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War, Oil and Omicron – Then, Now and Trump: Part II – Oil

16 Dec 21

War and oil are inseparable as both history and evidence demonstrate this reliably and over time. In Part I of this sub-series, we established a long war history that entangled and enmeshed the United States, China and Japan on a merry-go-round of changing alliances dating back to the 1800s and bearing down with great impact on a timeline from the outbreak of World War I in 1914 through to the Korean War; and up to the present irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war being waged in the context of biowarfare.

Remember this as we move forward.

We can’t talk about war without talking about oil.

We can’t talk about oil without talking about money.

We can talk about money without talking about the dollar.

We can’t talk about the dollar without talking about the Federal Reserve.

This means we can’t talk about war without talking about the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve System was created on December 23, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. The system is composed of a central, independent governmental agency–the Board of Governors–in Washington, D.C., and 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks, located in major cities throughout the nation.

Today, the Federal Reserve sets the nation’s monetary policy, supervises and regulates banking institutions, maintains the stability of the financial system, and provides financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions.


We also can’t talk about the Federal Reserve without talking about the Bush family and dynastic politics. That’s Part III.

In simple terms, the Federal Reserve has two critical attributes important to our discussion: 1-it’s a private central bank that is not a branch of the federal government despite what many people erroneously believe and 2-it controls U.S. policies for banking, money supply, interest rates, etc.; meaning it controls the economy.

Everything is dependent on the Federal Reserve because everything is dependent upon money; and that includes war. Better yet, just see war as a tool of the Federal Reserve.

A quick review proves my point: The Federal Reserve System was put in place 23 Dec 13 and 187 days later, on 28 Jun 14, World War I began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. That’s the same Austria that in November, served as a Globalist litmus test by implementing a nationwide lock-down and mandatory vaccinations for everyone.

Austria and Oregon Governor Kate Brown collaborated recently on COVID-19 mitigation strategies. Augment this by knowing that in both instances, the U.S. followed an international example; it being the WHO, in its “public health emergency” and “pandemic” declarations respective to COVID.

Those declarations bear down and permit the leveraging of existing U.S. statutes and continuity of government protocols by creating a perpetual state of emergency. Collectively, it all functionally usurps Article II executive authority in the creation of parallel emergency governance far beyond Constitutional boundaries. The net effect is that it provides the foundation upon which the entire COVID enterprise fraud construct was built and functions.

Moreover, our nation’s policies align in this same way respective to pandemics and international cooperation. The point here is that it’s reasonable to believe that the U.S. will continue to broadly align with history and policy. In this way, Oregon could be the introduction to nationwide lock-downs and mandatory vaccination for everyone in the U.S.

Everything gets done in this incremental, coalescing and convoluted way. It helps facilitate the cover-up; enterprise fraud bearing down.

FEMA and the National Guard already have a months-old foothold right down the street from my home in Central Oregon. Mask mandates are already a standing policy; mandated vaccines for teachers and healthcare workers already apply; and the state rolls-out its vaccine passport system in March. Precedence applies here and in abundance.

Once it takes hold in one state and potentially Oregon, the repeated pattern of incremental installation and intermittent enforcement takes over within the fraud construct, which is perpetual by design.

I have reliably predicted about every bit of the status quo in writing and long before about anyone else. These informed and evidenced predictions here are an extension of the same work; the work also contributing to the Oregon federal grand jury petition to end COVID.

I cut my teeth on oil and war back in the 1990s having been privileged to learn it from a true historian and a fact teller serving as my primary history professor. This occurred when I left the field of investigation and returned to school to earn another degree to become a teacher. His name is Dr. Justin H. Libby and he was a brilliant man and orator; having recently learned of his passing not long ago. I am forever grateful.

In this second part and with the Federal Reserve tucked under our arm, we’ll continue down the same warpath to better understand oil before we tie it all back to George H.W. Bush in Part III.

