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The True Test of America’s Collective Intellect – Mandatory Vaccination for All

21 Nov 21

This will be far from a comprehensive or thorough article on the topic of COVID-19 mRNA injections, which is beyond my scope of expertise but is something we have discussed mostly within the context of the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct, its perpetual design and the legal, moral and ethical implications of the injections and mandates for them.

This piece will serve to logically deduce the absurd nature of it all as evidenced by contemporaneous headlines and suggestive of the idea that no one should be getting anything of experimental nature that is proffered under fraudulent pretenses; especially when the thing is genetic in nature and is only permissible by Emergency Use Authorization.

It’s the EUA/emergency determination process[s] that is the exact and precise domain for enterprise fraud. These are the vectors our team of lawmakers, attorneys, doctors, nurses, specialists and investigators are pursuing under RICO.

Let’s establish our foundation: COVID-19 is a perpetual construct of enterprise fraud being executed by a Criminal Enterprise under RICO. It causes a perpetual state of emergency resulting in the usurpation of Article II Executive authority and it creates a lane for extra-constitutional governance well beyond firm constitutional boundaries as buttressed by continuity of government protocols and laws.

The Throckmorton doctrine bears down saying that fraud vitiates everything resulting from that fraud and that includes any perceived immunity; leaving legal considerations to the attorneys as we always do. Yesterday’s article addresses this more deeply.

The article is the third in a sub-series on Dr. David E. Martin/MCAM and it’s Martin’s forensic examination of over 4,000 U.S. patent filings respective to SARS-CoV-2 that permits us to evidence enterprise fraud relative to SARS-CoV-2 and the mRNA, S-1 spike protein, Ace-2 binding domain “vaccines” for the COVID-19 pandemic and SARS-CoV-2. It’s important to recall that the injections fail to meet the medical, legal or patent definition for a “vaccine.” [The first two Martin pieces are linked at the top of the third.]

Now consider this headline, ‘Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust‘ and this quote from Stefan Oelrich [Bayer], “‘We probably would have had a 95% refusal rate’ for these shots two years ago, but the pandemic and marketing of the injections as ‘vaccines’ has made them popular with the public.”

The president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division told international “experts” during a globalist health conference that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are indeed “cell and gene therapy” marketed as “vaccines” to be palatable to the public.

Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, made these comments at this year’s World Health Summit, which took place in Berlin from October 24-26 and hosted 6,000 people from 120 countries. Oelrich told his fellow international “experts” from academia, politics, and the private sector that the novel mRNA COVID “vaccines” are actually “cell and gene therapy” that would have otherwise been rejected by the public if not for a “pandemic” and favorable marketing.


This direct evidence of fraud: “In civil litigation, allegations of fraud might be based on a misrepresentation of fact that was either intentional or negligent.  For a statement to be an intentional misrepresentation, the person who made it must either have known the statement was false or been reckless as to its truth.  The speaker must have also intended that the person to whom the statement was made would rely on it.  The hearer must then have reasonably relied on the promise and also been harmed because of that reliance” [Cornell]. 

We’ve already copiously evidenced the premeditation vectors and can do so here again and succinctly by first recalling that in 2014 into 2015, bioengineering and gain of function work on SARS-CoV-2 was off-shored to the WIV in China. Anthony Fauci at NIAID funded the WIV through Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance. In addition to a full slate of patent evidence of enterprise fraud, we have Dasazk’s own 2015 statement which was first reported on in 2016. It’s sourced from Martin out of the third article.

Note the direct overlays respective to RICO and enterprise fraud between Daszak and Oelrich: marketing the vaccines, overcoming public trepidation, propagating vaccine narrative to deceive the people and cause them to follow and align, etc. Martin always reminds us of the compounding RICO exposure when the Criminal Enterprise owns the disease [SARS-CoV-2], the diagnostic tool [RT-PCR test] and the remedy [mRNA injections.]

Note the instant Globalist and reset narrative,

In addition to gene therapy and a biological “revolution,” Oelrich also mentioned the role his company has, along with other prominent institutions and figures, in pushing contraception on developing countries.

“We also need to focus on what is socially responsible outside of Europe and ensure sustainable action there. We pledged, this past year, to give an additional hundred million women access to contraception in the world. We’ve invested 400 million this year into new plants that are dedicated to produce long-acting contraceptives for women in low-and-middle income countries … Together with Bill and Melinda Gates we’re working very closely on family planning initiatives,” said Oelrich, implying one of the methods of attaining a “sustainable” world is by reducing births, and subsequently reducing the planet’s population.


