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The Multiple Front War Scenario Predicted Months and Years Ago Is Coming to Fruition As Exactly and Precisely Predicted and Right Down to the Exact Timeline: Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan

24 Feb 22

Moonshine has been focused with laser accuracy for a very long time on a multiple front war scenario involving the following: 1-The asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that I first penned months after the “pandemic” outbreak in a 06 May 20 piece; 2-A manufactured and engineered war with Russia over Ukraine drawing back on Obama/Clinton/Kerry diplomacy drawing back to CIA regime change efforts in Ukraine circa 2014-present; 3-Defense entanglements over China’s hegemonic expansion into Taiwan coupled with matters relative to the South China Sea.

Last night, Ukraine went hot.

This morning, Xi is moving on Taiwan.

MOONSHINE ARTICLE 05 JAN 22: The Biden Administration’s Multiple Front War Scenario and the Global Plantation

QUOTE: “In early December, I wrote an article reviewing and detailing the positioning of the United States in a multiple-front war scenario. It recapitulates old work and it entails the involvement of countries like China, Russia, Iran, Syria and others; and it envelops yet other nations like Taiwan and Ukraine. All of it draws back on old foreign policy deriving from the Obama administration’s two terms that saw Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry setting the stage and paving the course towards danger, disaster and delivery of the U.S. to a cabal of Globalists that appear to be in the midst of changing the hub of global operations from the U.S. to China.”


MOONSHINE/NOV 21: Cause and Effect, Then and Now: Fauci and the Unvaccinated; Clinton’s Personal Server, Ukraine and Russia; and the War With China


“The broader corruption envelops Biden’s deals and U.S. involvement in revolutionary coup activity in Ukraine. That occurred under Obama, Clinton and Kerry and it makes Ukraine’s insertion as the contingency for the fraudulent context of the first unconstitutional impeachment of Trump very problematic. This is especially so given the Deep State’s insistence of making a boogeyman out of Russia in deference to China while Russia incurs border conflicts from this same Ukraine and it’s meddling American Deep State tentacle. It’s all further complicated by Russia’s access to its Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea and its similar coup activity.

Russia further ties to Obamagate as the Obama-approved and Hillary Clinton campaign designed, funded and constructed “Russian collusion” and FISA abuse scandal that unfolded to target the campaign and presidency of Donald Trump. The fraudulent Steele Dossier was the tip of that spear. Of course, this ties to the current Durham investigation, which I’ve branded as Bad Bill Barr’s cover-up operation while evidencing the position.”


MOONSHINE/03 JAN 22: The First Monday News Cycle of the New Year – A Full Slate of Recurring Positions and Projections Maintain Trajectory


“At the end of July, I wrote a piece discussing the power of pretext respective to the U.S. and potential military conflicts with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan, the South China Sea, COVID-19, etc.; also recalling that our broader position has us mired in an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared war with China since at least October 2019. On Sunday, President Joe Biden reaffirmed our positions relative to Ukraine and Russia vowing the U.S. would “act decisively” to Russian invasion. The India Times covers it here.”


MOONSHINE/16 DEC 21: War, Oil and Omicron – Then, Now and Trump: Part II – Oil


“It is reasonable to believe and evidence suggests that any move from China on Taiwan would occur following the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Recall, legacy media rolled-out the first report of the outbreak in China on 31 Dec 19 – New Year’s Eve. The use of national holidays is repeated pattern of using timing as a cover mechanism and that caused me to begin working on COVID right from the very beginning.

Important to add to this is existing work evidencing all of the Ukraine meddling that Obama, Clinton, Kerry, et al engaged in during Obama’s two terms as a stick to continually poke Russia.

Recalling that Russia and the U.S. emerged from the same allied side coming out of World War II; Russia being integral to the allied victory in Europe. Therefore and in the cinders of the first atomic weapons being dropped, forces fractured the diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and the USSR as Stalin imposed Marxist communism at the genesis of the Cold War. It eventually resulted in Reagan’s historic break-up of the USSR into Russia and satellite nations; replete with Russia’s perpetual label as America’s favorite “boogeyman” ever since.