It was Bush’s reformation of the CIA during his directorship there and the lane he created for the intersection of the “Intelligence Community” with the Executive branch that is at the core of the coup d’etat effort manifesting as a construct of enterprise fraud delivered by a fake pandemic. It’s one that lies on a generational timeline going back to the Bush family and its financing of the Nazi regime during World War II via Prescott Bush.

As discussed in Part I, oil is central to industrialization and that creates dependency in order to continue down the same established lanes of national policy; industrialization being one of them. This is where Japan found itself in World War II – as an industrializing and dependent nation.

President Trump’s positions on energy independence relative to national security bear down directly in this context and for what follows; meaning that it demonstrates his philosophy on it. It’s to say that if Japan were energy dependent, it could have circumvented its decision to attack the U.S.; it’s primary oil supplier.

Being several days out from the 80th anniversary of the 07 Dec 41 attack on Pearl Harbor and thanks to instruction from Dr. Libby; and as evidenced by many others, know that the attack was permitted to happen. It was allowed so it could serve as the justifiable reason to enter into World War II.

How do we know? The evidence tells us and the evidence is found in the oil; ergo it’s also found in the Federal Reserve.

Drawing back on a very long timeline of Japanese hegemony, empire and colonialism resulting in the subjugation of China, industrialization considerations impacted policy decisions. Critically, industrialization can’t be accomplished without oil.

80% of Japan’s oil came from the U.S. and this means the U.S. government had an accurate account of Japan’s dependency and its oil reserves.

Just like your rig doesn’t run without gas, an industrialized nation doesn’t run without oil; literally and figuratively and especially at this time. Shut down the oil and you shut down the nation. That’s a big problem and it’s Japan’s.

In June 1941 and in conjunction with Australia and the U.K., President Roosevelt signed an oil embargo on Japan in response to Japan’s continued war crimes against China; including the use of biowarfare [see Part I.] It would be followed by the freezing all Japanese assets in the U.S.

The net effect of that had Japan cornered into national paralysis. What do cornered creatures do when flight has been eliminated? They fight and a fight begins with an attack.

With the industrializing Japanese empire being dependent upon U.S. oil, on 08 Dec 41, Japan’s Emperor Hirohito said this about Pearl Harbor,

It has been truly unavoidable and far from Our wishes that Our Empire has been brought to cross swords with America and Britain… They have obstructed by every means Our peaceful commerce and finally resorted to a direct severance of economic relations, menacing gravely the existence of Our Empire. Patiently have We waited and long have We endured, in the hope that Our government might retrieve the situation in peace. But Our adversaries, showing not the least spirit of conciliation, have unduly delayed a settlement; and in the meantime they have intensified the economic and political pressure to compel thereby Our Empire to submission.


At the moment Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, biowarfare and oil were thrown into the same basket permanently as we discussed relative to the treaty process and the U.S. envelopment of Japan’s [and the Nazi’s] biowarfare program.

The U.S. had an accurate picture of Japan’s oil reserves and this makes the decision on an embargo an informed one; one that specifically positioned the U.S. to establish an accurate and viable timeline ending in the expiration date/range of Japan’s oil reserves.

This accounts precisely for the decision to relocate the bulk of the U.S. Pacific fleet outside of Pearl Harbor and whereby it escaped any Japanese targeting or damage whatsoever. More importantly, it preserved the fleet for the war the U.S. had planned to enter.

It was a six-month window between the oil embargo and the attack. Libby would tell you that they had the timeline pinned down to the very day.

In the treaty process following World War II and in coinciding events like Operation Paperclip, the U.S. would inherit the Nazi’s biowarfare program and Japan’s more robust one. The U.S. then waged biowarfare against China in the Korean War as outlined in Part I and other existing Moonshine work.

Moonshine is the only source telling you in the ways we’ve evidenced that the corruption, crime and treason of today leverages the energy sector and private sector energy deals as a conduit to move money. Oil is obviously energy and so history is good in further underpinning our work.

