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The Biden Administration’s Multiple Front War Scenario and the Global Plantation

05 Jan 22

In early December, I wrote an article reviewing and detailing the positioning of the United States in a multiple-front war scenario. It recapitulates old work and it entails the involvement of countries like China, Russia, Iran, Syria and others; and it envelops yet other nations like Taiwan and Ukraine. All of it draws back on old foreign policy deriving from the Obama administration’s two terms that saw Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry setting the stage and paving the course towards danger, disaster and delivery of the U.S. to a cabal of Globalists that appear to be in the midst of changing the hub of global operations from the U.S. to China.

What is likely not apparent to most is the recipe or play to force change. Astonishingly, most Americans simply don’t see it as old as it is and as often as it’s used. The play stems right out of the basis of psychological warfare that global governments have admitted that they are using on their own and other nations to create “mass psychosis.” There is no greater offender than the U.S.; except for perhaps China.

Ironically and for a nation with a large segment of self-ascribed victims using their victim status as the point from which to reconcile and redress perceived societal grievances that are most often brought about by their own ignorance, ill-conceived notions and lack of fortitude and grit, this segment has entirely missed that it is their own government and the people who have usurped it that are making victims out of them [and all of us.]

Irony and ignorance march in lockstep; hand-in-hand, and the destination is a global plantation.

The reason this play is not apparent to most has little to do with the availability of evidence. In fact, the evidence is broad and deep. Rather, the reason is simpler and it’s as easy as saying people just choose not to see it because it’s difficult and it challenges their conventions. Americans don’t like that; at least enough of them to make it an enormous problem for the rest of us and this is especially so with the victim class. Nothing has ever been their fault.

The unacknowledged play for change is derived from the same psychological warfare basis that governments now admit to and it is problem:solution. Any substantial impediment incurred while moving the populace to a desired political position is met by some form of impetus for change that must be introduced. The impetus is thrust forward as a “problem” and after permitting appropriate time for the people to marinate in its fear, misery and torment, the same people who introduced the problem under fraudulent pretenses immediately unpack the solution for the sheep. Heed Reagan’s words, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

It’s an old play from an old and tattered playbook that’s been in use for decades and decades. Two recent examples barrel over the ignorant American like a drunk hobo standing on the tracks with his back to the oncoming freight train. They’re 9/11 and COVID-19. Both are sequential steps in an engineered plan to put everyone on a global plantation.

9/11 greased the skids for Americans to embrace highly intrusive surveillance and monitoring of the populace while forfeiting a slew of constitutional rights. It taught them to be fearful of things they can’t see and don’t understand. It taught them to be panicked and reactive in the face of uncertainty and manufactured terror. It was all done with fraudulent information and evidence; not to mention controlled demolition and thermite. It was the perfect set-up for the tipping point – COVID-19. Look around you.

9/11 herded us up and COVID-19 will permanently shackle us to the global plantation forever. That is unless the American people decide otherwise and that entails acknowledging reality, which is something far from the present.

Note the identical components found in the context of both 9/11 and COVID-19. Both taught being fearful of things not seen or understood. Both taught people to be panicked and reactive to manufactured terror. Both are entirely rooted in the propagation of fraudulent information and evidence.

Old plays from an older playbook from people who play inside of a box – that’s how I describe it. An insufficient number of Americans have not identified the play, the playbook or the box and it causes them to fail in understanding that the pandemic is a choice – fear or freedom.

The U.S. is being brought to its knees under medical tyranny and it has caused the populace to be both divided and opposed. Consequently, that makes America supremely ripe for defeat in war at a time when the nation is as weak and least respected as its ever been; all under illegitimate and grossly incompetent leadership called the “Biden Administration.”

Divide and conquer, they say. The dividing part is about over, I say. What remains the the conquering part.

It’s not by accident that all of this can be tracked back to Obama’s remaking of the U.S. military beginning in his first term and further tracked back to George H. W. Bush, which I have done in article after article; including another that dates back to this past July. In it, I outlined the pretext for war with China and Russia because the pretext was and continues to be everywhere.

Now consider this headline from yesterday at Zero Hedge: The United States Should Avoid Waging A Two-Front Cold War.: From the article, consider this,

“The Biden administration appears to be heading in the direction of waging a two-front Cold War over Ukraine in Eastern Europe and Taiwan in East Asia, both of which could turn “hot” any day. The imprudence of such an approach should be obvious, but the great danger is that such “crises” could get out of hand before the leaders involved step back from the brink.”

We’re in the middle of the dark winter that Biden promised and everything that Proxy Joe touches is disastrous for the U.S. while benefiting China. Proxy Joe has been dancing around war since the 2020 election was stolen for him and the pretext for it draws back even years farther. The two primary concerns here are terrifying and I’ve outlined them numerous times: 1-Proxy Joe takes a predetermined dive in a short exchange with China that will cause 2-the U.S. to be handed over to China on a silver tea tray wrapped in a red silk bow.

In all of it, remember that it is the treaty process that is most impactful and determinate; and that treaty process would be executed by a bona fide enemy of the U.S. – the United Nations. The U.N.’s WHO director Tedros is a communist Chinese proxy installed by an illegitimate and fraudulent electronic election and I’ve reported on that extensively.

The WHO declared the global public health emergency. The U.S. immediately fell into alignment and declared the same. The WHO declared the pandemic. The U.S. immediately fell into alignment and declared the same. Pattern identification is critical to good investigation and this is another clear one.

Included in the articles I’ve written and linked is evidence that in EVERY SINGLE WAR GAME SCENARIO gamed-out by the U.S. military respective to a hot war with China over Taiwan, the U.S. LOSES.

Does that sound like pretext from the Biden administration?

Do you believe that if the U.S. were to fall to China as the U.S. military has projected that the U.N. would ever decide in favor of the U.S.?

The degree to which Americans mostly have no idea as to what is actually being done to them is terrifying. On the current trajectory and sans any disruption to the status quo, by the time they finally realize it, it will be too late. At that moment, all they’ll have left are the people who spent several years hollering the warning and their solemn words of, “I tried to tell you. I tried to tell all of you. Nobody listened.”

Evidence suggests that the best time for such a multiple-front war scenario to unfold is right now in the post 2021-2022 holiday season.




  1. Robert Justice January 6, 2022

    Thank you for your unrelenting insight and energy trying to spread the word on what is really going on in this world. You deserve only the best. Your light will be sorely missed as you abandon this mission in order to meet the requirements of staying alive in this most uncertain furure.

    God speed heroic warrior.

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