your feet and with you tax dollars. Why sponsor these criminals in office. Like you said, choose freedom.

  2. Ed Rhodes January 10, 2022

    You’re the most frightened person I know of. Not only that; you paint yourself a martyr and a patriotic hero. Really?? You resort to name calling (sheep, functional idiots, fools, etc.). Wake up man! You’re inventing a conspiracy theory where there’s only earnest effort to deal with a unique, devastating virus you want to deny exists. You’re the coward brother; locked into denial and afraid to respond to those working for our country with appropriate confidence in our established institutions which are supposed to work for us. Regardless of your fancied comparisons, this is not Nazi Germany. We’re not looking the other way and allowing genocide under our noses. We’re bravely stepping up and faithfully getting vaccinated trying to protect our families, our children, our homes and our country. Yes we’re even protecting you who refuse the vaccine. My advice to you and others who are too afraid to get vaccinated; get hold of someone who can prescribe and deliver ivermectin to have on hand when you get sick. I don’t necessarily recommend it over vaccinations but I’ve seen it work in very sick Covid patients and have a supply of my own on hand just in case. This is a very difficult time in world history and you paint it as a black and white choice (a binary decision) . Maybe, maybe not. Things are not always what they seem.

    • JP Maxwell February 17, 2022

      Somebody has to say it. You’ve drank the Flavor Aid. You are a functioning idiot. Not one piece of scientific evidence backs up your false accusations. You’re the one in fear, not us. May I suggest people like Del Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to stir you from your slumber. How many blue pills have you taken?

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