So is Hunter Biden’s $1.5 billion dollar deal with the CEFC China Energy Company – a state-owned and now defunct CCP entity – circa October 2013. So is Burisma. So is Kazakhstan. So is a bunch else.

Recall that I reminded people with another warning back in late July that the pretext for conflict with China; and enveloping Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan [also impacting existing work into Afghanistan, the South China Sea, Syria, Iran, North Korea and others] was plastered everywhere; and that folks ought to be paying close attention to it.

This pretext article will come back to us relative to the recent news items below.

From it, here’s the backdrop and set-up,

Relative to all this are two more things to understand. One is my December 2020 article written shortly after the stolen election in which I explained how and why the U.S. would pivot back to Russia as it’s “boogeyman” du jour. In recent decades, the U.S. has deployed many boogeymen to permit its justification to go and do as illegal by international standards and in violation of countless international laws: Osama bin Laden, ISIS, Al Queda, “terrorism,” Iran, Russia, etc. You know the list.

The other thing comes from the proxy president himself, Joe Biden. We take his words against the backdrop that in all likelihood, a significant number of the attacks he references were executed by rogue elements of the CIA and simply attributed to Russia for the reasons we’re outlining here.

It’s found in a recent story featured at Zero Hedge and authored by Dave DeCamp at that is worthy of reading and tucking away in your back pocket. In it, Biden said this [emphasis mine], “You know, we’ve seen how cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, increasingly are able to cause damage and disruption to the real world. I think it’s more likely we’re going to end up — well, if we end up in a war, a real shooting war with a major power, it’s going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach of great consequence.


Here’s the critical line of thought,

Through logical deduction, my contention is that if the war were to go hot, it would be a short and destructive one manifesting as kabuki theater or just for show. Therein, Biden would deliberately take a predetermined dive resulting in a U.S. loss and then, within the treaty process itself, a Chinese controlled UN and China herself would take the U.S. for good.

I have supported all of this with a thorough examination of Chinese doctrine including One Belt, One Road and war doctrine vis-a-vis Sun Tzu.

To put to rest any dismissive thoughts or stances attributing these notions to being less than reliable or otherwise unfounded conjecture, one should ask why it is that recently, the U.S. went out of its way to establish pretext advising that in all scenarios relative to a hot war with China over Taiwan, the U.S. loses. In every single war game simulated, the U.S. loses. In every single one.


It is reasonable to believe and evidence suggests that any move from China on Taiwan would occur following the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Recall, legacy media rolled-out the first report of the outbreak in China on 31 Dec 19 – New Year’s Eve. The use of national holidays is repeated pattern of using timing as a cover mechanism and that caused me to begin working on COVID right from the very beginning.

Important to add to this is existing work evidencing all of the Ukraine meddling that Obama, Clinton, Kerry, et al engaged in during Obama’s two terms as a stick to continually poke Russia.

Recalling that Russia and the U.S. emerged from the same allied side coming out of World War II; Russia being integral to the allied victory in Europe. Therefore and in the cinders of the first atomic weapons being dropped, forces fractured the diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and the USSR as Stalin imposed Marxist communism at the genesis of the Cold War. It eventually resulted in Reagan’s historic break-up of the USSR into Russia and satellite nations; replete with Russia’s perpetual label as America’s favorite “boogeyman” ever since.

Cui bono in that scenario? China. China benefits; that’s who. The same communist China that’s still pissed about Korea. Funny how that all works out as if Pro-China Joe has been calling the shots all along in a dynastic scenario.

Let’s consider the following slate of recently sourced items against the backdrop of broad and existing work. They serve as direct evidence of our positions and claims; ones that reach back on our generational timeline, and they represent a sliver of the whole pie.