Cui bono in that scenario? China. China benefits; that’s who. The same communist China that’s still pissed about Korea. Funny how that all works out as if Pro-China Joe has been calling the shots all along in a dynastic scenario.”


These articles represent a fraction of what is available on the home page [search function is handy] where Ukraine is featured in no fewer than 104 items.

To further exacerbate the matters at hand in a way to explain the making of a villain out Putin by Western nations and the CIA disinformation/misinformation/regime change campaign in Ukraine, We The Media has posted a link that requires follow-up and verification for reliability indicating that biolabs funded by the U.S. Department of Defense are located in Ukraine.

What does all of this tell you? The power of pretext and the accurate analysis and interpretation of it functions as a mechanism to determine the future with great accuracy. It’s why I continue to kick the dead horse saying that these people play inside of a box and it makes them entirely predictable.

It also tells us the following – the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct is falling apart at the seams. The societal control mechanism is failing in grand fashion and control over the populace is being diminished greatly. There is therefore a need to transition to a different form of societal control that will continue our ushered march onto the global plantation.

I have written ad nauseam that the ongoing asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that I alone exclusively wrote about on 06 May 20 would eventually envelop another front potentially going hot over Taiwan and matters in the South China Sea. I said that our favorite boogeyman Russia would continually be prodded over Ukraine with further Obama/Clinton/Kerry diplomacy exacting the CIA’s old hat brand of regime change and that further efforts to envelop Ukraine into NATO would result in a war scenario with Russia.

I said that all of this would occur following Christmas 2021 and the 2022 New Year’s holidays.

Here we are on 24 Feb 22 with Christmas and New Year’s in the rear view mirror and today’s headlines are dominated by Russia going hot in Ukraine and Xi moving on Taiwan. In the era in which we live accurate reporting, analysis and prognostication is difficult to find. Not at Moonshine where one round of accurate reporting after another is delivered for WE THE PEOPLE and as always, it’s on the house.



  1. Deb February 24, 2022

    The luciferian cabal has an old and tired playbook. satan lost any creativity in his fall. Putin is shutting down the bio warfare labs and God’s Plan marches forward no matter the outward appearances.

    • Zon Kuthon February 25, 2022

      QLARPers can smoke Hopium all they want but Putin was in the WEF Young Global Leaders. There are no good people. There is only Eternal Misery.

      Ashes and Echoes

      • Silver Sunday February 26, 2022

        Some have pointed out that he “infiltrated” Davos. That he hated the Germans for the pain Klauss and his ilk’s fathers and grandfathers brought. Multifaceted and multiple narratives all over the place.
        But moonshine has the gift of reading the tea leaves.

  2. Dee Holland February 25, 2022

    How do we bring down Biden,Obama,Clinton,Kerry asap

  3. groundskeeper March 2, 2022

    Love your work PM. Has helped get me through the last 2 years. I wonder if you’ve ever come across the work of George Webb? He seems to have had his finger right on the pulse of the reality behind the Ukraine/Russia conflict since 2014. Brings Kolomoisky into connection with Burisma as a bioweapons research front, and thereby into relation with other biolabs e.g. *Wuhan*. There seems to be a lot in his work to integrate into your timeline, that is worth informing more people about. For what it’s worth! Keep up the good fight. See here: and here:

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 2, 2022

      I am familiar with Mr. Webb’s work and I appreciate your comments. Thank you. Shall give it a look when time permits. Godspeed.

      • Sally H September 4, 2022

        I’ve listened off and on to George Webb for years…he is off and on, as well. he is entertaining at the least.

  4. […] This is the 61st article in this sub-series detailing and evidencing in granular fashion the projected multiple-front war scenario between Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. I made those projections based on logically deduced analysis informed by reliable evidence and they are manifesting exactly as projected over a year ago and on the exact predicted timeline. […]

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