We know for certain that enforced vaccine mandates for everyone is the end objective and just like election fraud, it will unfold state-by-state but this time and eventually, all states will fall unless something significant changes. Most recently, we saw evidence of this in the 5th Circuit respective to Biden’s OSHA-issued vaccine mandate for employers with 100 or more employees.

It will require a vaccine passport system that has been controversial and broadly discussed. If you live in Oregon, it will roll-out in March.

All of this for something resting on a mountain of evidence of enterprise fraud but with a corrupt judiciary that not only turns a blind eye, but is a bedrock piece of the foundation of corruption and crime writ large. We experience it as 2-tier justice.

More tragically, the under-reported VAERS data shields this from being accurately portrayed as catastrophic compared to pre-COVID conventions. Obfuscating and failing to accurately report this data is not only evidence of enterprise fraud, it permits evil to perpetuate.

Here are several recent items evidencing this.

How many lives could have been saved had HCQ and Ivermectin been prescribed with the success and effectiveness they were both known and evidenced to have? It’s why the enterprise fraud construct sees Big Pharma rolling out its own patented versions of medications like Ivermectin at the same time India treated its people using it and with such sweeping and safe results, that they are pursuing litigation, ‘Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin.’ The WHO is an evidenced conspirator in the Criminal Enterprise under RICO.

Consider this CDC document title that aligns with story after story of people falling victim to post-injection pericarditis and myocarditis, ‘Association Between COVID-19 and Myocarditis Using Hospital-Based Administrative Data — United States, March 2020–January 2021.’

The narrative continues to be that this is a “pandemic” of the unvaccinated and we know this to be not factual on its face. Consider this headline, ‘Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age’ and this quote from Alex Berenson, “I have checked the underlying dataset myself and this graph is correct. Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people. And overall deaths in Britain are running well above normal. I don’t know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality.” Moreover, consider this Berenson’s graph.

Toby Rogers

They’re driving the lie of the “unvaccinated” to target the children and if that sounds like a depopulation matter, it is, or so says the evidence.

Consider this headline, ‘What is the Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNTV) to prevent a single COVID-19 fatality in kids 5 to 11 based on the Pfizer EUA application?’ and this quote, “I imagine that at most, half of American parents will be foolish enough to inject this toxic product into their kids. At a 50% uptake rate, the ACIP decision to approve the Pfizer shot will likely kill 2,624 children via adverse reactions in order to potentially save 12 from COVID-19-related illness” [Toby Rogers].

There are news items in spades like those above all fully evidencing the same data points, trends, findings, etc. All of this is absurd. Every bit of it in the face of sound intellect.

Returning to the criminal elements and especially draconian ones being handed down by this Criminal Enterprise, consider these last two items that must on their face challenge everyone’s basic personal conventions.

Kindergartners not yet poisoned by dogma and politics could accurately answer the two following questions but many American adults will fail in this endeavor.

When to people not tell you things? When they have something to hide.

How do people make you do something bad that you don’t want to do? They threaten and force you.

Here’s the hiding, ‘FDA Asks Court for 55 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data‘ and here’s the threat in this headline, ‘NIH Director Demands COVID ‘Conspiracists’ Be “Brought To Justice”‘ and this byline, ‘National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins has angrily called for anyone who spreads “misinformation” about COVID-19 online to be “brought to justice.”’

They own the virus. They own the diagnostic test. They own the mRNA injections. They own the MSM that sells it all. They own the judiciary that fails to prosecute it. They own the agencies driving it. They own the President mandating it all. They’re committing enterprise fraud to do it.

In many ways, they is China and when it isn’t, it’s bad elements of us.

In consideration of the effectiveness of the psychological warfare strategies China and our own government are using against the American people, the topic of the veracity and legitimacy of COVID-19 as an actual pandemic; as opposed to the fraudulent propagation of constructed data it actually is, is a true test of the nation’s collective intellect. More importantly and within that discussion is the real test – the test to determine if any collective intellect remains at all.

The test is the debate over enforced mandated vaccinations when the injections don’t meet the medical, patent or legal definition of a vaccine; are of an mRNA and genetic nature; are only authorized by EUA; and which undeniably have detrimental side-effects that under conventional circumstances described as pre-COVID-19, would have been considered catastrophic.

It’s a psychological war that we’re losing but we show signs that we are capable of winning. To defeat it, one must first come to understand it.

And understand or not, that fight is already at hand.

*Some items above sourced through The Gateway Pundit and its writing.



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