We’ve evidenced George Soros as a driving global power broker who has installed prosecutors all across the nation particularly in overlapping and redundant locations relative to the broader scope. Here, prosecutorial discretion bears down as a lever; a malleable tool. Now consider that we have 12 cities shattering homicide records in the U.S. at the same time CCP affiliated groups threaten additional rioting, violence, mayhem and murder that appears dressed-up as progressive ideology and movement.

We have a President driving mandatory vaccines through OSHA and whereby his own CDC director stated directly in October that the experimental mRNA injections do not prevent viral transmission. This undermines the credibility of those claiming a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and the evidence continues to stack-up accordingly.

Consider that the same controversial Lancet report featured early on in the outbreak is now circling back like Jen Psaki to do damage to their own narrative. From Zero Hedge, “In a late November note, The Lancet published a letter from Günter Kampf, a prolific researcher at the University of Griefswald in Germany. In it, Kampf absolutely excoriates those calling this a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” amid “increasing evidence that vaccinated individuals continue to have a relevant role in transmission.”

From the same article, “There is increasing evidence that vaccinated individuals continue to have a relevant role in transmission. In Massachusetts, USA, a total of 469 new COVID-19 cases were detected during various events in July, 2021, and 346 (74%) of these cases were in people who were fully or partly vaccinated, 274 (79%) of whom were symptomatic.

Look at this headline, ‘Omicron On Track To ‘Massively Disrupt’ Pro Sports‘ and ask yourself if that a full public display of disrupting one of America’s most impactful institutions – pro sports – might be an effective way to condition the people to accept the “management” of the “pandemic.”

That doesn’t even take into account the slew of vaccinated European soccer player collapsing during games with significant heart problems.

“Well, all of my favorite players are vaccinated and the ones who aren’t have to sit out sometimes” said about every boy and girl in America; not to mention the adults not keen or astute enough to see the truth.

Consider that the NFL has a 95% vaccination rate but recently experienced a record 37 new cases in one day; breakthrough ones, presumably. How did the NFL respond? By immediately mandating more injections. Insanity.

Ask, how does a cruise ship of 3,200 fully vaccinated people experience a massive COVID outbreak?

Or what about this headline ‘Heavily-Vaccinated Northeastern States Struggle With Surging Hospitalizations‘?

Just look at one of the most vaccinated countries in the world – Portugal.

As go the vaccinations, so go the new cases, which is a fictional pandemic measurement that was shoehorned into place mid-April 2020, and deaths; and it’s occurring everywhere. That’s the chilling course set by the evidence.

Important here is that Anthony Fauci and the CDC continue to adapt the definition of “fully vaccinated” to accommodate the narrative. It’s a clear indication that if vaccination status becomes problematic, the solution is to do what is always done – just change the rules or in this case, the definition.

People should be asking themselves why this definition continues to change because it’s a hallmark indicator of fraud. In a pool where everyone has received varying doses of similar injections, controlling who, how and when someone is determined to be fully vaccinated allows one to control who, how and when someone incurs an adverse vaccine reaction that can be captured as data. That’s important in a pandemic of fraudulent data.

Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and their attorneys are thankful for this. It compels us to ask why it is the FDA and Pfizer are seeking a 75-year window to withhold their vaccine data? It’s another blatant hallmark indicator of fraud from yet another administration bellowing “transparency.” They’re transparent, alright, because we can see right through them to the truth. Well, some of us can.

Think about how the malleable definition of “fully vaccinated” would work in the context of a 5-8 week open and rolling window that permits revisions to death counts through medical coding and the death certification process. It’s all enterprise fraud and data drives it.

Remember how Delta worked? It functioned as the bridge to circumvent the 2021 seasonal die-off of harvested comorbidities.

Omicron serves a purpose, too; and it’s a similar one with a slightly different context and application. I put it like this,

The Nu “variant” is going to be used to exacerbate what would otherwise be a normally occurring and statistically unremarkable peak flu 2021-2022 in a very specific way. The Nu “variant” is likely going to begin another round of draconian lock-downs in one to several states that will expand to others while it also is going to expand the drive for or perhaps tip us over to mandatory vaccines for all.

Through a lens, the Nu “variant” can be seen as an extra-legal appeal from the 5th Circuit’s recent ruling against the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate and it may shift the landscape of opinion, thought and rulings to our disadvantage. It’s similar to how Fauci circumvented the U.S. Patent Office – he revised his application to include a deliberate or accidental release and upon doing so, previously denied vaccine patents were granted. That’s what they do – change the rules and circumvent.


So, Omicron functions to exacerbate the status quo of fraudulent data relative to peak flu 2021-2022. It will be the straw breaking the camel’s back that functions to drive the narrative to mandatory everything for everybody and I said it immediately during Thanksgiving.

States like Oregon are writing mask and vaccine mandates concurrent with written unemployment rules that force compliance with the mandates by precluding individuals from receiving benefits due to vaccination and masking decisions. No bent knee gets you no benefits.

Bend thy knee. Simply put, that’s what all of this is really about.

None of the reliable evidence, facts, data or science matters and it’s fully emblematic of why the elites and global power brokers remain insistent upon the implementation of continued draconian policies and mitigations that are evidenced by almost two years to be ineffective at a wholesale level: masks, social distancing, lock-downs and vaccinations.

These are weapons of war – psychological war – and they are being waged against The People. “Trust the science,” they say, when the sciences is funded, owned, compromised and not science at all but rather paid-for propaganda to achieve designated outcomes.

Functional idiocy is a real thing in America and it’s dragging the entire population to permanent technocratic enslavement. Those suffering from it love and trust the science.

Functional idiocy fuels Hillary Clinton’s fight to remain relevant and this is important because she was chosen to be positioned from 2016-2024. She was the closer and the devastation of the Biden administration represents the real consequences of the same but altered agenda being paced on an expedited timeline in “catch-up mode.”

This forced and posthaste transition looks and feels like insanity. Look around you.

From making a recent public appearance to cry while reading her 2016 “victory” speech to other selective opportunities, Clinton works to remain relevant because she’s not done. She’ll be back one way or the other. Watch your back, Kamala.

Clinton recently said this and take it as a promise through the broader Moonshine lens,

“If I were a betting person right now, I’d say Trump is going to run again. He seems to be setting himself up to do that, and if he’s not held accountable, then he gets to do it again. I think that could be the end of our democracy. Not to be too pointed about it, but I want people to understand that this is a make-or-break point. If he or someone of his ilk were once again to be elected president, and if especially if he had a Congress that would do his bidding, you will not recognize our country,”


Most recently, Clinton said this insinuating that Mark Meadows was plotting a cou d’etat, “Especially since his emails were about plotting a coup d’etat, while ours were about gefilte fish.”

I couldn’t write this content better if I were compiling it fictionally for entertainment purposes. Talk about projection and kabuki theater; and how remarkably sinister it all is.

Like Proxy Joe’s promise of a Dark Winter, Clinton is no different and should be taken at her word. Hell is here and more is to come.

Consider that the evidence indicates a clear correlation between mRNA injections and adverse reactions that take the form of myocarditis and pericarditis; and even breakthrough HIV cases in previously HIV-negative individuals. As you do, remember that SARS-CoV-2 has six artificial HIV inserts in its bioengineering.

How has the CDC/FDA responded? By downplaying and essentially dismissing it all.

In reporting from The Gateway Pundit featuring Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly accredited internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist who is considered a leading expert at the top of his field, consider that, The Hoeg analysis found that the real rate of myocarditis is at least 50% greater than what the CDC ever projected. [the study] also found that 86% [of these myocarditis cases] required hospitalization. The most shocking thing from the Hoeg analysis was that a child aged 12 to 17 is more likely to be hospitalized with myocarditis than taking your chances with Covid and ever getting hospitalized with Covid.”

These words, decisions and actions from the CDC/FDA/Collins/Fauci cohort are antithetical to helping Americans and evidence our positions. Moreover, the empirical data evidencing it all can be found in the dearth of reliability in the VAERS data, which is reported to be off by as much as 99%; meaning that captured adverse reactions may only represent 1% of the actual number; enterprise fraud bearing down.

Back to the copious amount of pretext I’ve identified relative to the outbreak of war respective to Russia and Ukraine and China. We continue to move along incrementally with things becoming very concerning post-holiday season.

Consider this from Zero Hedge,

At a moment Vladimir Putin is demanding an urgent meeting with NATO in order to discuss Russia’s security concerns over the Western military alliance’s expanding presence, and as rhetoric is still escalating over Ukraine, the Kremlin has announced that Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold a video conference on Wednesday to discuss “aggressive” language from the US and NATO.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov described that “The situation in international affairs, especially on the European continent, is very, very tense right now and requires discussion between allies.”

He underscored that “We see very, very aggressive rhetoric on the NATO and US side, and this requires discussion between us and the Chinese.” And Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin agreed in a separate statement, saying that Putin and Xi will discuss “views on major international and regional issues of common concern.”


Does that seem to be progressing in the same continued pattern I’ve already established and repeatedly evidenced? I couldn’t have distilled that moonshine any better myself.

Now, consider this headline, ‘Is Beijing Weaponizing Your DNA?

The piece centers on U.S. COVID-19 testing and Fulgent Genetics, “The company contracted to conduct the COVID-19 tests is Fulgent Genetics, a nationwide DNA sequencing and disease testing firm. According to the firm’s website, its stated mission is, “developing flexible and affordable genetic testing that improves the everyday lives of those around us. Apparently, we are to believe that Fulgent Genetics is here to improve all of our lives.

More from the same, “This isn’t just a possibility—it’s a probability, if not already a reality. What’s more, at least in theory, there’s no blowback to DNA-specific bioweapons because they harm only people with specified DNA characteristics. China’s access to Americans’ DNA is unquestionably a national security concern.

Who and what Fulgent is and does is terrifying respective to the landscape Moonshine presents; this from the same article, “

The firm was founded in 2011 by Ming Hsieh, chairman of the board of directors, president, and chief executive officer, and James Xie, chief operating officer. Hsieh has served as a trustee at Fudan University in China since 2011. Xie received his Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Chongqing University in China in 1987. Perhaps not surprisingly, both men have deep ties to China.

And apparently, Fulgent has been sharing Americans’ DNA from coast to coast with China. As noted in Villanueva’s statement, it’s not the only PLA proxy company engaged in harvesting Americans’ genetic material. There are others as well, and millions upon millions of people’s DNA from America and many other places in the world have been sent to China.

This is where things get very dark in the weapons of mass destruction department. China wants to create a biowarfare WMD that targets your DNA.


Is the global infrastructure to facilitate a global pandemic using engineered bio-WMDs already in place? Yes.

Is it already beta tested? Yes and going on two years. That’s should be viewed as two years of fortifying the existing system, ironing out all of the wrinkles and eliminating the glitches. Practice makes perfect, Event 201 was the pregame and we’re beginning the second half of the last game we stand to play.

In the second half, it seems that China will have to capacity to program future bio-WMDs calibrated specifically to the DNA of Americans and it was American politicians and corporations that sold us out.

That ought to legitimately terrify every American; knowing that the next virus stands to only attack them and according to their genetics. If it doesn’t, remember what I keep reiterating – biowarfare is the evidenced and preferred warfare vector for the CCP and PLA. Chilling.

It’s as if we’re in the midst of a war no one can see. That’s exactly what it is.

We’re at war and it’s being waged through psychological and biological warfare. War is intrinsically tied to oil and in Part III, we’ll pick back-up with some of those finer points to draw down specifically on the Bush family and George H.W. Bush in particular, as we examine the dynastic political coup that has us in this mess beginning decades ago.



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